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Hey, Everybody!

Well, what do you think?  Welcome to our new website, ilvoloflightcrw.com!!! 

That’s right!  The Flight Crew is more than a simple blog.  We are our own domain with a more traditional web address: ilvoloflightcrw.com.

As Marie has mentioned before, we board members spend a lot of time discussing the site, its day-to-day issues and its future, and it seemed like a perfect time to make this change.  We are growing by leaps and bounds.  We can be found easily on all the major search engines on the internet, are up to over 100 followers of the blog, nearly 150 followers on twitter and adding more everyday.  We finished at number five on the Top Ten Supporters of Il Volo last week (how awesome is that? :D), and when we talked about our ideas about what we wanted to do with the blog…what kinds of upgrades we wanted to make…everything lined up to say it was time.

OK.  So, I know everything looks very different, and you might be wondering how this is going to affect the function of the blog.  Not much, really.  The only difference is that when you come to the site for the first time (specifically if you don’t get e-mail notifications when a new post is published), you will see our new homepage.  On the left side of the page are the navigation links to the main parts of the site, and one of the first ones is, “Blog.”  Click on it, it will bring you here, and you will be able to read and comment as usual.  We’ve also added a “search” feature, so you can do keyword searches of what you’re looking for instead of wandering around trying to find it.

Please spend some time on the homepage and see how you like it.  Don’t be afraid to push buttons just to see what happens; that’s what I did when I was “building” it.  😀  Thank you, wordpress.com, for making it so easy!  As always, we love to hear your comments!

One thing I would like to say before I leave.  My friend, Lisa Brehm, is the wonderful person who provided the beautiful video for us.  One of her hobbies is making fan videos of soap operas, and I sent my little project to her–all the way down in Texas–for critiquing and advise.  Being the caring person that she is, she offered to spend her own time and use her own resources to do this simply because, “That’s what friends do.  We help each other out.”  We hope you like it, and please show her some appreciation here in your comments.  I invited her to come today (she isn’t a fan like we are, but knows extraordinary talent when she hears it 😉 ) to see the finished project, and she would be touched to see any feedback.

So, Happy Sunday!  We hope you will continue to enjoy yourself here at ilvoloflightcrw.com!


70 thoughts on “Welcome to ilvoloflightcrw.COM”

  1. Lisa… and Kelly thank you for all your hard work and for making the flight cree 5 on list. How cool is that. We rock. Reading this blot is like coming home each day. Thanks again,, guys.

  2. Wow! Ladies I don’t know how it gets any better. I am so proud to be associated with the Flight Crew. That opening video literally gave me chills. It is so powerful and embodies who Il Volo is. Thank you for all the hard work and struggles. Anything I can do just ask. Love you all!

  3. Way to go Flight Crew !!! Who thought it could get any better !!!But it did!!! Thanks for all your hard work creating this wonderful place where all the world can get to know Our Boys and where we can express our love for them endlessly !!! Thanks,Thanks and a million more Thanks !!!

  4. Please everyone thank Kelly’s friend, Lisa for the video. Kelly, you also did an awesome job!!! Everything looks so beautiful, it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come!!

  5. What fun! Thank you Lisa for the lovely video, and thank you Kelly and the board for the great new site. I can’t believe the tour is over. Aidan’s blog today about the other side of touring was really interesting and I am glad for all of them that it is over. Now perhaps some R & R.

  6. Thanks for the work all of you do on this site! I’m glad to know that being mesmerized and absolutely captivated by these gloriously talented, wonderful young men is welcomed here! They certainly have brightened many days and lifted many spirits!!

  7. Wonderful news! Thank you all for all the work (labor of love I am sure) that you put into this great fansite. I will always be thankful that I found the Flight Crew. It feels like home to me!

  8. Kelly & Lisa what a fantastic site thank you for spending so much time to improve everything & make everything so fantastic. Your talents are amazing.
    I have one problem my eyes are not getting any better as I age & on the left of the blog the blue writing is now not as dark as it was before more like a brown color & on the black background I am having trouble of seeing what it is saying. If your not going to keep it or ae thinking of changing it then forget what I said. BUT if you are keeping it could you please make it white or another brighter color so it is clearer.
    I am sorry for saying anything negative but I don’t mean it as a negative response.
    Looking forward to more of your wonderful ideas.

    1. Thanks for your input, Loretta. There are a couple things I’m still trying to work out, and I’ll see if I can get a darker link color.

  9. I will always be grateful for this site for allowing me to express my love for our three young Italian boys, Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca. So thank you Kelly, Marie, and all the Flight Crew Board, for bringing this site to life. And thank you Lisa, too, for your contribution.

  10. I know what I am going to doing today, reading all the wonderful new posts. I started reading Aidan Zammit & there is so much I have do it in spurts. He is so knowledgeable & so interesting it is a joy to know what has been going on at all the concerts & cities they have been in. And when he said our boys are are professional singing when they are sick he couldn’t have said anything better than that.
    That is what top & professional performers do. That is quality.
    Thanks again Kelly & Lisa for working so hard, you are quality people as well.

  11. I figured this out (slow me ? ) Hey ! This is great and I mean grrrrrrrreat ! (that is Tony the tiger, can’t you see him ? ) I love this layout. Great work to all of you and congrats !

  12. Hi Penina & anyone in Canada who wants to watch the Christmas Tree Lighting. I phoned the Grove to see what TV station was broadcasting the Christmas Tee Lighting. The fellow who answered the phone told me it was just being taped tonight to broadcast it closer to Christmas. My internet provider Bell TV didn’t have it either & internet didn’t seem to have it as well
    So we can forget about seeing it unless Mundial as an in & can get pictures or taping.

    1. Hi Loretta
      Thanks for making that phone call–that was a great idea! I can’t say I am too disappointed, because I never thought we’d be able to get it here. So I continue to hope someone posts it somewhere!

  13. Kelly & Lisa….What a terrific surprise! I can’t believe that in just 3 1/2 short months we now have our very own web site! Lisa, I LOVE the video, all the pictures and especially Our Boys’ mantra, “Three voices, one soul”. I get a huge smile on my face every time I hear it!

    Thank you, fabulous Board , for coming up with all of your innovations! Did you ever dream , a year ago, that all these wonderful ideas would come to pass? Did you realize how very talented all of you are? I never cease to be impressed by all the abilities exhibited on this site. You are truly amazing! Each of you has her own niche, and you are superb at it!

    So, hats off to Kelly, Marie, Linda S., Michele, Elaine, & Elizabeth. We love you and thank you again and again!!
    Helen B.

  14. Hi y’all from Texas! I’m Kelly’s friend Lisa, and I really appreciate the wonderful comments! Kelly also deserves much of the credit for the video because I was simply following her model and her instructions. She had a terrific vision for the video, and accomplished quite a bit in just a little over 30 seconds. This is a great site, and even though I’m not really a fan per se of Il Volo (I’m into Indie & alternative music), they are uber talented, and will go very, very far. Kelly is truly a sweetheart and I consider her a dear friend. Enjoy y’all!

    1. Love the video! Thanks Kelly and Lisa. Although I have view the video before, this final version still takes my breath away. Lisa, thanks for your kind words for Il Volo. I am familiar with Indie and alternative music because those are the genre of my oldest daughter. I sometimes have to compete with her for which kind of music to listen to while we are in the same car but I usually win, haha.

    2. Thank you Lisa for the great video! come back and visit often–who knows, you may pick up some interest in three good looking marvelous singers!

  15. Wow – what a great job on the new site. Thank you Lisa for doing this for your ‘friends’ and Flight Crew board.

    1. Mlla……Thank you so much for tracking down this site. Now, let’s keep out fingers crossed that we will get sound when the program begins!
      Helen B.

      1. M, thanks,I shall reply later to yr mail. Kind of busy today. But now I just hope everybody is safe and sound your side of the world !! Heard the weather is awful

  16. Great job by everyone! I know it takes a tremendous amount of work to keep this site up to date and popping and the improvements are fantastic. Lazy Il Volo fans like me really need all of you so I can stay current with those three young singers whose music I love. Mille grazie!

  17. Did you all see what it says at the end of that awesome video?!! It says “US”! OMG what have we done now? What’s next? Scares me! It’s all your fault Flight Crew that we’ve gotten this far! Yours and Kelly’s with Lisa’s help. Kelly, the video gives me chills! What a terrific job! What a talented woman/sister!
    I can’t tell you how proud I am to be part of this wonderful site. Thank you, all of you, for your encouragement and support.
    Aren’t we pretty?

    Now, go watch that video again!

    1. I will do just that! Yes, Marie, we are very pretty. And, I hope, functional too. Kelly and Lisa, thank you so much for all your hard work and your efforts to make our site bloom. It looks like you’ve succeeded beyond imagination! It’s wonderful.

  18. Thank you Helen and Elaine for the info on Aiden Zammit. Wow! What interesting articles. I am so happy that I can now find them. But it sounds like he won’t be around after this tour.

    1. but he stated that we would like to cooperate again in the future, so option remains open after his own tour

  19. AWESOME website!! This is wonderful! Thank you Kelly! Thank you Lisa for that BEAUTIFUL video! WOW. I am so impressed. The site is very user friendly as well. I so admire all of you who have worked so hard to make this possible. Thank you from deep in my heart. IL VOLO FOREVER!!!

    1. Ladies, I need some help here. When I click on PLAYLISTS (under blog on the left) a box opens to the right of it, but as soon as I move my cursor off the word playlists the box disappears. How do you click on one of the playlists?

  20. Hi Mlla or anyone looking at the video of the Christmas Tree. I couldn’t get any audio but I wasn’t watching it all the time. I kept coming back to it because I was also watching TV. When I did come back nothing seemed to be happening on stage. Did anyone see any performers singing?

    1. Hi Loretta
      I kept The Grove open on another window on my computer and checked back from time to time and around 11:30 they started with various people I did not recognize to perform, and finally after 12 our guys came on. It was hard to tell what was going on as they were so far away, but I could tell by their body language they were singing–Piero’s knees were going and Ignazio was dancing a bit. One song, that’s it. They went over to a few fans before it started and for a very short time talked to them, maybe signed a thing or two. The whole thing was extremely short. And no audio!

      1. Thaks Penina, by 11.30 I shut down so I didn’t see it. Everytime I came to look at the computer there didn’t seem to me any activity as per concert on stage. So if that is supposed to be taping then I can’t imagine how good the concert is going to be, pretty short. Anyway I only wanted to see the guys sing so I’ll wait for it to show before Christmas. Anyways we tried, thanks to you mlla for the link.

  21. Oh, now I get that we can see the comments and contribute if we click on the little comment bubble with the number in it at the top of the blog.

    Thanks, Kelly, for the welcome to the new site and for the background on the wonderful video that your friend Lisa made. I LOVE the video, Lisa! I sure hope Our Boys see it! Classy, perfect message, beautifully done!

    So far everything seems to work smoothly here.

    I like the addition of the link to Aidan Zammit’s blog.

    The one thing I miss in this newly revised site is Elizabeth’s colorful, cheery artwork.

    Thanks, Flight Crew Board and Lisa Brehm, for all your hard work to make this the special place that it is!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Kelly (and Board too!), as I already mentioned, the site is lovely. I do have a question: you said that you added a search option if we are looking for a certain topic so as not to have to scroll through the whole blog. WHERE is that search option? I couldn’t find it. Has anyone tried to use it yet? If you have, please comment with instructions. Thank you in advance…

      1. It is on the left right above the “Current Album Release.” I tried it yesterday, and I believe it matches words in the titles of the posts.

  22. They look rested at least some but they also look as if they are glad & happy to be back in the States I’m glad they are finally there. Maybe there won’t be so many demands on them for a while. Lots of love & kisses sent your way Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero.

  23. I’m trying to find the snippet of video when Gianluca and Piero sing happy birthday to Ignazio during a concert. I *think* it was 2013 (that would be Guadalajara on October 4th), or it might have been 2012.

    It may have been in the compilation video a while ago. I can’t find that, either.

    Anyone able to help me with this? It’s for a project I’m putting together.

    Thanks so much for considering my query!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Hi Jeanine,
      Here is a link to the video you’re looking for. Gian and Piero brought out a birthday cake for Nazio right after he sang Caruso, and then they sang happy birthday to him. It’s all recorded here. I’m glad to be of help to you. Happy project!

      1. Laia and Penina, thank you sooooo much!

        I needed something fun and uplifting, so I’ve taken the last two days putting together a playlist of my favorites from the We Are Love tour, as well as some extras videos (like our National Anthem in Boston and Ignazio’s 19th birthday) as well as others which are linked in my chart but not in the playlist.

        Thanks, mfa! I used your Luna Nascosta. Appreciation is also expressed in the chart on my page.

        If you haven’t seen the waltz competition where the dancers are singing as they dance to IL VOLO’s IL Mondo, it’s fun and linked in the chart.

        Here’s the page, for those interested:

        Sweet night to all (I’ll be catching up on the blog tomorrow : )
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  24. Jeanine, I have been looking at your chart and playing some of the videos and I think I spotted an error. The last one is the video of Ignazio’s birthday THIS year after he sang Caruso. The chart says it is his 17th birthday, which is an obvious blooper.

    1. Hi, Penina,

      Thanks for checking things out and for your valuable help in accessing the video for Ignazio’s 19th birthday!

      Actually, the chart is right, but you have helped me realize the headings weren’t entirely clear, so I revised the one on the right. The left column and all the light aqua specifies what’s in the playlist. The right column in light purple now reads
      “Additional performances by IL VOLO (NOT in above YouTube playlist)”. I hope that’s more clear. So the one on the right really is Ignazio’s 17th happy birthday. (It’s so sweet! I can tell he is really moved!)

      Thanks to the rest of our friends out there who made playlists, and through your example, I was encouraged to lift my spirits by making my own (first ever) special playlist! Now I won’t mind doing chores around here! (;>)

      In gratitude and joy,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  25. FINALLY, I saw Linda’s comment and realised that you have to click on the comma. I was beginning to think that I would never be able to comment on this site again. Amen.

    1. I am glad you all are finding your way to comment. It takes time to learn something new and once you figure it out you wonder what was so difficult. At least that is what happens when I am faced with change. We wanted to change to have greater flexibility for the future and to provide more space for your comments. You might say – we were almost running out of space before the change. So we hope you enjoy! Kelly and Lisa THANK YOU!

  26. Marie, Linda, I am throwing out an idea, don’t know what the flight crew think about it! As Thanksgiving is next week, could we start a blog for “what are we thankfull to God for in Our Boys” what do you think?

    1. Love the idea! Hope it’s doable to have the Gratitude for Our Guys sharing next week. Yay!

      And thank you sooooo much to our Flight Crew Board, who have very busy lives with work and all that life brings. You dedicate so much of your time, energy, and heart space to create such a beautiful home for our IL VOLO Flight Crew! Thank YOU!!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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