Music Notes ~ IL VOLO AT THE GROVE – Nov. 17, 2013 – by Myron Heaton

Please enjoy another of Myron’s reviews.  He will also give us an overall review of this years Il Volo concert season in a few days.  Thanks Myron.                                                                       ~Mariegrove

This is a tale of another partial concert. I seem to be pestered with those things. I did see Il Volo in L.A. at the Grove shopping center yesterday, Sunday, Nov. 17 – thank goodness. However, I did not see the entire program. I had promised to get a friend to the LA airport for a late “red-eye” flight, so we left at the time the program was to finish – 9:30. Only trouble – it was not finished yet. I had been told that Il Volo was to sing a second song later but could not stay for it. I did see the song that they did early in the show. Here is a short run-down.

This was a taping for television which meant that when something goes wrong they start over again until it gets right. First up – Mary J. Blige. I know her and she is a fine musician but that was not a good night for her. She sang “Favorite things” from the Sound of Music . She forgot the words half way through and had to start again. Then it happened a 2nd time and later a 3rd time. The audience was surprised and getting restless because each take took so long to do. She was followed by Jewel. She got the words right but goofed some rhythms and had trouble with the ear piece (the instrumental background in the ear). So we started again. Audience getting more restless.

Nancy Odell was hosting and then introduced “family traditions at Christmas with Il Volo” which, was to be a pre-taped segment to be inserted in final editing. We did not see that video at the Grove last night. It was just dead time while they reset the stage. Next up was Gavin Degraw. He got through his song and wanted to start again because he could not hear the band, he said. However, the producer said it was fine and a good “take” so we continued (thank goodness). Next: IL VOLO

Up to this point the songs had all been slow songs but Il Volo came out and sang a fast and lively version of “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” which really jazzed up the crowd. After all the starts and stops earlier in the show, it was a real breath of fresh air to have something fast and something where they got the words correct, got the rhythms right and had no sound problems. Our boys got the job done right. They were dressed up very formal and in the holiday style. They engaged the crowd and the crowd loved them. AND there were people there with big IL VOLO signs which they held up.

I was able to contact Barbara via cell phone, we could see each other in the distance and I got a wave from the guys but all from about 30 ft. That place was so packed (no seating. Everyone just standing there packed in however then could.). After I said my “hello’s and congrats on the tour” I had to leave for the airport. At that point the show was running about 40 minutes late.

The guys had just flown in from Panama City rehearsed the Christmas music and did the

show that same night. Now that is being a real trouper ! They had the energy but they really looked tired. I hope that today. Monday, they start getting some real rest.

It was very short but I am glad I went. Was the show worth it? Only for the connections they can make. As a musical event it was terrible. They had sound problems all night long. The quality of the speakers was the main problem. That mall is NOT a good place to watch a concert with all the Christmas decorations in place. Only a small number of people could actually see the performers. The rest of us had to watch on jumbo monitors – UGH !.

All in all, I was very proud of our guys. They were the most professional people there and they were exciting for the crowd. This show will be on the air later.

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  1. Was so disappointed that it was not on National TV yesterday But it sounds like I didn’t miss a thing. I’ve already found out that the TV performance would be 11/29, but don’t know time or station. I will be glued in front of my TV to see the guys. I am hungry for the sight of them, semi live. Thanks for the review Myron!

    1. It will be on tv later – I believe it is scheduled for Nov. 30 but on a cable channel – which one I will have to check.

      1. Myron… Really enjoyed your comments on The Grove performance. Now I can’t wait for your tour summary!!!

        Can’t believe how “put together” and handsome The Boys looked…They didn’t seem tired at all/ Ah, Youth!!!!
        Helen B.

  2. Thanks Myron for the review. Proud of our Guys for their professional performance. Il Volo always knows how to charm an audience and not only with their singing!! Sounds like they had some loyal fans there!!

  3. Well, it may have been the best event but it gave them exposure and I am sure they won some new fans that night with their upbeat song and professional behavior. OH and lets not forget their devastatingly good looks!
    Ahhh but I love these guys. Wish they could come to Oregon.

  4. Thanks for the review, Myron. I sat in front of my computer last night with picture of the venue, but could only see figures moving about, but no sound – very frustrating. I am so glad and proud that Our Boys showed the other entertainers just how professionals should act on stage! Can’t wait to see the show on TV whenever it is shown. Thanks again, Myron.

  5. Myron, thanks for the review! I know you’ve been busy, but it’s about time we see you again in a post!

    Of course Our Guys were the best one’s there! They’re perfect!

  6. Myron, thank you so much for your review. I had to smile thinking how our boys wowed the crowd, such classy and professional entertainers…tired out, I’m sure, but they rallied to the expectation. I’m happy to hear the crowd appreciated their uniqueness!! Thank you again. Gramma fan

    1. Thanks for the video. I was located over by that big Christmas house you see just beyond the boys. that is where the command center was and Barbara V. I hate to tell the video person but she is not getting all the pitches right. On the other hand I did not have my camera there at all – who am I to complain.

  7. Thanks Myron, glad you were there to see what was actually happening.
    Our guys are professional through & through & are an example for other performers.
    From the pictures on Mundial they looked refreshed so I thought they had had some rest but apparently not. So that goes to show how professional they are they weren’t going to present themselves looking tired. Instead they dressed up put those georgious smiles on their faces & gave a performance to beat all.
    I have always said they are the best singers on the planet & they know how to perform in any situation.
    Way to go Ignazio,. Gianluca & Piero. You are always winners, hands down.
    I am bursting with pride for you.

    1. They had very little rest coming from Panama that day (maybe they could sleep on the plane) But what I meant is really the long term tired from that tour. Mind you, it is a good kind of tired from a challenging tour well done. This Christmas treat last night was just a little triffle for them. Now they can sleep.

    1. Good to hear from you Myron. So glad our boys are back in the U.S. for a little while. I was so glad to hear of their great performance and their professionalism even after their long and successful tour. Of course this doesn’t surprise us. Maybe some of the other entertainers in the U.S. should take some lessons !!!! Anxious to hear more.

      1. I did think that was strange last night – people that have been in the business much longer than our guys and they seemed to need a nurse-maid. They should have come to the show ready.

  8. Thank you bunches for the report, Myron! Isn’t it funny how a group of “kids” can be more professional than others who have been in “the biz” much longer? I’m proud as always of “the guys”!

  9. Thank you Myron for taking the time to see our fabulous Boys. They are so awesome and professional all the time. It was nice to hear that it will be on tv.

  10. Thank you for your review, Myron. As always, you keep us informed about our boys. I am proud to see that, as usual, our boys were true professionals. They did not need retakes. They did what they needed to do and were successful. That is why we love them–their character as well as their talent. Thanks again.

  11. And, I should have added, this was after a long and grueling tour through North and Latin America. No prima donna behavior for our kids. They are the tops!

    1. You know that annoyed me last night. Nancy Odell did not even mention that they just came in from South America and their 3 month tour ! That should have been mentioned in the intro.

  12. I am sorry that I did not state that the final show – fully edited – will be on Nov. 30 on one of the cable television channels. CBS owns part of it so it would be one of their stations. In L.A. it is the local CBS station.

    1. Myron do you think the trouble the other singers seemed to be having was on purpose to make themselves look more important. You know like a prima dona. I don’t mind Mary Bligh’s voice but I thought she seems to be a down to earth sort & wouldn’t put on airs. Just thought some of it would hve been put on.
      Our guys are too smart to do that & would know it would be a waste of time. They are professional all the way even through their exhaution.
      Sleep well Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero & I am praying that you can get a good few days off to rest & relax.

      1. Loretta, re: Mary Blige – I am not sure why that happened. “My Favorite Things” is a very simple song and a lot of people were singing along with her but some how she forgot the words each time right in the middle. For the others I was surprised that they did not get their sound balance set prior to the start of the show like our guys did.

  13. Thanks Myron for being there! I said last nite on FB that the Boys would be the most professional and best singers there and you have validated that statement. Not surprising though, they are always prepared! Sounds like some laziness on the part of some of the other “pros”–not prepared. Hope our guys never change!

  14. Seems like the other artists are perhaps resting on their laurels, as it were. The guys do not consider that an option, I’m sure. I am aware that when they were filming the PBS specials, they did have to do retakes. But even then, Richard Jay-Alexander said that when everyone else was wondering where they were suupposed to be, the guys knew and would hit their marks perfectly. Let’s add that not only are they talented and disciplined, but they are very smart people! <3 <3 <3 And thank you very much for your terrific and detailed review, M. Heaton.

  15. Also Linda Carr if you got the boun Natale Christmas CD did you see a talk that Gatica gave to the boys about letting their guard down & relying on the laurels. Once they do that then their careers are in jeopardy.
    Our guys have their careers first & foremost at the top of their sights
    & are always prepared. PROFESSIONALS

  16. Marie I am slowly getting used to where everythig is that I want to see. Thanks for your input towards this site its turned out quite beautiful.

    Also Elizabeth are you the artist of all these beautiful Christmas trees in the background. Great job.

    We are very fortunate to have so many talented people on this site to make this blog, have a section for pictures & comments for other people to give their stories, to give some great art work, to give us their poems, also for researching the other cities, theatres & coun- tries & to combine all their thoughts & hard work together to run this successful site & twitter.

    Congratulations to all of you

    1. You’re quite welcome, Loretta. I would love startiing my day with any one or all of our boys – but my family makes noise about the “noise”! Can’t win! The best time for me to listen is when nobody else is in the house! So go on and enjoy it – at any time.

  17. Well laiab its great to have family around but I am glad I am by myself & I can listen to whom I want to when I want. We have to be insulted by them calling the guys noise. If you have youngsters then what they listen to is noise.
    I have a computer that is taking on a life of its own by scrolling up on its own, weird

    1. I know what you mean! As far as youngsters are concerned, the only ones around here are grandchildren, who don’t live that close by, so they aren’t here all the time. Mostly it’s my husband who is complaining. I just turn down the volume and shut the door – what else can I do? At least I have some “free time” when he isn’t home! That’s when the volume goes up, and those glorious voices fill the space. Wonderful, isn’t it?

  18. Can someone help me out I was listening to the video of the boys on the Home page & I don’t know what I pressed but I got a list of songs on the right side of the page that I could listen to but now I can’t find it. Does someone know how to get it back.

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