Music Notes ~ End Of Tour Reflections – Il Volo – 2013 – By Myron Heaton

Now that the  2013 “We Are Love” Tour is over both in the U.S. and Latin America, here is my review of the concert season. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are the best singers in the world and are more handsome than anyone else on the planet.  Now for a few more details…here’s our real music man, Myron Heaton.



The music, tour set-up and itinerary, and the guys.


I have always felt that the repertoire they choose is excellent and as I look back over the program from this tour having seen the concert close to four times I feel that is true way more than ever. It was nice (and smart) to bring some of the songs from the last tour back again and add to the songs from this year’s “We Are Love” album. The concert was well balanced in terms of texture and tempo of the music ( fast / slow / fast and serious / lighter / serious ) . The solos were spaced out very nicely except for one place: Gianluca’s solo “En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor” should have been followed by something other than “Beautiful Day” – something that starts with one of the other boys as lead singer. It is just vocal pacing that I am thinking of. But “Beautiful Day” is a great song to lead into intermission. I would have put “Il Canto” in the first half of the concert and not the second half – again for pacing. I also felt that even though “Questo Amore” is very nice song, it is not an opening number. “Il Mondo” is a great opening number as “Torna a Surriento” – Surrender “ is a great finale. Using the a capella version of one verse of “Smile” as the final encore was a stroke of genius ! Wonderful! Always sent chills up and down everyone’s back.

Songs left out of the tour: “ Lion King”- ended up being overdone prior to tour. “Cosi”- – never quite worked well and the pairing did not work well. “Bring you to my senses” – this turned out to be a regret for the guys. After the tour was going a few days they wished they would have kept that in the tour program rather than “Angel”. All due to the situation in Miami back in March. Too bad. It is a nice song with just the boys singing and they liked singing it. Hope we hear it in the future.

My personal favorites from the new crop of music: We Are Love (great theme song); Luna Nascosta; Il Canto; Surrender-Torna A Surriento. It is hard to stop, there are so many that I like. Older favorites: Smile and Tous Les Visages de l’Amour.


In one of my comments on the site I said that it was too short and too long. It was too long from the standpoint that there were too many concerts too close together allowing for too little rest of the voices and the body. They were forced to put in some unplanned rest time around Panama because voices were starting to go bad. That is very scary when you are a singer on tour. They had to move the Panama concert to give them space to get health back. 50 concerts in 2 ½ months is too many concerts in too close an order makes it feel to the singer like it is going on forever. You can also say that if you need to do all those concerts than stretch the tour out to four months.

This would allow time for my other pet peave: Not enough places in the USA. The whole midwest was left out except for Chicago and now four songs in Minneapolis. Nothing in Texas where they had four sites last time (pardon my repeating myself) nothing in Las Vegas ? !

My suggested tour would have lasted four to five months and had two week-long breaks in the 1/3 way point and the 2/3 way point. Maybe two-week break before Latin American half.

I know what you might be saying: too many concerts period . My take on that is too many concerts in too short a time. This is their profession and like other professional singers they do about 70 to 100 concerts a year. A revised tour would have had those 50 concerts plus two or three midwest cities plus Vegas and Texas bringing the Il Volo total to about 60 concerts over a four-month period. This year Salena Gomez has 76 concerts but stretched out more. Justin Bieber has over 130 concerts (although he has cancelled some of these) spread out over 8 months. With the Australian / Asia tour next spring and a return to Europe I am not sure on the numbers there. I just hope we are kept in the know.


These guys are all legal adults and did not need to bring parents along. But they did anyway. Very wise. Helped to keep them grounded. Throughout the tour people like me were expressing concern about their voices being over-worked. But we need to know that they were concerned also and their parents also and their managers were concerned as well. They did have pretty good care during the whole tour. The fact that the tour was too cramped was a little bit out of their hands.

Our guys always sang as a true “professional” is supposed to. They treated each concert as though it was the first – with care and quality. They treated each concert like a classical concert rather than a pop concert. That is not the case with a lot of singers these days.

After spending the summer and fall reading about Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber and their silly actions, I was so proud of the way our guys conducted themselves on this tour. Magnificent young men !!! You did not see stories of our guys doing drugs; smashing cars; going to brothels; getting arrested; treating audience like cattle, etc. etc.

I tell you that we Il Volo fans are lucky that this is the group to which we are attracted. The best of everything: best music; best voices to sing that music with; THE nicest guys – period. God was having a very fine day when each of these boys was born !

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  1. Thank you for your insight Myron. Amen to your last line. Yes God was having a very wonderful day when he created these three Italian young men. We are grateful to be able to experience their unique talents.

  2. WOW Myron, this was great!!1. I need to keep it in my file of them, could you send it to me if possible?
    I have not seen any comments on this site yet on the video of them singing “Sorento” in Panama??? On Mundial there were a lot of complaining about the “People who played that trick on them”. I did myself, but on examining it more closely, I cannot stop laughing, it is so funny. I know people have said that this is a family show, and children were there, and yes I agree with that. however, putting that aside for just this one time, it was their last of their 50 concerts, and somebody wanted to give them a night to remember (I feel Piero had something to do with it, and also Aidan, who I saw in the video clapping his hand to someone in the side as if to say “good job”. all the band were grinning) the funny part is the shock on Gianluca’s and Ignazio’s faces and how they reacted. Ignazio especially killed me , when he first saw the “vision” he couldn’t sing his part and Gianluca burst out laughing. it has me laughing everytime I bring it to mind, it realy is hilarious, you have to play it over and over and watch the details. I have never laughed so much, I guess they have to learn to expect tricks every now and then, men will be men

    1. Deanne, I will send a copy of this to you. re: Panama – I have not seen this yet. I would guess that video is on Mundial.

  3. Wonderful review, Myron! Thank you so much. Your expertise is so refreshing to read. Mary B. and I will be seeing the guys next week at the MOA AND get our CD’s signed! No matter what the conditions are, be it jet lag, illness, lengthy time on the road, they put out a top notch, CLASS A performance each and every time! They are true professionals. We are so privileged to be seeing them from the start of this amazing life they have ahead of them. They have brought such joy into this world and will continue to do so for years to come. I have said it and read it many times here and every where…they are the real deal…kind, loving, genuine young men. My respect for their parents and families grows deeper and deeper with each interview and amazing performances these guys put out. They were raised like you wish all children could be raised. The genuine love and respect these guys show to everyone they come in contact with is amazing for their ages. And it’s REAL…they are not putting it on…it is WHO THEY ARE. They will soon be home with their families for some much deserved time away from the lime light and back into being young guys in their own world once again….and we will all wait in anticipation for the day they return!!

    1. Maryjane – you are so right. We are so blessed to know them from the start. I enjoy hearing news about them every single day.
      Myron, your reviews are right on – thank you so much.

  4. Thanks for a very interesting review. I don’t have the professional ear you do, but I adore these boys. Listening to Piero mesmorizes me. Regarding your comment of not enough USA tour spots. I am in Detroit area, and they did come here. BUT – it was in downtown Detroit and at a very expensive (altho classy) theater. I couldn’t travel that, nor pay that much. The summer of 2012 their Detroit concert was at an outdoor concert arena and it was perfect. I was so disappointed they didn’t do their concert their again.

      1. They were at the opera house in 2012.I made a donation to pbs. &got 1st row seat & meet & greet for $250, & a picture with them. It was fab.pbs is the way to go.

      2. Myron, you got it, it was Meadowbrook. To me it’s perfect music hall, altho not a hall. They have grassy hill seating, and a covered pavilion. Our Detroit Symphony usually has a concert or two at Meadowbrook, and a few other “refined” concerts. Our other outdoor concert arena is called DTE Music Theater, and it’s much more a rocker, grunge, type of music.

  5. Thank you Myron for a wonderful review! Our guys are pure quality from every angle: voices, behavior, professionalism, showmanship.
    We can’t forget that they look good too!
    I hope the next tour is more spread out, and that they do more in North America.

    1. Wonderful insights, Myron!

      I definitely like your idea of splitting up the tour with a couple 2 week breaks. I could even see a longer break between North America and Latin America, enough for those who wish to go home to Italy for a few weeks.

      I LOVE your final comment. Yes, God was totally rockin’ when God made Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio!!

      On another subject, I loved watching the Buon Natale PBS Special (purchased last DVD from eBay). I was utterly amazed that for one song, they staged Gianluca sitting on the floor (with his knees up) while Ignazio and Piero were behind him on a bench. It just seems like a horrible posture to try to sing, and yet as usual, Gianluca totally knocked it out of the park. Always awesome! Any thoughts on this, Myron?

      Amore e gratitudine to Myron, Ignazio, Piero, & Gianluca!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Jeanine, I was very surprised to see Gianluca sitting on the floor for such a special song…Silent Night. It just didn’t fit the reverence of that song. They sang it flawlessly, but I thought he looked very awkward , like he didn’t know what to do with his legs. Poor staging for this beautiful song! Also thought having them sitting with pretend wrapped presents surrounding them did not fit the “feel” this song evokes in people. I give them so much credit for singing traditional Christmas songs from the get go. So many artists won’t touch these songs that have a Christian theme to them for fear of offending someone. Kudos to Il Volo for singing what is important to them! Beautiful concert start to finish!!

      2. Jeanine, I ordered the Buon Natale two-disc set and it will not arrive until Monday so I have not seen it yet. Gianluca is (as we all have had evidence of) a well-trained and technical singer so that means he can handle about anything including some staging that is not too swift. Yes, I find that position bad. Getting a little technical, a singer needs abdominal muscles and (pardon me) butt muscles working well to have control and power. Sitting like you describe sure crimps that idea a lot. When you watch Gianluca in normal standing position you may notice that he tends to push back on his right foot (on his tip-toe) every now and then when the musical phrase is needing more control or power and that is a reflex of pulling those same muscles tighter. He does not need to do it but it has become a security action for him. It also helps him because he is rather slender but has been working out a lot this year. Most trained singers have some reflex action that helps them with tighter breath control. He is really good at it. Still, it is a bad position.

      3. Thanks, maryjane56 and Myron, for your thoughts on this.

        My feelings dovetail with what you’ve said. Always interesting, Myron, to learn more about the art and science of trained singers. I had no idea that Gianluca’s tip toe was related to the muscles he is using to sing (even if it isn’t necessary for him). It’s part of his signature style now, don’t you think?

        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  6. It’s a beautiful day is my favorite. Throw out Smile and Maria. Put in a few Motown heavies to up beat the concert. Add the sun will come out tomorrow and a tribute to Streisand Don’t rain on mr parade. Concert would be more powerful and songs would be made to be in the 3 angels voice keys.

    1. Mjs – What about their operatic pop? (In my opinion, Rain on My Parade doesn’t fit their energetic style.)

      I actually loved the way they did Maria. It’s part of the emotion (and sometimes humor) that their interaction can create. I know that opinions vary greatly on this one.

      Myron, I, too, wished they had sung I Bring you to My Senses. Although E Piu’ Ti Penso is a beautiful song, I could see Senses in its place.

      Just playing with thoughts for the future…
      All the Way (Gianluca headlining with Ignazio and Piero supporting – if that works)

      And, frankly, if you want some more upbeat music interspersed (which I understand), I think they could really have some fun doing Suit and Tie. (Yes, I’m partial, but I already think they do it better than Justin Timberlake.)
      and Gianluca… All of Me (?)

      Some of the breadcrumbs Ignazio has left us could be developed… Unchained Melody (?) and ??

      Fun to play with ideas, even as I love what they’ve done!
      ~ Jeanine D.

  7. Myron, Thank you for the excellent summary and review. I feel sometimes like we have all been on the road with them–I think of us as their extended family — and I am so glad they were successful. As you said, they were professional throughout and smart enough to keep their parents with them for support. They are just wonderful young men who REALLY DO appreciate how they have been given the opportunity to use their God-given talents. And they love all of us–that shines through in all of their performances and interviews. Thank you again, Myron. Wonderful review!

    1. Beautifully said, Sheridan! Thank you. I’m in total agreement.

      And they said in “IL VOLO Delighted Guatemala on Team IL VOLO”: “We always have a connection with the … public because we are singing to our family.” 

      We totally feel the truth of this!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. Yes, Myron, that was a wonderful review! It made my heart swell with pride for Our Boys.

    And now I am wondering. Where can I find the video (in Panama?) that was so funny?

    1. Allene, go to “All Things Il Volo” on FaceBook, that concert is on there…it’s probably on You Tube, too.

    2. Allene, I finally found the video on Mundial and it is also on Youtube. This would never happen earlier in the tour but the last night and the last concert (after 50 ) you never who is going to pull what. I still think that Piero had something to do with it because Ignazio and Gianluca were stunned in a funny way.

  9. Allene, Myron, and all ~ Here you are:

    I found the humorous video on YouTube under
    Il Volo Panama – Surrender + Trasvesti :/
    Thanks for the heads up, Deanne.

    From reading Aidan Zammit’s blog (see link on left), and from my personal experience in 2012, I understand that IL VOLO has a history of fun on stage, particularly with the very last show. In Seattle, Oct. 2nd, 2012 (last show of their IL VOLO North American tour), Ignazio’s sister came on stage in a costume (If I recall, it was some kind of animal.) I think it was a big surprise to Ignazio. Certainly to the audience!

    It’s a fun experience to attend the last concert of the tour. Anything is possible! (; >)

    Definitely fun to see their reactions in this Panama 2013 show. I agree. Aidan looked like he was definitely in on it. Big surprise, eh?
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  10. Myron, i’m so glad you’re around to give us an “insider’s view” about our guys. I love reading your posts…thank you!

  11. Myron loved your review. Always am interested in what you have to say. What great young men they are. I hope being in L A doesn’t change them.

  12. Myron… I apologize for being so late with my comment. Have just now had a chance to get to the computer.

    Your review definitely was worth waiting for!! You never disappoint, and your keen insight into all facets of the tours is so very much appreciated by us all, as you can see! I always learn so much from your narratives about Our Boys.

    We here on this site really are one big Il Volo family and we have some very wise, well-spoken members. I am so proud to be a part of this group. Il Volo forever!!!
    Helen B.

  13. Myron: Sorry to be so late in seeing-replying to your review. As usual you are insightful and supportive. I couldn’t agree more with every statement in your review. Again, I am not a professional musician, but I can certainly recognize talent when I see it. And to have your “insider” comments is just frosting on the cake!

  14. On another note…If you are on Facebook…go to IL VOLO MUNDIAL (Oficial) IL VOLO -Ya Llego la navidad!-Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. This is the cutest video I have seen for along time!! Darling dancing moves and just plain darn entertaining!! Enjoy! I hope Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio see this! 🙂

    1. maryjane, I agree, the semi-animation videos are a hoot. Did you also see the one of the boys sledding, and the one of Ignazio dancing alone?

      1. No, but I will now that you have told me about them! Thanks! 6 MORE DAYS!!! Yeah!!! 🙂

  15. Myron, I’m super late to this party (it’s been a wicked week for me, and I wanted to make sure I actually had time to spend reading this), but thank you for your review. This is the kind of thing we were thinking of when we asked you to write this feature for us. 🙂

    I love Questo amore as the opening, myself. I just find it so powerful, and it made me feel even more excited to be at the concert.

    Certainly God created three very special individuals in our guys. I look at them and see what is good in the world and in teenagers. Such a rarity it seems.

    1. Just for the record, I too, felt the building opening tones of Questo Amore, as well as the consecutive verses done by each of Our Guys, worked so well. (And I love Questo Amore!)

      It was thrilling and fun to be at the first We Are Love concert in Vancouver BC and have the surprise of The Boys appearing in front of the stage, rather than in the back at what appeared to be a screen.

      The one thing I would do differently with Questo Amore is not turn the light on each Boy’s image until he starts singing. Having applause for the next singer while the last singer was finishing his portion seemed to detract from the current singer. It would be such a sweet affirmation if, in contrast, the light came on no more than a fraction of a second before the next singer, so that the applause accompanied the start of his lines.

      And, while IL Mondo is a great opener (as in IL VOLO Takes Flight), it is so beloved, that it is an awesome encore song! Love it! Love it! Love it! (; >)

      My 2 cents along with a huge thanks, Kelly, for all you have done and are doing for this precious site, IL VOLO, and all of us sharing the love here.

      Joy to all,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  16. Hello Myron: I’m new to this site and working my way through all the posts. I really do like your reviews, pointing out little details we would otherwise miss!!

    I had one question to your tour review; you mentioned they should have kept “Bring you to my Senses” over “Angel” and then you say “All due to the situation in Miami back in March. Too bad.” What happened in Miami, was it during the PBS filming?

    Thanks for all your great work,
    Anne Lambert

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