I was lucky enough to meet Our Guys twice face-to-face – Piero 3 times (Oh yeah, I’m braggin’). I, to this day, have no idea what I said. I only remember bits and pieces. I pray that whatever I said was somewhat coherant and they don’t remember me as “Oh yeah, HER”. When Michele ran into Barbara Vitali, Mrs. Boschetto and Mrs. Ginoble in a hotel elevator she didn’t say a word!DSCN0867

So let me help you prepare for your once-in-a-lifetime conversation with the Boys of Il Volo. Oh, you will thank me later!

Complete these sentences: (Choose a few or if you really want to be prepared answer them all.)

1) When I meet Piero on the street I will tell him…
(after, “thank you for catching me when I fainted!”)

2) When I share an elevator with Gianluca’s mom I’ll quickly say…
(Please don’t say, “What floor?”)

3) You’re given the opportunity to live in Italy. (Oh Joy!)
I would because….
I couldn’t because…

4) When I have The Guys over for dinner I will cook…
(Spaghetti is a cop-out, so is Chicken Marsala.)


5) I took Gianluca to my favorite place in the world. We went to…
(Careful, we will censor. Probably not me or Linda, but someone will!)

6) If I had to explain “Pop Opera” to someone, I would say…
(“You should already know!” is not a nice answer.)

7) I would Like to introduce Ignazio to… Because…
(“Marie, because she loves his dimples” is acceptable!)

8) The one song I would really like to see on their next album is…
(We’ll also discuss this one again, in the future)

9) If I could ask Barb Vitali one question it would be…
(This one’s for you Laia.)

10) ? (I always leave a spot for yours.)

Now, when you meet them you will know exactly what to say. I know you will remember this when you are standing eyeball to eyeball with Gianluca. Right?


84 thoughts on “YOU SAID WHAT?”

  1. OMG Marie !!! You did it again !!! I have never met them and I am so-o-o jealous that you did. And 3 times no less !!!! I laughed my head off when I read this because in my mind I have gone over in my head,time and again, what I might say if I met them face to face. Honestly, I think I would freeze in time and be tongue tied. If it was Gianluca I know I would be weak in the knees and want one of his famous cheek kisses . I know I would Kiss his !!!! Can’t wait to see what everyone else posts. This is going to be a blast !!! If they have a concert next year in South Florida I will definitely do whatever it takes to go to a meet and greet. I should have done it this year in Orlando. Oh well I blew it !!!!

  2. Brag, brag, brag! It’s not fair, i’d do anything to kiss that dimple. I’m going where ever Marie goes, she has the best luck!!

    Hmm, if I had them over for dinner, I would make lasagna! 🙂

  3. 1. Come with me to sit in the van again. Once is not enough.
    9. Please Barbara give us Flight Crew members some time alone with the boys at the Mall of America.

    1. Marie, I have always thought the term “operatic pop” was a problem phrase. I think it was developed by Michele Torpedine early on and a lack of sureness with English let to that one and also (remember) “this is our power” a more comfortable phrase would have been “this is our strength” or “this is our forte” – in other words what we do best or what we are best at.
      For the kind of music they sing Piero did a phrase once that works very well: “We do classics in a pop way and we do pop music in a classic way” I really feel that phrase is more accurate. However, I secretly like your other answer: “you should already know”.

      1. Myron, Could you give us an assist with asking Barbara to give the Flight Crew fans some time alone with the boys at the MOA? It would be great PR for our site.

  4. Now if only the chance ever comes up, ill know what to say. Everythings crossed on me. Thanks Marie.

  5. Just the THOUGHT of meeting one of them–any one of them–has me weak in the knees! (Which is not to hard to do in any case, but that is a different story!) I am sure I would be tongue-tied. But I would love to introduce them to my daughters, who are big skeptics!

  6. Can I write all these things down in a notebook so if I meet one of them fact-t0-face, I can whip it out and read the answers out loud?? It would probably be better than uhuhuh and than faint dead away! BUT I have high hopes I WILL meet them at the MOA next Friday! With Mary B. along with me to give me a kick in the shins if words fail me, I’m sure I’ll (hopefully) make sense and not nonsense. This is really ridiculous, but I am feeling like a giddy teenager. And me a grandmother, at that!

    1. Just keep practicing, Allene. I definitely will NOT give you a kick in the shins. We will practice our thoughtful and intelligent comments while we are standing in line….maybe do some role playing?

    2. Allene, Marie is at work, she can read but not comment. She wants you to know that she doesn’t remember Mary B. saying anything when Piero was almost sitting on her lap. Marie does remember the look on her face though!

      1. I talked to Piero when I saw him before the concert behind the Tower Theater and I remember the conversation. It was later at the meet and greet when everything went downhill and I don’t remember much!

  7. Oh gosh Marie you really had me laughing. I had the awesome experience to meet our guys before the concert at the RCMH. In fact, I am the one talking to Ignazio in the picture above. Or I should say trying to talk. Don’t remember what all I said, but I do remember me saying “oh my God I feel like I’ve known you for years and you don’t know me from Adam!” I also remember calling him and he turned around and came back to me and my heart is pounding and I am thinking Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. That is something I will never forget. Yes also got hugs and kisses from Gianluca and Piero. Also got to see the parents. This was a dream come true. Never had this kind of experience. I also said to Piero, ” look , Piero, three generations!” We were all thrilled (me, daughter and grand daughter).

      1. I agree entirely linda, young people get so much flack they don’t deserve. I do so much hope they come to England someday not to far away.

  8. Well, met them briefly when they were sitting at a table at Barnes & Noble where there was a long line and they were rushing us through. All I could say to Piero and Ignacio was I love you as they signed my cd and when I got to Gianluca, I looked at him and said “you are Sinatra.” He was surprised and we looked at each other and I had to move on! Not fair, I wanted a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

    1. Awesome, Ann. Gianluca IS Sinatra, or better! How cool! I bet Gian lay awake that night, thinking about what you said! Thank you for sharing!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. I think gianluca is far far better than Sinatra ever was. Sinatra may have been note perfect but a not a patch on gianluca in the emotion and passion front. also gianluca’s voice is much much smoother especially with the lower notes, and has some tones I have not heard in any other singer, hence the attractiveness.

  9. Marie… I love this whole questions concept! You gals come up with the darnedest ideas, and there always are the cleverest answers from our Crew.

    I, too, often have thought , “What would I say to The Boys if I ever met them?”
    Still haven’t quite figured it out, but you’ve given me food for thought. My first instinct , seriously, would be to say, “You bring such joy to the world”, because they REALLY DO! My Christmas wish is that everyone the world over could hear them sing and feel that joy.
    Helen B.

    1. Great wish Helen! I second it. I don’t see how anyone can hear them and not feel the joy they bring.

      1. I Third it!!! They have blessed so many with happiness and joy from their beautiful music and beautiful personalities!!

    1. If I were to meet Piero on the street I’d tell him he is one hell of a singer and I loved how much compassion he has for the little kids at their concerts (they all do) and also they all 3 have so much passion too. What would I say to Gianluca’s mom in an elevator? Would tell her she and her husband did a great job raising two wonderful sons, how much joy he brings people when he sings, and I know they must be so proud. Would tell her how talented I think he is. If I could go to Italy would I? Oh yes, yes yes. What would I cook? What ever they liked. I’d buy a pasta machine to make homemade! What would I ask Barb Vitale, I am dying to know what is up with the Disney movie supposedly to be made about and or with IL VOLO starring as themselves, is it true, was it just a rumor? What is the next project that will bring them back to the states? Where is my favorite place to take Gianluca, Marie, where or where do you come up with these questions? He’s already been around the world twice or three times by now!! Don’t know where he’d like to go? What song would I want them to sing on their next CD? Gianluca should sing “I’ve got a crush on you” that is a good one for him he could change the lyric to “I’ve got a crush on you…..because I am such a sweetie pie”. Ignazio should sing any Stevie Wonder song or Unchained Melody all the ones he’s been teasing us with and Piero should sing an opera aria that only he can do so well (Paliachi, spelling?) . Marie you were lucky they were so nice to you when you caught up with them in Detroit. You never know what to expect if you see a “star” that you worship, how will they be, standoffish like they can’t be bothered, or nice, you just never know, but I will find out by hook or by crook.

      1. Hi Christine, While waiting for Piero’s version here is from Opera “I Pagliacci” by Ruggero Leoncavallo (Naples), an interpretation of “Vesti la giubba” by tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano ( Sicily 1921-2008) I think it’s worth watching/listening, hope u like it too

        (All video credits to the respective owners) the only intent here is to inform and promote the music

      2. What would I ask Barb Vitale, I am dying to know what is up with the Disney movie supposedly to be made about and or with IL VOLO starring as themselves, is it true, was it just a rumor?

        Whats this about a Disney movie? I sure hope its not a rumor!

  10. I have met them three times now. But it goes so quickly… I was so starstruck! Especially the first time. At the Chicago M&G, I actually had a conversation with Piero about a gift I had given him. He was so sweet and genuine. These guys are the best! And, don’t bother to plan your speech because you will never remember it!

  11. Mary B., time alone for the flight crew members this Friday at the MOA would be a dream come true!! I am just hoping we are not moved through the line so fast that we don’t have time to utter a word! It’s hard to think of what I would actually say to them as they probably have heard it all before with how close and personal they are allowed to get to their fans. I think I would just want them to know what a beautiful gift it is to have them in this world.

  12. I have to agree with something nanawolf said – I, too, feel like I have known Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca for years, yet they don’t know me from Adam. I hope I have the presence of mind to say to them: Thank you for sharing your glorious voices for all the world to hear! I have never in all my mumble, mumbe years heard “”Oh Holy Night” sung so beautifully! It brings tears to my eyes everytome I hear it!

    1. Allene, I couldn’t agree with you more about “O Holy Night”. Looking forward to meeting YOU this Friday!

      1. I am soooo jealous!! I still know you guys will have the best time ever. Can not wait to hear. Writing Barb tomorrow.

        Oh Holy Night belongs to Piero.

  13. I saw this post before anyone commented and I was too gobsmacked to think of any questions. I know if I met them I would like to tell Ignazio to please do Unchained Melody. I loved that snippet from Brabble we all saw. For my darling Piero I’d love to ask him what opera he would love to do or what aria he dreams of doing in the future. I have all sorts of naughty things I will keep to myself regarding Gianlucca! I’d also like to ask if any of them were ever Altar Servers. Maybe I would ask them their favorite places to visit in Italy. Is it true that Ignazio would maybe like to move to Bologna some day? Ohhh the more I type the more I think about things to ask. But as security drug me away I would be sure to shout “COME TO OREGON!” and maybe the last thing they would hear would be me shouting “Adopt a grandma lady! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

    But that would probably scare the Italian out of them!

    1. Definitely, Oregon, Connie!
      Where would I take them… Foothills Park. Small, but it is “the heaven”, too. (; >)
      More later,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Jeanine, for me it would be Timberline lodge on the balcony where you can see the Sisters, St. Helen and Mt Adams. Then down to Hood River where I would show them the Wind surfing scene before we headed into the magnificent Columbia Gorge!
        Jeanine we really should connect!

    1. Mlla, thanks for posting the famous song, that Guiseppe (Joe!) had some set of pipes. I think Pagliacci is the story of a clown, no? Piero could sing that just as good as the opera singer. Not much for opera except Madame Butterfly and the song (not from MB but another opera, “O Mio Babbino Caro” is quite pretty.

      1. Christine Yep, love sorrows for the poor clown….very tragic story, Anyway Piero often mentioning his liking for opera so will see what the future brings, the pipes are there for the case

        PS. ref yr below question on GG I cannot promise anything, but I ‘ll see if can dig out something may be later on

    2. That would be fine with me! IL VOLO is my favorite topic of late and all most all conversations about them end up in my head. My friends haven’t quite caught on my IL VOLO fever yet!

      1. I hear so many times that we fans have friends or family that just don’t get our devotion to IL VOLO, I have one (friend) myself who only likes “dance” music, like Lady Gaga and try as I might, I can’t convert her. Don’t you just want to slap these people because of their ignorance?

      2. I understand, most of my friends know about my intense feelings for Il Volo, they are just so magnificent. I talk about them so much, my grown sons just smile now. Ha-Ha You gals / guys are so fun to read about your experiences with mtg. the boys…I hope to get an opportunity to go to a concert next yr…praying they return to the Midwesr area. Thanks for all your comments fans!!

    3. You got it Marie! from my lips to Ignazio’s ears. Ooooh speaking of ears, I wouldn’t mind whispering in Pieros cute ears. Oh dear, I am such a naughty grandma-lady!

      1. You ain’t the only naughty lady on here, believe me! (There, I feel better now!)

  14. No matter how much I rehearse it, I know that if I’m ever lucky enough to come face to face with the guys, I’d be totally tongue-tied! If I were to recover from that, I’d want to thank them for being themselves and giving the world such beautiful music. I’d certainly want to thank their mothers for bringing up such wonderful sons and letting them follow their dream at such a young age. And yes, I also feel as if I know them for years and they don’t know me at all. As for Barb, I would love to know just how she got herself such an amazing job!

    1. Piero interview (credits to Tvalfa ) , already handling it i……

      during Ti Lascio una canzone time, should be in 2009, that’ s what he is speaking about

      1. Born to sing! What else can you say? I love watching the interviews in Italian, it’s such a beautiful language.

  15. Christine–there are tons of videos of Gianluca and Ignazio and also of Piero–although it seems there are fewer of him. They are from TLUC. Just go to youtube, type in their name in the search bar and TLUC 2009 or thereabouts and they will come up.

    1. Thank you for this info. I’m sort of new to this, so any help finding out more about our sweet boys and their families, is appreciated. Another Gramma fan

  16. Hi Mlla DeStefano can sure sing & that is perfect for him. Also I would like to hear Ignazio sing that he would put his heart & soul in it as well as Piero
    Piero plays very good as well so naturally
    The first time I heard young Ignazio sing was on another video & him & somone else was sitting on a couch on stage & singing but in the above video his voice had matured more & I could hear the notes he was holding

    1. Hi L. Yes sure, there ‘ r so many dramatic or romantic arias in opera there would be enough for both, even if at the moment Igna seems more settled on Stevie Wonder and Lenny Kravitz etc, anyway as they like and listen to all kind of music, will be interesting to see what the future brings.
      Hopefully the music is brewin’
      Keep well, ciao ciao

  17. If I met any or all of the Boys on the street, I might say, “Your music, your hearts, your authenticity are such a blessing to me and the planet! Thank you sooooo much. Can I give you a hug?”

    And then, if I had an incredible moment of inspiration, I would like to say, “What would it take for me to meet or skype with you, Barbara Vitali, and Humberto Gatica about a multimedia book I’m writing, IL VOLO: The Synergy of Love?”
    Whew! I’m still breathing… but just barely!

    If they answer affirmatively about my book, then some day I might get the opportunity to…
    – tell all of their parents how grateful we are to them, how rightfully proud they must be of all their beautiful children
    – go to Italy to interview family and community members
    – cook?? I make a summer dish browning pine nuts, sautéing zucchini and onions, then last minute briefly adding spinach, tomatoes, basil pesto to the pan, sprinkling the serving plate with a dusting of feta cheese. (Sounds Italian, wouldn’t you say?)
    – ask Barbara Vitali, what’s the next step to getting a seal of approval for completing and launching my multimedia book IL VOLO: The Synergy of Love.

    This dream has come to me. I am so curious to see where it goes.

    Still catching my breath…
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway
    P.S. Marie, I ALWAYS LOVE seeing those photos! And it’s so fun reading everyone’s responses. Thank you!

    1. Jeanine, if your book becomes reality, promise you’ll put that picture of Ignazio standing in front of the angels wings in it! I LOVE it!

      1. (; >) Thanks for the thought, Ruth! I will have to get permission for everything that goes into the multimedia book, so we’ll see what happens, huh?! (I LOVE the photo!)

        Start wishing for amazing possibilities, including the photo. Yes?!

        Heading to see family, so may not reply until a week.

        Wishing us all much to be grateful for,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway
        P.S. LOVED your experience, Elaine. Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. Christine
    here u go, did you see this one? GG singing Italian National Anthem in an opening ceremonie of Mediterrenean Games

  19. Now that we know him so well, I’m imagining he’s so nervous (that eye flutter is a dead give-away) that he can’t wait to just go bite his lips some place nice and quiet. Well, take a deep breath young man there’s more to come!

    1. yep right Marie and L, he must have been so nervous, such big responsibility in a very big event with all the apparatus etc, & he was just 14.
      u all take care.

    2. It was wonderful to see this video of Gianluca as a youngster. What a child, so much talent emerging and now just look at him. He is shy at certain times, I notice…he is young and so mature for his age. I often wonder if the boys ever get weary of answering the same questions over and over. They always are polite and gracious, bless their hearts. May they stay well and happy as they brighten our world with their beautiful voices. Enjoy all the posts!
      Gramma fan

      1. Ignazio posted on his Twitter. Probably on Mundial, I never look there so not sure. It is on All Things Il Volo on Facebook.

  20. Chris, Elaine certainly did see them! Oh my gosh did She!! Post coming today!

    On that other matter…We kindly refer to “those who do not hear what we hear” as mildly hearing impaired!

    1. I am eagerly awaiting Elaine’s description of her meeting with IL VOLO. It must have been thrilling. Their appearance on the Hallmark H&F Holiday show is just about 4 hrs away so I hope she posts it before then! I know Elaine lives in Calif. Marie, I’d like to refer to those that do not hear what we hear as imbeciles!

  21. Omg What talent Our Boys have. even at such young ages when they began to be seen in public events. And the interview of Piero was amazing. You’d think I understood Italian the way I hung on to every word he said. But where do I find Ignazioi with wings?’

    maryjane – May I call you Jane? – I am so looking forward to meeting you and Mary B. at the MOA. on Friday. It will be my first time at the MOA, and my first time seeing our Boys, so as you can imagine I am EXTREMELY excited! It will be so nice to be able to talk about Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to others who love Il Volo as much as I do.

  22. If I ever met them in person I would TRY (!) to tell Ignazio I LOVE the “Thug Life” t-shirt he wears a lot, and to keep learning to play some Pink Floyd on the guitar. I’d tell Piero I LOVE his “Elvis pelvis” move, but it’s really more like what Tom Jones used to do, and he and Ignazio should continue to perfect their Michael Jackson dance routine (we want to see you guys MOONWALK, okay?) I’d tell Gianluca that I also love Frank (Sinatra) and Tony (Bennett) and we’d all love to hear more of him singing those in concert and on CDs. I’d tell them all that I feel as giddy about them as I did about The Beatles WAY back when…and then I’d probably faint!

  23. I just finished watching the Home and Family Christmas Show! I am so proud of Our Boys. They looked wonderful! And ending the show with “Oh Holy Night” was the perfect ending!!!

  24. I–unfortunately–have not met them at all (but that’s OK, Marie; you keep right on bragging… 😉 ), but am fairly sure I’d say something completely stupid or not be able to open my mouth at all….

    I’d better keeping studying….

  25. I only saw them in person once at the MOA. Great performance, and Ignazio gave ME a HUG!!!! And I met some really neat Flight crew lasies, Jane and Mary B

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