Construction is Ended…How to Use our New Site

Hey, Everyone.

As you’ve already noticed, we made another change to the website, but we think this will be better.  It seems like having the homepage confused a lot of people about how to get to the blog, and we lost several loyal readers and commenters along the way.  We never meant to; we thought that helping individually with emails would work while everyone got used to the new look and function.  But, we are still missing some people and have read comments about feeling left out, so we decided to try to put some things back to the way they were.

That meant making the blog front and center, so we took the homepage down.  It isn’t gone, but it’s a separate page on the left hand side of the screen, “Introducing”

We also wanted to clarify how to use the blog since this one looks a little different than the other, and there seems to be some confusion with that as well.

1.) When you come onto the site, you see the blog now.     blog front page




2.) Scroll up and down to read the posts that you wish.  To comment, you can do 1 of 2 things:

*  Click on the Dialog Bubble at the top of the post    diaglog bubble example






*  Or click on the title of the post (which is the same as in the old blog)  click title example





3.)  Those options open up the post for commenting which is on the bottom, as the old blog.   image





4.)  To easily move from post to post after commenting, use the left and right arrows at the bottom of the post Post navigation example




5.) Links to videos and other pages/stories we didn’t want to lose are on the left.   When you hover over the link, you will get a drop down menu.  Slide your mouse over to the link you want, and then click the link

menu navigation






6.)  To do a keyword search, use a word from the title of the post you’re looking for in this box: search box





I think that is everything we received questions about.  The links on the right under, “Topics” are links that you click on.  The calendar is a rolling calendar that doesn’t allow any navigation.  It shows about 10 dates at a time with the oldest dates falling off as they pass, just like on the old blog.

I know a lot of people miss Elizabeth’s art, and I’m working on that.  The problem right now is that when I load the background, it washes everything else out, rendering the site unusable.  I’ve reached out to some people, and I have found that the problem is probably in the way that the style sheets are programed to lay, and to manipulate that programming takes skill beyond mine.  I am working on finding someone who can help me do this, and hopefully, that will fix the problem.

I hope this helps.  Please let someone know if it doesn’t.



26 thoughts on “Construction is Ended…How to Use our New Site”

      1. Interesting point here: They are asked if there are any Italian Christmas carols and they proceed to sing a little bit of the song: “Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle” a great carol that is sung with other words in this country. Historical note: The concept of the Christmas carol was started in Italy by St. Francis of Assisi – he wrote the first one (in Latin). this is in the Kitchen scene. Love these guys. also translating the “White Christmas on the spot – English to Italian – Love these guys.

      2. Thanks Myron for your additional comments. I always enjoy reading what you have to say – it does add a lot to my appreciation of Il Volo’s music (and I’m sure to that of all of us here on the blog). And thank you Kelly for your unending efforts to make this the best blog on the Net! The latest improvements are great!! And last, but certainly not least, for all of you, there are some recordings from Buon Natale on Youtube – Holy Night and Ave Maria, to be specific. Maybe there are more – I only found these two. They are not videos, only the music, SO beautiful :
        Here is Ave Maria –
        Holy Night

    1. Loretta, enjoy the video sent by laiabd…it is so good. Watch how Naomi Judd melts into Piero’s shoulder in the kitchen scene,and the ecstatic look on her face!! And how cute is Ignazio in the outdoor scene. There’s just no doubt about it, our boys are the best!!!Thanks laiabd,

  1. Kelly… How kind you are, to take so much time to work on this site and make it easy for all of us! You are a sweetheart!!!
    Helen B.

  2. I am home-bound due to a recent fall. I enjoyed watching IlVolo with my physical therapist. Naomi Judd with her head on Piero s ‘shoulder – be still my heart. Love the new set-up – thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to all my new friends.

  3. Thank you so much Lia I am also thanking whoever put it on All Things Il Volo I just saw it there but Lia I am going to watching it again. Thank you both so much I have to dry my tears from watching them sing O Holy Night I have never heard it sung so beautifully. I just got my Buon Natale DVD yesterday & haven’t had time to watch it yet but I also have the CD so am going to enjoy this afternoon

  4. Marie Sunseri I am so sorry that you fell, don’t know your age but it doesn’t matter any fall at any age is a shock to the system. Hope you recover fast & it wasn’t too serious. I’ll i nclude you in my prayers that you will be up & about for Christmas. Best of luck

      1. Kelly, where is the music background? I clicked on Home page and saw the page, but there wasn’t any music. Do I have to click on something else?

      2. I believe Loretta was talking about the video on ” Intoducing,” which used to be the old homepage.

  5. Kelly, I think this will work just fine. I didn’t have that much problem with the previous set-up. You guys do very good work. My Lord, you must spend a lot of time each day doing all this. I appreciate it very much.

  6. Hello everybody I do not know how to share things I have seen on youtube so maybe someone can bring it here so all can see. Gianluca has a wonderful short video of him singing ALL OF ME just him and a piano. Absolutely precious. I discovered it one day . I thought all those fond of Gianluca should see it. Love this web site on and off construction. I finally got to see the boys in Santa Monica CA . I couldn’t believe it when they started singing the first song Oh Holy Night. My favorite, boy can they sing that song. The 100 miles and 4 hour wait was worth it. Keep up the good work ladies and Happy Holidays to you all.

  7. Kelly I just want to add my thanks to you as well as all of the above. My daily infusion of Il Volo just keeps getting better and better! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who contribute so much to this site.

  8. Thank you, everyone! But it really is a group effort between myself and all my board sisters. 🙂 And we do spend quite a bit of the day on it, but we’d be spending quite a bit of the day on Il Volo either way, so it’s perfect. 🙂

    I did see the show last night, except for “O Holy Night”. It sounded like they said “Goodbye” to them in the middle of the show, so I wasn’t expecting them to come back at the end and missed it. 🙁 I was not a happy camper, so thanks, Laia for posting it. I soooooo love that song. I was so proud of the guys yesterday!

  9. Laia….My TV service doesn’t carry the Hallmark Channel, so I want to thank you so much for posting that wonderful video of The Boys! Aren’t they just fantastic??? You are a very kind lady to help out so many of us and keep us up to date on Our Boys.

    I was browsing You Tube and came across an old Anthony Newley song from one of his musicals…And, bear with me… I want to share the lyrics to this song because it PERFECTLY describes any one of our three Boys:
    Look at that face, just look at it,
    Look at that fabulous face of yours.
    I knew first look I took at it , this was a face that the world adores.
    Look at those eyes, as wise and as deep as the sea,
    Look at that nose..It shows what a nose should be.
    As for your smile. it’s lyrical, friendly and warm as a summer’s day , (GIAN!!!)
    That face is just a miracle , where could I ever find words to say
    The way that it makes me happy, whatever the time or place,
    I’ll find in no book what I find when I look at that face!

    For me, that says it ALL!
    Helen B.

    1. Helen, you are more than welcome! I know how frustrating it is when there is a tv show that isn’t on your local channels. I am always so happy to find snippets of them on Youtube. And I am sure everyone else who would love to watch and can’t, appreciates it as much as I do.

      That song is very appropriate! It sure does apply to all 3 of our boys!
      And says it ALL very well, too…

  10. Marie,
    Congratulation for the stunning picture of Igna published on il volo mundial as well!
    and to everyone else for all the good work done.

  11. Thank you Laia for those 2 beautiful songs to hear first think in the morning & to see their beatifull faces. Ignazio’s beautiful face smiles at me every morning from my computer & there is another beautiful smile of his on Mundial. Thaks to all who post those gorgeous pictures & post all the beautiful music. This is a special site like no other

  12. Yes Loretta, this IS a special site. And those words to the song surely DO fit each of Our Boys!! Can’t wait to meet them at the MOA on Friday! My first time to see them! Yay!!!

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