SWEET MEMORIES – Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio – By Elaine Tse


(Photo’s by Elaine)
Date : November 23, 201320131123_200904

Santa Monica Place

Today will be a special day because I am going to my beloved Il Volo’s performance and CD signing at Santa Monica.  My husband, oldest daughter and I arrived at the Santa Monica Place at around 12:30.  We first stopped for lunch inside the mall before heading up to the third floor where the CD will be sold.  It was only 2:30  but a line already formed.  We got in line and  while I was waiting I met and talked to several IlVolvers and shared our experience and feelings for our guys.  I am amazed to find out that one lady also came to this event all the way from Northern California just like me. Of course I also promoted our site and invited them to visit and share their love for our guys with us.
It was 3:15 after I purchased the CD so we went to explore some other smaller shops in the area.  We were back to the mall at 5:30 and went straight to the podium but found that the good spots were all taken up.  There was not too much space in front of the stage because HGTV (who hosted this event) put up a Santa house in the middle of the podium which narrowed the standing room in front of the stage.  The set up was not really good.  The program started at 6:00 with a few other artists and groups mostly also sang holiday songs. Our guys were the finale and appeared at 8:00. For the first hour of the program I sat down for a drink at the cafe close to the stage in order to conserve energy.  Then at 7:00 I got up and walked around the area hoping to find a good spot.  I saw the mall security has blocked up and made a walkway and I know that is where our guys will come out.  So I stood next to that and sure I did see them first hand as they walked out.  I was excited. They look gorgeous, handsome,  and are all suited up. They walked fast and didn’t stop.  I waved and yelled but the big security person was in my way.  Hmmm, so close but yet so far!
Our guys first stopped to meet a little girl who is already inside the stage area.  They took a picture with her and again showed their loving nature toward children.  Tonight our guys sang four Christmas songs from the Buon Natale album. They sound great and are totally energetic.  It looked to me as if they had already recuperated from the long tour.

Right after the performance we went back to 3rd floor for the signing.  I was in line for about 30 minutes and then there they are, right in front of me and my husband.  I handed them my six booklets from inside the CD.  Gianluca sat on my right and was the first one I talked to.  I told him I am so glad to see him again and I asked if he remember me from the PBS concert at Miami but he said no 😞.  However Piero who sat in the middle overheard us and said he remember me and my little daughter.  I was so happy and told him my little one can’t come today because she is studying aboard. Then I said I am with the Flight Crew.  Piero didn’t get that at first but Gianluca was fast and repleted “the Flight Crew” as if he is familiar with it.  And I responded to Gianluca and said “so you know us?” But he didn’t answer.  Nevertheless I have a strong feeling that he already knew our group and came to our site before!  Anyway I can’t remember exactly everything but the next thing I did was I hugged Gianluca really long and tight and kissed him on the cheek. Then kissed and hugged for Piero.  Then kiss and hug for Ignazio. Oh, they also kissed me on my cheek and Piero’s kiss was the biggest.  Marie, I did what you requested.  I asked Ignazio if he remembered you.  At first he said “who”. Then I kind of reminded him with the kissing on the dimple thing and he finally said YES.  So there, are you happy? 🙂  Oh I kind of slightly touched his dimple too.  Who can resist?


Barbara Vitalli was standing on the side and I said hello to her.  I told her I am with the Flight Crew.  She is very nice and we talked for a few minutes.  I hugged her and thanked her for taking good care of our guys before leaving the room.

Okay, I am not done yet.  I went back for a second time because my oldest daughter had an emergency and did not go in with me the first time.  I have extra wristbands because I purchased 6 CDs and also received the same number of wristbands.   So here I go again to meet our guys up close for a second time.  I told them I am coming in  with my oldest daughter again.  They all looked at her and responded “Oh! How nice”.  Gianluca even said “beautiful” to my daughter.  I laughed and said “yes but she is too old for you, she is 21”.  Did I sound like a mom or what?  And Gianluca smiled back – real big and really cute!  It’s also funny that Ignazio had notice my daughter’s shoes and he said he liked them.  How observant, who would have thought he’d have time to notice these things.  They chatted with my daughter for a while before we finally said goodbye.
What a night it turned out to be.  I was able to talk, touch, hug, and kiss them.  I wish I could have more time because I think I forget to tell them how much I love them.  I hope they get it from my big hugs and kisses!  The only regret is that I cannot take any picture with them because it wasn’t allowed.  It’s okay though.  I will have more to look forward to on the next meet and greet.  I just hope it won’t be too long a wait.

Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio you were all amazing tonight. I will never forget those moments.  I will always remember Gianluca’s smile, Piero’s big eyes, and Ignazio’s friendliness (and dimple). Thanks for a wonderful performance and the most unforgettable memories.  Have a safe trip home.  Big hug and kiss again.  I love you guys so so much!

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  1. What a great experience. It really gives me goose pimples. Here I am a granny fan and I can’t get enough of them. They are so wonderful. They are such a phenomenon. They appeal to the young and old . It ‘a just so unbelievable.

  2. Oh Elaine! Thank you for mentioning me to HIM! It was sweet of him to say, “yes”. You didn’t have his arm held behind his back, did you? Wasn’t touching IT (the dimple) marvelous? I knew you would try to squeeze the life out of Gianluca. No surprise there. Once again, your husband is a champ! I’m so happy you had the opportunity to see them with your family.

    You do know, however, that Kelly suggested a new rule and we all voted on it that you can’t see them anymore without the rest of us!

    1. Yes right the touching IT on HIM was marvelous but still the squeezing thing on HIM is my absolute favorite!

      Rule? What rule?

  3. I am so happy for you and jealous that your husband seems to understand this “groupie” mentality we older fans seem to be going through. The last time I remotely did any fan following was back with Ricky Nelson,
    I absolutely adore Piero. He seems to have it all. Looks, talent, intelligence, and poise. Would give him a huge hug as you did Gianluca. Gianluca and Ignazio are both good looking, talented, and intelligent, but for some reason Piero is my heart.
    This weekend they will be in town to do the Meet & Greet at the Rattlesnake Club. Unfortunately I won’t be able to be there. Delayed Thanksgiving with our kids in Ohio. The boys are right…family is always first
    Again so happy for you for the great event you had meeting the boys.

    1. Donna sorry that you can’t go to their event. I am sure there will be plenty opportunity in the very near future. Have a happy belated Thanksgiving.

  4. Elaine, I was there too!!!! I traveled from San Diego to Santa Monica!!! I got there at 3 ate something, got my wristband and headed to the stage. I could find a spot at the back, right before Santa’s House and stood there for 4 hours!!! It was totally worth it! I also went to the signing. They are so cute!!! Gianluca told my 12 year old niece, “I remember you” Then I told him we saw him at L.A concert. She gave them chocolate Kisses and a letter. Gianluca said “I love chocolate.” Then I too gave all three a kiss. It was a great experience. Now it seems like it will be a long time before I get to see them again. I hope to see them again next year!!!

      1. Oh Marie it was wonderful…like Elaine said they did not allow us to take pictures. My friend’s daughter asked the security guy why no pictures and he said, “Oh, they are stars, they are celebrities!” I felt something in my heart when she told me his response, I said…’I thought they were my boys!” I feel like I know them so much!

    1. Miriam glad that you had a great time also. We should meet up on their future events. Oh, I am a chocolate lover as well.

      1. Of course Elaine… I wish I had known you were there. I hope next time we are able to meet. I hope that time is soon!!!

  5. Elaine wondrful that you had the opportunity of seeing the guys & you are a very lucky lady to have such an loving & obliging husband. A real keeper. Wonderful pictures & stories of their loving & caring nature.. I don’t know how old your daughter is but it seems as if Ignazio was checking her out. Good for her she must be a stunner. Take her along with you the next time you see them he may become part of your family. I’ve been praying that they each meet the special lady for them.
    Memories you;ll cherish forever. For sure they will remember you next time.

    1. Hahaha, I don’t think Ignazio was checking my daughter out. I think they just love seeing people of their age. But yeah, my daughter is a stunner – just like what most parents would think of their children.

      As for my husband, I am speechless!

  6. Elaine how wonderful for you. You must feel very blessed. I however feel very jealous. Happy for you though. Treasured memories.

  7. Hi Elaine,
    What a happy and exciting experience you had, wow, right up close and personal. The boys always appear to be so friendly and sincere. They have had such an impact on people all over, their voices, music, good looks and humbleness. I never tire of listening to the cd’s or watching their videos. It’s great to be in touch w/so many other fans who feel the same delight with these young men. I am thrilled for you and glad you met Barbara! Let’s hope they enjoy a very blessed and glorious Christmas with all the family and friends they love. Thank you for sharing..I am so hoping to see them in concert next year me, a dream come true for me. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    1. Elaine, sounds like your experience in Santa Monica was worth the trip and was everything you thought it would be and more. Wow you contributed to their CD sales by buying 6 copies. I feel bad now that I only bought 2 Buon Natale. A spare in case the first one goes bad! You are a true fan! You got a “big” kiss from Piero, now Aileen and Mary B will be jealous. I’m glad you got to see them so up close. How exciting!

      1. Yes, Christine, I am jealous of anyone getting a big kiss from Piero. I can only hope to get something when I see him at the Mall of America, a little kiss, a little hug….anything. Just to see his sweet face across the table will make me happy….but a KISS! That would make me ecstatic!

  8. Elaine – what an adventure! So glad you were so up close and personal with your beloved Il Volo — and ours too!

  9. Elaine…. What a super write-up about seeing Our Boys!!! You gave us great details, and I could feel your happiness shining through. You are one lucky lady! How many times does this make that you have seen them? I remember twice when they toured California, and then this one, right? Wow!!!!

    Did you take the pictures at the top of the page? They sure are terrific… So clear, and The Boys are SO HANDSOME!

    1. Elaine so happy your IL Volo experience turned out so well. How often have you relived it? Thanks for going into such detail. It’s like being there…….well almost.

  10. Sorry… I wasn’t quite finished, and obviously clicked the wrong spot!
    I was going to ask you if The Boys are as good looking in person as they are in their photos. It doesn’t seem possible! Can you imagine seeing them just casually strolling down a street together? If I saw them, I would think 3 Hollywood stars had just left the studio…….. ( And I bet that comment may come true sooner than we think!…Just sayin’…)

    Helen B.

    1. Hello Helen! Yes I took those photos. Our boys are certainly handsome, good looking, gorgeous…in person and in photos. I hope you will get to meet them someday.

    2. Helen, they are better looking in person. Talking with Piero, behind the Tower Theater was like having a conversation with a good friend. He just talked and asked questions, like any normal conversation. 

      1. Thank you, Elaine and Michele, for replying. I love your comments! Michele, I THOUGHT they’d be just gorgeous in person, but all 3 are so photogenic, it’s hard to tell. You almost never see a bad picture of any of them, and you and Elaine both take such wonderful, professional quality shots of them.

        And TALKING WITH PIERO!!!!! I had forgotten about that! What an unforgettable treat! Speaking of “Unforgettable”, I wish Gianluca would sing that song. It’s so old, I know, but just perfect for him!
        Helen B.

  11. Mary Ann…. I believe you win the prize for being the oldest of our group!!! I thought I held that title! I am so happy for you that you got to see them in Detroit, and got to meet them. I’ve never had that pleasure, but am hoping they will come to Dallas next year. I’m sure that I’ll have the very same reaction…I’ll want to take them home with me! What IS it that makes them so lovable and adorable???? (Besides, obviously, good looks and stunning talent?)

  12. Hi Elaine, sorry I didn’t write until now. What a great experience and great story. I’m so happy for you and your family (I know you know this, but that hubby of yours is a huge keeper). Wish I was there, too. Hope to have an opportunity one day here in South Florida to meet them.

    1. Hello Leelee. Thanks for your comment (and on my hubby, lol). I am sure you will get to meet our guys soon and I will try to come so we can all meet up. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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