SWEET MEMORIES – Part II – By Elaine Tse

Thanks to my Husband for taking these video’s. Enjoy!

Note from The Board: These videos belong to Elaine and are unlisted on YouTube—meaning that she has graciously shared them only with our readers here.  Please do not share them anywhere else without contacting us to gain her permission.  Thank you.

Christmas Medley

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

O Holy Night

17 thoughts on “SWEET MEMORIES – Part II – By Elaine Tse”

  1. Thanks Marie for showing those videos.
    Elaine thank you so much & I am so grateful for seeing those videos. Your husband is a treasure, you are such a lucky lady. Can you imagine what kind of a father Ignazio is going to be he is so tender towards all children & that was a joy to see.
    I can’t stop crying I so wish I could have been there as well as being able to see the guys at the Mall of Anerica tomorrow. Those girls are so lucky
    Elaineis is there a possibility I could have a link to all those videos to keep forever even if I see it on TV I won’t have a link to it.
    Thanks so much again for sharing that treasure.

  2. Thank you so very much, Elaine and your sweet husband for these great videos, they are incredible to see and enjoy. I can only imagine what a thrill it must have been to be there. I see these boys always so willing to connect with their audience, isn’t it heart warming? I so want to be able to see them in one of their live performances, hopefully, next yr. It is just wonderful that so many of us love and enjoy these fine young men…feel like my grandsons…haha Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Gramma fan

  3. In the words of the superb Ignazio, “Thank you so much!!” Thank you, Elaine and husband, for bringing these wonderful young men to us! They are such a delight to see and hear, even via YouTube!! Be still my heart!!

  4. Thank you Elaine and hubby for those wonderful videos. Have just gotten back from Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws and needed the pick me up the boys always provide. More football on TV so I am headed for my girl cave to work on more Christmas presents and listen to more Il Volo!

  5. Loretta and Ann, I emailed the links to you. You should be able to see it also by clicking on the play button on the screen.

  6. Elaine: You have a jewel of a husband! Not only did he make the videos, he made GOOD videos! So many of the amateur videos we see are such poor quality, sometimes it’s hard to see and/or hear what’s happening. Please thank him for me, as these videos have just been a fantastic close to a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

    1. Elaine and husband : Thank you so much for sharing your videos. It was a perfect way for me to end my great Thanksgiving day with my family. I got to watch the videos by myself after everyone left! Loved it. Thanks again!

  7. I will pass the messages to my husband. Thanks everyone.

    Our guys are in MN now…I miss them already! Stay warm and take care, Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio. I will also close this Thanksgiving day with the videos. Good night and sweet dreams everyone…”When you listen a wonderful melody that reminds you all the most beautiful moments”…GG.

  8. Elaine, didn’t get to enjoy these last night, but what a beautiful thing to wake up to this morning. Our Boys prove that magic doesn’t only happen in a studio with sound engineers. They consistently hit it ever time! O Holy Night- Piero! My baby gently holding a baby – Ignazio! Gianluca working those screaming fans! Go Guys! Thank you Mr. Tse.
    Elaine, since he is the only F.C. Board husband I think you should share. I call next! Where are you taking me to see the Boys Mr. T?

  9. Elaine could he spread himself a little thinner & include me??. Mr, T, it was unkind of me not to include you in my thanks for the videos, they were perectly taken. If you have a plan to see the boys Mr. T. can you spare a small space for me I don’t take up much room. Not asking you to buy me dinner I’ll feed myself.

  10. I didn’t have time to watch either, Marie, but these are so sweet! They always make me feel like everything is right with…well, my world, at least. 🙂 Thanks, Elaine and thank your hubby for me, too!

  11. I have just had my very own mini Il Volo Christmas concert, thanks to you and your kind husband, Elaine! The pictures and sound are phenomenal !
    (Your husband has a very steady hand!)

    Thank you both so much for so generously sharing your videos with all of us…and Il Volo thanks you, too, I’ll bet!!
    Helen B.

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