Highlight of the Day - Jane
Highlight of the Day – Jane

Three very lovely ladies, Mary (Mary B.), Jane (Mary Jane) and Allene, went to the
Mall Of America for a CD signing event. They had one goal, to meet three very
special Italian Singers we all know as Il Volo. Oh, they achieved their goal! Here is their story: (click on pictures to enlarge.  Upper left arrow will return you to the story)

The Angel Voices Are Pure Heaven - Jane
The Angel Voices Are Pure Heaven – Jane
waiting to take the stage -  Jane
waiting to take the stage – Jane



It seemed like it took forever for Friday – yes Black Friday – to come. Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful and delicious, but I still had may hours to wait until I could go
to bed and dream of seeing my Guys at the MOA the next day. When I did get to bed, I hardly slept a wink!  Oh how wonderful it was to finally meet some fellow Il Volo lovers. Mary and Jane and I hit it off at once. We talked and talked.


Jane and I were the first in line, getting there at 11.  At 12 we could move up the the stage, so were in the front row. We stood there for 2 more hours until the show started. It was worth the wait…they were so close.




There is no way I can describe my feelings when I finally set eyes on Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca in person for the very first time. I thought to myself, OMG they are the handsomest young men on the planet!! Piero, of course, had most of my attention.


They looked so amazingly handsome! Their beautiful dark Italian hair was even darker so up close and in person making them look even more gorgeous (if that is even possible!) Ignazio’s suit lapels were black satin with decorative studs running down them. Totally Ignazio!! Gianluca was in his blue/green plaid suit and looked
every bit the part of a young Frank Sinatra back in the day. Piero had satin lapels as
well. These guys know how to pick the clothes!! Barbara was with them as always
coaching and “mothering” them so sweetly.


They looked wonderful—all in dark suits. Ignazio’s hair looked great….am trying to
recall facial hair—funny it’s so blurry since I saw him up close 3 times…I think his
chin whiskers were nicely trimmed, and there might have been a light mustache.
I’ve never seen him quite that handsome before….He was gorgeous. During one
song he stepped off the stage and hugged a woman on the other side of me. I was
hoping he’d move down to me, but he had to get back on the stage to finish the
song. Never mind, I got that hug later. Piero reached down to a little girl standing
next to me during the song….you know how they love to play to children. All three
boys were at their handsomeness-est. Personalities shone.

Gianluca's powerful singing - Jane
Gianluca’s powerful singing – Jane




They sang their 3 Christmas type songs, and were done before I had my fill of looking at them!


Then it was time they took the stage. Much to our delight they began the
performance with O HOLY NIGHT. Simply breath taking. They performed a
medley of merrier Christmas tunes next. Ignazio’s eyes caught the attention of the
woman standing next to me who was grooving to the music. He came right down
from the stage and gave her the most tender hug. True to his style…he is just so
tender and caring. She swore she will never wash the shirt she was wearing again!
During the next few minutes the boys as well as the audience were totally surprised
as we looked up above and saw LOTS OF PAPER MONEY floating down from the
rotunda ceiling high above. It landed all over the stage and audience. Some were
lucky to pick up a few dollars! Piero leaned down and handed a little girl in the
front row a $100.00 dollar bill! Seems there was something printed on the back side
of these bills which turned out to be some one’s marriage proposal!! We never did
find out who it was or if she said yes, but someone went through a whole lot of
trouble to set this all up. The performance ended (way too soon) as we could have
stood there ALL DAY listening and looking at these wonderful guys.

Allene, Jane, Mary - MB
Allene, Jane, Mary – MB
The Note - MB
The Note – MB



They left to have some lunch, so we waited another hour or so. And then the signing: I said something brilliant to Gianluca like Welcome to Mn., didn’t say a word to Piero – was completely tongue-tied when I came face to face with him – and I blurted out to Ignazio that I had come 100 miles to see them. Oh, yeah, I also said “please come to Mpls. for a concert for me”. (yes I said for me, how DUMB was that?)

Piero Handing Gift of Money to Little Girl - Jane
Piero Handing Gift of Money to Little Girl – Jane
Money on the Floor Snowed on everyone - Jane
Money on the Floor Snowed on everyone – Jane

THE MEETING  (separate accounts)


Another long wait for Barbara to take the three of us to see the boys. Jane finally

took matters into her hands, and went to find out what was going on. When she
came back, she was all smiles, and said she had found someone who would take the
three of us to were Our Boys were.
Got on a freight elevator, down we went to the bowels of the Mall, and waited for
just a few minutes in a hallway, and finally were waved into a room. Barbara, Piero,
Ignazio and Gianluca were there. Mary handed each of the boys a gift bag for their
mother. And then came the hugs goodbye. I’m sure Ignazio had to bend really low
to get his hug from me, and Piero, and Gianluca, too. But I was too intent on finally
getting my arms around them to notice. I hugged Piero extra tight and whispered in
his ear that I loved his voice, and he graciously said thank you. Love those Italian
And it was over. But I am already planning what I’ll say next time I see them.
Yessiree, next time, I’ll be able to make sense when I meet them.
And I WILL get to a 2014 concert!!! Please let it be in Minneapolis!   Allene.


We went in and Barb and the boys and a man were there—looked like they had
been having a conference. I said something like I guess we had better get at this,
and got the gift bags out of my bag, telling them that we had decided to send gifts to
the mothers, because we had often commented that we would like to to thank the
parents for raising such wonderful men. Gave them the bags…they seemed a little
surprised, but I think they liked the idea…they didn’t open the packages at that
time…I felt like they were ready to rush out and that I had to move along. The gift
bag included the scarf and a card to the mother. This is what the card said: Dear
Mrs. Barone, Thank you for sharing your so with his adoring fans. Thank you for
raising him to have values, to be kind to everyone, to have a sense of humor and
love for his family. Thank y ou for giving him the opportunity to develop his God-
given talent. His voice brings joy to so many people and enrichment to their lives. Il
Volo Flight Crew, via Mary B.,Maryjane, Allene. Then I took out the picture of
Piero and me in the cab and showed to Piero and asked him to sign it for me. He
seemed very surpised to see it, but said, Oh, Detroit. I couldn’t believe he
remembered that—then he took it over to a table to sign. I didn’t look at it right
away, because I needed to move on to the next thing, but when I looked at it later, I
was thrilled to see that at the top he had written, With love, then Piero across the
bottom. Next, I took out the copies of Marie’s poem “Going Home”, I had taken 4
or 5, and told them that it said just what the Flight Crew was feeling about them, and
since I didn’t have time to read it to them we really wanted them to read it. Piero
was holding them, and he looked at me and said, “We will read it” with feeling, and
I feel sure that he meant it, and that they will. Then I gave a copy to Barb and said,
“You know Marie…she wrote this for the boys.”
Then the boys were getting on their coats and seemed to be in a hurry. I was talking
to Ignazio and Gianluca. They were telling me that they were flying to Detroit. So I
turned to go out of the room and called out “We love you” Then noticed Piero
putting on his coat and picking up a scarf and remembering what he had said in
much earlier interview about his mother always saying, “Piero, put on the scarf,” I
said it to him. He smiled like he got it—hope so. Ignazio was walking behind me
going out the door, and I thought, I’m not going to let this moment get away, and
said, I didn’t get my hug, and I hugged him hard and kissed his cheek.
Right now I’m still coming down from the high of the meeting with the boys, and
although it was short, and not too much conversation, it was wonderful. Wow and
wow!! Il Volo love, Mary.


The highlight of the day! They were so nice and friendly, but I thought they looked
so very tired. I can’t imagine the longing in their hearts to “be home.” They gave us
hugs to treasure. Mary B. had put together beautiful gifts and thank you cards for
each of the Mother’s. They seemed touched by this act of love to be presented to
each Mother for raising such wonderful sons. I told Piero how much I admired his
parents and grand parents for the outstanding job they did in raising him! He said,
“thank you, they are very proud.” I told Ignazio to “keep on dancing on stage as he
is a great dancer.” Our time was over as they were heading out to get in the car
waiting to take them to the airport for their next destination, Detroit! As they were
putting their coats on Gianluca gave us one final “gift” as he spontaneously started
to sing some song about “home.” His beautiful silky voice conveying what he
probably was feeling deep in his heart.
It is hard to believe these gifted, professional young men are the ages they are.
Italy will be proud of them for hundreds of years to come. They are the essence of
pure talent and love which is not seen in this world nearly enough. I can not wait
until the day comes when I can see and hear them again. One of the greatest gifts I
have received in this life. They are simply the best of the best.
Our very official looking Flight Crew badges were highly noticed all day at the
mall! So many people asked us about them providing us wonderful opportunities to
“enlighten” people about the wonderful site and about IL VOLO! The mall security
also took them to mean “WE WERE IMPORTANT”…:-) Sincerely, Jane.

Emotion From the Heart - Jane
Emotion From the Heart – Jane






I compiled this story so I can end it anyway I want. Here’s the way I want:
Mary – “What a surreal day! First, at the signing table, when I got to Ignazio. I put
my two fingers to my mouth and kissed and touched his dimple and said, ‘That’s for
Marie'”   I love this job!


40 thoughts on “THREE VOICES – ONE GOAL”

  1. Mary, Jane and Allene, your stories and your pictures are just awesome! You three look soo happy.! The “Boys” look so handsome!! I love the note and gift to each mother, it was such a sweet thing to do!! You all make the Flight Crew so very proud, Thank-you!!

    1. Wow and wow and wow!! What wonderful stories! I have been waiting to read this and it was worth the wait. I love Marie’s kiss!
      They are such wonderful young men–it is good to have real happenings like this to reinforce our opinions of them.Thank you Marys and Allene for sharing–and to Marie & Linda for posting!

      1. Don’t worry Loretta, I am sure the next chance Marie gets she’ll kiss the OTHER dimple. She’s now gotten 2 kisses on that dimple, one she did herself and one via a surrogate! I am so happy that you guys got to see them so up close. I loved that security thought you were VIP’s because of your Flight Crew badges, genious thinking.). Great to hear about this ladies! Your memories will last you a lifetime! Those “One direction” fan’s “ain’t got nothing on us!!”

  2. Oh, what lucky ladies you all are! I’m so glad you got to meet “our guys” …thanks for your stories!

  3. Yes, Mary, Jane and Allene, your stoires and your pictures are awesome! Thank you so much for giving the gifts for the moms. We are so proud of you.

  4. Oh, girls…What beautiful, beautiful stories you had to tell! Loved every word, and hated for it all to end, just as I know that you hated for THE DAY to end!
    I’m so glad that you got such good pictures….The Boys really ARE the most handsome creatures on this earth. Would write more, but I’m going back to the top of the page and read your stories again…and again…and again!!!

    THANK YOU for sharing!!!
    Helen B.

  5. Thank you ladies for your wonderful stories about our guys. Reading about their kindness is almost as good as being there too…not hits though. So happy you three had your dream come true. The gift bags to their mothers was.a lovely gesture. You rock.

  6. Mary, Jane and Allene – what an awesome day you had at the MOA. I saw the stage and the beautiful Christmas tree today as CNN was showing the money raining down and I could clearly see the guys – what a beautiful setting! I am so glad everything worked out and you had a private moment with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca! Jane mentioned how tired they looked – I thought they looked tired in pictures too – and yet they made time for you, what a magical day! What a special gift!

    Thank you Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero!

  7. Mary, Jane and Allene: I have been waiting to hear about your meeting. It was well worth the wait! I got butterflies in my stomach reading about it. Isn’t that the most exciting thing to experience? Loved the pictures, Marie with Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, gosh, I loved everything. Thank you all for sharing.

  8. Bravo ladies, bravo! What a wonderful account of your meeting IL VOLO. To say I am envious is putting it mildly but its a happy kind of envy. I think its fabulous that you had a special moment with our beautiful Italians. I feel bad for them being so tired and so much is still expected of them. It is good that they are so young because any other of us would have collapsed long before now!
    As for our Flight Crew, I admire that you had the strength to stand in place waiting so patiently for them. My poor knee would have killed me dead on the spot! I am so happy everything turned out as it did. Lastly, I loved Mary’s finger kiss to Ignazio’s dimple for Marie. Very sweet.

    1. I loved it too! I would give her my first born for that, but I don’t have one. I’ll give her anything else though!

      M, J & A, thanks for letting us share your wonderful day!

  9. This is such a laugh to me: years ago I lived in Minneapolis for a while and know the Mal of America very well as well as other places in those twin cities. So when a NEWS story came on the TV about a man dropping $1000. from the upper balcony levels of the mall it drew my attention. I had gotten the story on Saturday so I thought it happened on Saturday. BUT then as the camera panned down and down following the floating money to the bottom 5 floors below where there is a stage and a piano – I heard some familiar singing going on and I realized THAT IS IL VOLO SINGING WHILE THE GUY is dropping his money – note: it was during “let it snow” – come on people, you gotta laugh at that . a good amount of that money landed on the stage and the guys picked up some of it to see what it was. They couldn’t believe it was real. check out the news video. I saw it on a number of different sites. Gee, I guess that event happened on Friday and not Saturday after all. HA !

    1. Myron, I didn’t know you used to live up here in the north woods! 🙂
      The money raining down on us was so weird . At first I thought oh cool, they are doing special effects with this song about let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Then as we all looked up we could see it was big pieces of paper…then realized it was money when it got closer. Piero actually picked up a $100 dollar bill, put it in his pocket and seconds later took it out and handed it to a little girl in the front row just down from me. So tenderly sweet.

  10. There is a great video of the start of the event at Il Volo Mall of America Nov. 2013 on YOU TUBE!!! You even see the money start to rain down and the guys reactions. Fun to watch!!!

  11. To our ladies: I am very proud of you for seeing this thing through. Hooooooray for you ! The people around them can be a little short sometimes but when finally get to them they are absolute and true ” gentle men” – gentlemen. Sweet as can be. And, yes, they are tired and eager for home. Good for you ladies.

  12. Well, once again, I am here with tears in my eyes – for you, for them, for me! What a memory you all have forever! Your stories and pictures are lovely, and I’m so glad you were there!

  13. You lived my dream !!!!! I’m so happy that your dream became a reality. What a thrill to see these beautiful ,sweet young men that we all adore face to face. Way to go !!!!

  14. Ladies – what a great idea to give a gift to the mothers. I’m sure that doesn’t happen often and must have been a nice surprise to them. I’m so happy for you that you got time with them, albeit short, but sweet. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Mary, Jane & Ailene, that is so wonderful for you to have the best experience in the world to meet the 3 most beautiful men with the 3 most magnificent voices on the planet. I ssoo wish I could have been there also but that was wonderful for you Mary to give gifts to their mothers as well as gifts to them. Oh how I wish I could have gotten a big hug from Ignazio, you are so lucky. Good for the 3 of you standing in line all those hours to meet them it was so well worth it. I am sure they are tired & are looking forward to go home where they can relax & don’t have to sing unless they want to. Thank you for the great pictures & your wonderful stories. Now your all home & you can really have sweet dreams.
    Thoroughly enjoyed your email Mary/

  16. Mary, Jane & Ailene & everyone. On the All things Il Volo the picture in front of the stage when the boys are singing one of the cameras was panning the crowd in front of the stage & on the right very briefly you can see Mary’s gray hair & I think it was Jane standing beside her. So girls you are becoming famous.

  17. Wow what a wonderful article your three views and one soul. Thank you for sharing your story,pictures and feelings. They are so wonderful I think the gifts for the mammals was a lovely touch. I would have written the same thing. Their mamma have truly blessed this world with their presence. I look forward to future articles. I love this web site. Thank you

  18. Love your story, ladies. It’s awesome. I admire your strength and determination to stand there for such a long time. The gifts to their mothers is a great idea and you are all so thoughtful.

    When I saw the pictures that day, I also thought that they look tired. And Piero’s eyes definitely lack the shineness as compare to when I met him at Santa Monica. Another funny thing I share with your story is how that lady said she will never wash the shirt that Ignazio had hugged. I too didn’t want to wash my face, take a shower, or wash my coat ever! Have you noticed how nice our guys smell? I was in heaven for a couple hours before their fragrance finally fade away.

    Allene, Mary, and Jane thanks for sharing your story and represented Flight Crew so well. Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, although I miss you all so much, I can’t wait to see you guys going home to your love ones and get the much needed rest. I also remember Gianluca singing a Capella that day at Santa Monica toward the end of the signing just like in this story…

  19. What sweet experiences and sharing! Thank you so very much Mary B, Mary Jane, and Allene. Photos are marvelous, detailed stories are treasures, and your gifts to Our Boys mamas’ are spectacular.

    Flight Crew Board… Don’t know how you did it to arrange for this special private Meet & Greet. You are incredible! And how selfless of you to arrange this for others and then share it with us! Of course, I love your ending touch there, Marie!

    Myron, I busted out loud laughing (while I was in a cafe : ) when I noticed the “Let It Snow” accompanying the floating money. Great video on Team IL VOLO. Love how Piero gives the $100 bill to the little girl. Our Guys are magnificent!

    Claudia, I think I recognize your name from – yes? Welcome! And welcome to all the other new names I’m seeing pop up here. So glad you’re sharing with us! This is a wonderful home for kindred spirits ~ IL VOLO lovers one and all!

    Claudia, your typo above made my night. I had such a good laugh. Funny how little things can bring so much fun!

    Sweet night… letting it snow! (; >)
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  20. Thank you ladies for your commentary on your visit. It helps those of us unable to to be there. … to feel the experience. …. 🙂

  21. I have been totally delighting in the experiences of all you ladies, while at the same time being just a tad envious. Such a wonderful experience you had. Thank you for sharing your time with The Boys! I know that all of us will remember this for days, weeks, and months to come.

  22. What lucky ladies you are. How could your Christmas season be any better?

    What a wonderful gesture to get gifts for the mothers. I’m sure the boys are swamped with gifts. And the note is ax extra special touch.

    Allene, I would also be tongue tied if up close to Piero. I adore him, even tho I’m old enough to be his grandmother.

  23. Mary, Jane and Allen,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience meeting our young men. I’m so touched reading about how nice they were to the fans and for taking the time to meet with you. I’m sure the Moms will be so glad for the notes you sent them. Hope you get to see them in a concert next year. Enjoy your happy memories ! What a
    Christmas gift !

  24. Penina did you watch the Buon Natale PBS station at 7.30 on Monday night. It was the same as our Buon Natale DVD but they were being interviewed each time the station was asking for money.
    Ignazio was leaning over a girl I guess helping her to raise some money on the phone, how lucky she was. Next fund raiser I’m going to find out what station & State they are going to be in & joing the phone operators & as he passes me on the phone I’ll accidentally on purpose trip him so he will stop & talk to me. Hey who said I can’t be a wishful thinker.

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