Granada ~ Il Volo We Are Love Tour 2013




Granada, tierra soñada por mí mi cantar se vuelve gitano cuando es para ti.

Canterò la mia canzon gitana!… Canterò, e con le lagrime la terra ancor bacerò!


Granada tierra ensangrentada en tardes de toros mujer que conserva el embrujo de los ojos moros

Addio mantiglie, sorrisi di bocche vermiglIe,

y beso tu boca de grana, jugosa manzana que me habla de amores …

17 thoughts on “Granada ~ Il Volo We Are Love Tour 2013”

  1. at times something reminds me a bit of Louis Prima kind of attitude…..When you are smiling……the whole world smiles with you

  2. Wonderful, mfazzara! I love their antics as well as their majestic voices.

    I so appreciate your parsing out these videos to us, so we have something fresh and wonderful to enjoy now and then!

    ~ Jeanine D.

    1. I do not have many more videos (: Most of what is left are lacking on my part as the videographer – however the Voices are Splendida! – so one day Beautiful Voices – part 2 may show up! I am glad you enjoy them – I smile the whole time I am watching. This will make you dizzy – Il Volo sounds awesome though. Il Volo – Tous Les Visages De L’Amour
      We Are Love Tour 2013 Boston September 14

      1. Truly Splendida, Michele! Thank you!
        And their voices are far more important here than visuals.
        I liked the fireworks, nevertheless!

        So, the thanks is for the gifts already given. Anything more (Beautiful Voices part 2) is pure gravy! (; >)

        In gratitude,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. The more I see the Il volo guys perform in each video & listen to them sing & how they treat the children & adults as well they exude so much class that other performers will never top them. In fact other performers should be taking lessons from them.
    I applaud you Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero for staying true to yourselves, for showinig us the love bestowed on you from your parents that your are now sending to us all & what humility looks like.

  4. HEADS UP!!!!

    Quick note for anyone living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area:
    Buon Natale will be on KERA at 8:30 pm on Wed., Dec. 11 and again on Fri., Dec. 13 at 12:00 noon
    Helen B.

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