Il Volo Live in the Studio, WETA Greater Washington, DC December 3, 2013

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca live in the WETA studio of the Greater Washington, DC area
talk about the circumstances that gave rise to the creation of Il Volo, singing with Barbara Streisand on her 2012 tour and their 2013 PBS Christmas Special, Buon Natale, filmed
live at the Fillmore Miami Beach Jackie Gleason Theater.  I was at the filming of Buon Natale in Miami and I just have to say – it was a blast!

The Christmas Show


Ignazio “Alone in my room”


How did you start singing together?


Gianluca on singing with Barbara Streisand


Piero, Thanks to PBS


Good Bye!


Thanks to WETA for the interviews and having Il Volo live in the studio to kick off Buon Natale!

34 thoughts on “Il Volo Live in the Studio, WETA Greater Washington, DC December 3, 2013”

    1. Marie take it easy and leave room for me! They are soooo cute. Ha, the “little one”. Great video and thanks Michele. Oh, wish I knew you then. It would be a bigger blast together!

  1. Michelle those are wonderful videos. I can’t get enough of seeing &listening to Ignazio. It is so nice for you to space out your videos every few days to give us a treat. I wish I could crawl through the video & sit on Ignazio’s lap. Thanks again Michele

    1. Glad you like the videos Loretta! The guys were so cute and sincere. If I had known they would be in DC today – I would have offered to be their personal tour guide! I could have helped Ignazio find a place to eat lunch! I wonder if they made it to any of the museums and monuments! The weather was nice yesterday but cloudy today, I hope the guys enjoyed their visit and I wonder if they stayed in a hotel with a view – there are some good ones in DC!

      1. ARGHHH! They finally get to DC and I’m in South Africa! We need to meet! I live in NW DC.

  2. Thank you for this clip from the live pbs. I am 1 hour away from the L A broadcast. I am so happy they are finally going to be on. Thanks to all of you for sharing everything il volo. My days are brighter because of all the wonderful contributions on this site.

  3. Thanks Michele! More treasure to hoard for a rainy day. Always enjoy when the guys have a chance to talk and express themselves. Marie and Elaine, yes they are adorable, lovable, and special young men!

  4. Its too bad you didn’t know they were there Michele. Just think how special that would hae been for you as well as them. They would have had a better time with you than anyone else because you know all the better places to go. Well hopefully there will be a next time for you. Keep your fingers crossed.

  5. Is it possible to be any more in love with them? lol Gianluca has talked about his reaction to meeting Barbra many times. It obviously affected him deeply. I like that he feels a lot and isn’t afraid to admit it. American guys should take note!

  6. So agreed, Kelly!

    Ignazio… La Donna e Mobile at 3 years old! I’m so glad Ignazio expressed this detail here. So glad to hear their interviewer use the P word (prodigy) in reference to Ignazio. (; >)

    Great snippets, Michele. Thank you so much!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. Yes Jeanine we have heard so many times of how Gianluca & Piero started singing & Ignazio didn’t seem to have a story about his grandfather. Now I am so happy to hear about his early singing at 3 years old. I am glad his mother backed him up & realized he liked to sing like he said & realized he had a good voice when he said before & he asked his parents that he wanted to take singing lessons they agreed. They did him a favor & also the world & I want to be around a long time to hear him

    1. L, He definitely went to lessons, his teacher, at least one that we know of, was Ms Andreanò, he just does not pushes himself out too much and as being three of them & one has to be the third to speak anyway (not the case here ) he often limits himself knowing that time for interview is limited and he avoids repetitions of what others have already said

      at least that’ s the impression i’ve got

      guess u may have seen this already, which was prior to TLUC….

  8. To me & this is how I see it & my opinion. Ignazio doesn’t have a background story. Everyone sems to focus on Gianluca because he won the contest & Piero because his grandfather realized he could sing at 3 years old. Don’t get me wrong Gianluca & Piero are excellent singers. But I want to hear about Ignazio also & to hear what he has to say as well as listening to Piero & Gianluca all the time. As he said before they don’t let him speak but lately he has been speaking up more & its him I want to hear also.

  9. Thanks Mla yes I have seen that before but it was nice seeing it again. That could be the case & I also see he doesn’t push himself to butt in to be the one to speak up first but I know what the others are going to say because it is usually repetitious & maybe I just want to hear his voice & what he has to say.
    Mary Ann we are on the same page, glad you agree.
    I was really happy when he took over for Gianluca when they were accused of lipsyncing, it wasn’t English so I don’t know what he said.
    Anyway I usually speak my mind that doesn’t mean I like the other guys less.

  10. Of course I have to defend my Piero, and Gianluca, too. I have never felt that Ignazio was deliberately left out. And I have to say that Ignazio in person is absolutely stunning! Just watching and listening to that interview makes my day. Oh how I love those boys!!! Please, please, come to Mpls. for a concert during the 2014 tour! My seeing them and hearing them at the MOA was not enough! And rrthanks to Barbara, the three of us, Mary B, Maryjane, an I got to see them by ourselves. It was truly a day I will never forget.

  11. Michele… Oh, how I loved these interviews!!!! It’s always so much fun to hear The Boys just relax and talk spontaneously….So happy that Ignazio is talking more, but I did miss hearing more from Gian. He was rather quiet!
    But aren’t they all three just the cutest, SWEETEST guys imaginable?

    Thank you so much for posting these videos. You’re THE BEST!!!
    Helen B.

    1. Helen – my pleasure. I am so glad the guys got to talk as much as they did! I heard a few things I had not heard before!

  12. Did someone say they are singing at St. Francis of Assissi on December 14th so they are singing somewhere on December 18th in Italy as well. How much rest & down time are they getting? They are supposed to go home on the 10th, singing on 14th & 18th, is this what they really want? Are they going to have only 1 day, Christmas day to have fun & relax at home? This seems like a bit much.

  13. In this article Assisi is confirmed.

    This a free translation / summary :
    First part abt idea of a Xmas album and success in America covering all generations followers etc..
    Then when asked about Italy and success abroad they say they spent very little time in the country and promotion has been focused abroad: When asked if they would like to participate in Sanremo Festival the reply is they would love to as they have new songs; of course if they would be considered for participation then dates would need to be fitted in the schedule, and they hope it will be feasible. On question about which italian artist they would like to have a duet with they mentioned Laura Pausini (she is one of most famous Italian female singers and the most well known abroad, she has won Latin Grammys)
    They ended up interview saying they look forward to be singing in Assisi.

      1. U welcome Loretta , my pleasure. I guess management and them too of course, just hit the nail while they’ here. Positive side is that for both events they do not need to travel too far and they could be with family.
        Take care.

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