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Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are finally at their respective homes enjoying time with their families and friends. Piero attended a cousin’s wedding, Ignazio is seen playing soccer and Gianluca is sending us Christmas pictures, dressed in red! For the first time in months they can taste their Mom’s cooking, be with their dads and enjoy being with their siblings. We all miss them, but seeing them so happy to be home warms the heart. There is no place like home for the holidays, to borrow from the famous song!!

Twitter, Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca, On the 19th, “Many thoughts, many memories, just for you #ilvolovers#Fans” “It’s 5 days for Christmas”

Thanks to Gianluca
Thanks to Gianluca

Piero, #Auguri to my beautiful cousins #wedding” 2 hrs ago “Can’t stop eating, ahhahaa #CHristmas spirit #home #family” ( I must confess he sent a picture of the food he was speaking about and I have no clue what it is)

Thanks to Piero
Thanks to Piero

Ignazio, sadly no new tweets, but enjoy this photo!


See article on Team Il Volo called, “Il Volo, the most famous Italian trio in America, is on the top ten of ITunes”

Have a look at Mundial and All Things Il Volo for more photo and videos.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, have a Merry and Blessed Christmas! For all of the Flight Crew supporters and fans, the best ever Holiday filled with Love and Blessings!!

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12 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT……”

  1. I just read on Team Il Volo where at the Porta a Porta interview that someone said they are “full of themselves”. That is totally uncalled for to say something like to them. Shouldn’t they feel proud of themselves & be happy that their careers have come so far & are successful. I have never for one minute thought that they were showing an arrogance or thought they showed traits of conceit.
    They are outstanding performers with the only voices on this planet worth listening to. They should be applauded for working so hard to get where they are in a short time.

    Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero I congratulate you & applaud you in your success for working so hard to get where you are now in your careers. I can only see the humble demeanor you still exude & the appreciation you give to your fans in your performances & whenever you speak of your fans.
    This is what I truly feel & with God looking after you, your successes will be beyond what you expected.
    I am glad you are finally home to rest & recuperate & rest your glorious voices.
    I hope this Christmas with your family is the best you have ever had & that the New Year will be more productive & successful than ever.

  2. To all a blessedchristmas and a happy holiday season. And to our three angels, a joyful. Christmas and a restful time off. Miss and love you. Enjoy your families and friends.

  3. Welll I just read that first comment and I’m not happy about it. I would like to know the person who said that. Full of themselves. If you ask me this person is full of it. And I think you know what I speak of.

  4. And another thing…she’s probably a Justin I know incorrect spelling its what my kindle keeps typing.

  5. Recent interview Courtesy RAI News
    This is free translation, So forgive eventual errors and omissions.

    PB Five years ago we were three young kids just singing for hobby and for the love of music, now we have grown up and we are IL Volo and our intent is to bring around in our way and let people know the italian music ‘il bel canto’

    Commentator : Their story is like a fairy tale, thanks to their voices today are internationally known and have collaborated with famous international stars like Placido Domingo and Barbra Streisand. They have recorded an CD with the most famous Xmas songs.

    GG: We love Xmas because we can spend time with our families. Already few years ago we recorded four Xmas songs, and this year in March we decided to record a full album with the most famous Xmas songs, because if is true that we bring around Italian music we also like to sing in English.

    IB: What we want to express is our simple approach to singing and our love of music, especially nowadays that younger generations follow many artists with a more commercial style, and we are now succeeding in our intent to approach them and let them know this kind of music as well.

    GG : We just finished a tour, a real ‘Tour de force’ with almost 50 dates between North and South America and it has been a wonderful experience , it has been very exciting to fill the venues and see the participation of younger generation of fans and hearing them singing our songs.

    1. Thanks for your tanslation Mlla but the guy who was taking their picture had the caption wrong. He had Gianluca as Ignazio the only one he had right was Piero. Nice to see that video.
      I don’t understand Italian so I am only going by what I read in English on Team Il volo

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