OK Flight Crew, since the Boys left I’ve tried to keep it light and humorous, but
today I’m experiencing the honest emotions of the season. So, it is with a refrigerator
filled with ingredients for my share of Christmas dinner and love for my family
wrapped in red and green tissue paper under the tinsel, that I have to tell you all how
I truly feel.

a - christmas 13 JARED

Piero (12/16) “Today we’ll be back home!!”

Ignazio (12/18) “Going back home!!!! Sooooo excited!! Kisses”

Gianluca (12/11) “Ladies and Gentleman. I’m in Italy!”



You all went too far for me.
I can’t go across the sea.

I’m sad, so sad I want to weep,
but in my heart a place you’ll keep.

Ok, be home to rest and play
and love your families everyday.

I’ll be patient and wait, you’ll see.
Just please come back and sing to me.


33 thoughts on “THE LAMENT”

  1. Marie–NOT fair to make me cry so early in the morning !!!! Just NOT fair !!!!! I miss them too. But let’s remember it is the season to be jolly so I’m cheering myself up by running around the house yelling Ho HO HO !!!!!

  2. Marie, you have done it again. A beautiful and sad poem that tells just the way that I, too, feel! I have been feeling like there is a hole in my heart that will only be truly healed when I can see them again! At the same time, I am so very happy that Our Boys are with their families. How do I explain those two feelings side by side? I can’t. So I’ll put on the Buon Natle CD and get the rest of the gifts wrapped. Perhaps by the time I have wrapped every gift, listened to the CD countless times, and started on my menu for Christmas Day, I’ll be over my funk..

  3. I am happy to say that after a rousing rendition of Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and listening to Piero’s soaring and glorious voice in Oh Holy Night, I am finally feeling the Christmas spirit again. I must have gotten out of bed on the wrong side this morning! It is amazing how just listening to Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca singing can lift your spirits!

  4. Gosh! I hope I’m not bringing people down. Didn’t mean to. I’m ok with them not being here. I’m ok with them not being here. I’m ok with them not being here.

  5. U are a sweet soul Marie.
    here u have another interview which I try to summarize,

    Besides Bono and Laura Pausini they add an other wish, to sing for the Pope.
    They are satisfied with what achieved so far and explain why their career and success has been so far more focused abroad. For this success they thank their families and their team for supporting them in the best way. Now they hope to reach the Italian public as well. They have new ideas for a new CD which they will reveal in the near future.
    To the question about their life when not in tour and have free time they explain that they do all the usual things young man their age would do such as seeing their friends, play soccer, exercise and enjoy being with their families.

  6. What a lovely poem Ms. Crider! I have never been able to see them or attend one of their concerts so I’m guessing their absence is even harder on those of you who have. Listen to Buon Natale and you’ll cheer up soon enough. Only two more days ’til Christmas! 😀

    1. Hello Isabel. Thank you. Happy you’re here today. Can’t wait to hear about your first concert. Hopefully in the near future!
      Please call me Marie.

      How can I not be cheery with all of the wonderful people here who understand and share our feelings. Plus a good dose of Buon Natale never hurt anybody!

      It seems our Boys are having a great time. I’m so glad for them to have the opportunity to act like the young men that they are!

      Have fun guys! Get well rested ’cause I want your next years’ concert schedule to include every major city within a 500 mile radius of me!

      1. I’m happy for them that they will be able to spend Christmas with their families. Buon Natale!

        Oh Marie, I sure hope you live very close to Portland Oregon because this is my wish also. I’m still pained by missing them in Vancouver last summer. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth on that situation, let me tell you! My wish for the new year is to be in the same vicinity as they are and breathe the same air Piero breathes!. IN fact, I want to see Mr. Red Glasses himself so I can talk to him in my fractured Italiano. Ahh, me, this pirate has so many dreams.
        Buon Natale, Marie.

  7. Oh, Marie, you nailed it with this one! It made me teary-eyed, but that means it’s wonderful! Thank you.

  8. You have expressed my feelings to a tee as well. However, in reading Mlla’s comment about what the boys do “off duty”, I see where we are really being selfish in wanting more from them. I seldom if ever think of them as doing the “same things” every boy their age does. Seeing the 2 pictures of Piero emulating a young man’s opinion with the “finger up” and sending his cousin/friend a message with his “grab” at his cousins wedding, I now realize just how professional these young men really are. What we see on stage and in interviews, for the most part, is a carefully taught behavior reflecting maturity and talent. What we see in their off time is devoid of restraint and perfectly in line with young men 18 and older who do not have the acclaim of the world for their talent. Keep it up Marie, I love your poetry!

    1. Well said, Donna! If you’ve been on Il Volo Mundial, you know that a few people have expressed dismay over Piero’s “off duty” behavior. I defended him, of course, along with some other ladies. To put ANYBODY on a pedestal isn’t a good idea. He’s a 20 – year-old guy, after all, and he’s SO GOOD the rest of the time, he needs to let off steam somehow! I love it, personally…:-D

      1. And they are YOUNG…not just on downtime. We can’t expect them to be mature and perfectly behaved and making mature decisions every single minute of the day. At some point they are going to make mistakes.

      2. I am glad that PIERO is a normal young guy with human feelings. He has.spent his growing up years in the spotlight and working hard to achieve his goal. I don’t think that we,even though we love him, have the right to ask to see him in his private life. And a wise man once said something about casting the first stone. Good advice.

      3. Ruth, I have so appreciated your defending Piero and I think you nailed it on the head too. These are YOUNG men. Heck, they started this career of theirs in the very young teens! While in IL VOLO mode they have impeccable behavior in fact, they are far kinder and more patient with their fans than most celebs ( I’m looking at you Mr. Bieber! Grrrrrrr) Like yourself , I see those photos of Piero and he just makes me laugh. As I said before, he is a naughty and nice rascal and I love him just as he is! As I do also Ignazio and Gianlucca who are rascals all of their own too, as most young men are. Princes and rascals, gotta love them!

  9. And I, of course, will defend Piero to my very last breath! The big grin and hearty laugh of his lets me know he is with family and friends and living it up! It is so good to see all three of them relaxed and enjoying themselves.

    1. I just want to add that people who are “too perfect” make me nervous, you know? Who would want to be around somebody like that? Like I said on the Mundial page, you should hear me if I stub my toe. The words that come out (at high volume) are NOT pretty. But it sure makes me feel better! Carry on, Piero, carry on! We love ya, baby! And to all of you beautiful Il Volovers here, “Buon natale a tutti!”

      1. Hi ladies. I feel compelled to comment on all the uproar about Piero’s “shocking” pictures on IVMO. He was possibly fed up with people taking his picture at “private” events that he just wanted to say “Enough already! Leave me alone so I can hang out with my friends”. I also remember him telling an interviewer that he likes to warm up his voice before performances in his dressing room wearing nothing but that cross around his neck. And he posted a picture of himself in that fancy bathtub in one hotel during the N. American tour. After that, how can any of us be so shocked? All of the guys are human beings & still basically teenagers. Unless they treat their parents or their fans with outright disrespect, they are still tops in my book.

    1. Not to be contrary Isabel, but it was four months Aug 21 to Dec. 10 that they were away from home, not five. But if you count the spring this year they were away for months then too, so their time away from home does add up. I am glad they are enjoying time with their family. I am excited to hear from Mila’s translation that they will reveal plans of their CD soon, can’t come soon enough. I was unable, try as I might, to find the “photo” with Piero and his finger pointing! I’ve heard he had done that before, I can’t judge til I see the pic. It must have been deleted. I looked all over IVMO and didn’t see it. Will look again. I find it surprising coming from him who is one who is quite serious about his career. Ignazio and Gianluca I do not think would ever be seen posed like that. Everyone here have a Merry Christmas! At least we have the Buon Natale CD to listen to and hear them, what would we do without it?

      1. I finally did locate the infamous Piero finger photo on IVMO but they decided to blur his hand and I couldn’t get the full impact of what it would have looked like if allowed to see the actual pic. It was interesting to say the least.

  10. Ahhwww…. That was adorable….. and precious. I wish that you too have a warm and Happy Christmas. Thank you for your postings. It’s always something to look forward to. It’s great fun having these young men in our lives……lol I wish…. 🙂

  11. Marie.. I am SO late posting here..The usual ‘busy-ness” at Christmas time! I am smiling and weeping at the same time… You always have a way of bringing out the feelngs and emotions I have for The Boys. We seem to march to the same drummer. I love that you have the gift of putting on paper what so many of us would like to say, and you say it so beautifully THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

    I want to wish you and yours MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A JOYOUS NEW YEAR!

  12. Marie… I forgot to say that I think that’s one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen of The Boys!!!

  13. Helen, thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you!

    I hope you clicked on the picture! How do you suppose they got so darn cute? I just want to grit my teeth and hug ’em!

  14. Finally I get a chance to read and reply. Marie, your expressions are wonderful… capturing our feelings, making us laugh or cry or stamp our feet and pout!

    Thank you!
    ~ Jeanine D.

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