Merry Christmas from all of us!!!!!!!


The Board of Il Volo Flight Crew~Share the Love, send all of you the warmest  wishes for health, happiness and love on this Christmas Day!

Marie sends this wish:

“Thank you so much for sharing this time with us.  Wishing you the joy of the season and the love of family and friends.  ~Marie”

Michele sends this:

Dear Il Volo Flight Crew,
When we created this blog in August 2013, just a few short months ago, who would have known we would have so many new friends, from all over the world, to share our love of beautiful music with, Il Volo’s music! I am so happy we have found each other! Thank you all for your contributions! Thank you Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero for sharing your beautiful voices with us!
Merry Christmas!
From Elaine:
 “Dear Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, and fellow Flight Crew, thinking of you on this Christmas day.  May joy and peace be with you always.  Buon Natale to all of you and your love ones. “
From all of us,  Marie, Michele, Linda , Elaine and Kelly, Merry Christmas to all of “The Crew” Thank-you for sharing parts of your lives with us.  Our common thread has been the Love of Il Volo and it became loving each other too!!

14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from all of us!!!!!!!”

  1. That was beautifully put, thank you Linda, Michele, Marie, Elaine & Kelly, & Elizabeth.
    Hope you all have an outstanding Christmas with your families & a healthy & Happy & prosperout New Year. Looking forward to more of your entertaining & educational ideas.

  2. And a Merry and Blessed Christmas to you on the Flight Crew Board, and to all of you with whom I can share my love of these three very special young men. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, I want to wish you the very best Christmas ever, and a New Year that will bring the three of you even more success!

  3. Merry Christmas to all Flight Crew members and friends! And a happy, blessed and peaceful Christmas to Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero who have brought us all together, and to their wonderful families who have graciously shared them with the world!

  4. To our own very special Flight Crew Board:
    You each have brought us so much happiness and FUN over the past few months. I never dreamed in my wildest dreams that this site would take off like a rocket into outer space!!! You have worked miracles and the proof is in the love and respect you have generated from all of the Il Volovers who have come to this site. It is our own unique place that belongs to us all, where we have bonded, and don’t we LOVE it! ( And we can
    go on and ON about Our Beloved Boys!)

    Along with a very Merry Christmas to each of you, I want to thank you so much for all of the hours and hours you have spent to make us all so happy (and a little teary once in awhile!) and to educate us as well. We and Our Boys are so fortunate to have this miraculous Board. It is simply serendipity!!!!
    With love and best wishes always,

  5. Always a treasure to spend time with our IL VOLO Flight Crew family here! Thank you so much to all of you on the Board and to our artist, Elizabeth. What you have created here is spectacular!

    I am more grateful than I can fully express.

    Joyous Christmas and all of your holidays and holy days,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  6. To the Flight Crew Board,
    Thank you all so much for all of the love and hard work you put into this site! I am so glad that I found you. Merry Christmas and Buon Natale to all of you and your families! 😀

  7. Merry Christmas from Minnesota!!! Thank you Flight Crew Board…you are the BEST! Thank you for connecting so many IL VOLO lovers in such a loving, caring site. Thank Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio for being YOU!! Our world is a better place because of YOU!

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