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Well another year is almost over. What a year it has been, not only for Il  Volo, but for us adoring fans. Lets look back a little. In January and February we were panting for news of concert dates and Il volo appearances. We were frantically asking manangement for news, remember? In February we did celebrate Gianluca’s birthday and he sent out that sweet video, thanking his fans, remember? Finally in March we got news that Il Volo would be on tour in North America and that they were doing 2 PBS specials at the end of March in Miami, remember? There was a lot of scrambling for tickets because of the short notice, but Michele and Elaine (who did not know each other then) got tickets and came to Miami for the shows, remember? The Boys then hit South America for a promotional tour for over 3 months, remember? They did some TV here, like “Home and Family” and “Kelly and Michael”, remember? They went home for a short time and were back here in August to start Their North American Tour, remember?  We, who were lucky enough to go to their concerts (some, more than one!) shared our pictures and memories with everyone here (Piero jumping in the cab with Mary, Marie and Loretta in Detroit) remember? They hit South America running in October and and finished up here in December with TV performances and promotions for “Buon Natale” shown on PBS, remember?     They also snuck in an appearance and a song for the nationally televised Disney Christmas Parade, before they went home, remember? Il Volo appeared at the Mall of America and Mary B,  Allene and Jane had the opportunity to have a private meeting with them, remember? They finally left for home December 10th and did  concerts at 2 Bascilica’s in Italy, one of which was at The Bascilica of St Francis of Assisi, remember? Those are the highlights, I’m sure there are more. I can tell you this ,Il Volo did all of us proud, with their impecable professionalism and glorious voices. They met their fans with courtesy and love, they did lots of interviews and patiently answered all the same questions in English, Spanish and Italian with good humor, remember? They were simply IL VOLO, three special young men that we are so proud of for their soaring voices and unique personalities!! We all remember that!!!

Best memory of all? starting this site “Il Volo Flight Crew~Share The Love” at the beginning of August. We all never cease to be amazed how we took off, soaring like Il Volo and how all of you have made this site what it is today in 5 short months, incredible!!!!!

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:            new york

Gianluca, Gianluca has been prolific with his tweets, here are a few of them: On the 25th, “Goodnight, hope you had an amazing Christmas with your families, from your GG” On the 26th, “When I care about someone I really care” On the 28th, “I just shaved my beard off” and today, “I need to go to the gym NOW, getting weight!!!”

Piero, On the 26th, “I’ve been 3 days at home with my beautiful family, had the best time”, Yesterday, “Sicilian desserts” with photo of some amazing looking pastries!

Ignazio, Our ignazio is a bit more communicative on his off time this year, “On the 25th with photo, “Ready to go out” 28th, “I’m feeling little sad” 29th ” Waking up and feeling happier”

Click this link to see a short CNN article about Il Volo,

We’ve had a good year here, sometimes we disagreed, sometimes we had little arguments but none of us ever wavered in our love for Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca. We have supported “Our Boys” and each other through thick and thin. We expressed our love and admiration and wandered all over the net to get any glimpse and hear any song.

To Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, we wish you a Happy, Healthy New Year. We wish you success and happiness wherever you travel to next year. Keep your families close and stay humble.


To all of you, Happy and Healthy 2014!!! I hope you haven’t missed much!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!                new year


30 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT……..2013 IN REVIEW”

  1. This time Linda, you made me cry! I REMEMBER each and every one of those things! What a year for the Guy’s! What a fun year for us. Mine was great! This site and the wonderful people, plus,Two concerts and five, that’s right, FIVE cheek kisses (Gianluca – 1, Piero – 2, and Ignazio TWO really delicious ones!). Can’t wait to see if this year can top that!

    Thanks Linda, Beautiful Review!

  2. Oh, Linda!!!! How well I remember every little detail of 2013!!!! But most of all I remember the start-up of this incredible site and all the love and hard work you Board members put into it and continue to put into it. I especially like the fact that each of you has her own specialty, taking turns during the week, writing about fun or informative events, surveys, games, etc., that just whet our members’ appetites for more. You are a really creative group!!!

    I am looking forward to a wonderful coming year, with Our Boys flying higher than ever, and this site increasing in popularity more and more as more fans discover it! Thank you, Linda, for such a splendid summary. Just love your “In Case You Missed It” columns. What in the world would we do without you?

  3. Can’t say I remember, Linda. HAH (kidding).
    “Ah yes, I remember it well.” as the song goes. I remember all, but those kisses. I remember someone (Marie) claiming they received kisses, but not sure I remember seeing that proof. Anyway, hopefully, 2014 will be our year, Linda.

    I agree, Helen. This site and this board have created a wonderful site for the fans (and who knows, maybe Il Volo, too) to visit and have fun. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

  4. Linda, I REMEMBER that on Nov. 29, 2013, I got to see Our Boys in person for the very first time! AND I REMEMBER that I met two friends that up until then had known only thru the Flight Crew site – Mary B. and Jane.! That day was extra special because 1. I met Mary B. and Jane, and we have become very good friends, and 2. The three of us had a private meeting with Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca!!! Oh, I forgot to say that was at the Mall of America!. I will never forget that day!

    Thank you Linda and all of the Board members for always keeping us up-to-date with what is going on with Il Volo. I love these young men as if they were a part of my family

    To Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca: I hope the year 2014 is even better for you than 2013 has been. I am looking forward to seeing you in concert!! (Minneapolis please)

  5. Hi Linda you are amazing at finding out the informative topics you tell us about. YES I remember everything you mentioned especially the concerts I attended.
    As I continue to say OUR BOYS are the best singers & the handsomest with the most caring attitudes & humbleness on the planet. I’m also very glad to see Ignazio is contributing a little more although I accept his privacy.
    Keep yourself healthy Linda we need your expertice.

  6. Yes Allene that report on CNN was the best I have ever read, That person doesn’t only like Il volo but have enough respect to educate his or her self in finding out about their background. I was trying to leave a comment to them but the stupid site won’t accept my password & they haven’t sent me a password to use.

  7. I wish I could share with all of you in saying that I remember going to a concert but I can only claim that I remember my dreams of them. Thank you for letting me share in your experiences through beautifully written articles like these! I am soooo going to see them in 2014! Happy New Year and Buon Anno! 😀

  8. Oh yes, I remember. It’s been an awesome year for our guys.

    And for this site too. Never imagined it would take off like it has. 🙂

  9. Tremendous, Linda! Thank you so much for the walk down memory lane.

    Here’s mine…

    Biggest memory… Sold out, sold out, sold out in Radio City Music Hall! Crying on and off all weekend. Waking up from my nap after the concert hours with such a huge smile on my face that the muscles were sore for a day or more.

    Biggest adventure… traveling to Vancouver BC (from Portland, Oregon) with my newly enamored IL VOLO buddy, arriving at the hotel to Beautiful Day and seeing a fantastic concert!

    Biggest possibility… some day getting permission and publishing my multimedia book IL VOLO: The Synergy of Love.

    Favorite video… Torna a Surriento / Surrender adorable skit on the premiere of the Kris Jenner Show.

    Greatest sources of information… Linda, Myron, mfa, mlla, mn

    Best laughs… Marie!!!

    Biggest gratitude… IL VOLO Flight Crew ~ Share the Love !!!
    Thank you soooooo much to the Board and to all our Flight Crew members who make this such a happy home!

    Love and blessed, joyous 2014 to Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, your team, and all of you Flight Crew sharing the Love!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  10. Just realizing I haven’t heard from you in a while, Christine Pegnato and Penina. Trusting all is well. Just wanted to say I’m wishing you each all the best.

    ~ Jeanine D.

    1. Hi all, I am in Philadelphia visiting my grandson and his parents (in that order!) I have limited internet access but I thought I better find the time to wish everybody a ver happy and blessed New Year, one of love and fulfillment, and lots
      of IL VOLO!

    1. Thanks, Linda, for the review of the year. It was indeed a memorable one. The growth of our site and the wonderful job that you and Marie and all who have worked to make it what it has become has been incredible. Having the site to come to every day has enriched my days. Being able to “talk” to my Il Volo friends is so special. Of course, the year was beyond fantastic because of being able to see the boys on two occasions….TWO. My cup runneth over. First in Detroit at the Fox theater–being next to Piero in the cab, and HUGGING, and a chance to talk to him (and hug) again at the Meet and Greet. Then the surprise of getting to see them again at the Mall of America….a private visit!! Giving them gifts for the mothers, getting Piero’s autograph on the picture of us in the cab. ( He actually remembered the occasion…Or maybe he is just a sweet liar, anyway…) And a kiss on Ignazio’s cheek (I can still feel the bristle of the whiskers) I mean, what a day! Equally (almost) as great is the chance to meet and spend time with Loretta and Marie in Detroit, and Maryjane and Allene at the MOA. Getting to know them has been such a joy. Hope to see them all again in the new year.

  11. Well, I wrote a long comment, which was on briefly and disappeared??? If this goes through I will try again. Have been having some trouble with the computer.

  12. Guess I’ll try again. It has been a truly memorable year. Thanks to Linda, Marie and all of you wonderful people who have worked to make this site what it is today. Being able to go to it has enriched my days; the information, pictures, and especially being able to talk to Il Volo friends. Of course this year has been so incredible because I have been able to see the boys up close and personal two times….TWO. My cup runneth over. First in Detroit, hugging Piero in the cab and later talking to him at the Meet and Greet. Then the surprise of the Mall of America; having private meeting with the boys…getting Piero’s autograph on the picture in the cab. He said that he remembered the occasion, or maybe he’s just a sweet liar, anyway. Talking to Gianluca and Ignazio, and getting a kiss on Ignazio’s cheek (can still feel the bristles of his beard). What a day!! These meetings were great, but equally (almost) as great was the privilege of meeting and spending time with Marie and Loretta in Detroit and Maryjane and Allene at the MOA. Hope to be able to connect with all of these lovely ladies in 2014. Happy and blessed New Year to all.

  13. Wishing everyone on this site a healthy, prosperous & Happy New Year in your personal lives. Also that this site will always be a site that others will look up to.

    To all the Board Members. you started a winner in this blog & I wish for all of you that you will always continue to have success & the energy to keep up the good work you started.

    To our precious boys Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero Happy New Year for 2014 & I wish for you that you have health & happiness & whatever your indeavours in your personal lives & careers they will soar to the stars as there are no other singers or entertainers that are qualified.
    God is always with you.

  14. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. So glad to be part of this site. Had an unforgettable year with IL Volo in 2013. Sometimes,I still can’t believe I met them before the concert in NYC! Also seeing two concerts! Was that enough? Nooooooooooo! So thankful for everyone on this site. So nice to have “certain subjects” in common. Wishing the boys a wonderful New Year and hope to see them in 2014 and get to a M & G.

  15. Linda – I do remember! What a cute way to review 2013. I’m glad we have gone through all this together. After 2 PBS specials and 3 concerts in 2013, all I can say is – I am ready for more! Here’s hoping to catch Il Volo perform in Italy in 2014! This time Elaine – I want to be sitting next to you, Marie and anyone else who cares to go!

    Thank you all for your appreciation of what we do on the blog – we really have enjoyed it even though it isn’t always easy! Happy New Year everyone! Michele

  16. Here are my recap of 2013, I remember : received the Take Flight DVD and We Are Love CD from PBS on late January; fell in love with our guys shortly thereafter; attended 2 PBS concerts at Miami in March; joined Flight Crew at the official Il Volo site in May; Il Volo Flight Crew Share the Love started in August; concert at Concord in 8/27; 3 days later drove 5 hours in holiday get away traffic to attend another concert at Fresno; felt really down for missing their concert at RCMH in September; M&G at Santa Monica in November (my favorite); watched all of their holiday performance on TV and YouTube in December.

    What a wonderful and memorable year! Thank you Board sisters, Flight Crew, my dear Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio…because of you 2013 is undoubtedly the best year of my life! Here’s to another one in 2014. Cheers and happy new year 🙂

  17. Michele, Yes, Il Volo in their own country. Looking so forward to it!!

    Elaine, I’m still banging my head on the wall over missing RCMH!

    I’ve had one of the the best years of my life! Can’t wait for this one to get started!

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