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In response to the request below, our next few Italia posts will simply identify the pictures in the post “Italia – an Il Volo Flight Crew Special Feature.”

Special Request by laiabd72,”This feature is a wonderful idea. I have a little request – could you please label the photos so we know where they were taken? It would add so much to know just what we are looking at!”


Doge’s Palace


Mount Vesuvius through the window in the ruins of a dwelling


St. Peter’s Square   (Piazza San Pietro)
St. Peter’s Basilica (Basilica San Pietro)
Vatican City (Citta del Vaticano)


Arch of Constantine

door Assisi

Private Residence  – Street Entrance

Italia  – Let’s Go!  Part 1

Some photos originally from film.

32 thoughts on “Italia – Let’s Go!”

  1. The photos are great. They bring back such wonderful memories on my trips there. Please keep sending them on. Also if you have any of Sicily as I was there in Oct. of 2012

    1. Thank you! I have so many photos – definitely of Sicily! I love Sicilia! I think 2 more posts to identify the pictures originally posted in the collages, next Assisi and then Sicily!

  2. I love this! Even the photo of just the doorway…so beautiful, so full of character…the flowers, the unique shape of the door…simply beautiful. Thank you so much. You do such an amazing job here! 🙂

    1. Thank you. I too love the detail in the doorway picture. I have balconies that are gorgeous too, can’t wait to get to them all.

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  3. Love these pictures Michele particularly of the 3 building in the Vatican City & St. Peters Square they look as if they are leaning together like old friends & have been standing since the beginning of time. Also the picture of Mount Vesulvious. Looking forward to your other treasures.

    1. Thanks Loretta! The leaning may be the photographer! Looking at Mount Vesuvius out that window was crazy – you were looking at the view the people that lived there saw of the mountain – except they saw it before it blew!


      1. Michele…. How I love your pictures!!! They bring back such vivid and glorious memories of my one visit there. Thank you SO MUCH! Can’t wait to see more. Please be sure to include your thoughts and impressions about each photo!

      2. Helen – I will try, but I can tell you now that I think everything in Italy is TOTALLY AWESOME!


  4. I want to visit those places again! Oh I know this is one of my new year resolution. Going to the previous post…

  5. Michelle, thank you for adding the captions. Now I will know what to put on my list of “places to visit in Italy” ! And before I forget, Happy New Year to one and all on this blog – and especially to Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio – may the New Year bring fulfillment of all of our dreams!

  6. Thank you, Michele. Great photos.

    I also really enjoyed the beautiful Christmas concert and beautiful church at Assisi. I would love to go there someday. My favorite moment of that event was when they were singing “O Holy Night” and Gianluca closed his eyes to listen to Piero sing, “Noel, Noel” , smiled gently and shook his head in appreciation. Really beautiful to hear and beautiful to watch. Viva friendship! Thanks to the Flight Crew Board for this site and Happy New Year 2014.

    1. I agree Eileen. Not only did Gianluca shake his head in appreciation, Gianluca also patted Piero on the back in such a fond way. Love these guys!

    2. I saw that, too! So dear.

      And I love the grand finale when Gianluca was smiling with Arisa and putting his arm on Stacy Francis’ shoulder, and Piero put his arm around Stacy, and Ignazio kept checking to engage Paul Sorvino. The love was so rich… to be treasured forever!

      And, Michele, your photos are wonderful. Much appreciation for your time in sharing, including going back to put captions. Such a busy time of year; such a generous gift!

      Tears streaming as I feel the IL VOLO love of this year. Whew!

      You are precious beyond words, Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca. We all are… We Are Love. And to have such vivid demonstrations goes beyond words. Sometimes tears are the only language I know. Big hugs, dear ones!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. These pictures are all so beautiful. I want to go to Italy in a study abroad program when I go to college. Anyone want to join me? 😀

    1. Isabel….If I were 20 again, I most assuredly would join you in a study program in Italy!! My grand daughter did a U. of Texas program in Italy for 6 weeks and just loved it. Do try to find a school that has a good exchange program. I send my best wishes for your success in college!

      I still am thinking seriously of TRYING to learn Italian, which is kind of a joke at my age!!! But I love the country and its language so much that I think it might be worth the effort! Il Volo has given me a new appreciation of all things Italian…Another reason why I love them!!

      1. Helen, DO IT! Don’t hesitate. You are never too old to learn something new. I haven’t tried it yet, but there is a website called “” where you can learn languages for free. This is on my list of things to do for 2014. I used to speak Italian but lost it, so I would like to brush up on it again. I also want to learn Spanish for those tweets and interviews they do in Spanish.

  8. LeeLee… Thanks so much for the encouragement and the website info.. I’m going to give it a try! Foreign languages were not my forte in college, but I didn’t have the incentive to learn one that I have now. Who knows???? One day, I may be able to converse with my grand daughter, who speaks Italian very well. I can practice on her!

    1. Good for you, Helen. I’m sure your granddaughter would love it. Now you can add that to your 2014 resolution list. Happy New Year!

    2. If u like music than languages are not impossible, just think that it’s a lot about sounds and rhythm, and it’s a good excercise for memory too, may be u have to be a bit patient with yourself at the beginning and allow yourself some time, but why not ? just go ahead !

      1. Even just learning a word or phrase here or there. Throwing in a word or two on a post right here, for all of us to run to Bing to see what you’re saying! (; >)

        Have fun, Helen!
        ~ Jeanine D.

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