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Christmas is just passed, and we already look to the last holiday of the season.

New Year’s Day is traditionally when people the world over make resolutions to do better at something in the new year…and then fail and get frustrated and give it up within the first week.

I know; I am that person.  So to give myself a fighting chance in the last few years, I made one very doable resolution: I resolved to stop making New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m kidding; I’m kidding!  🙂  Not making resolutions and not having goals to pursue is no way to live, and I’m not sure how you can be devoted fans of our guys and not be inspired to do something new, different or special in your life.

I know; I am that person.  Being a board member and administrating a website with four new friends was not something I ever in a million years pictured myself doing, but because of my love for our guys, here I am!

As they usually do, the guys have managed to steal our hearts and inspire us to think at the same time.  If you follow our twitter account or peruse the twitter widget on the left side of this page, you know we made mention of their tweet but just in case you don’t, here it is:

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If you didn’t see the caption (which you can by clicking on the quotation mark bubble in the bottom left corner of their picture), it is their resolution for the New Year:

Our New Years resolution for 2014 is to see as many of your BEAUTIFUL faces as we can. What are YOUR New Years resolutions? We want to know! 😉 Tag your posts with #IVResolutions!

OK; on the count of three…1…2…3…   Awwww!  <3 <3 <3

But let’s not let them down.  They said they want to know our New Year’s resolutions; let’s tell them what they’ve inspired us to do!  If you tweet, remember to add the hashtag, #IVResolutions .  For everyone else, hit that dialogue bubble at the top and leave a comment.  We will be sure to tweet this post to the guys on New Year’s Day.

What is your Il Volo Resolution? New-Year-Resolutions

35 thoughts on “Il Volo Resolutions”

  1. My resolution is to take better care of my health. My wish is to meet the IL VOLO guys! I am 71 years old and went to my first concert ever last September, my daughter surprised me with tickets to see the boys sing. They make me feel like a proud grandma!!!

  2. Good one,Kel, you’re making me think. 🙂 My resolution is of course to eat healthier and excercise more. My wish is to meet “Our Guys”. I didn’t have a meet and greet for the concert I attended. I think I’ll go with Marie this time,she knows how to ask for dimple kisses!

  3. Just two New Year’s resolutions and I intend to do them both: Lose weight and attend an Il Volo concert if I have to go to the moon to do so! The first one is never easy for me, but I’ll do it; and the second one I WILL do whatever it takes!! My new Il Volo friends Mary B. and Jane have made me determined to do this if it’s the last thing I ever do – well I hope it’s not, but you know what I mean!

    1. Allene, You can do it!! You didn’t think it was possible to get to the MOA, but you did it. Nothing is impossible. I hope that the three of us can do a concert together this year.

  4. Of course saving up starting now so I can see our guys again hopefully for a meet and greet next time. And to defiantly pin more photos of them and to talk more about them. The world needs more il volovers.

  5. My resolutions for 2014 would be:
    #3 More confidence in learning the computer, learning more Italian, and writing.
    #2 Praying more for my family
    #1 More resourceful in determining how to get the boys to follow me. I follow each of them, and have asked them many times to follow me, to no avail. I know they can’t do that for everyone, time wise,or otherwise; but sometimes it would be nice to respond directly. I’m no threat, I’m a gram fan for heavens sake!


  6. I have a few resolutions. First is to get my right knee replacement surgery, hopefully after Easter. Just 16 lbs to go ( I can stand to lose more but its been a long haul,89 lbs so far) #2 is to get better and better at learning Italian, a language I have always wanted to learn even before IL VOLO captured my heart. #3 has to be to see IL VOLO in concert at long last! I don’t know what it takes to get to a Meet and Greet but I will try my best to find out! #4 is the easiest one of all, to stay a member of the Flight Crew!

  7. My IL VOLO Resolutions for 2014 will be: Attend another IL VOLO concert ANYWHERE I can……Take the time to stop, smile and speak to people as I have seen these three young men do over and over again…they so graciously hug, pose for photos and speak to countless adoring fans…yes, I know it’s good PR for them to do, but they do it so lovingly it seems to come from the heart and not something expected of them. Their music has changed my world… our world…I will continue to pray for their safe journey in all their travels and for their families who love them so dearly.

    1. Double Amen to Maryjane56 – I’m smitten with these marvelous men who brighten my life with their infectious smiles and joy in doing what they love. How fortunate we are to have them! I hope to spread that same joy in what I do. I’m joining maryjane56 in praying for them – safety and a sane touring schedule with rest days :). And I WILL attend my first concert! Already know where I want to sit!!!

      1. cjbrn…I think at EVERY future IL VOLO concert the FIRST ROW should be RESERVED for ANY AND ALL MEMBERS OF THE IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW WHO WOULD BE IN ATTENDANCE! That seems only fair, doesn’t it?? 🙂

  8. #3 – Meet Il Volo
    #2 – Meet Il Volo
    #1 – most importantly, keep in touch with the friends I’ve made here, and meet new ones (bet you thought I was going to say meet Il Volo). OK – that, too! It’s a tie for #1.

      1. I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to make everyone misunderstand. What I meant to say is that I want to meet Il Volo :-;

  9. I’ve got three main New Year’s Resolutions.
    #3. Keep in touch with the Flight Crew.
    #2. Make my parents happy and start exercising.
    #1. Somehow get myself to an Il Volo concert!!!! 😀 ( I live near Cleveland if anyone’s got any ideas…)

    1. Linda, as long as we can drive to them, it doesn’t matter where!!! But do we need to take Marie? She doesn’t like us, remember? I’m just afraid she’ll want the dimple kissing all to herself.

  10. Jane I’m with you! Flight Crew members should always have the front row reserved for us at any and all concerts!! And also, first chance at the Meet and Greet!! After being in the front row at the Mall of America, I am feeling that I should -as a Flight Crew member-ALWAYS be in the front row!

  11. My resolutions: 1. Think positively. 2. Develop patience. 3. Continue to follow the Flight Crew web site faithfully. 4. Keep the boys in my prayers nightly. 5. Get to a concert with Allene and Mary Jane.

  12. lijoy210, I follow them on each of their individual sites, and ATIL & IVMO. On occasion, I would like to respond with a direct message seen only by them, instead of just under a picture that is seen by everyone. In order to do that, they would have to each follow me also.

  13. Mary, I think I will add your resolutions to mine. And as for No. 5, there is no doubt in my mind that the three of us – me, you and Jane – will get to a concert together come heck or high water!

  14. 1) A trip to Italy
    2) Meet Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio
    3) Kiss, hug, and take photo with GG, PB, & IB
    4) Meet my board sisters and fellow Crew members
    Many successes in 2014 guys. Love you!
    Happy New Years everyone!

  15. New Year’s Resolution: 1) Il Volo has inspired me to sing more! Any kind of singing because it makes me happy and hopefully in a few more places than just at home. 2) To meet some of you at an Il Volo concert!

    1. Eileen, singing more is an excellent resolution! I think it would probably make the guys happy to hear it too since they have such passion for all music.

  16. lijoy, I have a twitter account, but no page of my own. Don’t know if thats what you mean. Sorry, true novice here!!!!

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