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To everyone except Jeanine:

The best way to spread the wonderful WORD of Il Volo is for each one to tell one. I know most of you exceeded “one” within a week of the amazing discovery! Over the past few months I have noticed that a few of you have told your stories. Let’s hear it. Who have you passed Il Volo Love to?

Put your hands down and listen!
Boys, put your hands down and listen!


Here’s one of mine:

My travel buddy Sister, Debbie, and I were coming home from the Pittsburgh Concert. So, of course, we had to stop in Washington, Pa. at the outlet mall. After a really hard morning of shopping we were famished. We stopped at the Waffle House across the street. My sister and I both had on our brand-new Il Volo Concert T-shirts. Our waitress noticed. She said she knew who they were. She had recently seen their PBS Special. Another waitress overheard her and as they walked away, waitress #1 was telling waitress #2 all about Il Volo. Score an easy one for our side!

Now You!


Jeanine, I know this question is too hard for you.  Try this one;  Who in Oregon and surrounding states have you not passed Il Volo Love to? 


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  1. Everyone that I meet hears about the boys from me. I plan to get a bus load again if they book a concert in Connecticut next year.

  2. Good one Marie, I’m sure everyone has a story.

    I have two sisters, I had put on my facebook early last year “Stay calm and love Il Volo” My younger sister asked who they were(really?) I directed her to the Internet. 3 days later my niece called and said they couldn’t drag Mom away from her computer!! That was it for her, she then ordered all DVD’s and CD’s Amazon had.
    She totally loves them Ignazio being her favorite (sorry Marie). Everytime we speak on the phone we spend most of our time talking about the “Boys”. Everytime she plays “Buon Natale”, she cries!

    My other sister you ask? She thinks we’re crazy and obsessed and just treats us as if we’ve lost our minds. We know, though which of the 3 is really in their right minds!! 🙂

  3. I play all Il Volo in my classroom. Several of my students asked for and received CD’s for Christmas. Introduced the Boys to my Facebook friends by just changing my background pictures. Some started asking questions and searching youtube. That’s four new converts!

  4. After having no luck with my immediate family here in Minnesota (what IS the matter with them) I had my sister Janet listen by phone (she lives in Florida) to one of my CD’s played at full blast. She immediately fell in love with them and had me round up all the CDs and DVDs I could find to send to her. How wonderful it was to share Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio with her. Her Christmas gift from me was the Buon Natale CD. She loved it. Finally, someone in the family I could share my love for Il Volo!

    1. I was coming out of dental surgery (implants) – Dr Pylant told me to relax after surgery. I said I would watch my Il Volo videos – he said: “Il Divo, my dad loves them. I replied with numbed mouth, not Il Divo, Il Volo – v, o, l, o! Later I sent Dr Pylant and his staff a CD of Il Volo – “We are Love.” His thank you note reads, as follows: “You are a doll! I can’t believe you sent me the wonderful Il Volo CD. What an auditory treat!! Thank you.” His entire staff thanked me when I returned for my post-op visit.

  5. Wow! What neat stories. Marie, it’s hard to tell how many people you are reaching with that gift! Good for you!

    Linda and Allene, I can sympathize! Besides Debbie I have three other sisters. I have to tell you though, the sister who never responds to my emails about Our Guys or to anything on this site or anything I say, made me a black & White, about 16 X 20 inch, collage of Il Volo for Christmas. I nearly fainted! So I guess they will eventually give in. They have to! Like we’d change!!

  6. Since I’m only 16, everyone thinks I’m a little nuts for listening to three guys who are all older than me who sing songs that have been around since before I was born. I don’t care. I absolutely love their voices, and nobody is going to change that! I am 100% and Ilvolover! 😀

    P.S. Where did you get the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” picture Ms. Crider? I love it!

    1. Isabel, you’re the perfect age for “The Boys” You can all grow up together! I know there are more than a few of us that would like to be 16 and be able to enjoy Il Volo!!

    2. Isabel you just happen to have better taste and are smarter than any other people your age who are not fans of IL VOLO. Sixteen is a great age and our guys are not that much older than you are if you really lthink about it.

    3. Isabel, the picture was when they were in Florida filming the PBS special. You can find it on Mundal. Click on the “Archive” link at the top of Mundial’s site and scroll down until you see the pictures under March 2013.

  7. My younger son introduced me to Il Volo 4 years ago on the computer& that is when I fell in love with Ignazio. At the tiime he resembled my grandson but now he has lost so much weight he doesn’t anymore. My son & his friend have seen 3 concerts together with me & 1 meet & greet. He is always sending me pictures or songs on the computer he has found with Il Volo.
    I get my teeth cleaned twice a year at the dentist & when I told the dentist & the girls there that I go to their concerts they put them singing on the computer & we are listening to Il Volo while am getting my teeth cleaned.
    When I go into a store & someone doesn’t know of Il Volo I immediaately go into my spiel of how they have such wonderful voices & how to get them on the computer that goes for sales people or customers.
    One sales girl where I bought my camera said her father listens to Il Divo & that he likes their music so I told her about Il Volo so she was going to get them on the computer for her dad.
    I talk about Il Volo at my older sons place when at dinner & family time & my other son puts Il volo when I go to see him.
    I never miss a chance to make sure everyone I encounter know of Il Volo.

  8. I first heard & saw Il Volo June 1st when their PBS special “We Are Love” aired in Pittsburgh. My mom & watched & I recorded it. Later that day I told my husband “Honey, just listen to this group sing this beautiful song (Little Things)”. He likes all kinds of music, but for some reason that day he was completely turned off: the funny blue & red ear pieces, Gianluca’s over-the-top rock & roll style (and maybe the fact the he so beautiful!), just everything. And so it went. I was heartbroken when we had to go on a pre-planned vacation the first 2 weeks in Sept. Yep, you guessed it; Il Volo concert in Pittsburgh on Sept 11. We were only a 2-hour drive away, but I knew better than to ask. Every time he’d find me on my Ipad finding everything I could about our beloved guys, he’d roll his eyes. I really think he was jealous! Fast forward to Dec 28. We went to a family Christmas gathering in New Castle which is about an hour and a half trip north and as we got in the car, he said, “got your Il Volo cds? Your last Christmas present this year is listening to Il Volo all the way to Kathy’s.” Well you can imagine that several sarcastic comments tickled my tongue, but I kept my mouth shut and popped in my newest acquisition, “Mas Que Amor” in the slot. When we got in the car to come home, he said, “don’t you want to listen to Il Volo on the way home?” In went the Christmas cd. I offered to take it out after “O Holy Night”, and that wonderful guy I married 26 years ago said, “Leave it in; I like it.” OMG!!! Just proof that Piero, Gianluca & Ignazio sell themselves, given the chance. I can’t wait till they come back. I am going to see them with or without my hubby, even if I have to drive to Canada or Timbuktu. I tell everyone I know about the wonderment of Il Volo, but having my husband become a convert was the best!

  9. Wonderful story Steph! I suppose you’re keeping hubby and Il Volo? I was in Pittsburgh September 11th. With any luck I’ll meet you there next September.

    1. Marie, I would live meeting you & Lijoy & other Il Volo fans! now I need somebody to tell me what it means if Piero Barone Mundial follows me on twitter. Is that a Group or a person! surely its not Piero, is it (can’t breathe just considering it)? Please help me out here!

      1. Sorry Stephanie! Barone Mundial is a fan page not Piero himself. They promote all things Piero. His Twitter acct. is @piero_barone

      2. Would love to meet you too Stephanie. We live in the same area, we may need to get together. Find me on Twitter:@poodleparent

  10. I keep talking about Il Volo and playing their music as much as I can but so far I think people are just trying to humor me. I bought Buon Natale for three of my friends and two thought it was nice, one said she wasn’t into “opera music but really liked their version of Ave Maria.” When the four of us got together for Christmas, the hostess was nice enough to indulge me by playing Buon Natale.
    I’ve had better luck with some strangers than I have my family and friends! 🙁
    However, one thing is clear, I am NOT done spreading the love of IL VOLO yet!

    1. Good luck Pirate! I haven’t made any converts yet either but the rest of the world will HAVE to see reason sooner or later, right?

      1. Hey, Isabel,

        I bet you’ll get some converts among your age group if you show them the YouTube video of IL VOLO singing Surrender / Torna a Surriento (which was made popular by Elvis), an adorable skit for the Premier of the Kris Jenner Show… funny, sexy, and of course, outstanding music.

        And another clip that may win over your friends is their performance at Barnes and Noble in Chicago June 2013.
        They all were so cute, relaxed, fun, and Ignazio was particularly adorable.

        Their music is diverse enough, that sometimes it’s a matter of finding the right song or the right video clip to reel them in. (; >)

        Have fun, and I’m so glad you’re here with us!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  11. Awww Pirate I’m sorry. You can rely on us to comfort you until your family gets there hearing fixed! Whole family, huh? Shame.

    Of course your right Isabel!

  12. I don’t know that I truly have full converts, though everyone who I have told has been able to appreciate their amazing talent.
    I think I’ve told you guys all how I fell in love from the moment they opened their mouths in the “Take Flight” PBS special, and they were still mid-aria when I frantically dialed my mother and demanded she turn on the TV. She kept saying, “But I was doing this one thing…and actually you grandma is on the other line…” I told her, “I don’t care! PBS! Right now! No; right now…not in a minute, RIGHT NOW!” lol I bought “We Are Love” in the next day or two and continued to be blown away–obviously–and stood there with my mouth hanging open, making my mom and my sister listen to “Bring You To My Senses” with me. They were just as impressed. Since then, I’ve even made my brothers listen too, and while they never will listen to operatic pop, they even have to admit, “That’s just crazy sick.” lol They especially can’t believe that deep baritone voice belongs to an 18 year old.
    You all know Lisa from the making of our welcome video. Again, not an operatic pop kind of girl, but she absolutely loved “Questo amore” while she was working with it.

  13. Oops! I only meant for the link to show, not the videos. If that was a faux pas, maybe a Board member can rectify it? Credit for the first video to the Kris Jenner Show. Perhaps the link will bring more interest to her cute show.

    Love your stories! Stephanie, you had me all emotional with your beautiful story! And Kelly, I love your brothers’ “That’s just crazy sick.” (; >)

    And, yes, I had to laugh at your comment, Marie. I suspect we have many fans here who fit that description!
    Anyway, I’ll answer my own special question with not who but what I haven’t shared around IL VOLO. As insights, stories, quotations, and experiences are flooding to me for my multimedia book IL VOLO: The Synergy of Love (currently working on the book proposal), some are so profound and powerful that I know they need the dedicated setting of the book, so I am honoring them by waiting to share them until then. That is *so hard* for me because I want to tell everyone (big surprise, huh?). But they deserve their moment in the sun when they can really sink into the hearts of their audience.

    Maybe that’s part of the secret of winning over our friends. A special moment or the just-right song for them.

    I love this feature, Marie! Thank you! Come to think of it, I can’t think of a single feature on this blog that hasn’t been wonderful!

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  14. My neighbor, a sweet 82 yr old lady, FROM GERMANY, heard me talk about Il Volo several times, and I told her that they were going to be on PBS but that since don’t have a tv Guide I wasn’t sure when it was going to be on. I was afraid I would miss it, so she said she would keep watching the PBS schedule and let me know. Just a few days later the phone rang, and with her thick German accent I heard her say,” Kitty you got your TV on? Those boys, there here, I mean there,on the TV. Quick, so you don’t loose them.” I had to listen hard to decifer what she was telling me between the emotion and the words she was trying to say. The next day, very early the next day, she said that she had watched them too, and thought they were wonderful. “How can they sing like that, they are too young!” …and on,and on,and on.She was so flabergasted about them, I bought her the Takes Flight CD.
    When WE ARE LOVE came out. I took it over and we listened to it together. She kept asking me as I held the jacket “which one is singing now,” and had me point to the right one and name him. See was so cute.
    When the Christmas songs can on. the last one was Silent Night, in GERMAN.
    Her eyes lit up and she yelled, “they’re singing in German” and she started to cry, and began singing right along with them, as loud as she could! When the song was over, I said “how did they do, did they do it right?” ” EVERY Word”, she said.

    The best part then, came when she said, ” where are they from?”
    IL VOLO fan forever!

  15. Oh Kitty, your story is so sweet it brought tears to my eyes. Please tell your neighbor, our newest pal, that I said I don’t know how they do it either, but we’ll all continue listening and wondering in awe!!

    I did the same thing with my sister. I held the CD cover and pointed as each Angel sang!

    Thanks Jeanine. They always “sink into the heart” of this audience.

    1. Sweet, Marie!

      And, Kitty, that’s great that Jenny had a DVD to share!

      I’m seeing so much generosity here!
      Joaniefl2… Everyone’s going to want to be your best friend! (; >)
      Sharing with your long time friend all the IL VOLO DVDs and CDs… what wonderful and generous gifts!
      Lijoy… giving CDs to your students!
      Marie Sunseri… We Are Love CD to your dentist! (and indirectly all those patients!)
      Marie Crider… your sister (who won’t have anything to do with IL VOLO) made you an IL VOLO collage??! Wow!
      Loretta… all that family support and recognition of your love for IL VOLO!
      As I mentioned offline to you, Kitty, your experience surely is the synergy of love!
      And on and on… Love, love, and more love! Ahhhh… (; >)

      Thanks so much, everyone! What an uplift!
      Instead of the “stuff” that’s on TV news, isn’t this the real news of Life, the news that really matters?

      Such joy,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  16. Thanks for the video links Ms. DuBois! I’ve seen both of these several times and am still not tired of them. How can a girl get tired of three such handsome guys singing with voices like that? 😀

    1. I’m with you, Isabel!

      And… you’re welcome to call me Ms. DuBois if it makes you comfortable. I do associate it with the 31 years I taught high school English (and that’s several years ago). I would be very content with your calling me Jeanine if that works for you. As I see it, we’re all equally avid fans (; >)

      Best of luck in finding that some of your friends start falling for those handsome guys with voices that are out of this world!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  17. I got home from Atlanta last night where for some reason I couldn’t seem to post on this site – so – I have some catching up to do !!
    First of all–it’s never too late to wish everyone a Very Healthy, Happy and FUN New Year filled with all that you hearts desire and more.( I wonder who our hearts desire ??!! ).
    Now in regard to Sharing The Love——-
    #!–I have had Il Volo DVD parties and now have Six friends who are in love with Our Boys and want to go to the next concert with me.
    #2 My life long friend Arlene, who lives in SC , was following them on my facebook page and sending back likes to me. I sent her all of their DVD’s and CD’s .After watching and listening to them she totally flipped out !!She loves them and is now having Il Volo parties for her friends who are hopefully spreading the love !!
    #3 Lastly–In the Atlanta airport yesterday I was sitting next to a young Irish girl , in her 20’s, who just flew in from Ireland to visit her sister who lives in Florida now. I showed her my Il Volo iphone cover and my Il Volo key chain ( I never leave home without my boys !!). I told her about their incredible voices and cross generational appeal. She said she was going to look them up on youtube and hopefully she will share them with her sister too. My two sisters unfortunately don’t get it–so-so -sad !!!!
    Well -I pity anyone who gets anywhere near me because I will most certainly give them an earful about Il Volo and I will never stop until every single person in this whole wide world knows about our incredible, lovable and amazingly talented boys !!!!
    Told you I had some catching up to do !!!!!

  18. I have been trying to bring my daughter on board since forever, but being a died in the wool country western (mostly) fan she poo pooed operatic pop. Even playing their CD’s didn’t seem to affect her.
    Then, at lunch the other day, she told me that my music “Il Volo – We Are Love – Spec Ed” had been extremely loud. She could hear it even with her door shut. Then she said she really liked the U2 Beautiful Day the way the boys did it…she didn’t like the song at all by U2! Color me stunned!! She then said you know they (Il Volo) are pretty good. High praise from a CW fan!

    1. Donna May, what a great story! I love your expression “Color me stunned!!”

      I gave a colleague Buon Natale for Christmas, not knowing if it would be her thing, and guessing her fav would probably be “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” Yesterday I saw her, and she told me how she’s not an operatic pop music fan, but the songs on the album (like Ave Maria and O Holy Night) reminded her of her positive experience in Catholic high school, and that she loved the album, felt so much love and support, even some tears.

      Was it memory, or was it Our Boys’ heart-expanding love mojo? Or both?
      This is a mystery I can live with! (; >)

      Love and celebrating this “Beautiful Day”!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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