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Here it is the beginning of January and we’re playing our favorite game. Where are the “Boys ” touring this year? When are they touring? Will they put out a new album? (probably).Will they tour the US again?, will they tour Europe? Will they tour Asia, Australia and New Zealand? Will they do another PBS special? All these questions, with no answers yet. Probably they don’t know all the answers yet either, so we will, not so patiently, wait!! In the meantime they’re Enjoying their time at home.    them

Piero is enjoying time with family, friends and food. Gianluca is also enjoying family and friend time. He broke his phone, but got a new one, thank goodness. Ignazio is also enjoying family and friends, he didn’t sleep well last night. Do you think it’s because he misses us?

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca, On the 31st, “Thank you for all the beautiful memories in 2013!! Hoping that 2014 will be as good!! I’ll try to bring happiness and fill your hearts with love!” “No i’m not an opera singer, opera is not my future”, On the first, “God bless 2014”  “Happy New Year”, On the 2nd, “Broke my phone ” 🙁  Today, “Got my new phone, #feelinghappy”

Piero, On the 31st, “#ilvolovers, I’m always thinking of you, even during the party!! Love you all #happynewyear #2014.” Yesterday ” #lunch with my piano teachers #goodtimes #friends” Yesterday, “The cutest sister in the entire world #love”, with photo.

Ignazio, yesterday, “Buenos nocheeee” Today, “I slept nothing”

Il Volo has made Just Jared’s list of top twenty music acts, see link below, thanks to All Things Il Volo.’s

That’s as up to date as possibe today. we’ll keep watch for any news. Thankfully we have loads of pictures and videos to look back at to remember 2013. If you want more memories take a look at UTube for old videos from the beginning of their careers, I did that last night and enjoyed all those old memories.

Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio continue to enjoy your well earned vacations, we’re thinking of you!!                                                          christmas at the grove lighting


24 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT….”

  1. Yes Linda I watched the guys at Barnes & Nobel & at Kriss’es show this morning & when Jeanine said Ignazio is so adorable. He is not only adorable he is out of this world, the best looking & caring man on the planet. (sigh)
    Enjoy your time at home & rest sweethearts we are waiting with open arms for your return

  2. Actually, I am hoping they have more performances in Italy, to bolster their status at home. Italy needs to appreciate their princes more! Then some time over here on the West coast, please dear God, a concert in Portland, Oregon or Seattle, WA!
    Then I also want them to have plenty of time to do more wonderful CD’s and get plenty of rest along with family and friends.
    Oh and would it be asking too much if I could meet them? At least Piero? Please ?

  3. Just saw on twitter earlier today that the boys will be singing at a New Year welcome dedicated to children on Sunday, Jan 5th at the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in honor of St. Alponus Maria de ‘Liguori in Scala. RA1, Victoria Maia, will be hosting. Filming will be done and shown on some local station(s). Maybe we will be able to get a video as we did with the different Italian shows between their leaving US and going home. Best I could make out using the Google translator. Original tweet included insert of Italian newspaper article published 1/3/14.

  4. During their interview on Border Crossings, The Boys said that they ARE working on a new album. They wouldn’t talk about content or possible release dates though. The only thing they said was that it would have lots of Italian songs. Can’t wait to hear more!

    1. The best part about them recording more songs in Italiano is that it will help me learn more Italiano! Win, win!

  5. Hope they come back to Florida so Leelee can fulfill her New Years resolutions ( #1,#2 and #3 to meet the boys !!!!!! ) with Linda and ME too !!!!! That would be the highlight of my year !!!!!

    1. Ready, set, let’s go!!! Where are they at??? Still in Italy? They’ve been home long enough. Time to come back to Florida.

      1. I’ve read & heard them say they will be touring Europe & Australia in 2014. Don’t know if between touring & recording they will have much time for US. Also, Ignazio said he wants to move back to Bologna to live when not touring. Also that he has written many songs & hopes they will put one on the next album.

  6. All of you in Florida had your chance last tour! Please, please, PLEASE let Cleveland be a tour stop this year! I’VE NEVER SEEN THEM!!!!!!!!!

    1. Don’t fret, Isabel. I know you’ll have your chance soon. If not, you can always come to Florida 🙂 We’ll put you up.

      1. Great! I’ll take the bus and meet you at the Starbucks near Playhouse Square. I’m afraid Florida is just a bit too far for the budget of a high school student who’s only job is babysitting! 😀

  7. Linda, I tweeted Ignazio. Told him he would sleep like a baby if he came back to the States. He misses us. There’s plenty of soft beds and warm hearts here for him!!!

      1. Isabel, the only problem I see for you is that you live in Ohio (where Marie lives). In case you didn’t know, the Guys know about Marie all too well, especially Ignazio. He knows her as the “dimple kissing” stealer. I’m afraid he’ll want to stay clear of Ohio. Linda and I can try and talk them into it, though, but not sure how that will go.

        Linda, you were good until you got to the singing him to sleep part. After all, that may scare him back off again.

      2. I don’t want to start a riot with this comment, but you don’t have convince Ignazio or Gianluca to come to Ohio. I’m absolutely dying to hear Piero sing live!!! I’m 16, I’m allowed to fangirl!!! 😀

    1. There you go, Lin. However, we’ll make our own Il Volo CD so we can add subliminal messages so he’ll “want” to stay. We’ll have to think about this 😉

    2. Don’t have to worry about me because Gianluca has my heart and soul . I want to give him a hug and cheek kiss so badly !!!! Don’t really know about 2014 tours but Google Il Volo Concerts USA 2014 and click on Zoovilla .com. There is a list of countries I think they are touring in 2014 and we are one of them. I hope this is a real list ??? Any way to check this out ???

      1. Hi Joanie, the list shown on is the 2013 tour dates. There is nothing out there yet for 2014 (at least that I can find).

  8. Same here, LeeLee. I did a pretty thorough search, and no U.S. concert dates for 2014 have been listed. Everything I can find is old, i.e., 2013.

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