Italia – Let’s Go! Part 2

Venice GrandCanal

Along the Grand Canal (Canale Grande)
Main waterway of Venice


 “Home of St. Francis and a place where simple living is nothing new
— sits on a hill just outside of Tuscany in neighboring Umbria.”  1

PV Flo

Ponte Vecchio pedestrian bridge across the Arno in Florence

Gondolier on one of the canals of Venice

photo 1
A Hotel in Assisi

St, MarksVenice

Saint Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco) Venice

1   Rick Steves’ Europe

Italia  – Let’s Go!  Part 2

Some photos originally from film

32 thoughts on “Italia – Let’s Go! Part 2”

  1. Nice pic’s Michele! A gondolier with a cell phone? Doesn’t that interfere with his singing? They all sing, don’t they? (It is OK to lie to me in this case)

    Did you book us in to that Assisi Hotel? (not OK to lie in this one)

    1. Yes, the cell phone was a little upsetting!  He should have been singing – yes, they all do!


      1. I was thinking the same thing. A cellphone? And where’s his hat? Don’t they all wear those black hats?

  2. Dear Flight Crew – Thanks for all the photos and updates.  Do you know if ignazio needs those glasses or is he wearing th

    1. Just speculating here, but I would guess he does. In fact I have seen pictures of both Ignazio and Gianlucca wearing ordinary clear lens frames and I just don’t think they do this to be in solidarity to Piero (who is in a class of his own when it comes to glasses.)
      Thats just my two cents

      1. I am reasonably confident that anyone who wears glasses, including Piero, does so because they need to. They might make it fun by choosing their favorite style and color (red!) and having more than one pair.
        Does anyone know otherwise for a Fact?

        And loving this tour through gorgeous Italia!

        Warm wishes,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. The pictures are lovely Ms. Azzara! I would absolutely love to go to Italy someday and see these places for myself. Especially Venice! 🙂

  4. St Mark’s Basilica is truly an amazing place, I was able to go there for Mass during my tour ( long fun story) It is the church Venice built with all the loan payments they received from the crusaders “profits” (loot) of the Fourth Crusade.. It has gold tile on the ceiling! The thing to do in Venice is to get OUT of that tourist overrun St. Marks Square and get on a boat to see the rest of the Lagoon and the charming little islands. Save your money, forget the gondola ride!
    Oh and as a side note, those of you on Facebook might like to “like” ITALY magazine. All sorts of goodies on that site! Its a gem!

    1. Thanks. I loved Venice and all of it’s little islands like Lido and Murano.  Some people do not, however for the fun and romance tied to Venice,  I would never skip a gondola ride.  To each his own.  Italy magazine is wonderful. 

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  5. Great pictures. I love Italy. One of my many travel wishes is to visit Italy again before I die. Or perhaps again and again.

  6. Thanks once again to you who have been there for our (my) lesson and pictures of Italy. I know I’ll never visit there, not because I don’t want to, but because, well just because. Italy is a most beautiful and interesting place. I truly appreciate all the pictures and history you pass on to us!!

  7. Michele…. The pictures are absolutely beautiful, and bring back such wonderful memories. I’m with you! I LOVED the gondola ride. Our man sang and joked with us and we had so much fun with him!!!

    You are a fantastic photographer….I meant to tell you… The picture of the doorway in the first of the series is one of my absolute favorites!

    1. Thank you all for appreciating my photos!

      Helen, I love the doorway too – and I may have more – later we can see which doorway we like the best! Much later – some of them are film and I am working on making them all digital.

  8. Michelle, these pics are so beautiful! That top one looks like it could be a painting; something someone would imagine seeing if someone mentioned walking down a street in Italy and had never been there. 🙂

  9. Yes, thank you Michelle. I am going to Italy with friends at the end of March so your teasers are really getting me excited!
    On another note, my surreal experience of the day was sitting in the car going through the carwash, completely isolated because it was covered in suds, with Il Volo singing to me full volume. What a great time – they make everything fun!

    1. Sounds fun!  Are you renting a villa or taking a tour??? Just wondering as I am beginning to think about which or what I will do as I plan to go this year too.

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      1. Michelle, we are starting with a tour because none of us have been to Italy before. We end up in Rome and have rented a huge apartment there for 4 days (10 people). Sharing between that many makes it the most affordable way to go. Can’t wait for March! Unfortunately there are not (yet) any other Il Voloites in the group so no side trips to Montepagano or Italy. They will probably not be there then anyway – they were in Florida last March, weren’t they.
        Yes, Penina, it’s fun. You can also sing along full volume and no-one else hears you!

      2. I think a tour is a great way to start and then an apartment in Rome, fantastic.  Can’t wait to hear about it.  I have looked at tours by Trafalgar,  Perillo, Brendan, Rick Steve’s and more and have not found exactly what I am looking for yet.  But I know I will.  Then plan to stay in Sicily after the tour. 

        If only we had Il Volo’s schedule. I would love to attend an event in Italy where they are performing. 

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