Another Birthday Surprise!

Hey Everyone!

Gianluca has a birthday coming up next month, and we would like your help in celebrating it!

I think most of us remember that very sweet and heart-felt Thank-you video he made for all of his fans after his birthday last year.  In it, he specifically mentioned that he had “watched all the videos”, so we thought it would be fun to go that route this year.  Lisa Bhrem has already agreed to help us again–a big “Thank You” in advance to her.  Now here is how you can get involved:

1.) Take a photo or shoot a short video of yourself/friends/group holding a sign wishing Gianluca a happy birthday and telling him you love him.   You may include your name/group name for identification (for our younger participants, please remember to protect your privacy.  Once it’s on the internet, it’s forever.)

*All content must be appropriate for all audiences  (including language on the sign, type of dress, actions etc.)  I know that seems like it goes without saying, but for any younger girls with an idea to try to catch his eye, this is just a gentle reminder. Good luck! 😀 .

*Videos must be silent, between 10 to 15 seconds in length and submitted in an mP4 format.

2.) Using the “Contact Us” form (the link to it is on the left hand side of your screen: “The Flight Crew Board — Contact Us”), send us a note letting us know that you have a submission for Gianluca’s Birthday Project.  We will contact you via email with further instructions.

3.) Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2014.  No submissions will be accepted after that time to allow Lisa time to work on and finish the video.  She is doing this as a favor to us, and she is a busy lady, working full-time and having a busy family life.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or ask in a comment below, and  let’s have fun with this!

~~ Kelly

11 thoughts on “Another Birthday Surprise!”

  1. Is there a way to post a written message to deliver? You collected messages at new years for the group from us who don’t tweet to deliver with the tweeted notes, so am hopeful we could do the same thing for us who aren’t part of a group or video-savvy. Not sure what happened to those NY messages but would still love to join the party for GG’s birthday! Thanks and much appreciate your work!!

  2. Carol, you don’t have to use a video. Someone could take a picture of you holding a birthday greeting as well, if you just want to make a sign. If not, I plan to post the finished video for all to see, and you can comment on that. We always tweet those kinds of posts directly to the guys (which is what we did for New Years). 🙂

  3. Kelly, can we just leave a written birthday wish instead of a video?
    I don’t think I know how to take a video of myself with my camera.

  4. As I said to Carol, you can have someone take a picture of you holding and sign, or you can ad a birthday wish when I post the complete video. 🙂

  5. Good idea Kelly!

    Now you’ve made me have to figure out how to work my camera or my tablet or my cel. (Groan) I’ll do it for Gianluca’s Compleanno!

    1. Marie I will watch the videos once they are posted, but you know I don’t do pics, and certainly not videos. His birthday is just about 5 weeks away. I will commemorate Gianluca’s birthday in my own way. I know that we fans ALL wish him the best in the coming year and he’s turning all of 19! What a milestone (one of many to come, 20, 30, 40)! I absolutely cannot wait to see all these videos!!

  6. I am very happy to see this project take place. I may not have anything of use in terms of photos or video (I will check to see) but I sure would like to forward a short written message. Bravo to Flight crew site once again for being ahead of the curve. This really is the best site for Il Volo in so many ways.

  7. Buon. Complianno. Dear. Gianluca. Happy. 22nd. Birthday. Wishing. You. Many. Years. Of. Health. Happiness. Success. We. Love. You. Dont. Ever. Change. You. Are. Marvelous. You. And. Ilvolo. Guys. Are. So. Great. And. Enjoyable

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