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Per Maria, “I don’t know if you are interested in the other reports, if not drag the slider up to 00:32:00 minutes and you’ll meet Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, beautiful and cute as ever.”     *See below for a summary of the dialogue.

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I tre tenorini del trio Il Volo, intervistati a Los Angeles  – Edited Version  Rai TV

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Il Volo on Storie TG2 RAI filmed in Los Angeles and aired in Italy on December 8, 2013.

*** Mille Grazie, MN (mlla) for bringing Storie featuring Il Volo to our attention and for summarizing!

*** Mille Grazie, Maria for helping me locate the Rai link and giving us some insight into what was said!

* MN (mlla) says, “Piero reports that it’s quarter to eight a.m. and their voices are already warm as they will sing Oh Holy Night at the morning show in Los Angeles.

Interviwer: 2 tenors 1 baritone born in Italy, Il Volo but also famous and loved in America. After being in the American top 1O nobody could stop them, with fans of all generations.

Piero recalls how happy they were when they heard the three generation fans comment.

Interviwer: 50 sold out concerts in their American continent tour etc..

Ignazio  recalls that he started singing at around three years old and how he began singing in the school choir, then reports how they met at Ti lascio una canzone, where all began. Carries on on how they started studing to save their voices but how they are now thinking about studing opera, as they are two different ways and stresses on the need to keep on studying like Pavarotti did till last days of his life.

Gian’ inspiration has been his Grandpa even if nobody in the family pushed him to sing they were just happy if he was happy and recalls the emotion and the unforgettable experience in meeting and singing with legendary Barbra Streisand.

Barbara Vitali: saying it is not complicated to follow them on tour and even if from time to time they may need to be straightened up a little bit it is normally quite easy as they listen and follow the advice they receive.

Ignazio on the importance of their families that keep them grounded reminding them each day where they come from.

Gian relates how happy he is because he’s doing what he has been dreaming to do and at eighteen he’s travelling the world in doing what he likes so what else could he ask.

Piero reports that their aim is bringing their music to their fans around the world and of course Italian music as well as is a consistent part of their repertoire.”

* Maria says, “The journalist asks him [Ignazio] when he discovered he had “this beautiful voice” and he says that when he was 3, while standin’ in his room he found himself singin’ “LA DONNA E’ MOBILE”, without a reason. This is a piece of the opera “RIGOLETTO” by Giuseppe Verdi. Then he continued to sing in the school choir and a few years later he participated in the program “TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE”…..and the rest is known. Moreover, Ignazio says that while he, Piero and Gianluca have studied “how to preserve the voice” up to now, they’re currently studying opera, because this is a very challenging and difficult study, and it’s very important to work hard and everyday.  He cites Pavarotti as an example. The great maestro studied until last day of his life.”





17 thoughts on “Il Volo Featured On Storie TG2 RAI”

  1. Le me spend e word of thanks to the great Conductor Maestro Claudio Abbado for his contribution to Music. RIP Maestro Abbado.

  2. Thank you Michele, mlla and Maria. It’s great to see those faces no matter what language comes out when they speak!

    Even without knowing Italian I could recognize Piero’s three generation story.

    Also, it was fun to hear a little more about Ignazio’s beginnings since we know the least about his.

      1. I just watched the Ignazio Boschetto singing in Streetlights 2007.
        Looks like a school play. Follow the links under more information on the bottom of the link Lijoy sent. It is hilarious! It’s like watching home movies. Now I know that Ignazio plays classical guitar and electric guitar also. He is almost unrecognizable–totally a round urchin with a loud voice!

  3. Thank you! This is wonderful as always. This site is THE BEST. And yes it is very fun to learn more about how Ignazio began his singing career. I always wondered why he never really spoke up when asked this question. I love hearing over and over how they all started. I can just picture them as little boys singing their hearts out!

  4. Thank you Liljoy I’m so glad to hear that Ignazio’s career is flourishing. Oh how I wish I could be there. Also wonderful pictures of Gianluca & Piero & information of what’s going on with them.
    I would also love to see the concert in Marsala that might take place there.
    Those 3 young men are definitely winners

  5. It is always so great to hear them, speaking or singing, English or Italian. I can’t believe Ignazio is going to have a solo appearance!

  6. Circles of Life.
    Roberto Amadé the singer who will be in a concert with Ignazio on February the 2nd in Marsala is also a painter and in 2007 painted a picture dedicated to Maestro Abbado (his father also a musician, has being working for theater La Scala in Milan)

  7. walking down memory lane….
    great song originally by Timi Yuro,
    in Ignazio and Fausto Leali version in 2009

    1. I would watch Ignazio singing “AChi” over and over again. Also, there was a picture of Ignazio and a girl from the same show. People were wondering who she was. She was also a singer, who had success from that show(can’t remember her name) and they were dating.

  8. Thank you so much for the summary of that interview. I watched the whole thing and didn’t understand anything but “No” or “Si” the whole time. How fabulous to know that the same information shared with us in English is now documented on an Italian show. I too wish I could see the concert in Marsala, but am sure there will be a video in a few weeks from the concert, I certainly hope so

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