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Hi Everyone,

Here we are again with almost no news of Il Volo. We do know they are enjoying being home. Piero is doing the Disco scene. Ignazio seems to be here and there with his friends, it does look like he’s having a good time. We’re grateful this year that he is tweeting and sending photos, Last year we heard almost nothing from him during this time. Gianluca was in Rome for a day or so, Had his hair straightend and apparently did some shopping and was interviewed for a magazine article, otherwise he seems to be staying around home with his friends. His daily tweets are always welcome!

Here we go on another “Did You Know“. Remember, if you have any tidbits of your own, let us know!


Gianluca was so shy as a child he looked at the floor or wall when he sang?

Piero sang at weddings when he was young, to help pay for his music lessons. His family was willing to pay, but he wanted to help pay too?

Ignazio used to bother the neighbors, playing his drums constantly in his room?

Here are some Did You Know’s on some other Italian singers.

Did you know that Jerry Vale was born Gennaro Luigi Vitaliano in the Bronx, NY? Did you know that he shined shoes in a barbershop in NYC for extra money? He sang while he worked and his boss was so taken with his singing that he paid for his music lessons?

Jerry Vale

Do you remember some of his hits? “Al de La”, “Arrivederci Roma” and my favorite “You don’t Know Me”? You can still hear and see him on YouTube. He pesently lives with his wife in California.

Did you know Frank Sinatra was born an only child in Hoboken, NJ? Did you know he was expelled from High School in 1938 for his rowdy behavior? Did you know his father was a lightweight boxer who fought under the name of Marty O’Brien?

sinatra 2

It’s too hard to put all his hits here. My favorite has always been “My Way” written by Paul Anka!

Did you know that Mario Lanza was born Alfred Arnold Cocazza? He changed his name in 1942, his mother’s maiden name was Maria Lanza.

Mario Lanza

Some of his hits were “Drink Drink Drink” “I’ll Walk With God” and “Be My Love” He passed away at the young age of 38.

All of these great artists can still be seen and  heard on YouTube.

Did you know that The Appian Way (Via Appia) Remains of Appian Way near Quarto Miglio was built by the Romans in the mid 4th century BC?  It was the earliest and strategically the most important road in the ancient empire. It was used to transport military supplies and troops. At right is a portion of the Via Appia near Quarto Miglio.

Some news sent to us from Flight Crew member, Chris. Ignazio will be a guest singer at the concert of his friend Roberto Amade, a jazz musician on February 2nd in Marsala.  ignazio-1Thank you, Chris for the heads up!!

Before you send me letters (lol) I will be covering my favorite singer, Perry Como in my next column!!

Thanks everyone for your feedback, Enjoy!


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  1. Well Linda, I did know all those things about the Boys. I guess I should. I’m part owner of a website dedicated to them! However, I didn’t know those things about the other Italian Crooners. Nice article. Thanks.

    Folks, did you know…You can enlarge both the Appian Way and the Concert announcement by clicking on them?

  2. Marie, almost…..

    if I got you right,
    Prendono il Volo = (They) Take Flight or Are Taking Flight

    Prendere = To Take (ex. take my hand = prendi la mia mano)

    Prendono = they take…., (third plural person of present tense of the verb)


  3. Thanks Linda. I’ll look forward on what you write about Perry Como, make sure you include what a very NICE man he was, just the best! And oh so handsome! Gianluca likes him and Dean Martin. Dino of course had an italian last name – don’t know why he “Americanized” it, Sinatra didn’t do it to his. You wrote that Sinatra’s dad was a boxer, well I knew that Dean himself was too, probably a lightweight, but no lightweight when it came to entertaining!

  4. Linda, as usual, thanks so much for the updates each day. We probably should not expect much activity from the boys right now. Actually, I hope we don’t hear too much from them as they really need the down time. We find ourselves missing them and they feel like family (I know I feel that way) but they need to be away from fans just a little bit. Main reason is I don’t want them to loose that “small Italian village – close knit family feel that makes them so special” This is the time to re-charge that part of their soul.

    1. Beautifully put, Myron. I agree.

      Linda, your articles are always a treat!

      I confess that I’ve added a new tenor to my repertoire. He sings opera and cross over classical in Italian, Spanish, Greek, English, and French… Mario Frangoulis.

      And, yet, I always come back to Our Guys. Seems I listen to their We Are Love albums every day and never tire.

      How lovely to float on the wind of their glorious harmonies!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  5. I remember I was devastated when I heard that Mario Lanza had died. He was my introduction to my lifelong love of tenors.

    I do hope we will be able to see a video of Ignazio in his performance in February. (For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the other performer. Sorry “bout that).

    Yes, Perry Como, Dean Martin, and Jerry Vale were all favorites of mine, too.

    Thanks for the Italian lessons. You would think that by know I would know Italian. I have watched so many interviews in Italian, that you would think I would learn it by osmosis! But it doesn’t happen that way, sigh..

    1. A., just keep on trying, anyway Richard Scarry’s children books are a good start to learn names of most common things!

      1. Mlla – what a great suggestion! If you think of any other easy books please let us know! Thank you

  6. Now I see the Ignazio will be appearing with Robert Amade, a jazz musician. My husband was a jazz trumpeter with several bands (just locally), so now I know I will be extra eager to see the performance.

  7. I just signed up for “200 Words a Day Italian Newsletter” – (1) a verb of the week – (2) a Verb Table. Enjoyed Porta a Porta interviews and songs – they are so articulate and expressive – and I might add relaxed and smiling. What a treat this site has given us – thanks.

    1. Allene,, when you are at Barnes and Noble you might want to check on Mas Que Amor special edition, which includes a DVD. They didn’t have it at the local B&N, but it is on order for me and should come any day this week. I’m so excited about another DVD.

  8. I also like Perry Como. He was a barber in a small town of Pennsylvania, near Uniontown. He actually cut my grandfather’s hair. One time visiting one of my aunts my mom took us past the barbershop he worked in. Sorry I don’t remember the name, it was a VERY LONG time ago.

  9. Hi everyone, what about Bing Crosby? He had a fabulous baritone–smoother than smooth. I think Gianluca would enjoy listening to him. As for Perry Como, I have a (remastered for sure) CD of his greatest hits we play in the car on long trips–singing along with Catch a Falling Star, Hot Diggity Dog, etc. Remember those?

  10. Hi Linda, thanks for this feature. I always learn something new on this site. Jerry Vale is one of my Mom’s favorite singers-at least until IL VOLO came along. Do you think Mario Lanza would have been just as famous under the name Al Cocazza? For all of us Dino & Perry fans, go to You tube & search for “Return to Me-Perry Como & Dean Martin”. It is a real treat for the ears.
    Penina, when I was a kid, we would sing Catch a Falling Star & Hot Diggity on our long car trips, without Perry’s accompaniment, unless he was on the radio.

    I hope we will be able to see Ignazio & his friend Robert in their performance. I caught their little snippet of “Summertime”, but I was wishing for more.

    I have really been enjoying all the comments on the Flight Crew blog. Reading this & listening to our “boys” is my way to relax in the evening. Thanks to Captain Marie for letting us know all the places we’ve been. And thaks to all the Ladies of the Board for making this a great place to visit.

  11. To carry on with…Did you Know?…(even if you probably know)

    That My Way is originally a French song which title is “Comme
    d’ habitude” with music by Jacques Revaux and text by Claude François. With English lyrics by Paul Anka My Way became a Frank Sinatra international hit.

  12. When we all came to this site it was for play. Now, we’re having to learn things too? Thought I was through with that. How invigorating! How thankful I am! What a Crew!

  13. Mary B. I am so excited! I just ordered the Mas Que Amor Special Edition with a DVD from Barnes & Noble. It should be here 3 or 4 days. I can’t wait to have another DVD to watch! Thanks for the info.

    1. Elizabeth!!… so great to hear from you and see your smiling face side by side with Piero! (; >)

      Lisa Joy, this is awesome. You nailed it! … the Power, the Passion, the Joy. Yes!!
      And love that you included that most adorable interview. How could anyone not fall in love?!

      Marie, thanks for reaching out to LiJoy regarding this amazing blog.

      And if you all don’t hear from me too much for the next couple few weeks, it’s probably because I’m having some repair work done at my house, and it’s rather all consuming. Thinking of you, meanwhile!

      Love to all our IL VOLO friends here, with special thanks to the Power, the Passion, and the Joy!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  14. I have so enjoyed all of the “Did you know” and the other posts about the guys you gals have put together. Keep it up! I don’t know where you get the info, but I am glad you do and share it with us.

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