The Finale – Roberto Amadé and Ignazio Boschetto in Concert – Marsala February 2, 2014

Finale “Somebody to Love” 

Credit: Alessandro La Vela

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Roberto Amadé and Ignazio Boschetto in Marsala 2/2/2014

Photo Credit: Giuseppe Colla

Oh, by the way, I asked mlla (MN) if Michele Torpedine is managing Roberto and she said, “Yes, somewhere I saw he was, maybe he still is since he was there too, one of the girls singing Micaela was at TLUC in 2009 as well.”

Then mlla said that Ignazio is interested in supporting his “hometown and Sicilian artists.  Roberto Amadè is actually from Piedmont but Ignazio supports him as he has a good opinion of him. Roberto is very thankful to Ignazio and happy to collaborate on this project and happy to have his concert in Marsala with Sicilian supporting singers and obviously the presence of Ignazio.”   Thank you for the information mlla!

Not knowing where Piedmont is located, I looked it up and I am glad I did. Please take a look at the georgous countryside at the link below!   mfa

Per “Piedmont is in Italy’s northwest and borders Switzerland and France. True to the meaning of its name (foot of the mountain), Piedmont is a land of mountains. It is surrounded on three sides by the Alps, with the highest peaks and largest glaciers in Italy.”

14 thoughts on “The Finale – Roberto Amadé and Ignazio Boschetto in Concert – Marsala February 2, 2014”

  1. Thank you, thank you, Michelle, for another “tour” of Italy. What a beautiful place Piedmont is.

    I have a question. Was that concert with Roberto ad Ignazio a gospel singing concert? I am asking because I saw some in the background were wearing robes. In any case, I sure wish I could hear it all.

    1. You are welcome! Because you asked I went to Roberto’s webpage. He says, “It’s late and I’m at home now. I’m tired because these days have been full of emotions, work, fun… I didn’t sleep enough but I want to thank all the people who has worked hard, Marsala’s admins, the new friends that I’ve found, the Volovers (all around the world, the musicians Abele, Gino e Ciccio, the Sound & voices Gospel Choir that planning, driving, building, posting, sharing, playing, singing contributed TO make this event so special. Then, the last but not the list, can’t forget to thank a special, young guy….thanks to him we can share all these emotions, all the music we love, all this joy….thank you Igny ”

      1. Michelle… I really enjoyed your info about the Piedmont area of Italy. I come from the Piedmont area of South Carolina, and it’s so true! My area is just beautiful, at the foot of the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. I really miss that view!

  2. When you go to a concert you never think of all the work that goes on before the concert is even on. It sounds like every thing went like it should without any problems cropping up. Roberto sounds like he is happy, but tired out.

    What a nice tribute he pays to our Ignazio. Can’t help but be proud of Our Boy!!

  3. Thanks you so much Michele, that was wonderful to see the last of the concert & to also see the tribute that Roberto made to Ignazio.
    Just to think how Ignazio has matured to want to participate in promoting other artist in Marsala. What a fantastic young man which we already knew. I feel so honoured to have a met him a couple of times, my heart is bursting. Can you imagine how filled with pride his parents feel.

  4. I visited Lake Como/Lugano a few years ago and I love it. Northern Italy is so different than other regions with the mountain and Alps as it’s backdrop. I was actually confused and didn’t realize I was in Italy until I saw the pasta and pizza, lol. Thanks Michele for link to the concert and Piedmont.

  5. Thank you so much Mlla for the interesting comments on Ignazio wanting to help other artists in Marsala
    Also Michel I overlooked thankiig you for postiing about Piedmont another intereseting CitY.
    Also if you saw Mondial someone translated a long history on Marsalw which was fascinating

      1. I just voted, too, Mlla. Thanks so much for giving us this info….Now, everyone, VOTE!!!

      2. I just voted. Our Boys are listed in more than one category – not only for World Best Live Act, but also for World Best Group and World Best Album (Mas Que Amor). You can vote for more than one category. Of course I voted for them in all three!

  6. I am so gad I found that beautiful website, and we are all enjoying looking at the gorgeous views. I really can’t wait to go to Northern Italy now! Thank you all.

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