Billboard Latin Music Awards!!!

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The 2014 Billboard Latin Music Award nominations  have been announced!!

Il Volo has been nominated in 2 catagories!!

“Artist” of the year for Duo or Group and “Album” of the year for Duo or Group!!                                                               a - tumblr_mx581byPaU1rsi2o7o3_1280

Congratulations “Guys” you deserve this. The Award show this year will take place in  Miami  in April, and will be televised by Univision.

EDITED:  Gianluca tweeted today “Thanks to our #ilvolovers that are holding us up everyday, thanks to #latinbillboardawards @latinbillboards for the 2 nominations. #gracias.”


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  1. Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca, here’s hoping you win both the awards, you certainly deserve to for your beautiful music and how hard the three of you work!

  2. Congratulations Piero,Ignazio,and Gianluca for your nominations in both catagories , you are the best Good Luck !

    1. You are not alone in your bias Marie, I would say most of us, oh shucks, I’ll just say the probably ALL of us are bias and we are ALL RIGHT. Who else could it be but IL VOLO??? Anything else is just crazy talk!

  3. A huge CONGRATS !!!! TO OUR WONDERFUL GUYS ! I am so proud of them.
    I assume that means they will perform something on the show. I hope !

  4. It is about time that the rest of the world knows what we do. God has given you a very special gift. Take very good care of it.

  5. Congratulations guys!! Being nominated is an honor in itself, but you SO DESERVE these awards! Keep doing what you love…and loving what you do! Can’t wait to see the awards show!!

      1. Laura, I meant the snippets of them that hopefully will be posted on Youtube/Mundial FB. How I wish we could get the show here!

      2. Hi Laura.

        I’m Suzy Rust an AVID Il Volo fan, I live in Bloomington, MN where are you? Are you going to the June 21st concert in MIlwaukee? I’d enjoy meeting up with you if you are.

        I don’t think I was as crazy as a teen when Elvis or the Beatles hit the scene. I love these guys!!!

        I’m just full of questions


  6. I agree with all of you wonderful ladies! Finally, let the world open it’s eyes and arms to these talented boys. I do feel that they need to rename the category they were nominated in to read Artist/Album of the year for a duo or group (that are extremely handsome, make your heart go flutter flutter, have sexy accents, and ultimately take your breath away)! What do you gals think??

  7. Dear Flight Crew – I just want to point out that according to the notices on Mundial Facebook, Our Boys have not just been nominated – they have reached the next level – on the list of finalists! Guys, keep on flying – higher and higher – we are with you all the way! You are the best of the best indeed. Congratulations!

  8. Finalists! Oh that is sooo exciting but not really surprising considering that IL VOLO is truly the best there is. Love dear Piero, Gianlucca and Ignazio! VIVA IL VOLO!

  9. Congratulazioni to Il Volo! I don’t know who any of the other finalists are but I already know that Our Guys are the best and that if they don’t win both, there is something VERY wrong with the world. Congratulations guys, and best of luck!!! 😀

    1. So glad I came to check on the site! This is the best lunch break I have in weeks. What a great interview and oh all those close ups of our guys…GG biting his lips, etc…I can’t understand everything but I did get like – Singapore, Australia, Miami, Barbra Streisand, Placido Domingo…Mlla is there anything important and new that we need to know and thanks so much for the link.

      1. Hi E, this is just to summarize and not strictly in same order, it is to give u an idea…scribbling directly on page so forgive errors and omissions as this is a non official translation.

        The questions are ,as usual, more or less about the same, even if the interview was very informal and there was quite some joking around. They recall the starting of their careers and recognize the importance of the support of their families. They also thank and express gratitude to their fans for the support. They relate that they can still get along together because like brothers they immediately tell straight to each other when something is wrong.

        They report on the experiences in these last years and about touring for about 8 months a year how engaging this kind of life can be and on how very soon i they reached Billboard chart. The last Xmas songs CD Buon Natale was mentioned. They relate about how in few years they had appearances on American TV and artistic collaborations with such iconic international performers the likes of Domingo and Streisand, and Ramazzotti in Italy, also mentioned next date with Laura Pausini.
        Of course they are always happy when they can spend some time home enjoying their family and hometowns but they love what they do, as are truly passion driven, so they can cope with the inconvenience of constant traveling and being away from families, they can do it because they love and believe in what they do. Also new technologies allowing them to keep constantly in touch with the families and they stress how are everyday reminded by parents to never forget where they come from as it can easily go to your head when you are facing thousand of fans screaming for you. They go on explaining the kind of music they sing as the more suitable to their voices, how they realized their strength is in the combination of harmonies and even if, occasionally, one of them would perform as solo artist this would not be the end of the world, as they plan to stay together. On musical tastes Gianluca express his love for American music/singers such as Martin and Sinatra so much that in What’s up he appears as ‘Dean Sinatra’ but also express his admiration for Justin Timberlake while Ignazio confirms they enjoy listening to different kind of music and artists, citing Steve Wonder as one of his favourite amongst others. They ended with some joking around about driving licenses, as now Gian is just learning to drive, in Italy you cannot have a driving license before you are eighteen.

  10. Once again I spent the whole time drinking in the sight of Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio and not understanding a word that was said. But thank you milla for the link. I loved watching the expressions on Our Boys’ faces.

  11. Congratulations to Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero for their award nominations and getting on the list of finalists !!! In my mind they are the whole package and already winners. My heart, as always, is bursting with pride,,joy and love for Our Boys.

  12. Well so sorry, Lost a piece along the way, it’s about Piero who just bought a piano and is taking lessons of salsa and baciata, about his passion for cars and how without telling each other himself and Ignazio bought the same type.

    1. Thank you thank you Mlla for filling in the gaps. See I know I understand most of it (LOL). One piece of information I didn’t get is that they said they plan to be together despite the occasional solo performance. This certainly is reassuring. Yeah Il Volo forever!!

  13. Thank You Milla for the link and translation. They were so animated and adorable that, while I was watching it, I completely mezmerized and forgot that I didn’t understand a word that was said !!! Thanks to you I now understand. It was wonderful seeing them together again and a great and informative interview.

    1. Jo glad u enjoyed, well more as been said and still some bits and pieces are missing but in anycase no major news, so if anyone wants to integrate pls go ahead …
      Sometimes when writing directly on pages some pieces seems to get lost into the wild wide web.. may be when page refresh and probably just me…as I do not save, but no big deal! Hope u still got the idea
      cheers to everyone

      1. Gulp typo !! Meaning More Has been said,

        must be kind of late and rushing doesn’t help…..
        “haste makes waste”

  14. Thank you mIIa for the translating, you are such a gem! I sat transfixed listening to them, wishing I could read lips better and thus maybe understand the occasional word. I’m struggling to learn Italian so I do manage to get a few now and then so that makes it even more exciting for me. But I so appreciate when you can translate for us. I still wonder what made Piero take dance lessons, that sexy devil! I think its a hoot that he and Ignazio bought the same type of car, the Mini Cooper. I also think Italy is very smart to make people wait until they are 18 to drive.

    1. well Piero sort of saying that as they always involved in music and music related situations.. and should a girl ever want to dance…. so I think he prepares himself and he is also having fun, anyway he also said he is keeping on with studying piano and that Ignazio also plays piano.
      Gianluca has started driving lessons and also this year, always if I m not wrong, he should also have his last year of high school examination, so lots of studying for him too.
      Good luck (Buona fortuna) with your Italian keep on

      try the below link, u can type a word in English and u should get the translation, plus if u click on the Audio little icon u can get the sound ex. song = canzone. Hope it works if it does u can save the adressto yr preferences

    1. M et al u welcome, noticed some typos and even some grammar mistakes but did not take time to revise well never mind.. , and yes they looked all right, even if they might have had to get up early in the morning to go Milan.
      take care, ta ta for now

  15. Ragazzi… I am so jazzed that you have been properly and joyfully recognized by your Latin Billboard nominations! What a treat it was last year to experience your El Triste tribute to José José. I am so hopeful that you might perform again at the festivities! Such fun remembering how you totally rocked the vote of best formers at the event! Rock on, guys!

    Fantastic video interview! mlla, I had the pleasure of watching after I read your report. Perfetto! I could tell what the guys were saying with that fantastic preview. Thank you soooo much! You are definitely one of our Flight Crew angels!

    I see in the interview how rejuvenated and animated Our Boys are after such wonderful times at home!

    The photos of Piero in dance lessons show so much joy! Yes! That’s how I feel when I dance, so it makes me smile even more!

    Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, you are so beloved of me and all your fans!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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