News – Il Volo 2014 Tour from “Incontro Boschetto-Amadé: Domani Il Concerto”

Il Volo in Concert

Il Volo In Concert – We Are Love 2013


 Newspaper “Marsalac’è”

The article above was written to promote the February 2, 2014 – Amadé-Boschetto concert at the Teatro Empire, but it reveals exciting news about Il Volo’s 2014 Concert Tour. Thanks to MN (mlla) for bringing this to our attention!

Here is the news from the newspaper Marsalac’è:  “Adesso lo attende un tour di promozione del loro ultimo disco in Giappone, Australia ed Europa; in Italia ci saranno solo 5 tappe del tour e probabilmente una di queste sara a Taormina.”

As translated by Bing: “Now awaits a tour promoting their latest album in Japan, Australia and Europe; in Italy there are only 5 stages of the tour and probably one of these will be in Taormina.”

Now I know online translators are not completely accurate, yet there is enough information for me to believe the rumors of a tour in Europe, Australia and Japan in 2014.  To me, the most exciting news is that Il Volo may perform in as many as 5 concerts in Italy, with Sicily’s Taormina possibly being one of them.  I have been to Taormina and like almost everywhere I went in Italy, I LOVED IT!   Il Volo could be singing in the Greek Theatre, that would be heavenly!  I checked the Taormina Events Calendar 2014 at the link below but do not see Il Volo listed — yet!


12 thoughts on “News – Il Volo 2014 Tour from “Incontro Boschetto-Amadé: Domani Il Concerto””

  1. Thanks Michele for information & also beautiful pictures of Taormina.
    Well that was the tour for Italy, Japan, Australia, I know I am being selfish but I do hope they come to Canada. N don’t want them to make themselves sick like the last tour & of course I always wanted to go to Australia but finances are the problem especially that great distance. Now my grandson is part Japanese & I would ask him to come with me to Japan but he’s not into their kind of music, his loss.
    So the next best place is Italy which would give me a good excuse

  2. What! 5 concerts in Italy. Oh I better feed my PIGgy bank up fast. I need to go to all 5. Thank you Mlla and Michele for the heads up. Board sisters and Flight Crew, I shall meet you in Italy, yeah…

  3. I have been to Sicily a few times and Taormina is the best. Stayed at a palace converted into a hotel with beautiful gardens. Their show there will be so beautiful on the island. I think the Flight Crew should all meet there! lol (dreaming)

  4. Well, there you have it. We all pretty much knew that they would not be in the USA this year very much – a few single spots now and then. But that is ok because they have not done Australia and Asia (except for some promotional work) and Japan and have not done very much recently in Europe and their own home country. So this is good for them. We will miss them but maybe some of us will go over there to see them.

  5. That is such exciting news for them! I’ll dream along with everyone else who wants to see Them in Italy!

  6. I am so envious of those of you who have visited Italy. I would go at the drop of a hat, but alas I’m afraid it’s not to be. I am so happy that Our Guys will be seen and heard in other parts of te world, but I am also selfishly wanting them to come to the good ole USA as often as possible.

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