Beautiful Faces, Heavenly Dreams and Graceful Manners

g - all smiles

I am happy I’ve seen him.
Even if all the wishes in the world were mine,
I could not have imagined a face as perfectly handsome as Gianluca’s.

i - cropped

I am so grateful I know who he is.
Even if magic was alive and real,
I would not have known it was Ignazio
I wanted in my dreams at night.

Piero and Mary B
Piero and Mary B

I am thrilled he hopped in a cab with Loretta, Mary B. and I.
Even if I had a note from everyone who has ever known him,
I would not have believed the unspoiled graciousness of Piero.

a -tumblr_n00jisSNQy1rvfq7po1_500

I am so fortunate to have heard them.
Even if all the angels in heaven had formed a choir,
I would not have heard a sound as exquisitely beautiful
as the music of the three young men who stole our hearts.


54 thoughts on “Beautiful Faces, Heavenly Dreams and Graceful Manners”

  1. How utterly, unabashedly true!!! Marie, you did it again! If I tried all day long, I wouldn’t succeed in expressing what you just did. Thank you so much!! And yes, we all are very, very fortunate to be able to hear and appreciate Il Volo and their marvelous music.

  2. Marie,Marie,Marie! Everything you said about those 3angels is so true. You have the most wonderful way of saying everything we all feel about them. They are truly amazing gifts from heaven for us all to love and enjoy thank you for your beautiful words.

    1. Teresa you are right. She hit it spot on..amazing..these boys will be forever etched in my heart…

  3. Oh, so beautiful Marie!! You could not be more right about them! Everything about them says class.

    Just looking at those beautiful faces, how could you not love them??

  4. Marie!!! This is just amazing! Your perfect prose once again hits it right on the spot for all of our feelings for these wonderful young men. You could not have put it any better. And the photos you chose are the icing on the cake…perfectly matched with your sentiments. You have a great gift for writing. Thank you!!

  5. Thank you, Marie, for that wonderful way you express all of our feelings about Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio. It was a great way to get this Friday off on the right foot. I could look at those pictures all day! But, sigh, duty calls.

  6. beautifully introspective, Marie. It reminds me that we (devoted fans of Il Volo) should be about the task of recruiting more people to the fold. Fill in the shortages – i.e. more guys, wider age groups, etc. My attitude is that there is no reason that any man with even a portion of heart and soul would not respond to the beauty and the spiritual uplift these guys inspire.

  7. Thank you Marie for the beautiful picture of Ignazio, another one I can save. The sound of their voices are with me constantly even in my head at night. There is no other sound I want to hear or faces I want to see especially my precious
    Myron I wish my sons & grandson thought like you suggest all I can say for them is they are tone deaf & its their loss

  8. Thank you everyone. It isn’t only the boys who inspire me. You all do.

    You’re right Myron. We could use some diversity in our readership and I can always use more men!! However, this site isn’t for everyone and was never meant to be. I’m pretty content with the wise and lovable group currently hugging each other here.
    New arms are always welcome!

    Besides Myron, you don’t really want to give up being our “alpha male”, now do you? lol

  9. Hey Loretta, don’t you get Detroit PBS? Everyone – heads up!
    From DPTV eNews:
    “Volo: We Are Love Saturday, 2/8 from 9:00 – 10:30 p.m. ET. Produced by Detroit Public television for national PBS distribution and filmed at The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater in a concert taped on March 26, 2013. Songs from their “We Are Love” album are featured.”

  10. Okay Loretta, I’ll take a look at the Buffalo PBS website and see if anything comes up.
    Marie, that was perfectly expressed! Each of boys is one of a kind!
    And as Loretta says, anyone who can’t appreciate them is tone deaf and it is their loss.

  11. Oh Marie, you have a gift of making us all fall even deeper for these lovely men. I’m so glad you had your wonderful experience of Piero. I dream of the day I can experience his unspoiled graciousness for myself, to see exactly how cute Ignazio is with that dimple and to smile into the breathtaking beauty of Gianlucca’s face. Oh how I dream and how I just so love being part of the Flight Crew!

    1. I was very fortunate back in Aug 27th 2013. My kids/grandkids surprised me with a VIP package to the IL VOLO concert in CONCORD, CA. I was with my two sisters (70, 68, (me) and 65). We had 3rd row seats in the center. A night we will never forget. At the MEET/GREET, it was almost unbelievable that we were about to touch these lovely people. They were SOOO HANDSOME. Gianluca is gorgeous. Pale skin and the eyes, WOW. Piero and Ignazio were so cute and friendly. They hugged so tight and they smelled so wonderful. The whole M&G LASTED ABOUT 5 MIN. They hurried everyone so much but you can tell the BOYS did not like it at all because they really did not get to talk to us. No pictures other than what they took. No gifts and no autographs were allowed. I complained as did many, but to no avail. No matter. Just being that close to them and breathing the same space as them, made my year. My great-grandson, one year old, GERHARDT BENJAMIN MORRIS shares the same birthday as GIANLUCA. I hope I will have the privelige to meet these very special young men one more time. To tell them how they have helped me thru many lonely days since my husband went home to our LORD. LOVE THESE BOYS SO MUCH

  12. Loretta, I just looked at the schedule. I typed Il VOlo in the search and got nothing. I typed We Are Love in also, also got nothing. It does not appear to be on WNED Buffalo. Too bad! But it is probably the same as the DVD.

  13. Sweet Marie… I love you for your perfect perspective on Our Boys….Just the right words every single time you write. You never, ever fail us! The prose and the pictures are tucked into my heart, along with so many of your other gems that I can continually enjoy. Thank you for the wisdom, empathy, and love you never cease to show for Gian, Ignazio, and Piero. Bless you always, Marie.

  14. Yes Penina that is what I am going to do watch them on my DVD, if I can’t see them on a TV program then I will satisfiy myself with the DVD. I don’t care what I see them on as long I see them
    Thanks for looking. Bell TV doesn’t have the same as Rogers

  15. Captain Crider, you’ve done it again. What beautiful words to describe The Boys! Once again, you’ve managed to let all of us who haven’t met them (YET) share in your experiences with Them. Thank you so much for this!!!

  16. I changed Piero’s picture. Don’t know why I didn’t use my picture of Piero in our cab, in the first place. Mary B. I Know you don’t want anyone to know you were that close to Piero! Right!!!

    1. Wrong!! I am so proud of that moment I would shout it from the housetops. Can’t believe how lucky we were to be in the right place at the right time. And you are so right about his kindness and humility…we know firsthand, and having that moment is a precious and cherished memory.

  17. Marie, great choice of words, great choice of pictures. You outdo yourself each time. Thank you so much!

  18. Marie, you always express my feelings exactly. Sometimes I think we share the same brain matter. Always love your choice of words and pictures. By the way, when my husband and I go in his car he always wants to listen to Il Volo cd’s.

    1. Nana, if I ever had a husband I certainly would have wanted him to be as smart as yours. Anyone who likes to listen to IL VOLO shows exceptional good taste!

  19. Thanks, Marie, you’ve done it again! Our love knows no bounds, and you’re very good at expressing it for all of us. My favorite still is “The Lament”, though…it makes me teary-eyed each time I read it. And Mary B., what a beautiful picture of you and Piero! I hope you have a copy hanging on your wall some place. As a side note, I got my beautiful new personalized license plate in the mail today…three guesses as to what it says! 😀

    1. Ruth, I have a different shot of the picture in the cab, autographed and enlarged and framed sitting on my computer desk where I can see it every time I sit down at the computer. It is my treasure.

      1. Oh Mary, that is way cool. Not only did you have this awesome experience of Piero but you got the photo and autograph to prove it wasn’t just a dream. Wow.

  20. I just got my copy of the live Miami concert in the mail a few days ago and I love it already! I love listening to The Boys and I love being a part of this amazing group of amazing people who can all appreciate amazing talent!!!!! 😀

  21. Marie, you have put my all time favorite photo of Gianluca up in the corner of the site…this photo speaks volumes. I can not believe he was so young when taken. This picture is simply mesmerizing! I can not keep my eyes off of it! 🙂

  22. I love it too. I was wondering if anyone noticed I was using only Gianluca pictures and changing them regularly for the past few weeks. He’s our Birthday Boy!! Thanks for noticing.

  23. “I’m so fortunate to have heard them.” Yes, could not agree more! But I am also fortunate to find this group. Well that was last summer when y’all were still on the il volo website. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading what you have to say and I finally decided to join in on the fun!

      1. Thanks so much! I’m quite crazy as I’m sure you’ll find out and I have I feeling that I’ll just fit right in!

  24. Keep it coming Marie !!!!! I just love everything you write and the gorgeous photos you use. I miss the boys so-o-o much !!! I wish I could be in Montepagano so I could give My (Ok I’ll share ” Our” ) handsome, sweet Gianluca a big birthday hug.
    It is very frustrating to know they will be back in America and I will not get to see them — especially since they will be only a couple of hours away in Miami for the Billboard Awards Show. Wonder if the general public will be able to get tickets or if there might be a way to get to meet them when they are there ?? So close but so far !!!! So frustrating !! Thanks for letting me vent !!! I love you all !!! Have a great Sunday !!!

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