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  1. Happy birthday, Gianluca. It’s your sweet 19!!! May all your birthday wishes come true. Love and hugs from San Francisco.

  2. What a wonderful, wonderful birthday card for our Gianluca. My thanks to all of you who worked so hard for this to happen.

    Hope you are having a “Beautiful Day” Gianluca.

  3. Beautiful video….I wish Gianluca the best year ever. I hope to see you soon!
    from San Diego,California

  4. It’s official. It’s February 11th in Italy!!! Happy Birthday, Gianluca!!

    Kelly, the video, the video, the video. WOW!! What a beautiful, beautiful birthday greeting. Thank you all for your hard work! I’m thinking Gianluca’s thank you message about the video means us, right? No one could have put such a beautiful video together than the Flight Crew.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Kelly, you out did yourself this time. 🙂 I hope Gianluca has a spectacular birthday and amazing year. Happy Birthday from Minnesota-USA!

    1. Me too. Can’t wait to see it. I know it will be superb! Have any of you seen on twitter the Ilvoloerboston video they made for Gian? If you haven’t, look it up! It gave me chills and I almost wanted to cry! Also did you hear that the hashtag #Feliz19GianlucaGinoble was WORLD trending on twitter for a few minutes? I did not see it but that’s what everyone is saying. But I do have a screenshot of it that someone else took! So Exciting!

    2. Me, too, Barbara! I reloaded and also tried on my iPhone. Both operating systems are Macintosh and old. Is that the case with you, too, Barbara? I’m wondering if I need newer software. I doubt it would be an issue of a Mac, as I’ve been able to view every other video posted here.

      Let’s at least see if we have anything in common with our systems that might clue us in to why we can’t see the video.

      I’m so anticipating!!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    3. So… in case anyone else has trouble viewing,
      I was able to get to see the video (wow!) by
      – emptying the cache in my browser
      – resetting my Safari browser (clears cookies, etc.)
      – quitting my browser (Safari)
      – reopening my browser, and going to

      Just glorious! I love the beautiful sky concept, of course the song, and the precious sentiments. I’m going to rewatch and pause, so I can read each full page.

      Fantastic job, Kelly! I cannot imagine what it took to create this beauty. I’m trusting it’s bringing you as much joy as it is me, and of course…

      Gianluca !!! Happy 19th Birthday!
      We are happy dancing with you, dear one!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  6. I kept reloading it and it finally opened, it’s fantastic. GREAT video Kelly. I am a newbie here and still learning the ropes! Barbara in AZ

  7. Wowzers! I just watched it and it gave me chills too! And that’s what you call a surprise ending! I was clapping with the audience as they finished! Great job!

  8. Happy birthday gianluca! As you can see you are very loved. Thank you ,Kelly. It was beautiful! Il volo forever!

  9. Terrific, Kelly! You captured our heartfelt wishes for Gianluca’s birthday to be his best ever.
    Kudos to the board for another great idea.

  10. Thank you Kelly. Gianluca, you are so loved. I wish you have a wonderful day at home and the most happy, successful year. Hope to see you this year in Chicago.

  11. To kelly and everyone who helped put this video together: Bravo! Such a professional job and a beautiful video. The best one I’ve seen. I’m so happy to be part of this wondeful group! I pray Gianluca will see it. Thanks for all you do to make this a splendid site.
    Stephanie Cassidy
    Pittsburgh PA

  12. Well done, Kelly!!! Beautiful verses from so many people and then your masterful compilation for a grand birthday card!! Gianluca should have a fantastic daywith so many good wishes!! Certainly he knows we love him!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Gianluca Ginoble!!!!!

    The video is fantastic Ms. Aitch!!! I wasn’t able to play it all the way through for some reason but I was able to see most of it and it is beautifully put together! Now everybody, hands up if you will pass out if Gianluca sees this somewhere and comments about it somewhere! 😉

  14. Sorry some of you had trouble. It was down for a while. Everything is OK now!

    Kelly, beautiful job! What hard work! I saw this video even before it was published, still…the end chokes me up!

    Happy Birthday Our Baby!!

  15. Not only did Kelly do a good job, but you all wrote some beautiful stuff. I had to pause the video to read them thoroughly. He will be honored that we love him so much. Cute pictures too, gang!

  16. Thank you guys for the compliments! I have to say, I panicked a little bit when Lisa told me her computer crashed. 🙂
    But Marie is right. You guys provided all the content for this! 🙂

    1. Holy moly, Kelly! You created this while Lisa’s computer was crashed?! Wow!!

      Love it! Watched it several times already.
      (And thanks to you and Marie ~ all is well with viewing!)

      Love Gian “rockin’ the shades” near the end!

      We’re having a blast celebrating with you, dear Gianluca!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  17. Thank you Kelly and everyone who participated in the making of this heartfelt masterpiece. I know Gianluca will see it and be very touched.
    Have a ” FUN ” 19th Birthday dearest Gianluca and a beautiful year ahead filled with all that your heart desires and more !!! We love you very much !!!

  18. Awesome job Kelly! I’m so impressed.

    Happiest of Birthdays and many more to come darling Gianlucca!

  19. Thank you Kelly and Marie. Great job, well done.

    Happy birthday Gianluca, have a “Beautiful day” and may all your wishes come true!

  20. Kelly, I’m so grateful that we have you on this site to do such marvelous things. A beautiful video! And to Gianluca – I hope you see this and understand just how loved you are! Happy 19th!

  21. How wonderful this video is : Gianluca in person is even more sweet than in interviews. God, how I hope he can stay that way in this wild world we live in. It is so good that he is back home every now and then. thanks so much for this video.

  22. Myron, You’re just like me. I hold my breath for their future welfare too. The more you hear about other teen singers the more there is to worry about. Our Boys have a solid family, a strong management team and us, to keep them on their toes. I would hate to have to go there and whack their fannies if they get too far out of line… Well, maybe I wouldn’t mind too much.

    1. Hey, Marie, I’m thinkin’ maybe you’ve got mixed motives here? (; >)

      Marie, Myron, and all …
      Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio are our angels (as we all agree!).
      Their families, IL VOLO brothers, musical team, and fans are their angels.
      Keepin’ our eyes on the prize … for our boys to continue to grow each day in the humility, magnificence, joy, professionalism, gratitude to God, and good clean fun that they have shown us. They lead the way and, no doubt, will continue to do so!

      Rock on, IL VOLO! We love you!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  23. Marie, I would hate to see “you have to go and whack their fannies”. I worry so much about Piero and his fancy cars. But I agree, Whacking their fannies might b fun at that!

    1. “whacking fannies” hmmmm seems like fun to me….wait, did I say that out loud? That Marie ! Its her fault! I’m innocent…as the driven snow after 5 days… in the streets of New York. Ahhhh…yeah, thats it!

  24. Kelly…What is it about “Smile” that makes me want to cry happy tears?? What a gorgeous video and what a marvelous choice of music and photos!!! All of you Crew Board members are so talented and professional! THANK YOU, Kelly, Lisa, Marie and all who were involved for making Gian’s birthday greeting so memorable. Can’t wait for his “thank you” to all his fans… Hope he does a video like last year’s.

  25. Seems odd. Have not seen Birthday wishes for Gianluca from Piero, or Ignazio. Has anyone else seen anything?

  26. Kelly thanks for this beautiful video. The song is so appropriate. I remember Gianluca saying that this is one of his favorite songs.
    This is one of their “chill moments” song for me.
    Gianluca, I’m sure you enjoyed your special day, may you have very many more to celebrate.
    FYI for those who waiting to get a copy of the Boun Natale DVD. It’s available on Amazon, I got my copy yesterday. It’s February but I’m enjoying a Christmas concert, how wonderful !!!.
    thank you Il Volo !

  27. I just got the Mas Que Amor CD/DVD yesterday and I’m telling you It was the grand finally of Gianlucas Biirthday for me !! I have NEVER in any video or dvd seen him so lively, animated, handsome and smiley !! Usually it’s Ignazio and Piero who do the moving and GG is the serious one but.not in this DVD performance from Mexico. I saw another side of GG, for sure,and I can’t stop watching it !! It is available on Amazon and Walmart.com.
    Valerie–I too am still watching Boun Natale and probably will until next Christmas !!!

  28. Joanie, I got my copy a week ago. Love it. They are so natural looking, not a bunch of make-up. What close -ups!! They had fun! Best one of all Their DVD’s. They got a kick out of those screaming teens.
    Biggest surprise. I could sing all of El Mondo in Italian while they were singing it in Spanish. Didn’t know I could. I guess I’ve heard the Italian version once or twice.

    Also still watching/listening to Buon Natale. I keep having to check O’ Holy Night to see if I heard Piero correctly or if it was just my imagination.

  29. Marie—I can’t stop watching it !! I’m hopelessly in love !! HELP !!
    Not at all like the staged PBS concerts. Just the best ever !!
    I think I also have picked up some Italian. Soon we will ALL be Italians !! I love Italians and Italy !!!!

    1. Ah Marie—-And if they moved to he USA and lived in MY house I would take VERY good care of them and love Americans !!!!
      Seriously— I have been to Italy and I would go back to visit in a flash because the people are warm and charming, the food is out of this world, the country is amazingly beautiful and of course, at this very moment, Our Boys live there.

      1. I feel exactly the way you do about Italy Joanief12. I’ve been there and I too would be back in a flash once again. In fact, I am learning Italian with the plan in my future to somehow get back to that beautiful awesome country again.

  30. Oh I feel the same way. I love Italy. I was there last May and would go back in a minute if I could. Can’t wait for Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca to come back to the US. I worry that some thing is going on and things are going to change. I hope I’m wrong!

  31. WOW..the video is amazing. Hope Gianluca sees it and we hear from him. Gian, you are so LOVED by so many. Please stay sweet and may you keep singing with Piero and Ignazio for a very long time. Your voices keep getting more powerful, stronger and beautiful as you all mature. Thank you for sharing your MUSIC with the WORLD. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART.

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