‘Twas The Night before Christmas

I have to post this poem I wrote (mangled) last Christmas. It’s my favorite for obvious reasons. Just had to change one word.

ignazio and santa smaller

 ‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the villa,
not a creature was stirring, not even Godzilla (couldn’t think of another rhyme)

When, what to my wondering eyes should I hear, (I take liberties)
but a song and three Boys, not tiny, but Dear! (lots of liberties)

I saw Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio too,
up to my rooftop, to my living room they flew!

They were dressed all in Brioni, from their head to their foot,
but their clothes were all tarnished, with ashes and soot.

A bundle of love they had in their pack,
and they looked just like heaven, when I calmly stared back!

His eyes how they twinkled! His dimples how merry! (that really is a line!)
Piero’s glasses were there, the color of cherry! (that one’s not)

Gian said not a word but went straight to his work
and filled all my dreams with songs and a perk!

He’d left me Ignazio all covered with bows
and giving a nod up the chimney he rose!

He sprang to his Fiat, to Piero gave a whistle,
and away they both flew, like the down of a thistle.

But I heard him exclaim as they drove out of site,
“Happy Christmas to all, I hope Marie doesn’t bite!”

i -again, the angle

The One Who Had the Curly Hair

Here is an early Christmas present I received. I’m re-gifting it to you!

I had already fallen for Il Volo before I saw this video, but believe me it only helped to love that “curly headed one” even more. Here, finally, is an interpretation I can understand. I’ve waited a long time to know what brought Little Gianluca to his knees while weeping. Now I know. Thanks Madeline.

You may recognize a couple of those kids and a couple of proud parents.


Full translation of the surprise given to Gianluca Ginoble, on the talent show in 2009, by Andrea Bocelli. Translated by Madeline Bugeja.

ANTONELLA……………..Ginoble, where is Gianluca? There you are, how shy you
are, are you excited this evening?
GIANLUCA………………Yes very, very excited.
ANTONELLA…………….Well, you should be, your song won this year’s addition of
the festival of 2009,  with Il Mare Calmo Della Sera, the song of Bocelli, and I know
that you love him very much.
GIANLUCA………………Well I want to be like him, but to be like him, I need to
study for a least twenty years.
ANTONELLA…………..Well I know that you are excited, and you are going to be
even more, when you see the surprise we have for you.
BOCELLI………………..Ciao, Gianluca, I want to compliment you on this extraordinary success. And I have to tell you that I heard a lot of people talk about you, to a point that ,last Saturday evening, my family and I were in front of the TV, to hear you sing. And it was such a big surprise for me, because it was clear that you had heard a lot of my CD’S. It gives me great pleasure, because for a boy of your age, to like this type of music, means that there is a new interest in this kind of music. And I discovered, that it seems that you, and some of your friends there, are taking it seriously. Well I want to wish you good luck, and give you my compliments. But from here I would like to give you some advice.
First, use your head, second, always sing with your own voice, and third, follow the orders coming from your heart. And if in the book it is written that, this is your destiny, and that this is the road that you should take, than this is the road to arrive there. And if you want, maybe you can come to me, sometime, and we can talk about singing, a bit more if you come over.  I have to make one more compliment, to this program, that finally, we have a program that is helping to teach , that singing should be taken up seriously.

~Thanks again Madeline

Shouldn’t we all follow that advice?

Here’s one minute of one minute later.  You gotta be tough to watch this!


Nice gift. Thanks Jeannette for the heads-up.

SANREMO – Gianluca Says Please!


g - sanremo

Vote For Individual Artisits —> Vote for Il Volo Here


1.) scroll down to closer to the bottom of the page.  There will be a ballet.

2.) Choose Il Volo

3.) Click “Vota”

s - vote

This is not an official pole; it is only a magazine. But it is a way for some of you to silence the critics about who will win. Right now, Il Volo is ahead with roughly 50% of the vote.  Are you surprised?  Get out there and make your vote!

~~ Kelly

“Il Volo is Coming to Town” ~ Flight Crew Author Anonymous

Here is a wonderful little song I’ll be humming for a while. The answer to the question in the second stanza is “ME!”   Of course I left the first part of her comment in!

a - christmas at the grove lighting

Christmas Last Year in L.A.

Hi – I certainly do not want to infringe upon Marie’s beautiful poetry, but while we are all anxiously awaiting the next visit from our guys – to hopefully a town near us, I changed the words to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” to adapt to the ll Volo version… “Il Volo is Coming to Town…” Here is my version:

“Il Volo Is Coming To Town”

You better watch out! 
You better not cry! 
You better not pout! 
I’m telling you why. 
Il Volo is coming to town!

They’re planning their tour,
From coast to coast.
Gonna find out who loves them the most,
Il Volo is coming to town!

From town to town they’re singing
All of our favorite songs.
From Granada to Surrender
We all want to sing along!

Oh, you better watch out! 
You better not cry! 
You better not pout! 
I’m telling you why. 
Il Volo is coming to town!

Long musical interlude…

Piero, Gian, Ignazio
We love you all so much
Can’t wait until we see your smiles
Can’t wait to feel your touch!

Oh, you better watch out! 
You better not cry! 
You better not pout! 
I’m telling you why.

Il Volo is coming
Oh yes they are coming
Il Volo is coming to town!

Voting For San Remo

It appears that there is opportunity to vote on some level right now. I am figuring it out so I can give you the most accurate information and easiest way to accomplish this. Come back to this post for complete details!




OK.  This is what I’ve found out quickly just by trial and error–and I’m not going to be late for work…maybe my boss won’t notice?  Maybe she’ll understand once I tell her how important this is…???   ;)

At Optimagazine, there appear to be several articles in Italian about the San Remo Festival.  When I clicked on the articles, I found a voting ballet in at least two places that asked the question, :

Quali sono gli artisti favoriti per la vittoria tra i Big del Festival di Sanremo 2015?

(Bing Translation: What are the favourites for victory among the Big Festival di Sanremo 2015?)

Ummm….hello?  Who do they think they are dealing with?  We know the answer to that!  We have a chance to prove it by clicking the little box next to Il Volo’s name and sending that vote on its merry little way.

Now, even though I found the ballet in two places, it is the same poll, and it appears that you may only vote once–at least for today.  I will go back tomorrow and see if it will allow me to vote again.  So you can do the same, bookmark this page for your personal use so that you can come back to it easily.  :)

Vote For Individual Artisits —> Vote for Il Volo Here


1.) scroll down to closer to the bottom of the page.  There will be a ballet.

2.) Choose Il Volo

3.) Click “Vota”

s - vote

This is not an official pole; it is only a magazine. But it is a way for some of you to silence the critics about who will win. Right now, Il Volo is ahead with roughly 50% of the vote.  Are you surprised?  Get out there and make your vote!

~~ Kelly

The Christmas Season is Upon Us ~ Jeannette

s - jeanette picture only

I would like to share a beautiful experience with the Il Volo Flight Crew

This is the time of year when we enjoy Christmas parties and tree lighting ceremonies… But what truly puts us in the Christmas spirit is a Christmas Pageant telling the story of the birth of our Lord, or listening to songs of Christmas and you find your spirits lifting and the joy of Christmas fills your heart…

This past Sunday evening I was invited to enjoy a beautiful Christmas Concert…It was held at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, and the performance was put on by the Myron Heaton Chorale…yes, our own fellow Flight Crew member Myron Heaton…Myron is always a wealth of information and shares his expertise about Il Volo with us and details about their beautiful voices…On Sunday, I witnessed Myron conducting his Chorale and thanks to his expertise and the excellent voices of every person in the Myron Heaton Chorale, they put on the most beautiful Christmas Concert that I have had the privilege to enjoy…I wish that every one of our Flight Crew could have been in the audience to enjoy the performance…

s - jeanette  Myron's Chorale
Thank you Myron for inviting me to Sundays performance… You and the members of your Chorale awaken the Christmas Spirit in me…

Merry Christmas Myron

Merry Christmas to the Flight Crew

~Jeannette Giglio


Il Volo Professional ~~ Invited to San Remo in 2015


 Hey Everyone!

Ginoble Gianluca Facebook

As Gianluca has said, they are officially participating in the 2015 Sanremo Music Festival:

Festival di Sanremo Facebook

This is quite an honor for Il Volo as they had to apply and be chosen to appear at this festival.  They will be singing a song written by Francesco Boccia, “Grande Amore”, and he seems quite excited about it:

Some more details about the upcoming competition can be read here —> Italy Rai Reveals Twenty Sanremo Campioni Candidates from Eurovision Italy (thanks, LiJoy)

and here —> San Remo 2015 Special Commission Members Revealed (Eurovision Italy; LiJoy),

and finally, here —> Sanremo 2015: Everything You Need to Know (Oikotimes.com; LiJoy)


Bing Images

Bing Images

The Sanremo Music Festival is the oldest music festival in the world, the place where the Italian music was born and spread its notes all over the world (Italian Prestige Tour).

According to the Italy World Club website, “The Festival of Sanremo is a singing event held annually in Sanremo, Italy during the winter season. It is the most famous pop music event in Italy and a major media event on Italian television.  

It currently takes place at the Teatro Ariston between late February and early March. Originally it was held in the ballroom of the San Remo Casino near the end of January. The festival is essentially a singing competition among performers presenting original songs in premiere, never performed publicly before, composed by Italian authors, and voted by juries and/or by popular vote.”

The rules are as follows (loose interpretation provided by LiJoy)

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Bing Images

Bing Images

To learn more about the festival’s history and see past winners, visit Italy World Club <— here.


San Remo

San Remo is a city with about 57,000 inhabitants on the Mediterranean coast of western Liguria in north-western Italy, best known as a tourist spot on the Italian Riviera.  Click here for the entire Wikipedia article — > San Remo Article.

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Per the well known Trip Advisor website: “With a comfortable climate that varies little throughout the year, Sanremo has been a favored tourist destination since the mid-1700s, attracting visitors from all over Europe, including heavy contingents of Russian and British aristocracy. For many, the long stretch of beach is the main attraction, but don’t miss the impressive casino or the hillside medieval section of town called La Pigna.”

dreamingSounds like a place I need to add to my Bucket List; what about you?  You can begin planning your dream trip with Italian Prestige Tour Website, or Trip Advisor , both websites which were used to gain information for this article.

Congraulations, Guys!  2015 hasn’t even arrived, and you’re off to an awesome start!  We can’t wait to hear, “Grande Amore”!



~~ Kelly