A Trip of a Lifetime ~ Part III ~ Maria, Madeline, Joan and Deborah

So far they’ve toured Rome, visited the Vatican and had an Il Volo Pizza made specially for them.  Then they spent quality time with Gianluca and Mr. Ginoble.  They were even made famous in an Abruzzi news article:

a trip Roseto degli Abruzzi 2nd News Article

Read on. ~Marie 

May 13:

We went to Bar BereBene in the morning for coffee, where we met Emiliano again and there was Nonno Ernesto, sitting outside with a group of his friends! Our guide and Maria both speak Italian and told Nonno Ernesto that we had met with Gianluca and Ercole the day before and Ernesto said that Ercole had told him all about us. We stayed a while and had coffee and took pictures with him. Like his son and grandson, he was very accommodating and charming! We talked about his having been to New York and California with Gianluca, and what a sweet boy he is; Nonno said that Gianluca has always been that way very caring and sweet. We expressed our thanks to him for his beautiful family. Nonno thanked us for coming.

a trip 10

Nonno Ernesto said that if we wanted some good pictures, we should walk down a certain road for a beautiful view of the sea below, from way up on the mountain in Montepagano. You’ve all seen pictures of Gianluca in the same spot! We took photos of the most exquisite view of the sea and towns below us. A man who was fixing up an apartment to sell invited us in to take pictures from his balcony. The apartment was adorable and the views were spectacular.

Once again we were on the road, traveling around Abruzzi. We went to San Benedetto di Tronto in Marche District where we saw buildings that were built into the mountainside in the 16th century. We bought lunch at a small shop on the square and sat outside eating stuffed fried olives, eggplant, and roasted tomatoes. We toured this beautiful region and enjoyed every second of it! We almost hated to leave but we had plans for Sicily!

May 14: Hotel Vecchio Borgo, Palermo

Since our flight to Palermo was postponed from 11:00 to 22:00, our hopes of meeting Ignazio and Piero were snuffed out because they had to leave for Bologna to get ready for Eurovision.

Having time on our hands, we had the opportunity to tour Pescara. What a beautiful city!

From a deck atop a seaside hotel that we wandered into, we took some pictures of the beautiful scenery around Pescara and other interesting sights.

We walked around the town for an hour or so and stopped at a little seaside café where we ate individual pizzas that were served with brown paper wrapped around them; very good, too! We did more touring, then headed to the airport where we said goodbye to Christophe and “dined” at the airport while we waited for our flight!

When we finally landed in Sicily around 23:30, our driver & guide, Ciro Grillo, took us directly to our hotel where Maria tried using her key to get into Madeline’s room… she thought it was her room… okay, so it was late!. Lol!

May 15: Morning

Ciro picked us up and took us through Palermo, where we went to the “Capo” – the open food market where vendors had beautiful fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, etc. At the Capo, half way through the market, there is a baroque style church with mosaics made out of marble. Exquisitely beautiful.

Palermo has three opera houses, one of which is the biggest in Europe – Teatro Massimo

May 15: Stella d’ItaliaMarsala

We checked into our hotel and quickly got ready to be escorted to Marsala City Hall by Alessandro Tarantino, assistant to the Secretary General of Marsala. A Mayor was to be elected at the end of May and the Secretary General took the place of the Mayor until the election. Alessandro walked us to the square where City Hall is located, and we went through the building and saw the room where Ignazio was inducted as Ambassador! Then we met the Secretary General, and Alessandro took our pictures and wrote an article about us which was later posted in the Marsala newspaper!

a trip 11

a trip Marsala News Article

That evening we went to Pizzeria dei Desideri where we met Nina Boschetto and Buddy. Ignazio’s friend, Dario Piccolo, met us there as well.

More?  Of course, they said it was a trip of a lifetime and it’s not over yet!  Lucky dogs!  No offense buddy. 

Yay! Yippie! Hooray!

Well Ladies, I think it’s time we tell our fellow Crew members who the luckiest women on the planet are next to our pal’s just coming back from Italy (that trip continued soon)!!

Several of us are going to that Dinner in Detroit with the Boys on July 6th!! (Hard to type while dancing!)

I don’t think any of us have slept since we scored tickets a couple of weeks ago. It’s doubtful we will sleep until sometime after July 6th. “We” are – Jana, Mary B., Jane (maryjane), Allene, Suzy and myself. There are also about 10 others we know who will be there.

Since you are already green with envy, I may as well tell you what we know of the agenda.  There will be 25 couples and according to the invitation, “This special ‘Wine & Dine’ evening includes Dinner, Meet & Greet/Photos with Il Volo and a Studio Experience – watch from our studios as the guys pledge their new show across metro Detroit… live!”

Can’t seem to stop Jana from jumping up and down. She has never touched them, but plans to do that very thing, that very night. I might touch one or two of them myself! Sure!

We will be wearing our Flight Crew badges/lanyards so the Boys will be sure to know we are bringing you all with us.

We’re thinking it will be as close to Pompeii and the Guys as we’re ever going to get… Or was that as close to heaven…?

We all feel pretty much like this:

~Marie (I think I have that dancing while typing thing down now!)

Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Tour 2015; Rome

Arrivando a Roma!!! #grandeamoretour #ilvolovers #ilvolo #livetour2015

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Il Volo Facebook

Il Volo Facebook



“Il Volo will be performing in the Cavea which is a fourth concert hall of Auditorium Parco Della Musica. It is an open air theatre recalling the days of Greek and Roman theaters. I saw a photo of it but was not able to do a copy paste. I found it on the Auditorium Parco Della Musica website. It is a beautiful and stunning outdoor theatre. I have not yet discovered the seating capacity but looks fairly significant. This has to be a great concert gig for them, since they have three consecutive performance dates there.”  ~~ e-mail from Mary S.


Parco della Musica ~~ Wikipedia; Mary S.

Parco della Musica ~~ Lots of pictures! ~~ Google; Mary S.


















(This is not an all inclusive selection of videos.  I’m late on this post trying to capture them all, and that is just not possible.  You can go to YouTube and search, “Il Volo Rome 2015″ for many, many, many more.)





Concerto Roma 22-23-24 Photo Album ~~ Il Volovers Italy Official; Mary S.



Rome 22 23 and 24 Photo Album ~~ Rocke Me Il Volo Facebook; Mary S.



Grande Amore Tour Rome; June 23, 2015 ~~ All About Il Volo






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Il Volo June 22, 2015 ~~ V.I.Photo Facebook; Mary S.




Il Volo, Roma ~~ Sara Fiore Facebook; LiJoy






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Piero’s Birthday  birthday dance




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Thank you, Mary, Lisa and affiliates for all of your help!

~~ Kelly

Hug (‘həg) vb: To clasp or hold closely. ~Jana

A hug is a smile with arms;G and I's dads

Our guys, they have all the charms;
Hugs by day and hugs by night
Our guys, they rule, with all their might

hugs 3When we’re feeling sad, you see
We just have to look to Italy
Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio, too
We just love them so, don’t you?

You are feeling blue, you say?hugs 2
Why, it’s a beautiful day!
Their eyes so bright, they light up the room
It’s certain to chase all our gloom!

telethon june 2015 2They greet us with smiles and arms open wide
We sigh, and we melt, our eyes filled with pride
You see, our young boys, have grown into men,
They’ll soar to new heights, for we know that they can!

So, hugs all around, for you and for meHugs 4
From us, and from them, to over the sea
Our angels in flight, will always be near
That is the truth, for we will not fear!


A Trip of a Lifetime ~ Part II ~ Maria, Madeline, Joan and Deborah

Ok, Ok…Here’s the next part.  Stop with the emails and the begging.  Sheesh. ~Marie

May 12:


This was the day that Gianluca and his father, Ercole, came to the Liberty Hotel to meet with us.

We had no idea if Gianluca would be available that day so we waited with baited breath in the glass enclosed café for the car to pull up. Finally, there it was, and there was a passenger in the front seat too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madeline had the best view of the road and saw the car first. When she told the rest of us, we had to contain ourselves so as not to jump out of our chairs, although, we believe one of us did!! (not to mention any names, Joan!)

Gianluca, with all his fame, coming to meet 4 old(er) women who just happen to love him immensely! We all know that Gianluca is a sweet, sweet young man, so very humble, but to meet with him and his father in this way was just unbelievable!! Gianluca was so excited that we came all the way from America to see his surroundings and where he grew up and still lives. He and Ercole treated us like WE were the stars! They spent the better part of an hour with us and Gianluca kept hugging and kissing these 4 Granny Groupies (as Deborah labeled us)!!! He signed autographs and hugged and kissed us even more. Gianluca also asked us what we thought about “Grande Amore” (Need he ask!!) and also wanted to know how the Americans liked it. Gianluca loves America and was sorry they did not have a tour there this year. He and his father are so down to earth and treated us like we were long lost relatives. Words cannot describe the experience of meeting this sweet, handsome, talented, and humble young man on his own turf with no other fans vying for his time and attention. He took selfies with each of us, since he said he was the selfie king, and took time with us to discuss little things, like where to have dinner! When they had to leave for another commitment, Gianluca and his father both thanked us again for coming to their part of the world. What a pleasure to meet such wonderful, caring, loving people.

After Gianluca and Ercole drove off in the car, with Gianluca waiving to us and smiling that precious smile, we were all so excited we could barely talk to the reporter, Luca Maggitti, (who arrived about the same time as the Ginobles). Mr. Maggitti interviewed us and then wrote a nice article about us in the Roseto newspaper! As it turned out, Mr. Maggitti included us in a second article about Gianluca on June 6, long after we returned to the US.


a trip 7
Deborah, Joan, some handsome guy, Madeline and Maria


a trip 8

That evening we went to Don Franchino’s (Gianluca explained that the ch is pronounced like a k in Italian). When you walk in the door you immediately see pictures of IL Volo throughout the restaurant. Before we even sat down at our table, we spent at least 15 minutes talking to Franco Cardelli (does the name sound familiar?), who was so happy that we came to his establishment all the way from America.

Mr. Cardelli suggested that he make 5 of his most famous pizzas for us; the Pizza Il Volo, with a mayo-type floret, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella, broccoli, and thinly sliced cod; the Fossa, with thinly sliced pears and mozzarella then drizzled with honey; another, the Colonnata with strips of grilled zucchini and different cheeses, and the Papa Francesco (the Pope), with mozzarella, thin slices of parmagiano, coated nuts and marmelade onions. Dessert was Ciocori, a pizza topped with grated chocolate, ricotta cheese, and powdered sugar. All were delicious! The best pizzas we ever ate, especially—guess which one!

Pizza Il Volo

a trip 9

From there we went to Montepagano to see if we could find Bar BereBene. When we approached the square we (by chance) met Ercole Ginoble again and asked if his father was around, but he was not. We thanked him again for meeting with us earlier in the day. We said good night to Ercole and headed toward the bar.

May 13:

We went to Bar BereBene in the morning for coffee, where we met Emiliano again and there was Nonno Ernesto, sitting outside with a group of his friends!

That’s next!  Do not email me for part 3.  I’m in no hurry.  I’ve already read it all!  ~Marie

A Trip of a Lifetime ~ Maria, Madeline, Joan and Deborah

No matter how many times I tried to dissuade them, they went anyway. Without me too!  
This story is so awesome that I want to run the entire trip diary, so I broke it into pieces for you.  What a trip!



Teach Italian.jpg 2

a trip

Madeline Vitella and Maria Agostini Leps live about 45 minutes from each other, Maria in PA and Madeline in NJ. Because of their proximity, they were able to meet each other several times during the planning process of this exciting trip. But until the day of departure, none of us had met Joan Brenin or Deborah Georgini Beaupre. On May 9, 2015, everyone finally met.

Here’s our story:

More than 6 months ago, we four grandmas from different parts of the US decided we wanted to go to Italy to see the countries where our beloved young men of Il Volo grew up. It all started as a dream, but with enthusiasm and gusto we began to plan.

The first thing we decided was that we needed a guide and driver so that we would not have to rent a car or be dragging our luggage on and off trains and buses. (Once we saw how they drive in Italy we were so glad we didn’t rent a car!). Through mutual friends we had discovered Sicily Routes, a tour company that advertised personalized tours throughout Sicily. We contacted Ciro Grillo, the owner of Sicily Routes. Ciro was very enthused about our plans and suggested other cities we should visit as well, but we were adamant about what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. As it turned out, Ciro knew exactly what our trip should be like and wanted us to get the most out of our visit. In addition to the towns we had insisted upon, he included some other historical/beautiful/entertaining cities – towns that were famous for certain things and other towns that were just beautiful country. We are so glad we listened to him! We saw so many things we didn’t know existed!

So the plan for Sicily was almost complete. Now, we thought, what do we do about Italy? That’s the very first part of our trip. Well, Ciro to the rescue! He contacted some people he knew in Italy and hooked us up with a tour guide for that portion of our trip. Ciro checked up on our driver at least twice a day to make sure we were getting the most out of our visit.


May 7, 2015: Joan flew into Philadelphia from FL and Deborah flew to Pisa from TX, by way of Germany.

May 8, 2015: Madeline and Maria finally met Joan in person for the first time at Philadelphia International Airport and the three flew to Rome. Deborah lands in Pisa.

May 9, 2015: Deborah flew from Pisa to Rome where Madeline, Deborah, Maria, and Joan finally met in person to begin the trip of a lifetime!


May 9, 2015 – Hotel Cicerone, Rome

Deborah and our guide for the day, Amor, met us when our plane landed in Rome. None of us had ever met Deborah, although we chatted often via messenger and skyped a couple of times. BUT, Deborah was wearing an IL Volo shirt, so we knew it had to be her!!!

From the airport we went to our hotel where we checked in and dropped our luggage then we toured a bit of Rome. Amor took us to Dino and Tony’s for lunch, a restaurant he has been patronizing for many years. We had no menus; they served us whatever they were making for the day. We had appetizers consisting of 2 different kinds of pizza, 3 different salamis, and some fried cheeses. The second course was pasta with pancetta, and another pasta with red sauce; sparkling water and house wine were the drinks. Then they brought out a liqueur, tiramisu, and coffee. The owners were very hospitable and happy to see the 4 Ladies from America, and take pictures with us.
a trip 2After touring Rome for several hours, we went back to our hotel to finally get settled in our rooms and take showers, etc. Later that evening we had dinner at The Blue Grotto, which was across the street from our hotel.

After dinner we took a walk to a tabaccheria for a gift bag for one of the gifts we brought for the ladies of Il Volo, because Madeline wasn’t smart enough to bring it from home! Unfortunately they didn’t have what we were looking for. We did purchase one later on in Sicily.

May 10:

Breakfast at the hotel was a typical Italian breakfast – carbs, carbs, carbs – plus much more! The waiters, Domenico and Sammy, were full of fun and enjoyed talking and taking pictures with us.

Our new guide (for the remainder of our stay on the mainland), Christophe, picked us up at our hotel for our 4 hour tour and we were surprised and pleased that he provided us each with bottled water! We didn’t expect it, but he did so every day that he was with us in Italy. He was from France originally and has lived in Italy for several years. Christophe was dressed in a suit and tie and we said…”oh no!!! It’s too hot…you need to get comfortable when touring with us!!”

Today we toured more of Rome:

  • Bambino Gesu Ospital, the Children’s Hospital that was built in the 7th or 8th Century and where all seriously ill children from all of Europe were brought for medical treatment
  • St Paul’s, the 1st Basilica
  • The Trevi Fountain (which was being refurbished) and the Spanish steps
  • The Mussolini Bldg. and Napoleon’s mother’s apt
  • The Forum
  • We saw the most beautiful panoramic views of Rome – and snow capped mountains in the distance.

We learned that every country in the world has 2 Ambassadors in Italy… one for Rome and one for the Vatican, which is a separate city within Rome.

We toured the Colosseum and the Pantheon. We also saw Circus Maximus, the ancient Roman Chariot Racing stadium; Caesar’s home; and “The Keyhole.” The Keyhole is a door with a small keyhole at eye level; in it you can see 3 cities – Rome, The Vatican, and Malta.

This excursion took approx 3 – 4 hours! When we got back to the car, Christophe told us that Ciro had called to make sure we were being taken care of and that we were enjoying our day!

After touring we went to the hotel and rested a bit until we were ready for dinner. The hotel manager recommended Le Cupole Ristorante Pizzeria, which was a couple of blocks away. He also said they have a specialty – the best Linguine with lobster. Deborah was ready for that. He made the reservation for us, but forgot to ask one thing!! We walked the couple of blocks, were seated and ready to order. We already knew what Deborah was having and of course – lo and behold….no lobster today!!! Deborah was so disappointed, but she made another selection and we had a great dinner!

May 11: Morning

We had tickets for the Vatican tour (which included the Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter’s Basilica). So breathtakingly beautiful! The craftsmanship that has lasted all these years!
a trip 3May 11: Afternoon – Liberty Hotel, Roseto degli Abruzzi

Christophe drove us from Rome to Roseto degli Abruzzi, to The Liberty Hotel for our 3 night stay. What a great ride we had listening to IL Volo musica!! We believe we made Christophe an IL Volo fan now, as he was singing along with the songs…especially Grande Amore!! He was so funny!!

a trip 4

a trip 5

This hotel has beautiful views of the sea and the mountains. A very popular seaside resort town where people from all parts of Europe spend their summer vacations.

We checked into our rooms and got the important WiFi codes then took off for a stroll on the avenue, which is along the beautiful Adriatic Sea.  There are all kinds of clubs here, where we have seen pictures of Gianluca and Erny at the beach many, many times. The clubs are not as you would expect to find in the US. They are basically small shops that serve food and drinks, with tables, chairs, and sofas, and they have chairs and umbrellas on the beach for their guests. It appeared to us that you have to belong to a particular club to use that part of the beach. Our hotel had a section of the beach that provided umbrellas and tables, chairs, etc. The beaches here have pathways to walk on so that you are not walking on the hot sand to get to the water.

Dinner was at La Piccolo RosBurgo. This was a gated restaurant, again, just a few blocks away. When you walked through the gates from the street you walk down a tree-lined path up to the restaurant. As you approach, you see tables and benches outside for dining al fresco, or you can eat inside. We decided to eat outside because it was a beautiful night. We had ARROSTICINI (of course) and pizza. The Arrosticini was delicious, and we wanted more, but after eating the pizza and drinking beer we were all full. We said we would go back another night, as Deborah wanted to see if she could beat Ignazio’s record of 60 that he ate while staying with Gianluca!!!
a trip 6Everyone in Roseto seems to know each other and it appeared that our hotel was a gathering place to watch soccer on TV and more.

Later that evening, Madeline, wearing an Il Volo shirt, was sitting in the lobby of our hotel with Deborah and Joan when someone came in and was talking to the desk clerk. The man mentioned IL Volo to the clerk after he saw Madeline’s shirt. Madeline asked him if he knew IL Volo and he said he did and that he held Gianluca when he was a baby. He said he owns the Bar BereBene and his name was Emiliano. Madeline was so excited; she told him it was on our list of places to go. She and Emiliano exchanged hugs and kisses as the Italians do, and told him we would see him there! Bar BereBene was previously known as Bar Centrale which was owned by Nonno Ernesto!

May 12:


This was the day that Gianluca and his father, Ercole, came to the Liberty Hotel to meet with us.

Wait until you hear about that!  As soon as I am able to control my jealousy I’ll run part 2. ~Marie








Dear Piero,My respect, appreciation, and joy for you soar high as the most magnificent peak in Italia!
My gratitude and love for you live in my smile and swirling steps whenever I hear you and your two soul-brothers sing!
My celebration of your birthday sparkles with delight!
May you enjoy a most joyous, fun, and love-filled 22nd birthday!

~ Jeanine


Dear Piero,
Even if I don’t know Il Volo for a long time I became a huge fan of your work. You deserve all the success, all the support and all the love. I wish you the best for the following years. When a passion lives in you, you never loose it ! And so, Il Volo accompanies my days, whether happy or not.Must of all, I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday ! Have fun with your loved ones and keep us dreaming! We will always be behind you !
With Love from France (Lyon) <3


So proud and happy for you, the elder of the group and great example. Have a terrific year!
Lois Hartwig

Hi Piero. I wish you a più grande festa di compleanno. Your voice is the one that touches my heart the deepest. I pray that all the dreams you have for your career & for the continued success of Il Volo will come true. Love from Louisiana, USA.

Lynn (lynngbal4 from the Flight Crew)


Dear Piero
Happy Birthday! We are waiting Il Volo in Budapest Hungary.


Tanti auguri di buon compleanno e cento di questi giorni a te!

Barbara Bubb


Dear Piero,
May you continue to be blessed with many, many years of health, happiness and music.
Buon compleanno! Have a wonderful day.
Laia Ben-Dov


Joan Piero-I have been watching you grow for the last five years both physically and vocally. You have grown into a very handsome,kind magnificent young man with a powerful and thrilling voice that will land you in an opera house in the near future.
I listen to your voice everyday which makes everyday a happier place for me just because you are wonderful you !!
Never change-Stay humble-Always be yourself and remember that you are so very loved today and forever.
Have a very HAPPY “22nd” BIRTHDAY with your beautiful family and friends.
Love, Joanie
Tanti Aguri, dear Piero. I hope you enjoy a most joyous and beautiful 22nd Birthday. My son, my Face Book Il Volo friend, Jeanne Thomas and I, attended your wonderful Summer Concert last June in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I gave you a birthday card with confetti falling out and it made you laugh. We were so very thrilled to meet you, Ignazio and Gianluca, in addition to Mrs. Ginoble and Barbara, who kindly took our picture. I cannot begin to tell you how I have been lifted in spirit by your powerful, expressive, yet tender voice. Il Volo has brought many new and dear friends, IlVolovers, into my life, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Soar high dear Piero and may God bless you always.
Te amo Nonna Harriett from the USA

Happy birthday Piero! Enjoy your special day. Wishing you all the best. Thanks for all of the beautiful music. Chris Gapski


Caro Piero,
I have met you twice in Chicago and you are a beautiful person as well as having the most beautiful voice!
I gave you a birthday card last year and have a wonderful picture with you, Ignacio and Gianluca which I will treasure!
Have a beautiful birthday with your sweet family in lovely Sicily – I have been there several times and would love to celebrate with your family.
con amore,
Ann Scavo


Dear Piero have a very Happy 22nd Birthday. May God Bless you and your family. Take care of that beautiful voice and keep smiling and singing.
Alice in Florida

“With sincere good wishes and a song in my heart I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on your SPECIAL DAY” Gina a grandma from Texas

Happy Birthday, cara Piero! Madeline

I hope you are enjoying this time of your life. You certainly are bringing joy to millions and millions of people around the world.

Be sure to take time for yourself in the hectic world you live in!

Lots of love and best wishes for a wonderful year 22.

Madeline Vitella
Dearest Piero;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most talented and exceptional young men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting (Aug/13 Vancouver). I have followed you and your compatriots since the beginning of your careers and NEVER listen to any other music anymore. Why would I when I can listen to Il Volo? You lift my spirits. We love you and wish you every good thing that life has to offer. Thank you for all your sacrifices.
Joan Long, Angie & Ty Durant, Olds, AB, Canada.


A very Happy Birthday, Piero. I have watched you grow into a very fine young man. May all of you dreams come true as you head toward super stardom.

Love from Minnesota, Allene Shipman


Mary B.



Happy Birthday to you, dear Piero!!!
Have a wonderful day & a wonderful year!!! All our love,
Anne Quinto & Marlene Hoatland
Gibson & Greek M&G, USA



Hi Piero,
I just wanted to take time out to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
I remember your 21st day last year, I was at your concert in Toronto with my Daughter and Gran daughter and met you after the concert at the meet & greet, my Granddaughter had made you a giant birthday card which you couldn’t take with you, so I still have it at home with me because you signed it, I hope you’ll come back to Canada, Have a great time with your family and friends on the 24th.
Big Hugs

Annie Hatfield


PreseDear Piero,
Another year has come and gone and I’m still in awe and so proud of you three. You have become a handsome, funny, loving and most if all Piero, one of the most talented singer in our time today. Your goals in life will all come true because of your ethics. Through your music, you give peace, joy, tears and hope. I start my day at 5am listening to your music everyday. I love you and wish you a very happy 22nd birthday. Enjoy your special day sweetheart. Until we meet again.  Prese Pasco


Dear Piero,

I wish you ocean of health, sea of love,river of happiness, fountain of everyday joys, may all your wishes and dreams become a reality, let the sun always shines on you, may luck always sits on your shoulder, may in your eyes are still funny sparks, on your face still shines the smile, let your angels protect you in every moment in life.

God bless you in every step. Let the music is still an eternal pleasure for you, let you still have plenty of inspiration into a new creation, let your voice is still filled with the emotions of the heart, let you will still fly into the heights , accompanying with great love of life.

I wish you a lot of  success and many good friends, many loyal and genuine fans.

Tanti auguri ! ♡

Lydka from Slovakia ( you replied me at  #AskEurovision: Question for Il Volo)


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Dearest Piero. Enjoy!!
Luv Ya, Julie Bernache

Tanti Auguri Piero! A great day and how wonderful that so many of your dreams have come true. God bless you always!





Dear Piero,
Much love and many blessings to you on your 22nd birthday! I’m so glad that you share your beautiful voice and charming personality with us all. How you and your Il Volo brothers have enriched our lives! We love you SOOOO much, and we can’t wait until we see you in America again (hopefully, you will come back to Phoenix, Arizona on your next USA tour!)
Best wishes,
Ruth Rapp
Phoenix, Arizona

Very Happy Birthday Piero, enjoy your day and have fun. Thank you for all the wonderful music you share. Luv u. Linda W.


Happy Birthday Dear Piero,
I hope you will be able to spend time with your lovely family and enjoy your special day. You are such a gift to all of us!
With much love and admiration,
Jane from Minnesota, USA


Dear Piero:
On your birthday know that you are in my prayers. I hope that you will have family with you, even though you will be touring.
Enjoy your special day knowing that the love you bring to us comes right back around to you from us!
Happy Birthday, Piero! I know I speak for many others would would love to spend that day with you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

Linda P.