Il Volo Professional ~~ Premios Tu Mundo: IL VOLO WINS!!!! ~~ #ILVOLOVERSPOWER


Hey Everyone!

In what has to be the worst airing/tweeting of an event I’ve seen,


Il Volo took home the award for

“Duo o Grupo Favorito!!!”



While the category was not announced during the live broadcast, and Il Volo was not in attendance, it has been confirmed on the website.

Congratulations clap


I just have to say that it is a testament to their talent and who they are individually outside of the music business that they have won this award.  It’s like I said during our Voting Blitz in the closing days of the voting period:  We’re small, but mighty.  We believe in them and support them wholeheartedly and showed that #ILVOLOVERSPOWER was enough.  The devotion and dedication to our guys that has been on display has been amazing to see and even more so to be a part of.  I hope they have felt completely loved over the past few weeks and especially tonight.

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, let me say it again:

Congratulations, and WE LOVE YOU!!!








Hi Everyone,

It’s been a long hot summer, at least down here in Florida! I understand it’s been a bit cool at times up north! We’ll be lucky down here to see cooler temperatures in November!  It seems this year that Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca have a longer than usual summer vacation at home. Usually they are touring at this time of year. Italy seems to be sunny and pleasant for all the guys, judging from the time each one has spent on the beach near their homes.!

Piero attended a fashion show in Campobello and received an award. See slide show below thanks to Kelly


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ignazio has been spending time with friends and it is reported he is working on a project with his friend Geno. Geno is the guitarist that played in the concert in Taormino with Ignazio.

s-linda4  i andg

Gianluca has been going to the beach, but spent some time with his father and Michele Torpedine at a jazz concert in Montepagano.


Gianluca modeling his soccer outfit, nice Gianluca!!

s-linda 3

Mrs Ginoble and Gianluca’s brother, Ernesto. Lots of love going around in that family!

s-linda 1

Piero and his beloved sister Mariagrazia.

s-linda5 pand mg

Ignazio is spending time on the beach and hanging out with his friends too, he just likes his time off to be mostly private. Can’t blame him there.

Continue your fun in the sun guys!! September concerts coming up soon.


Gente Magazine; Giuseppina Licari and Paolo Di Vincenzo

Gente Magazine; Giuseppina Licari and Paolo Di Vincenzo

Love and Luck, Linda



Nashville and Before ~ By Paula Elkins

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share. I first heard of Il Volo in 2010. I love Andrea Bocelli and all things Italian. I was surfing the net and YouTube and stumbled onto a video of the competition that the boys were in-in Italy. Things went crazy from there. I loved them with all their boy-like sweetness-so humble. And what voices!! I could not believe my ears. I have followed and loved them ever since.

In October of 2012 I got to see them in concert in Louisville, Ky. What a concert!!! I could not afford a m&g ticket but I wanted to meet them soooo bad. I started asking questions of the security guards and anyone else I could find. I finally found out that if I would go down the alley behind the building, they would probably come out after a while. My husband and I did so (he is so patient and understanding). After a while they came out with sparklers in hand singing Happy Birthday to someone. They were so happy. I waited a little so as not to interrupt their fun. Then I told each one how marvelous they were and said I would like to ask them one question. They said “Thank you” and then asked, “What would you like to ask us, ma’am?” I asked, “May I be your American Grandma?” At first I don’t know if they understood, then finally they said “Sure!” !  Later I tried to say something in Italian, but was so excited I could not think straight. Someone called Barbara over and she said, “It’s ok ma’am. I can tell by your smile and eyes” She was so sweet. When we left my husband said he did not get a pic of me and Ignazio-the camera was full. I made him delete other photos from our trip and go back. Ignazio graciously let him take our pic. I said,“T’amo—no no “ Ignazio knew what I meant and asked with his sweet smile,“Ti voglio tanto bene?” I said,”Yes, that’s it.” He laughed. My husband thanked him and told them how special they were. Ignazio was so polite and said,“Thank you, sir.” Here are two of the pics.

s- paula elkins 1

s-paula elkins 2


 Then I got another opportunity to see them with my husband and lovely granddaughter in Nashville, Tn. in June of this year. I again could not afford a m&g for 3-so I finally got and older gentleman that worked for the Schemerhorn Symphony House to take a note and pictures to them back stage. I had a note for each one re-telling about my Kentucky experience with them and pics. I asked each one if they remembered. During the concert I got my granddaughter to go up to the stage when Gianluca walked over to our side. She did and said she will never forget.

s-paula elkins 3

He reached for her hand and said, “Hi there.” Then he kissed her on top of the head. I don’t guess she will ever wash her hair again! I could see stars in her eyes. On the last song I decided to make my way to the stage also (I couldn’t stand it any longer). Gianluca was there. He reached down and took my hand and said, “Oh! you are the lady that sent the note backstage.” I said,”Yes, did you remember me?” He said that he did. Then Piero came over and he recognized me from the pics also and said he remembered. I was on cloud nine. I could never get Ignazio to come over to that side of the stage. He was busy on the other side.

After the concert we waited by the gate for 2 hours along with other folks to see if they would come out. They eventually did and came up to talk. I told each one how exciting the concert was and what wonderful young men they are! I told each one that I loved them—not for their stardom or popularity but because of their spirit and kindness and humble attitudes. Gianluca said, “I love you too, ma’am.” I finally got to talk to Ignazio and said,”Listen, Ignazio.”I then started to sing “Summertime” by Porgy and Bess. He loves this song and started singing with me. Then it was all over –they had to go. I was high for weeks afterward—could not think straight for re-living it over and over. Thanks for letting my share my experience of a lifetime with you. Hope to meet some of you one day.

~~Paula Elkins

Il Volo Professional ~~ Some Work and Some Play Make Il Volo Happy Guys


The guys are still having wonderful vacations, but sneaking in a little work too—and apparently having a lot of fun in the process.  I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did when you see it.  And Piero is receiving an award tonight!  More on that to come.  :)

~~ Kelly


Collaberation in Bologna

Bing Translation: On my drive #Agradecido have a collaboration [with] @ilvolo wonderful voices and people barbara! #MasAlla @SonyMusicLatin
Bing Translation: @GianGinoble: @montanertwiter was an honor working with you Ricardo! Totally grateful! ;) #masalla @MRmusica a @SonyMusicLatin hug


Bing Images

Ricardo Montaner

 The Guys have collaborated on a song with Ricardo Montaner.  Mr. Montaner is a singer/songwriter from South America with a career dating back to the 1970’s.  He has album sales to the tune of 22 million world wide as well as a recent Latin Grammy to his name.

Co-written with his son, Il Volo is featured on the song,  “Mas Alla”, and the album, “Llanto Agradecido” is set to release on November 4, 2014.

Click here —> to read more about Mr. Montaner and

Listen to some music here —>

Video Blog featuring Il Volo; Recording in Bologna;  via Ignazio Boschettobis Facebook; All Things Il Volo

You Tube video by MRcanaloficial

I love it when they are silly!    :D

Interview Discussing Album and Il Volo Contribution; Fans Club Enamorate con Il Volo Venezuela Oficial; shared by All Things Il Volo

Translations from All About Il Volo —>


Do We Get A Vote?

If we do, I vote that this makes it on the new album.  I don’t care if it is a solo or if it’s a group number, but our guys need to record this.  Who’s with me?    ;)


Gang, Remember, you can click on the pictures to see greater detail – Marie



It was all we had hoped for, and more! We are so fortunate to have 4 Flight Crew members who live relatively close (in the same state) and had the joy of meeting one another throughout the last year and a half. As we came off our “summer high” of attending the Milwaukee concert together, it was not long before we knew we needed to do something else IL VOLO related. Just didn’t want to let go of the great times we were having seeing Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio sing… well as being together as friends! The whole idea of a “convention” came about quickly and all plans fell into place…as if it was MEANT TO BE.

Set Up Crew

Set Up Crew

We were lovingly hosted by Suzy. She had for us a perfect hospitality room for our events. Jane, Allene, and Mary arrived on Friday afternoon, and the four of us got busy setting up pictures, posters, and memorabilia, including scrapbooks of concerts in Detroit, Milwaukee, and the MOA.

Joyce brought a video presentation of her photos from the Elgin concert. There were Beanie Babies with tags saying Minnesota IL VOLO Convention 2014 and framed 4×6 photos of the boys at various times of their careers for everyone to take home.

 We immersed ourselves in IL VOLO music and got things ready for the next day. That job being done we then sat down with a glass of wine and had a great visit.


Laura and Allene

Laura and Allene

Suzy Chose Wonderful Wines

Suzy Chose Wonderful Wines


 These are extraordinary women! We didn’t know each other before meeting on the FLIGHT CREW SITE and have become best of friends. We met Suzy at the MOA and later again at the concert in Milwaukee. Our bond of passion for IL VOLO has bound us all together like old (I mean that in the best sense) friends.

Joyce and Bonnie

Joyce and Bonnie


Saturday morning we were joined by Bonnie and Joyce who we hadn’t met before, but being true IL VOLO fanatics, they blended right in and we immediately felt like old friends.



Then came Dorothy, who we had met at the Milwaukee concert. She came ALL THE WAY FROM FLORIDA, and we were so happy to see her again.We thought some fun games would be a great way to celebrate the joy of these three young men in our lives. We played, Pin the mustache on Ignazio.

Pin The Mustache On Ignazio

Pin The Mustache On Ignazio


Poor Guy Still Not in The Right Place!

Poor Guy Still Not in The Right Place!


Try Again!

Try Again!



We'll Get it Right One of These Times!

We’ll Get it Right One of These Times!

(poor guy never did end up with a proper looking stach!)…

We also made words from “IL VOLO CONVENTION”, …Scrambled Song Titles, …and we had a hoot of a time writing captions for a group of pictures of the guys in various settings: everything from Gian sunbathing in his speedos to Ignazio grabbing Piero around the neck in Surrender! Lots of fodder for funny comments. Wish we could share them all with you.

We were going to order in lunch, but had set out an amazing array of snacks, furnished by the attendees…



Hors d'oeuvres and Snacks

Hors d’oeuvres and Snacks


The Cake (this picture submitted by Laura)

The Cake (this picture submitted by Laura)

I Have to Save His Face!

I Have to Save His Face!

I'm Going to Shellac it and Keep it Forever!!!

I’m Going to Shellac it and Keep it Forever!!!

Why on earth would we order out with a feast like that right before us?? We also canceled our dinner reservations at a lovely Italian restaurant as we were too busy still feasting on our own goodies and playing IL VOLO PICTIONARY!!

Dear Laura joined us in the afternoon as we were oohing and aahing over the Buon Natale and Mas Que Amor Special Edition DVD’s (The one with the Mexican girls with the blinking bows in their hair).

Watching DVD'S

Watching DVD’S

Lots of sharing of experiences and thoughts about our guys. Jane wowed us all with her game prizes that included (the now famous) samples of that heavenly cologne Iganzio was wearing at the Milwaukee Meet and Greet…the one that permeated her shirt until it wafted away overnight. Leave it to Jane to find those cute little sample sizes on Ebay!

We looked at pictures and enjoyed a trifold of photos called, “Do you remember when—?” The board of photos were depicting way back to when Gianluca won THE contest when they were young, all the way up to when they were showing off their manly chests at the gym. We agreed that while they all looked pretty manly, Ignazio won hands down for the MANLIEST. Jane had prepared signs for us to offer a very special TOAST wishing our lovely Board ladies a Happy First Anniversary of the site!

2014 Convention Board Toast

2014 Convention Board Toast


We had a ball playing IL VOLO PICTIONARY. Jane had prepared topics that were hilarious, and we cracked up trying to figure out the drawings. The hit was Laura’s depiction of NUTELLA, which showed a stick figure Gian stuffing his mouth with black scribbles and a drawing of Mr. Peanut. Hard to believe that it took us so long to figure that out, but Suzy finally got it. We laughed until our faces ached over that game.

Il Volo Pictionary Fun!

Il Volo Pictionary Fun!

Allene Determined to Make Us Understand!

Allene Determined to Make Us Understand!

Artists, We Are Not!

Artists, We Are Not!



Finally it was time to call it a night (or so we thought). While Jane and Allene drove Laura home, Mary thought it was bed time…but no, the party wasn’t over yet! After Allene and I returned, here came Suzy in her PJ’s with a bottle of “Chocolate wine”. So, of course, we had to toast the Flight Crew Board once again! Then it really was time for lights out and good night to the convention. It was such a great success, and we are already looking forward to our next get together—not as fancy as this convention, but we will definitely be spending more time together soon—all agreed to that. Bonnie and Joyce said they will come from Shoreview and Dorothy will come all the way from Florida when we just say the word.

It was with heavy hearts and tears and hugs that Suzy, Jane, Allene and Mary said good-by (I mean Caio) today. But thanks to email and the FLIGHT CREW SITE we will be communicating regularly and planning our next get together, which will be not too far away.

I don’t think Piero, Gianluca or Ignazio will ever be able to fully comprehend the incredible impact their lives have had on so many others. They are truly shining lights in this troubled world. We are all better people, friends, for having known them in our lives. Their song “WE ARE LOVE” sums it up so beautifully for them. Thank you dear guys for being you!

Mary and Jane

Il Volo Professional ~~ Interviews with Photo Shoots, Throwbacks and Beware of the Boogie Man — Or Something Less Serious

 Hey, Everyone!

It’s been a relaxing time for The Guys — for which I don’t begrudge them one minute.  The pics and tweets they have been sharing show them completely relaxed and happy.  I love it!

But it does make my job of tracking their professional work a little bit harder.  Thanks to LiJoy for her help in pointing me in the right directions.

~~ Kelly


Photo Shoots in Newsprint

Several news and magazine articles have been released in Italy in preparation for Il Volo’s upcoming concerts in September, all of  them including some pretty nice pictures of our guys.

The releasing of the articles has also inadvertently made a few things very clear for those less familiar with The Guys and their history by making some classic mistakes.  So if you fall into that category, listen up.  If you were watching Gianluca’s tweets this past Sunday, you might already have your facts straight:    ;)

Social Media Teaching Linchi Kwok Blog

1.) They are IL VOLO.  If you have another name or title in your mind, get it out.  Get it out; get it out; get it out! 

2.) They are two tenors and a baritone.  Please give each of them credit for their individual voice.

3.) They do not sing opera.  There is a difference between opera and Il Volo’s style. 

Got it?  Good!  If you don’t, they would be happy to explain it all.  ;)

Enjoy the pics!


Grazie a Elio D’Ascenzo per le foto! Prossimo appuntamento/concerto il 5 settembre al Teatro D’Annunzio a Pescara!;  Gianluca Facebook


Bing Translation: Thanks to Elio D’ascenzo for photos! Next event/concert on 5 September at the Teatro D’annunzio in Pescara!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Il Volo Takes Flight in Abruzzo

Appears by the photos to be based on the press conference in Pescara.

Translation from All About Il Volo —>

Gente Magazine

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



And a Surprise from All About Il Volo (first paragraph) —>

You’re gonna love it!    ;)    Trust me!

Throwback to Juarez

I know a couple of weeks doesn’t really count as a throwback, but here’s the full video of the interview from Juarez (the one in which The Guys invited us to experience FICH 2014)

Il Volo on FICH TV Juarez; interviewed by Daniela Baeza and Agústin Barrero

FICH Juarez

Translation provided by All About Il Volo here  —>

A Biography for Il Volo?

s - aaa It’s been all over this week that Il Volo is going to soon have a book written about them, and that seems to be true.  The author is reportedly and independent, Italian journalist that has written about The Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber and One Direction.

While it is always exciting when we see more and more people recognizing The Guys and their amazing talent and becoming more and more enamored with their story, there is some question as to whether this book has been authorized by Il Volo or any of their management.

No date has been set for publication, and it appears that it has already been pushed back from February of this year.

(All About Il Volo —> )

A True Throwback

 No intro needed.  Just sit back and smile.  :)

By geertiify

Il Volo Professional ~~ Breaking News: Premios tu Mundo Finalists…

premios tu mundo

The Finalists for

Duo o Grupo Favorito are:

1. Camila Mexico

2. Chino & Nacho


4.) Reik



We voted them into the Final Four!!! Did we vote enough to give them the win?

Tune in to Telemundo on August 21st to find out

(Check your local listings for times)!!!!

Tickets to the Awards show in Miami, FL are on sale through Ticketmaster, though it is unknown at this time if Il Volo will be in attendance. 


Click here —>