My 2014 Concert Experience ~ By Maddie

I attended 2 concerts his year—Newark on June 15 and Philadelphia on June 26.

As we were waiting in the lobby of NJPAC for the doors to open, I mingled in the crowd and met some Flight Crew members whose names escape me (forgive me). I also met some of my facebook friends as well, and was happy to meet people from both groups and put faces to the names.

We finally got to our seats and the show started with everyone so excited when the boys came out on stage and starting singing! There were many, many standing ovations, and their voices could have blown the roof off of the place. I, for one, cried a great deal during the show.

Ignazio came down into the audience while singing “Maria” and knelt down to a woman who was sitting across the aisle from me. When he was ready to go back on the stage I asked him for a kiss on the cheek and he obliged! The show was nothing less than perfect! Our guys always outdo themselves and that night was no exception!

The Philadelphia concert at The Mann Center was a little different for me. We were sitting in the first row of the orchestra section, behind the pit. However, our seats were to the far right of the stage and there were no seats in front of us. The pit is sort of a semicircle shape, and between the pit and orchestra sections at this venue there was a platform that went completely around the back of the pit section that is the same height as the stage. This platform allowed entertainers to walk between the pit and orchestra sections. As each of the guys walked around on the platform at different times while singing, I was able to touch hands with them as they went around and greeted their excited fans.

I brought a sign that read: “Ignazio, un bacio per te” and when he was on our side of the stage and saw my sign, he blew me a kiss, and of course I blew one back! I was on Cloud 9.

The Mann is an outdoor venue (our seats were under cover though). Knowing it was going to be hot and humid, I brought a hand held folding fan, like the Spanish and Japanese women use. While I was fanning myself, toward the end of the show, Ignazio was on our side of the stage again and was fanning himself with his hand because it was so hot. I offered him my fan and he took it from me and was fanning himself during the number.

m - Ignaziowithfan

I was so excited that he was using my fan! Then, lo and behold, he brought it back to me! I told him to keep it (what was I thinking) but he gave it back, and I am so glad he did. That fan will NEVER be used again by me or anyone else (except of course, Ignazio if the need and opportunity arise again).

The girls who were sitting in the pit, some of them “Flight Crew” members, took pictures of Ignazio using the fan, and have posted them on Facebook, and tagged me as well. There are also professional photographer pictures from the concert that show Ignazio returning my fan with a big smile on his face. He is such a beautiful young man.

After the concert, I went to the Meet & Greet, and for the life of me I can’t remember a word or what went on when I came face to face with the guys! I do remember handing them letters that I had written, but they were immediately collected by the “guard” and placed on a table with everything else that was given to the boys, and then the woman who was taking pictures with my friend’s camera said I had to get my picture and leave. Last year’s M&G was much nicer, and even though it was also a blur to me, I didn’t feel like I was part of a herd of cattle as I did this year.

As much as I listen to the Il Volo CDs and watch their DVDs and Youtube videos, there is nothing like their presence on stage, with their voices lifting the roof off of buildings! And, of course, all their other attributes, which are too numerous to mention here.

All in all, the two concerts I attended this year were spectacular, and the interaction with Ignazio that I experienced at The Mann will be etched in my mind forever!



Very cool story. Frame that fan!
Thank you for telling.

Flight Crew,
Bing thinks “Ignazio, un bacio per te”
means “Ignazio, a kiss for you”.
Humm, don’t know how I feel about that.




Il Volo Professional ~~Taormina Teaser


I owe a huge debt of gratitude to LiJoy for this, as she was hard at work helping to gather these videos into one place for me and making sure her settings  were compatible for me to use here.  The concert tonight was epic by all accounts, and trying to make sure I don’t miss anything will take a little while.  To make it easier for you, here is a little teaser of what happened tonight.  More to come!

Thank you, LiJoy!    <3    *Mwah!!*

~~ Kelly

Instagram Videos

The Crowd Gathers; @ernygino14; All About Il Volo

Granade; rockme_ilvolo Instagram

Piero Sings To His Mom; Cinzia Lisinicchia Facebook

Maria; Cinzia Lisinicchia Facebook

Brotherly Love; rockme_ilvolo Instagram

We Are Love; @julicass

Surrender; rockme_ilvolo Instagram

New Music!!!; All About Il Volo

Caruso; All About Il Volo

Un Amore Cosi Grande; @ilvolodallas


Il Volo Professional ~~ Tao Awards; Celebrating with Family and Fans


We’re letting the pictures speak for themselves today, so enjoy! 

And Guys, in case you didn’t know, we are so proud of you!!  Congratulations!  <3  :D

~~ Kelly


Curtesey of Il Volo YouTube


Taormina Scenery

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Fun in the Sun

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Award Night

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Joanie’s Meet and Greet Experience at The Palace Theater ~~ Stamford, CT, 2014


Here’s Joanie to tell us about her experience meeting The Guys on June 14.  It sounds really cute.  :)


First of all thank you to all you beautiful people on this site for always understanding my Il Volo passion !! Nobody else does !! Of course that’s why we’re here for each other !! So here goes my story. I hope I don’t bore you to death !!
My 3rd row seats in this relatively small theater were so close. Perfect !! The show was magical and the guys voices were flawless and magnificent as usual. I wished it would never end.

I met Barbara and wished her a Happy Birthday. We had a lovely chat and I said how wonderful it is that she and the guys love each other so much and she said they are family. So sweet. I also saw Anna. Now it was my turn to meet my gorgeous sweeties.



After hugging and kissing Ignazio I said can I jump up and down like your teenage fans? Then I jumped up and down and they jumped with me !! They are so adorable !!  I hope they read the cards I gave them because the serious stuff I didn’t get to say I said in the cards. In fact,I was so excited that it all seems like a dream now ! I want a do over !!

photo 2


Lots of kidding around,laughing and interaction !! They were so much fun. !! I hugged and kissed Piero and wished him a Happy Birthday( I thought I would melt into a puddle when they all hugged and kissed me too !!)  Then onto my darling Gianluca. I had been dreaming about a big hug and cheek kiss from him and that’s just what I got !!  He is so sweet and a really good hugger !!  Heavenly !!


Now we took the group photo but afterwards I forgot to get the program signed so I ran back and GG signed really fast-then threw the pen in the air to Piero who threw it fast to Ignazio !! Very funny !!    An amazing experience. I can’t wait to repeat it next year because I love them all more than ever now and miss them so much already. The End !!



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Il Volo Professional ~~ Awards of Recognition and Soccer Tournies


This post wasn’t meant to be an official Recap, but they are moving so fast this week, that it basically is…sorry about that.  :(


Piero Recognized with Award

While The Guys were in the US, Piero’s parents accepted an award from ANSABBIO and the City of Naro on his behalf for his work with them.

(from the Facebook page of Cinzia Lisinicchia, contributor to the event):


The presentation took place during the Evento Ansabbio Naro “Progetto Di Sensibillizzazione”  (Ansabbio Naro Event Sensibillizzazione Project) in late June.

AnsabbioAnsabbio is an organization dedicated to helping sick children.   You can learn more about them by visiting them at their

Official Website here —>

Facebook Page here — >

Congratulations, Piero!  And Bless you for your work!


Gianluca Watches Soccer

Gianluca took his love of soccer to the local level and was a special guest at a regional soccer tournament in Roseto degli Abruzzi.  These pictures were originally posted by @theilvoloversmx, but I found them thanks to our own, LiJoy.


Roseto_degli_Abruzzi-Stemma-Icon Roseto degli Abruzzi, more commonly Roseto, is a town and commune of the province of Teramo in the Abruzzo region of central Italy.

You can learn more about it on Wikipedia by

clicking here —> .

I have to admit that the beach resort thing has me most intrigued.    ;)



~~ Kelly

Il Volo Professional ~~ Recap Edition: Porta a Porta, Spring 2014


Before coming to the US, The Guys were in Rome taping an appearance on Porta a Porta with Bruno Vespa.  Frankly, I think everything came up so quickly, that there isn’t a lot written about this appearance, but we do have videos and pictures available for viewing.

Bruno Vespa

Bruno Vespa


Click here —> for a slideshow of pictures (thanks, LiJoy, for the link!)

From Porta a Porta’s Facebook page, you can view the entire interview here —> (they appear right around the 26 minute mark).


If you are more of a “popcorn stop” kind of viewer, enjoy the following YouTube videos.


Includes Ignazio’s “Caruso”

By: Valeria Pineda


By: Ишик Загой (translated: Ishik Zagoj)


By: Il Volo Mundial Dos



Il Volo Professional ~~ Another Nomination!!!!


Yes! The Guys have received a nomination for the

Premios tu Mundo 2014 Awards!


premios tu mundo

Il Volo — Duo o Grupo Favorito

(Favorite Duo or Group)


Bing Translation:  “That joy! We are nominated to the @PremiosTuMundo #PremiosTuMundo @ilvolo thank you!”

Yeah, “that joy!”   ;)   This is the summer of Il Volo!  Please take a minute to happy dance with me…  :D


graphics-dancing-383114“Premios tu Mundo” (Your World Awards) is a fan voted awards show celebrating the best in US Latin Pop Culture and will air from Miami on August 21st (watch the calendar for updates).

Click here —> to read more about the event, and here is the information you really want:

HOW TO VOTE (and ILVolovers rocked that vote during the Billboards, so I know we can do it again!):

Visit their official website here —>  . You may vote up to 10 times a day in the 26 categories through August 12th.  Follow @premiostumundo on Twitter and Instagram to join in the fun.  You can also find them on Facebook.

Congratulations, Guys!


Congratulations clap