Il Volo Professional ~~ The Guys Go Home, Part 5: Marostica

Hey, Everyone!

I know this is a little late–I’m sorry.   It seems like the weeknight concert has only affected me.    ;)   Lots of pictures out…some video…

I can’t believe another tour is over for The Guys.   So Sad.  But with a sold out crowd, they went out with a bang — and fireworks!


Daytime Preparation


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By Il Volo



Il Volo Facebook

Il Volo Facebook


Click here —> Beautiful Day ~~ Luana Bianchi; LiJoy

Click here —> Il Mondo ~~ Luana Bianchi; LiJoy

Click here —> Mamma  ~~ Luana Bianchi; LiJoy

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Click here —> Surrender (beginning) ~~ Massimo Fregnani Facebook

Click here —> O Sole Mio, “Spectacular finale!”  ~~ Luana Bianchi; LiJoy



Massimo Fregnani Facebook

Massimo Fregnani Facebook

Click here for over 200 pictures! —>  Il Volo in Marosctica Photo Album ~~ Il Volo Marostica Facebook



 In The Media

Click here —>   Il Volo va in orbita In piazza degli Scacchi decollano emozioni ~~ (print article) shared with LiJoy by Athina

Click here —> Il Volo en “La Vita In Diretta”  ~~ (video) Fans Club Enamorate con Il Volo Venezuela Oficial


Massimo Fregnani Facebook

Massimo Fregnani Facebook


Congratulations, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio!  It was such a pleasure to see you finally get to bring your music home! 


~~ Kelly


Ignazio’s Birthday Project



Hi, Everyone!

We thought we’d do something different this time for our beloved Mr. Dimples. But for this project, time is the main challenge.   Our Board has come up with the idea that we will collect birthday cards and send them over to Sicily – to Ignazio’s family pizzeria.

This is how it works.  Please send your cards to me :

Elaine Tse

1601 Bayshore Hwy, #341, Burlingame, CA  94010, USA

by 9/30/2014

I will pack all the cards in one package and send it to Italy via Express Mail.

Please make sure to allow adequate time for your card to arrive at my office.

Isn’t this exciting…so go now…get the card and send it over to me :)

Notes:  Please don’t seal your card since I will have to check all contents/messages.  Those that are deemed inappropriate will not be forwarded.

Thank you.

Il Volo Professional ~~ The Guys Go Home Part 4: Napoli

Hey, Everyone!

The Guys completed the the 4th show in Italy, in Napoli, on September 12, and it seems like it was just as successful and they were as well received as they always are.  Shoot; they even got their own pizza this time!

Il Volo Pizza


Click here —>  Italian Article About the Il Volo Pizza  ~~ shared with LiJoy by Athina

Click here —> Gianluca and “That’s Amore” ~~ Paolo Pagnani; Shared by Athina

Maybe I’m sappy, but I love that wherever they go, people take whatever they have to make a special moment for them.  Love to see that–especially in their home country.   :)


Media Rounds

As always, wherever they are, a little media work has to be done and appearances have to be made:

Click here —>  Summary of Agenda in Napoli ~~ All About Il Volo


Click here —> Il Volo on Radio Kiss Kiss ~~ All About Il Volo; includes podcast (look for the forward and backward radio buttons in the post)

Bing Images

TGR Campania Rai3; Bing Images

Click here —>  Il Volo on TGR Campania Rai3 ~~ All About Il Volo; includes videos


They Met with Children


On the day of the concert, Il Volo was invited to an event in the District of Sanità, a once thriving neighborhood that has fallen on hard times.  According to a piece written by our affiliates at AAIV, the Municipality of Napoli and many other social institutions are committed to reviving and supporting the community, and Il Volo was invited to help promote the culture of music.  Are there any better ambassadors for anything — especially for up and coming youth?  :)


Click here —> Il Volo — A Meeting With the Children of Napoli ~~ All About Il Volo

TV Interviews

By Commune di Napoli

By Pupia Campania

Fun With the Kids; Ignazio ~~ @mariesophie94; @ilvolotherapy Instagram

Click here —> Fun With the Kids; Full Video  ~~Fans Club Enamorate con Il Volo Venezuela Oficial


Mixing It Up With the Family, Friends, Fans and The Band…

…as usual.  Need I say more?   ;)


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The Concert






Un Amore Cosi Grande

By Dario Di Domenico


O Sole Mio

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lo che non vivo; Luana Bianchi

Click here —>  lo che non vivo; Erny’s Perspective ~~ @ernygino14

Click here —>  Can’t Help Falling in Love  ~~ Fans Club Enamorate con Il Volo Venezuela Oficial


By sabrina8d

Click here —> In Volo in Concert in Napoli — Review  ~~ All About Il Volo


OK.  It’s on to the final show…which is rumored to be sold out….!!!!   ;)


 ~~ Kelly

What Is Your Dream Meet and Greet?

IlVoloWolfTrap13June2014                                                  Il Volo Wolf Trap Meet and Greet June 13, 2014

Hello Il Volo fans!  I think it is reasonable to say that many of us have been to a few Il Volo meet and greets. Since the “We Are Love” and “Summer 2014″ Tours, I have been to 4 and each one of them was very different. Many of you have shared positive and negative experiences of your own and offered reasonable suggestions that you believe would make meet and greets better.  So please let us know what you think would constitute – a DREAM Meet and Greet with Il Volo!  Thanks!  Michele

What’s YOUR Favorite Italian Movie?



Do you have a favorite Italian movie or really like a movie that has anything to do with Italia? I have a few, some are old and a few are even older. I found many of them after my first trip to Italia! Some of my favorites include the titles listed below.

Cinema Paradiso is my absolute favorite!  The scenery is beautiful and much of it is filmed in Sicilia, the island Piero and Ignazio call home!  Look for the shot of the limoni (lemons) on Salvatore’s mother’s table! They are beautiful and huge – just the way they grow in Sicilia!

Do you have a favorite movie that has anything to do with Italia?   Please let us know!    Thanks!  ~ Michele

MY FAVORITE!  Cinema Paradiso  1988

Cinema Paradiso film locations:

Roman Holiday 1953

Three Coins in the Fountain 1954

A Room with a View  1985

Stealing Beauty 1996

Under the Tuscan Sun 2003

Letters to Juliet 2010


Breaking Away 1979  (Many references to “things” relating to Italia and from Italia)


Here’s how Tippy spent her 85th.

s - tippy


On Aug 28, 2013, my 85th birthday, I celebrated at the We Are Love concert in The Gibson Theater, Universal City, SO CAL!

s - tippy2
The very best birthday of my life!!

Four of us went. My dear friend, IlVolover Marlene, my dear Grand Daughter, Dara, & her friend, Polly.  Our seats were good, I thank PBS. All of the crowd around us were there for a great evening! To share Il Volo love!!! Edgar Cortazar & his sweet family sat in front of us! He & Mark Portman composed We Are Love! He autographed our Il Volo booklets & wished me a happy birthday! Dara chatted with him the most. He told us our guys are great to work with! On time & prepared!

Word got around our seats & people were stopping by to wish me a happy birthday!

This was my first time to see the guys, Marlene & I were in seventh Heaven!! Dara & Polly (long time concert goers) said it was the best concert they had ever seen!! It was a magical, wondrous, enchanted evening!!! This was the concert where they seemed to be on upper stage singing behind the screens! Piero appeared on the unlit stage first, followed by Gianluca, & Ignazio! Realizing they were there, in front of us, we were all on our feet applauding as the lights came up! So wonderful to see them in
person! We were a great audience, clapped as each new song started! Standing ovation at each song’s end! Their performance was perfect, as always! I fell more deeply in love as the music unfolded! I felt like my heart would burst with the magnificence of their voices!! The Maria with the girls was such fun!! Toward the end of the concert Gianluca & Piero took off their jackets & laid them on the piano.
Ignazio said if they were taking off clothes, he was taking off his shoes! He did & performed a few songs in his socks. It was a beautiful concert!!!

We had M&G tickets! There were only 20 of us with PBS M&G tickets. Live Nation had a lot of people & went in first. They seated us all in upper theater seats as we waited! A happy crowd & waiting was comfortable just chatting with those around. I knew if I told the Boys it was my BD they would sing to me! Finally it was our turn, just the 4 of us, one on one! A big room with the banner Il Volo In Concert on the back wall. They were standing waiting for us for the photos!

s - tippy8

I get brain fade in their presence!!! So don’t know exactly what happened! I went up first & did manage to tell Ignazio that it was my 85th BD! The photo taken show them singing to me in our group pic.

s - tippy7

Maybe they sang twice. Ignazio looked down at me, I’m not very big, & said. Your birthday, hmmm, as tho he was considering a world problem. Then they all started to sing. I did not tell them how wonderful they & their amazing music are! My granddaughter said that didn’t matter, all they had to do was look at my face, it was radiant!!! The photographer said we were photogenic & took 8 photos when since there were 4 of us, she was only supposed to take the 4.

s - tippy3

Marlene is from England & had a purse with London double-decker bus on it so Ignazio remarked to her that he has gone to London many times. We got our photos taken & as I got to Gianluca I did tell him my husband was Italian & had family living in Italy. He asked where & I said Fondi, he said it was a beautiful region. Then we were outside & it was over!

We walked around their big white buses 2 & found we were close to the performers entrance. Not wanting this wonderful nite to end we tried to decide who would go to get the car. I need to throw in here, PBS stayed with us until we got into our car & started home! I was very impressed with that! We could see into the entrance & saw Gianluca & Ignazio walking down the hall. Polly went to get the car. Before she came back Piero popped out the entrance! He was with an older woman who was on the
phone. At that time I didn’t realize you can talk to our guys anytime you meet! I did have enough wits to call over to him that they were wonderful & his voice magnificent! He said thank you very much!

We all had the time of our lives, the concert being much more than expected!! It was an enchanted evening! We got to my Granddaughter’s home late, going up to bed at 1:50 AM. Beautiful memories for us all!!! August 28th was my 86th BD. I plan to go to next year’s Concert & anywhere here when they return to the States! The more you see our wonderful guys, the more you want to see them again!!


Il Volo Professional ~~ The Guys Go Home Part 3: Pescara

Hey Everyone!

I don’t think anything I could say would match what Gianluca has already said, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet today, simply saying, “Enjoy!”

~~ Kelly

Recognition Ceremony

The day before the concert, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were honored at a ceremony at Roseto degli Abruzzi.  The mayor and several other officials were in attendance as well as several of The Guys’ parents.  You can see them hiding out in a few of the photos…   ;)      And as always, they never shy away from a moment with their fans…

Click here for video —>   Reconition in Prescara; Gianluca’s Speech; Paolo Di Vincenzo Facebook.

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What It Means to Sing At Home; Gianluca’s Words

All About Il Volo —>


Concert Day

Included sound check, a Meet and Greet and what appears to be an interview for one of the mammas….


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The Concert

Gianluca’s Facebook

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Massimo Fregnani Facebook


We Are Love

lo che non vivo ;Shared by Ercole Ginoble Facebook


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Il Volo ~~ Pescara 2014 Playlist

By Queen1700 and sabrina8d




All About Il Volo —>

Italian Article —>



A Proposal     <3



  Congratulations on another sold out concert, Guys!