Il Volo Professional ~~ The Critics Have Spoken; What Say You?


When it comes to Grande Amore and whether or not Il Volo is Italy’s best chance for Eurovision victory, the critics and detractors have had their say.  

I have been thinking long and hard about my response and while I have a not so politically correct one, I decided that there could be no better way than to let IlVolovers do the talking.  Which we have done.  Eloquently.  Over and over again.  Here are a few that stood out to me when I posed the question on Twitter and something more recent from Gary Istok, from ATIV.  Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca?  I hope you’re reading!  :D



That’s what YOU say!  With the comments throughout this board, I think that IlVolovers far outweigh the critics, and dare I say, Il Volo has the most loyal and fiercely passionate fan base going into Eurovision!



~~ Kelly

Lucky To Live With Passion

DSCN0921 marie

I first saw them standing there on the stage that lucky night. They just looked so beautiful standing there. And when they began to sing I wanted everything to stop. I wanted nothing to change… ever again. If they could just keep standing there so beautiful so…

That is beginning to be a long time ago now.

I have been lucky enough to attended 6 concerts. All heart stopping. But ah, that first fall concert of 2013. I wrote this poem then. Those of you who have been around a while might remember it. It’s when our Boys were Boys. If you’ve been to a concert you know the feeling. If you haven’t, well.. here’s some idea.


Concerts come and concerts go.

Some even cost a lot of dough.

Some are weak and some are strong

Some are great and some just wrong.

But the very best one by far,

for this one night … a shining star.

On September 5th I heard them sing

with an orchestra and all they bring.

They stood there, all three, handsome and young.

Pride in their eyes, music on their tongue.

When they began I started to weep.

I’d had visions of this in my sleep.

I sniffed alot and looked around.

All were moved by that wondrous sound.

It came from Ignazio’s heart and Piero’s soul.

Beautiful Gianluca had a goal.

He wanted to prove he loved us back

by giving us what we all lack.

Italian words, at an Italian pace,

In an English song so full of grace.

We all stared in disbelief.

Time moved quickly, the show seemed brief.

There was never a trio who

could mesmerize like these guys do.

It really happened, this quest we shared.

How could any of us have been prepared.

To hear what we heard, to see what we saw,

Impossibly without a flaw.

They won my heart, oh, a while ago.

And on this night I loved them so.

Those Angles sang to us…they sang to me!

My body shook, I knew all could see.

The passion I have for those three guys

Took no one there by surprise.

Mothers, Daughters, Fathers too

All had a look as if they knew.

These lads will grow up to be men.

We hear them now, we’ll hear them then.

But on this night, oh, this night of joy!

I saw heaven there and not a boy.


Two Things

Quick note: After an email from Jane (maryjane) about multiple voting, for the concert and party, at the “Il Volo to Las Vegas” ( Site, I asked Myron for clarification. Here, in part, was his answer:

“Eventually, everyone that wants to participate in our fan faire will have to register and of course, they will only be able to register once. so right now it does not make sense for them to vote more than once . It is not like the contests where the more votes the better. Here we are trying to find out how many people might be interested in coming so as to judge the size of the venue we contract.”



Detroit Public TV march 24th.JPG 2
Will you look at this?! You know you’ve made it when a publication uses your name to promote another performer. What a huge compliment!

Detroit Public TV march 24th

Danielle’s Diaries

danielle's diaries Il Volo fan and college student.  Her experience following Il Volo during the Sanremo Music Festival

Danielle’s Diaries
Il Volo fan and college student. Her experience following Il Volo

Ciao everyone!! It’s been a crazy couple weeks for me! Since it’s close to April Fools I thought I’d tell you about a prank my roommate and I pulled on our friend last year, it involves Il Volo. But first, since many of you haven’t heard the story, let me tell you what happened with Gian, Ignazio, and my hair at the meet and greet, lol.

So after I got my picture with the guys, I turned to Ignazio and was thanking him again and hugging him and just pretty much freaking out. Well, my back was to Gian and my longer than waist length, very thick hair caught his attention. Gian started touching my hair and saying how amazed he was with how long it is and he accidentally caught my already loose ribbon on his sleeve and completely untied it. Ignazio smacked his arm and said “Yes yes, she has beautiful hair, you have your own beautiful hair! Leave hers alone!” Ignazio then turned me around and retied my ribbon and then hugged me again. I still have that ribbon and am never untying that bow! Hehe!

Now for my April Fool’s Day story! My roommate and I last year had a friend who we could tell liked the guys, but she wouldn’t admit it to us. She’d say she liked their music but she wouldn’t admit to liking them like we did. Well when the pictures of the guys with Pope Francis got posted she finally couldn’t contain herself anymore and started gushing about how adorable Gian’s smile was. This gave my roommate and I an absolutely hilarious idea. We printed around 80 wallet sized pictures of Gian, mainly of him smiling but of course we included many speedo ones as well! She had to work the entire morning of April Fool’s Day, and had Chem lab with me in the afternoon. So that morning my roommate and I snuck into her room and tapped pictures all over it. On her door, in her fridge, in her closet, above her bed, on her walls, on her desk, everywhere! We even made streamers of pictures that we hung just inside the door! We had three friends hide in her room to video her reaction and I pretended to just be going to her room with her after we got back from class and videoed from that angle. Her reaction was hilarious!!! She was basically attacked by the streamers as she walked in the door and then she was laughing so hard she could barely look for the other pictures! It took her almost a week before she finally found all the pictures we’d hidden, lol. It was one of the best pranks ever!

One more quick story for you all, I showed the Grande Amore video to two more of my friends and both were literally almost drooling over Piero and Ignazio and when Gian’s mask got pulled off at the end and he smiled both of their jaws literally dropped and the one said “That’s it, a Spiderman kiss is now on my bucket list. He’s so sexy!! How is that even possible?!?” And both friends told me the other day that they have each watched the video at least 20 more times on their own.

I hope you guys enjoyed my adventures again! I have tons and tons of homework to do and I think I’m getting sick, so until next time, Ciao ragazzi!! Ti voglio bene!

The Party’s in Vegas!

Hey Crew,

Some really good folks you might know are trying to get Our Boys to Vegas for a concert and fan get-together for us all!  You all know Myron Heaton. You have read and enjoyed his contributions to this site.  He has been a part of this crew from the beginning.  Myron and his Las Vegas group, Including our own Jannette, have developed a website and are running a poll to show the guys how many people are interested.

It would be such a dream to meet as many of you there who could make it !

Our fingers are crossed.  We support this effort completely!

Las Vegas

For a link to the site click here ⇓

You Know You Have Questions ~~ Penina

Penina - questions for the girls -boys

Hi Everyone,

I am sure we have all watched the video of Grande Amore many, many times. And I am also sure we are full ofPenina - questions for the girls - potter questions about the girls in the video. Not only about the girls, but questions we’d love to ASK those girls! I wish there was a way we could interview them. Or get someone else to interview them! But until that happens, we can pretend we are interviewing them! So get out your microphones everyone, and ask away!
Penina - questions for the girls -futureYou can address any one of the three girls—or ask a question for each of them. I want to know if they knew about Il Volo before they were chosen for this video. And how they were chosen. Did the boys each select their own partner? And if they didn’t know Il Volo before, are they fans now?
Questions, questions—and no one to give us answers!

And there is this one: What’s it like to kiss Gianluca Penina - questions for the girls -spidyupside-down?And how many takes did you do before you got it right? Oh, you kept messing it up on purpose?