#LMIA2014 Voting Blitz ~~ Day 1

10726780_1502388250019816_268997053_n Hey Everyone! 

It’s the first voting blitz for the Latin Music Italian Awards 2014!!

So, I would have to be living under a rock not to see all of the concern over the voting process that is being voiced here and elsewhere in the Il Volosphere.  I know it’s been frustrating to be locked out during the voting, but you have kept at it.  I think we all agree that supporting the guys at anytime is fun, and could be even more fun if we do it together, am I right?  Today, let’s not only support Il Volo, but have fun doing it!




To go along with the voting, we have a question of the day for you:

Il Volo Deserves This Recognition Because…

While you’re voting, finish this sentence with as many reasons as you can think of throughout the day! 


Ok.  Are you ready?  Get set…VOTE! 

~~ Kelly

Meet Ineke


The Lovely Lady proudly displaying this years concert t-shirt is Ineke. Although you have to look hard for her occasional comments, she is an avid Flight Crew Member and my friend. She has been with The Flight Crew since the “old site” and reads us three times a day! Believe me she knows all of you! I’m happy to spotlight her so you can all meet this Crew Sister. Ineke hasn’t had a chance to actually see her beloved Il Volo Boys (Gianluca!) in concert yet. She is going to have to wait for them to come a little closer to her home in Amanzimtoti, KwaZuluNatal, South Africa.

u - Inke w t-shirt

Say hi to Ineke!




Il Volo has been nominated for this year’s Latin Music Italian Awards, and if these first few days are any indication, it’s going to be a fight to the finish. Are we up to it?

To encourage and inspire us along the way, join All Things Il Volo, Il Volo Flight Crew and All About Il Volo for three separate, special days of voting and fun!

Of course, we have to vote everyday–EVERYDAY! But, mark your calendars for these special days and then spend the day with your fellow Il Volo family blitzing the vote so our guys come out on top!

Each day will have a different theme, so stay turned as they days get closer!   #ILVOLOVERSPOWER


Click here —>  VOTE FOR IL VOLO!!!!

Mary Hears Bocelli

Hey Crew,
Here is part of an email I received from Mary Bohling while I was on vacation. I want to share it with you (I added the pictures). She won’t mind. Will you Mary?


Pardon me, but I feel a lecture coming on. I just have to tell you about what has helped keep me from going crazy during the time of “not enough Il Volo.” I have a new enthusiasm for Andrea Bocelli since Il Volo has taught me to love anything Italian—especially the language and especially when the language is sung.
s - bocelli - Mary

 I just got my copy of his new DVD, “Vivere, Live in Tuscany”. (Amazon, $20 for DVD and CD two disc set) I knew I would love it, since I already have “I Found My Love in Portofino” DVD and CD, and love that.


Let me say at the outset, that while I do love Andrea’s singing, he can’t compare to the voice of Piero Barone….he is second choice, but since Piero has yet to come out with a disc of solos, I have to be content with supplementing with Andrea. It is interesting to note that the new DVD’s music was produced by Humberto Gatica and co-produced by Tony Renis. Have they been too busy with Andrea to spend more time getting our boys out there in front of the public, especially in the US?

Back to “Vivere”. There is lovely Tuscan scenery at the beginning and the filming is gorgeous throughout. I did notice that Andrea, like Piero, wears a scarf and leaves his shirttail hanging out…also dresses beautifully. The orchestration is superb. There are guest appearances, notably Kenny G. and Sara Brightman. The pianist Lang-Lang is wonderful, Chris Botti nice, as usual. I must include that A.B.’s version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, while adequate, doesn’t begin to compare to Gianluca’s.
g - selfie

The final song, with Sara Brightman (who I think would be great with our guys) is one that I didn’t recognize by name “Con te partiro”, but as soon as they started to sing I knew our boys have sung it beautifully. I didn’t know it meant, “time to say good-by,” but it is very lovely and you would know it right away. Also of note: he does “Il Mare Calmo Della Sera” which you may remember Ignazio singing when he was 14 or 15….and he has done it more recently, too.
i - Il Mare..

Again, while A.B. is admirable, I’m afraid our guys are raising the bar too high for anyone else to reach.

But we must deal with the fact that we need some supplementation, since we just can’t get enough of them. After all, they are only human (or are they?) and we do have appetites to satiate. So, I’m just suggesting that if you need more Italian (and who doesn’t?) Andre Bocelli is there for us, and while I have to extol Il Volo over everyone else I really do appreciate A.B.

Sorry if I rambled on too long, but just listened to two hours of “Vivere” and feel the need to tell my IV friends that I think they would enjoy that and “Portofino” a lot.

With Il Volo Mary

About Linda

Hey Crew,

Just wanted to let you know how much Linda loves her cards and notes.  She said to tell you all that the other patients are jealous of her because she get’s more mail than anyone!  “It is the bright spot of my day”.  I knew it would be!

Terese, she told me about every item in the red envelope you sent.  She loved it, especially the picture of Ignazio!

me (in pink) and Linda over Mojitos last winter.

me (in pink) and Linda over Mojitos last winter.

Her status is the same.  She will, hopefully, be able to have her computer with her soon.  

What a crew!  Thank you all so much!


A Professional In Case You Missed It

s - linda Hey Everyone!

No one can ever replace our faithful reporter, Linda, and I know we are all missing her. Since The Guys have been mixing business and pleasure as they jet across the world and back, I dedicate my Professional to Linda and give you an In Case You Missed It  crossover.  Enjoy!

Get Well Soon, our friend!

~~ Kelly

In Case You Missed It…

Ignazio came home from Russia and celebrated his birthday with his sister, who was kind enough to share a bit of the celebrations with the fans.  Thanks LiJoy for pointing them out!


Il Volo Professional…

We know The Guys have been all over recording, most recently in Miami, where they received a very warm reception (don’t they always?) , took random selfies/pictures,

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And hinted that great things were happening…

Which turned out to be joining the @SonyMusicLatin Family.



This is the 2nd situation in which we’ve heard the name, Sony, in conjunction with Il Volo, so I’m hoping this is going to be a great partnership between them.   It seems like it will be because…


The Best is Yet to Come!

Where In The Heck?

Heading to Italy… bye Is been a GREAT trip!


Back home . Miami see you soon ! xxx