Il Volo Professional ~~ Miscellaneous Happenings and a New Song

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Sorry I’ve been MIA this week.  Lots of little things about The Guys have popped up over the past two weeks as they got ready to head to Pescara.  I understand that that show is SOLD OUT, and the others are on their way.  There are still tickets available for anyone that is wanting to make a quick trip to visit:

Massimo Fregnani Facebook

Again I say, if you’re surprised by that, you have two choices: you can leave because you’re on the wrong website, or you can stick around and fall in love!  (Choose option two!   :)   )

Anyway, let’s make a quick turn around Il Volo’s world before we settle in for the upcoming concerts.  And pay attention; there’s gonna be a quiz at the end.   ;)


Special Guest Announced for Italy Tour

Daniele Falasca with Gianluca

Daniele Falasca with Gianluca

Il Volo has announced a special guest for the remainder of their tour through Italy.

Daniele Falasca is a musician, composer and accordionist.


Here is his bio from his YouTube channel (translated by Athina Angelopoulos)

Musician / Composer

Attracted by the sounds since he was four years old thanks to the passion for music of his grandad. Courses of classical accordion completed at the age of 16 and a few years later he took his diploma in piano with the highest marks and with honors from the Conservatory “A. Casella” in L’Aquila under the guidance of the maestro Vincenzo Di Sabatino. He attended master classes in classical piano with the maestro Bruno Canino and the maestro Aldo Ciccolini.

Currently he is working with great musicians such as: Fabrizio Bosso, Marco Tamburini, Tullio De Piscopo, Luca Bulgarelli, Luca Colombo, Fabrizio Mandolini, Amin Zarrinchang and many other great jazz musicians, Italian and from Abruzzo such as: Daniele Ferretti, Massimiliano Coclite, Arturo Valiante and Glauco Di Sabatino. He has released 4 albums and all the tracks are his own compositions!!!

And here’s a fun fact: Daniele was Gianluca’s piano teacher before and during Ti lascio una canzone!

Click here —>

and here —>

for the Italian articles, and visit Daniele’s YouTube Channel

here —>

I think his contribution will give the concerts a very special, “old world” (a term for which I can’t think of an equivalent and I’m not sure is exactly expressive of what I’m thinking) feel.    What do you think?

By Daniele Falasca


Gianluca Receives Recognition

DuriMontepeganofestivalng some of his vacation Gianluca enjoyed the Rinascimento Paganese Rosetano Festival  in his home villiage of Montepegano, and he was recognized in a video montage including Il Volo.   You can see the video below.  According to our friends at All About Il Volo, Gianluca said that he loves his village and wanted to spend his vacation there–which I’m pretty sure he did.   ;)


Athina shared this fun video tribute of the Jazz Festival he also attended on LiJoy’s Facebook page.  She mentioned that you could see some familiar faces; see if you can pick them out.   :D

By Montepagano Jazz Festival


Another Song for Ignazio

It was reported by Linda that Ignazio has been working on a project with his friend, Gino di Vito.  Now we know what they have been working on: a new song!  Ignazio has been responsible for the arrangement and the lyrics, and Gino the portions of music for Guitar.



duosis01It is to debut at the finals of this year’s 57th Festival di Castrocaro,on August 30, by Chiara Cusumano and Giorgia Vassalo , also known as The Duo Sisters.

Click here — > to visit All About Il Volo and read all about the Festival and the Duo Sisters.

Good Luck, Ignazio, and we can’t wait to hear your song!

EDIT:  Ignazio’s song, “Paura d’amare,” debuted today!  It is my understanding as I research that The Duo Sister’s didn’t win the competition, unfortunately.  But congratulations to them on making it to the finals, and congratulations to Ignazio for having another original song showcased!

I’m still looking for a full video and lyrics/translations, but here is a taste from TheIlVoloversMx (thanks to Athina for pointing it as well as the still photo out on LiJoy’s page):

The Duo Sisters at Festival di Castrocaro; Athina Angelopoulos

The Duo Sisters at Festival di Castrocaro; AthinaAngelopoulos


Click here- –>



 EDIT #2:      Full video of the performance

By Il Volo


 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Many people nominated The Guys for the challenge but it was Maestro Placido Domingo’s nomination that drew them out:

Maestro Domingo

By Roscle



 EDIT: Ignazio

Great job, guys!  This is a very worthy cause, and in the spirit of Gianluca’s plea via twitter for people to donate, we stand behind The Guys in their effort to raise awareness.  If you would like to learn more about this devastating disease and donate in Il Volo’s name, you can go to


~~ Kelly

Music Notes ~ Il Volo – Taormina July 20, 2014 ~ Myron Heaton

 Note:  8/31/14 ~ New addition. See concert order list on bottom of post!

a - Taormina - by bambar 7-20-14

I had not planned to write a review of this concert originally because it was to be mostly a repeat of the tour concert that they did in the USA. However, after watching this concert on DVD several times now, I feel I need to point out some reasons why this is a very, very special concert. In the past two years Il Volo may have done more singing in the Americas than their home country, but 2014 is providing more quality time for the boys to share their music with their home land. Of all the 2014 concerts so far (in Europe or the USA/Canada) the most exciting has turned out to be this concert in Taormina in Sicily. This ancient and historic site has been used for concerts many times down through the years but I don’t think any has been more elegant and done with more class. Once again, I did not see the concert live which means I am left to using a DVD of the concert for this review. The problem with this is that sometimes I am reacting to situations due to the camera work and not the live concert.

a -a taormina - myron

Click Here →


Since Il Volo is using a larger than usual orchestra (hooray ! ! ) the boys have to work in a different way with the stage space they have. Most of the time it works; but once in while they have a traffic jam on stage including Ignazio being occupied doing drums while Piero and Gianluca start “Beautiful Day” by themselves. But the guys have become such good showmen that they are able to gracefully move through those short jams. Based upon the video, Gianluca and Piero covered it just fine. These guys have so much natural charm that they don’t have to pretend. A little jam on stage comes off as cute and funny.

The lighting seemed to be very effective and the follow-spots were on target 95% of the time (better than L.A. on June 7th). My pet peeve: my favorite guys should not be singing in the dark! Judging from this video the sound system seemed to be balanced pretty well except a couple of times when the percussion sound was diminished too much.

As part of the staging of this particular concert the natural setting is the most important part and rather than try to describe it, I invite you to just look at pictures presented earlier on this site or just google it. It is an OUTSTANDING location and it just seems perfect for three great-looking young men in tuxes. A classy place with classy men.


The repertoire was mostly the music from the June tour in the USA/Canada which they, themselves described as “an evening of Il Volo favorites” from over the past three years. For this program a few of those songs were dropped and some new ones added.

I am selecting “Caruso” from this (July 20 ) performance as the most passionate and emotional singing of the whole concert. Watch this if you have not seen it. Ignazio and Gianluca weep their hearts out for this song and Piero holds it together. You must see this with a box of tissue.

“Anema e Core” – sung by Gianluca

composer Salvatore d’Esposito and Italian lyrics by Tito Manlio from the early 1950s Perry Como had a big hit with this song in 1966 with the English text “My heart and soul “. Friends: I went back and listened to Dean Martin’s version, Perry Como’s version, Andrea Bocelli’s version, Michael Buble’s version and none of them is as good as this. This was, for me, one of the highlights of the concert. Gianluca, as usual you give me tears and I must borrow a phrase I used in the June review: This was “Painfully Beautiful”. Good Lord ! What a performance.

 “Io Che non Vivo piu di un ‘ora” – ( sung by all three)

composed by Pino Donaggio & Vito Pallavicini, an Italian song in the early 1960s; then recorded by Dusty Springfield in English in the UK and later by Elvis known as “You Don’t have to say you love me” – This ended up being an audience sing-along and very fine indeed ! It was a lot of fun. Even as they sang it in Italian we found ourselves singing it in English.

I was delighted to see that they brought some local musicians to the show. A guest guitar player; (used beautifully with Ignazio’s version of “Memories”) a guest accordion player; (used wonderfully to duet with Gianluca in “Anema e Core” and a Sicilian folkloric group. This was a way to show off the Sicilian heritage and cultural influence of the area by using authentic instruments and a certain unique vocal style that is part of their history. Since Piero and Ignazio live in Sicily it was wonderful to have them join in.

I hinted earlier about a negative comment: The orchestra was rather good but sometimes it was evident that they had not tuned carefully. This was a problem for the strings and mid-range brass primarily and it really only showed up in a few exposed places. Given that small item, I was really happy to see an orchestra almost twice a large as usual used here.


The video I was watching was taken rather close up and it gave great chances to watch these wonderful singers doing their work. This close you can see that each of them was a little nervous to do the best work and that is a good thing. When you see just a little nervous look then you can tell it is going to be a careful program. For each of the boys vocal tone has gotten better and better as each matures and it was on beautiful display here. Pitch is right on the money (I wish the orchestra strings had the true sense of pitch that our guys have) . If I had to pick on a small thing it would be that with a couple of the easier songs the vowels got just a little tired or lazy but for 99% of the time the vowels were fantastic. These guys (especially Gianluca) are setting the highest standards for gorgeous vowel sounds. Vocal tone projection was very strong without the “blasting” of so many modern singers. The softer sections were done with great care. Soft singing has always been one of the strong points of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero – they do it so well you get chills up and down your back from the artistry. I only wish that the audience would stop the rude noise (talking, singing along out of tune or starting applause too soon ! ! ) and let us hear those beautiful soft sounds. Beautiful, rich and dark head tone – this only happens after years of private voice work and a great vocal coach. If only other modern-day singers could open their minds up and understand that.

A cultural look at this from an American perspective

I wish that Il Volo would release the DVD of this program for America. True fans would love it and find it especially interesting if you remember a few things. We have watched and I have reviewed on this site concerts that Il Volo has done here in the USA/Canada. Even though there were different languages involved in the music of those concerts, the boys still nurtured and shaped the show toward an American audience in the way they drew on common American concepts and cultural ideas. But here, even though there were a number of Americans and Canadians in the audience, the whole thrust of the mood was Italian culture and drew on that huge influence. The same songs as our tour in June took on a different color. You don’t need to speak Italian in order to follow some of the banter the boys did between songs. Most of the time you could get it and it was delightful and warm-hearted and funny.

For me this was a curious circle: I saw them in June in Los Angeles at the “Greek” Theater which is a modern pretend version of the ancient Greek theaters of Italy and Greece. Now it was exciting to see the boys at a true Greek Theater. I only wish I could have been there in person.

One last thing for this program: We have been used to our boys working their heads off to please the American/Canadian audience. This time it was soooo good to see them really excited about performing for their homeland. Yes, they have given other concerts in Italy this year and there are more to come but this was very special. The excitement was visable. Even though they have sung “Mama” many times watching them do it this time – with Gianluca running out to the 12th row where his mother was sitting and hugging her non-stop while singing – was very, very much more meaningful. By the way, the other mamas were there too but this one really struck me. Later, he ran out to his Grandpa and gave him a big hug. Love abounds all over the place. This concert was very important for the boys of Il Volo vis-a-vis the Italian people and so as their fans, it should be special for us as well.


 Taormina – Sicily, Italy – Concert on July 20, 2014.

concert order:

  1. Un Amore Cosi Grande (2:00)

  2. Granada (5:30)

  3. Tous Les Visages de l’Amour (10:10)

  4. We are Love (13:38)

  5. No Puede Ser – Piero’s solo (18:37)

  6. Caruso (23:33) – (all three ) (magnificent ! )

  7. Quando l’Amore Diventa Poesia (29:14) – Ignazio’s solo

  8. Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te / You don’t have to say you love me (33:43) – in Italian ( and an old Elvis song)

  9. Can’t Help Falling in Love with You (36:34) – Gianluca’s solo

  10. E Piu Ti Penso (41:19)

  11. E La Mia Vita (46:34)

  12. Mattinata (51:00)

  13. Memory (53:53) – Ignazio’s solo with special guitar solo

  14. >>> special guest group – “Sicilia in Folk” (59:50) (Piero and Ignazio)

  15. >>>Special guest Sicilian Folklorico group- “Sicilia in Folk” (1:04:31)

  16. Il Canto (1:06:12)

  17. Smile (1:11:34)

  18. Mamma (1:16:34)

  19. Anema e Core (1:20:33) – Gianluca’s solo with accordion solo

  20. Maria (1:26:00)

  21. > > > Intro’s including Gianluca’s Grandpa (1:30:27)

  22. Non Ti Scordar Di Me (1:35:39) – Piero’s solo

  23. Beautiful Day (1:39:33)

  24. Surrender (1:43:03) ( usually the official end of concert )

( encores )

    1. Il Mondo (1:47:53)

    2. O Sole Mio (1:52:18)

    (Addition thanks to Myron and Jeanine)


    Ask Your Board

    Hey Everyone!

    Our anniversary month is drawing to a close.  It’s been so great reading everyone’s memories and comments.  We’ve loved reading about the convention in Minnesota, reviewing our last year and dusting off our original background.  I know my board sisters and I enjoyed reliving how we got the blog started and how much our lives have changed since then.  We hope you have too. 

    Before we end the chapter on our first year, we have one more activity we hope you’ll like:





    For the next three days, we invite you to send us a question you would like to ask about us.  It can be a question for the board as a whole, directed toward one member specifically or about some aspect of the website/featured piece/etc.  At the end of the three days, we will go through them, pick a few, and then we will post them with the answers later this month.  


    Sound fun?  We hope so!  E-mail us your question using the “Contact Us” Form until August 26th, and then watch for the post! 


    EDIT: Deadline to submit questions has been extended to August 28th.   Get your questions in!   :D




    ~~ Kelly

    Il Volo Professional ~~ Some Work and Some Play Make Il Volo Happy Guys


    The guys are still having wonderful vacations, but sneaking in a little work too—and apparently having a lot of fun in the process.  I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did when you see it.  And Piero is receiving an award tonight!  More on that to come.  :)

    ~~ Kelly


    Collaberation in Bologna

    Bing Translation: On my drive #Agradecido have a collaboration [with] @ilvolo wonderful voices and people barbara! #MasAlla @SonyMusicLatin
    Bing Translation: @GianGinoble: @montanertwiter was an honor working with you Ricardo! Totally grateful! ;) #masalla @MRmusica a @SonyMusicLatin hug


    Bing Images

    Ricardo Montaner

     The Guys have collaborated on a song with Ricardo Montaner.  Mr. Montaner is a singer/songwriter from South America with a career dating back to the 1970’s.  He has album sales to the tune of 22 million world wide as well as a recent Latin Grammy to his name.

    Co-written with his son, Il Volo is featured on the song,  “Mas Alla”, and the album, “Llanto Agradecido” is set to release on November 4, 2014.

    Click here —> to read more about Mr. Montaner and

    Listen to some music here —>

    Video Blog featuring Il Volo; Recording in Bologna;  via Ignazio Boschettobis Facebook; All Things Il Volo

    You Tube video by MRcanaloficial

    I love it when they are silly!    :D

    Interview Discussing Album and Il Volo Contribution; Fans Club Enamorate con Il Volo Venezuela Oficial; shared by All Things Il Volo

    Translations from All About Il Volo —>


    Do We Get A Vote?

    If we do, I vote that this makes it on the new album.  I don’t care if it is a solo or if it’s a group number, but our guys need to record this.  Who’s with me?    ;)

    2014 IL VOLO CONVENTION MEMORIES ~By Jane and Mary

    Gang, Remember, you can click on the pictures to see greater detail – Marie



    It was all we had hoped for, and more! We are so fortunate to have 4 Flight Crew members who live relatively close (in the same state) and had the joy of meeting one another throughout the last year and a half. As we came off our “summer high” of attending the Milwaukee concert together, it was not long before we knew we needed to do something else IL VOLO related. Just didn’t want to let go of the great times we were having seeing Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio sing… well as being together as friends! The whole idea of a “convention” came about quickly and all plans fell into place…as if it was MEANT TO BE.

    Set Up Crew

    Set Up Crew

    We were lovingly hosted by Suzy. She had for us a perfect hospitality room for our events. Jane, Allene, and Mary arrived on Friday afternoon, and the four of us got busy setting up pictures, posters, and memorabilia, including scrapbooks of concerts in Detroit, Milwaukee, and the MOA.

    Joyce brought a video presentation of her photos from the Elgin concert. There were Beanie Babies with tags saying Minnesota IL VOLO Convention 2014 and framed 4×6 photos of the boys at various times of their careers for everyone to take home.

     We immersed ourselves in IL VOLO music and got things ready for the next day. That job being done we then sat down with a glass of wine and had a great visit.


    Laura and Allene

    Laura and Allene

    Suzy Chose Wonderful Wines

    Suzy Chose Wonderful Wines


     These are extraordinary women! We didn’t know each other before meeting on the FLIGHT CREW SITE and have become best of friends. We met Suzy at the MOA and later again at the concert in Milwaukee. Our bond of passion for IL VOLO has bound us all together like old (I mean that in the best sense) friends.

    Joyce and Bonnie

    Joyce and Bonnie


    Saturday morning we were joined by Bonnie and Joyce who we hadn’t met before, but being true IL VOLO fanatics, they blended right in and we immediately felt like old friends.



    Then came Dorothy, who we had met at the Milwaukee concert. She came ALL THE WAY FROM FLORIDA, and we were so happy to see her again.We thought some fun games would be a great way to celebrate the joy of these three young men in our lives. We played, Pin the mustache on Ignazio.

    Pin The Mustache On Ignazio

    Pin The Mustache On Ignazio


    Poor Guy Still Not in The Right Place!

    Poor Guy Still Not in The Right Place!


    Try Again!

    Try Again!



    We'll Get it Right One of These Times!

    We’ll Get it Right One of These Times!

    (poor guy never did end up with a proper looking stach!)…

    We also made words from “IL VOLO CONVENTION”, …Scrambled Song Titles, …and we had a hoot of a time writing captions for a group of pictures of the guys in various settings: everything from Gian sunbathing in his speedos to Ignazio grabbing Piero around the neck in Surrender! Lots of fodder for funny comments. Wish we could share them all with you.

    We were going to order in lunch, but had set out an amazing array of snacks, furnished by the attendees…



    Hors d'oeuvres and Snacks

    Hors d’oeuvres and Snacks


    The Cake (this picture submitted by Laura)

    The Cake (this picture submitted by Laura)

    I Have to Save His Face!

    I Have to Save His Face!

    I'm Going to Shellac it and Keep it Forever!!!

    I’m Going to Shellac it and Keep it Forever!!!

    Why on earth would we order out with a feast like that right before us?? We also canceled our dinner reservations at a lovely Italian restaurant as we were too busy still feasting on our own goodies and playing IL VOLO PICTIONARY!!

    Dear Laura joined us in the afternoon as we were oohing and aahing over the Buon Natale and Mas Que Amor Special Edition DVD’s (The one with the Mexican girls with the blinking bows in their hair).

    Watching DVD'S

    Watching DVD’S

    Lots of sharing of experiences and thoughts about our guys. Jane wowed us all with her game prizes that included (the now famous) samples of that heavenly cologne Iganzio was wearing at the Milwaukee Meet and Greet…the one that permeated her shirt until it wafted away overnight. Leave it to Jane to find those cute little sample sizes on Ebay!

    We looked at pictures and enjoyed a trifold of photos called, “Do you remember when—?” The board of photos were depicting way back to when Gianluca won THE contest when they were young, all the way up to when they were showing off their manly chests at the gym. We agreed that while they all looked pretty manly, Ignazio won hands down for the MANLIEST. Jane had prepared signs for us to offer a very special TOAST wishing our lovely Board ladies a Happy First Anniversary of the site!

    2014 Convention Board Toast

    2014 Convention Board Toast


    We had a ball playing IL VOLO PICTIONARY. Jane had prepared topics that were hilarious, and we cracked up trying to figure out the drawings. The hit was Laura’s depiction of NUTELLA, which showed a stick figure Gian stuffing his mouth with black scribbles and a drawing of Mr. Peanut. Hard to believe that it took us so long to figure that out, but Suzy finally got it. We laughed until our faces ached over that game.

    Il Volo Pictionary Fun!

    Il Volo Pictionary Fun!

    Allene Determined to Make Us Understand!

    Allene Determined to Make Us Understand!

    Artists, We Are Not!

    Artists, We Are Not!



    Finally it was time to call it a night (or so we thought). While Jane and Allene drove Laura home, Mary thought it was bed time…but no, the party wasn’t over yet! After Allene and I returned, here came Suzy in her PJ’s with a bottle of “Chocolate wine”. So, of course, we had to toast the Flight Crew Board once again! Then it really was time for lights out and good night to the convention. It was such a great success, and we are already looking forward to our next get together—not as fancy as this convention, but we will definitely be spending more time together soon—all agreed to that. Bonnie and Joyce said they will come from Shoreview and Dorothy will come all the way from Florida when we just say the word.

    It was with heavy hearts and tears and hugs that Suzy, Jane, Allene and Mary said good-by (I mean Caio) today. But thanks to email and the FLIGHT CREW SITE we will be communicating regularly and planning our next get together, which will be not too far away.

    I don’t think Piero, Gianluca or Ignazio will ever be able to fully comprehend the incredible impact their lives have had on so many others. They are truly shining lights in this troubled world. We are all better people, friends, for having known them in our lives. Their song “WE ARE LOVE” sums it up so beautifully for them. Thank you dear guys for being you!

    Mary and Jane

    Il Volo Professional ~~ Interviews with Photo Shoots, Throwbacks and Beware of the Boogie Man — Or Something Less Serious

     Hey, Everyone!

    It’s been a relaxing time for The Guys — for which I don’t begrudge them one minute.  The pics and tweets they have been sharing show them completely relaxed and happy.  I love it!

    But it does make my job of tracking their professional work a little bit harder.  Thanks to LiJoy for her help in pointing me in the right directions.

    ~~ Kelly


    Photo Shoots in Newsprint

    Several news and magazine articles have been released in Italy in preparation for Il Volo’s upcoming concerts in September, all of  them including some pretty nice pictures of our guys.

    The releasing of the articles has also inadvertently made a few things very clear for those less familiar with The Guys and their history by making some classic mistakes.  So if you fall into that category, listen up.  If you were watching Gianluca’s tweets this past Sunday, you might already have your facts straight:    ;)

    Social Media Teaching Linchi Kwok Blog

    1.) They are IL VOLO.  If you have another name or title in your mind, get it out.  Get it out; get it out; get it out! 

    2.) They are two tenors and a baritone.  Please give each of them credit for their individual voice.

    3.) They do not sing opera.  There is a difference between opera and Il Volo’s style. 

    Got it?  Good!  If you don’t, they would be happy to explain it all.  ;)

    Enjoy the pics!


    Grazie a Elio D’Ascenzo per le foto! Prossimo appuntamento/concerto il 5 settembre al Teatro D’Annunzio a Pescara!;  Gianluca Facebook


    Bing Translation: Thanks to Elio D’ascenzo for photos! Next event/concert on 5 September at the Teatro D’annunzio in Pescara!


    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


    Il Volo Takes Flight in Abruzzo

    Appears by the photos to be based on the press conference in Pescara.

    Translation from All About Il Volo —>

    Gente Magazine

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.



    And a Surprise from All About Il Volo (first paragraph) —>

    You’re gonna love it!    ;)    Trust me!

    Throwback to Juarez

    I know a couple of weeks doesn’t really count as a throwback, but here’s the full video of the interview from Juarez (the one in which The Guys invited us to experience FICH 2014)

    Il Volo on FICH TV Juarez; interviewed by Daniela Baeza and Agústin Barrero

    FICH Juarez

    Translation provided by All About Il Volo here  —>

    A Biography for Il Volo?

    s - aaa It’s been all over this week that Il Volo is going to soon have a book written about them, and that seems to be true.  The author is reportedly and independent, Italian journalist that has written about The Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber and One Direction.

    While it is always exciting when we see more and more people recognizing The Guys and their amazing talent and becoming more and more enamored with their story, there is some question as to whether this book has been authorized by Il Volo or any of their management.

    No date has been set for publication, and it appears that it has already been pushed back from February of this year.

    (All About Il Volo —> )

    A True Throwback

     No intro needed.  Just sit back and smile.  :)

    By geertiify

    Italia – Sicilia Part 3


    Barrels and barrels of Marsala wine (from ThinkSicily)

    Let’s go back to discovering a little more about Sicilia!

    Our own mlla, MN continues, “Sicily has been a grain-producing territory for the Ancient  Romans. As today, oranges, lemons, olives, capers,  almonds and pistachio, grapes and figs, but also tomatoes, eggplants and peppers broccoli  are just a part of its large agricultural production.  To be noted the production of cheese namely the famous Ricotta, the Pepato or the Caciocavallo.  Honey is also produced in large quantities and flavors due to the richness of the flora.


    Fisheries represent another  part of the economy as well as tourism, the latter, due to beauty of the natural landscapes, the baroccan cities, the numerous archeological sites and of course the food and the wines like Nero d’Avola or Marsala or the sweet Passito and Zibibbo are known world wide.

    At the end of your dinner you will likely to be offered the tasty Almond flavored white wine.Tourists and voyagers can enjoy the typical dishes like the home made pastas recipes:  Pasta alla Norma (named out of Vincenzo Bellini opera), Pasta con le sarde, Pasta con acciughe e finocchietto, as well as the famous Arancini, la  Caponata, le Melanzane alla parmigiana, not to mention the well known pastries and cakes: Cannoli siciliani, Cassata, Frutta Martorana and the Modica chocolate to name a few.”

    Thank you MN for your contribution to Sicilia Part 3!
    Additional Resources:
    “Marsala, wine town and landing point of Garibaldi’s 1000 men”

    “Ricotta Salata cheese”  Everyday Food Ricotta  4/17/2014

    “Cannoli Siciliani”   bakepedia  3/3/2014

    Maria Leps ~ From Philadelphia to Sicily

    Maria at the gate.  2 hours - 90 degrees - what a fan!
    Maria at the gate.  2 hours!  90 degrees!  what a fan!

    Together with my daughter I attended my first Il Volo concert on June 26 at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia, PA. I was in the isle seat and directly behind me is the ‘cat-walk’ where our marvelous guys sang. We were able to shake their hands several times as they sang behind us.

    Looking at that handsome Ignazio!

    Looking at that handsome Ignazio!

    I had this shirt made at a shop but I am wearing the black official Il Volo shirt. He was so close! It was the thrill of my life. I am so proud of them as I am from Sicily. The shirt I had made has their picture, the names of the 3 towns they come from and ‘Baci di Catania’ on it (my home town).

    Gianluca replied to my daughter, Luisa, as he sang on the catwalk. She told him ‘you are magnificent‘ and he replied ‘ thank you‘ and shook her hand. He was being mobbed at the edge of the catwalk by female fans and he almost fell on my lap! I would have gladly caught him! Part of this is on another video of our boys. She is now an avid Il Volo fan, too. Piero passed right behind us and we got to shake his hand, too! You can see this video of us with our adorable and talented guys:

    I have all their records and know each song. ALSO, because of them, in May 2015, I am returning to Sicily  for the first time in 45 years to visit my family there and they promised to take me to Naro and Marsala. I am from Catania so it is very close to Naro. I plan to have pizza at Nina Boschetto’s Pizzeria, Pizzeria Dei Desideri. I would love to also go to Montepagano which is near my cousins, but it all depends on my brother and sister-in-law whom I am traveling with. All my young nieces and nephews adore Il Volo and went to Taormina to see their concert. I have a childhood friend there, a retired doctor, who said he knows Ignazio and Piero from when they were children!!! Am I lucky, or what!

    Please keep up your wonderful site! I check it every day.

    Love to all,
    Maria Leps


    I’m too jealous to even talk to you!

    With Sympathy




    It is with great sadness that we report that Ignazio has lost his grandmother, the mother of his father, Vito.   Please keep them in your prayers, and you can leave your condolences and messages here.

    To the Boschetto family, our deepest sympathy and warmest thoughts are with you in this time of your grief.


    sympathyIl Volo Flight Crew ~~ Share the Love



    Il Volo Professional ~~ Another Milestone with A Hint of What’s New

    A Gold Record For Il Volo

    In a year that has garnered some nice accolades, The Guys have another: A Gold Record for their single, “Constantemente Mia” with Belinda!

    Edgar Cortazar Oficial Facebook

    According to Athina, the record was awarded in Venezuela for over 15,000 songs sold, counting all digital sales: all Single Audio Track, online, mobile, download, Streaming and Ringtones.

    I think everyone has heard this version and seen this video as well as heard the English version, “I Bring You To My Senses” (my favorite Il Volo song!), but here is the video and a translation just because they aren’t exactly alike:

    By Il Volo Bolivia Fan Club Official

    Constantly Mine
    Alone here, I imagine you beside me…
    the time make never-ending thinking about you…
    I miss you always…
    And into my arms…
    I wanna feel you…
    Constantly mine, mine…
    I hear you in any place…
    You make longer every beat of my loneliness…
    Constantly mine, mine…
    Constantly mine, mine…

    Kissing you, loving you night by night…
    I talk with your face in the dark…
    And in a moment…
    My feelings re-emerge…

    When it’s raining and it is cold…
    You are with me…around me…
    When I sleep y dream with your warmth…
    Constantly mine, mine…
    I close my eyes and here you are…
    Between my tears
    And all the rest…
    Constantly mine, mine…

    I hear you in any place…
    You make longer every beat of my loneliness…
    Constantly mine, mine…
    Constantly mine, mine…
    Taken from:

    Congratulations, Guys!

     What’s New in 2015?

    GianMicheleRosetocomWe’ve all been wondering what’s next for Il Volo.  Is there a new album?  If so, when?  When are they going on tour next?  Dang, it; who has the information, anyway?

    Michele Torpedine!

    This week, he and Gianluca gave an interview to, and Mr. Torpedine had some interesting things to say.  Read on to find out what !  :D

    Click here —> (Italian)

    TRANSLATION about Il Volo (by Anthina Angelopoulos):
    -What is the next goal of Il Volo?
    -We are expecting many things. In the meantime, a new record label. The next album will be produced by Sony and released in 53 countries around the world. Then in 2015 we’re expecting a world tour and a TV mini series, dedicated to the three boys, with RAI and Mediaset fighting about it. We are expecting soon a lot of good things, so we hope that 80% of all this will come to fruition”

    Full translation from All About Il Volo —>

    Photo Shoot

    jasminboezaThis is an older bit of news, but a few pictures from a casual photo shoot have surfaced.  Jasmine Baeza met the guys in LA before their concert at the Greek Theater this year, and obviously couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures.  Who can blame her with such subjects to study?

    Click here —>

     Just For Fun