The Voting Issue


Because of your questions and input, board suggestions and my own investigation, here is the truth as we know it;  The Latin Italian Music Group is a fairly new organization with little detail given about the outcome of this contest.  We have no indication this has been sanctioned by the Il Volo Camp.

We were hoping to just have fun with the process but with still a month to go and the stress the voting is taking we don’t want anyone to feel obligated to continue.

Please use your own discretion.  Of course, if we hear more we will let you know.

For the Love of our Guys,
Marie and the Board

Ricette Italiane ~ By Leelee


You may have read some time ago when the Guys were in Abruzzo at Gianluca’s home and they were having a local dish called Arrosticini. Then, most recently, there was our Ignazio dueling with skewers of Arrosticini.

I have Arrosticini and I'm not afraid to use it!

I have Arrosticini and I’m not afraid to use it!

So I thought I would write about this local fare.

Pronounced phonetically as Ah-ro (long o and don’t forget to roll your “r’s”)-sti-chee-nee, they are little cini’s that are roasted. (JUST KIDDING).

From Wikipedia:

Arrosticini are a traditional dish from the region of Abruzzo. Arrosticini (rustelle or arrustelle in the local dialects; also known as spierini or spidducc’) are typically made from castrated (I’m not going there!) sheep’s meat (mutton), cut in chunks and pierced by a skewer. It is cooked on a brazier with a typically elongated shape, called canala as it resembles a gutter.

s - ricette number 2

There are two main kinds of arrosticini: those made industrially, consisting of cubical chunks of meat with a side of 1 cm (1/2.5 inches) on skewers with a maximum length of 10 cm (4 inches); and those made by hand, for which the meat is cut with a knife in chunks of different sizes, alternated on the skewer with pieces of ovine fat (doing so provides more tenderness and a more pleasant smell). This kind of arrosticini requires meat of very high quality because it has to be cooked for a longer time.

Arrosticini originate from the food consumed by shepherds and other inhabitants of the mountainous areas in Abruzzo within the villages of Civitella Casanova, Carpineto, and Villa Celiera, who were accustomed to eating even less refined food than hard sheep meat.

Arrosticini are often accompanied by slices of traditionally home-made bread soaked in extra-virgin olive oil with large amounts of peperoncino in olio. The traditional beverage accompaniment is Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine, or — as it is done in some restaurants — a drink consisting of two parts of red wine and one part of gassosa (roughly the Italian equivalent of beverages like Sprite).

Traditionally, arrosticini are eaten with bare hands, pulling the meat off the skewer piece by piece using one’s teeth.

They are produced throughout Abruzzo, both industrially and in a home-made fashion. They are also found in other areas with large populations of Abruzzesi.

Ingredients for 4 people:

2 pounds lamb
pepper to taste
salt to taste

Preparation 30 minutes preparation + 10 minutes cooking

1. Cut the meat into small pieces (about ½ – 1 inch)

2. Thread onto wooden skewers about 10 – 12 inches long

3. Grill skewers over a moderate coal fire to prevent them from drying out

4. Season with salt after cooking

5. The meat goes well with homemade bread brushed with olive oil

s - ricette 1



Thanks Leelee.
It’s a small world. They’re merely eating shish-kabobs with wine spritzers.
Sounds Yummy! I’m going to try that the very next time Kroger has a sale on castrated sheep’s meat.




Il Volo has been nominated for this year’s Latin Music Italian Awards, and if these first few days are any indication, it’s going to be a fight to the finish. Are we up to it?

To encourage and inspire us along the way, join All Things Il Volo, Il Volo Flight Crew and All About Il Volo for three separate, special days of voting and fun!

Of course, we have to vote everyday–EVERYDAY! But, mark your calendars for these special days and then spend the day with your fellow Il Volo family blitzing the vote so our guys come out on top!

Each day will have a different theme, so stay turned as they days get closer!   #ILVOLOVERSPOWER


Click here —>  VOTE FOR IL VOLO!!!!

Two Minutes of Too Cute!


Thanks to Athina and LeJoy, here is the video of the first time Il Volo was a guest on the Fondazione Telethon Dec 10, 2010.  Somehow I’ve never seen it.  I don’t understand a single word of the entire two minutes, but it is just sooo cute! Someone pass me a cheek!

Then go here for something you and others have seen 14 million times (really)!   Go ahead.  Just count the number of times you say “aww” again!

So… how many times did you say it?


Later, as requested Moscow 10/4/14:

∗∗ VOTE! ∗∗

Il Volo Professional ~~ From Rome and Moscow with Love

Hey Everyone! 

Hope you’re having a great weekend!  Not a lot going on in Il Volo’s world right now, but they have received more recognition for their collaboration with Fondazione Telethon…

Gala Dinner of Fondazione Telethon in Rome, October 23, 2014

GettyimagesPer a post from Athina Angelopoulos Facebook:

We know that tonight ‪#‎IlVolo‬ appears at the Gala Dinner of the Telethon in Rome and the boys will receive the award ”Cuore Telethon 2014”. The Telethon along with several charity events and activities is organized in order to raise funds for scientific research on rare genetic diseases. But this is not the first time that Il Volo collaborates with this cause and Fondazione Telethon.
On Dec 17, 2010 IL VOLO appeared for the first time as guests on Telethon events organized by FONDAZIONE TELETHON broadcast by RAI.

Click here —> Exclusive Coverage by Getty Images ~~ Athina via LiJoy


Aside from their musical talents and wonderful personalities, their dedication and attention to causes that allow them to support others is one of the things I love most about Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.  Great job, guys!

@gianginoble11: “Remembering Moscow”

The Guys’ trip to Moscow wasn’t too long ago, but since Gianluca was remembering it–and a few very nice pictures of them have surfaced from their time there–I thought maybe we should too.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Do we need a reason to look at new pictures?  Enjoy!    ;)

 ~~ Kelly

Talking With Linda

From the Vienna Va. Concert M&G

From the Vienna Va. Concert M&G

Spoke with Linda last night.  She couldn’t wait to tell me that she is still receiving cards. She wanted you all to know that she is sure that’s why she is getting better!  She has over 40 so far and happily read all of your names to me!  While she’s still not up to using a computer, her voice is strong and clear.  Leelee was even able to visit her last week. 

Linda says she is receiving good care and has walked part way across her room.  The Nurses and Nun’s caring for her are nice.  Well, except for one which she has dubbed “Snotty Sister”.  She can tell you about her when she’s communicating again.   It can’t be the same Sister I had in the second grade! Yikes!

Don’t know what I’ve ever done to deserve knowing kind people like all of you, but to borrow a line from yet another Maria, “I must have done something good”!



#LMIA2014 Voting Blitz ~~ Day 1

10726780_1502388250019816_268997053_n Hey Everyone! 

It’s the first voting blitz for the Latin Music Italian Awards 2014!!

So, I would have to be living under a rock not to see all of the concern over the voting process that is being voiced here and elsewhere in the Il Volosphere.  I know it’s been frustrating to be locked out during the voting, but you have kept at it.  I think we all agree that supporting the guys at anytime is fun, and could be even more fun if we do it together, am I right?  Today, let’s not only support Il Volo, but have fun doing it!




To go along with the voting, we have a question of the day for you:

Il Volo Deserves This Recognition Because…

While you’re voting, finish this sentence with as many reasons as you can think of throughout the day! 


Ok.  Are you ready?  Get set…VOTE! 

~~ Kelly