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Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated primarily in Canada and the United States as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. It is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and today, the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. As we read in yesterdays post, several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. Thanksgiving has its historical roots in religious and cultural traditions and has long been celebrated in a secular manner as well.

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 We are happy to celebrate this day with you for the third year in row!

If you don’t formally celebrate this day, it’s a good day to remember to give thanks anyway!

thanks 6Again this year, I’ll start…

I am thankful foremost for the health and well being of my family (the twins turned 3 this year and their mom has survived!). I am thankful for my own continued good health.

I am thankful that peace reigns in my country and we pray for the same everywhere.

I am thankful I was fortunate enough to have a friend like Linda Snyder.

I am thankful for this website.  I’m so grateful for our talented authors and contributors.  They make me laugh, cry, think and love those three Guys even more.

I cannot begin to tell you how personally grateful I am for this wonderful experience this time in my life. It has given me… YOU… The Flight Crew… the most amazingly kind and genuine people I have ever known!  

My absolute joy is caused by three young men who reside on the other side of the world and just happen to sing.  I don’t know what good deeds I have done in my life that have allowed me to share with you such wonderful talent, but what a blessing!  I am thankful and grateful for Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero!s - thanksgiving 4


Now Kelly…

Hey, Guys!

How has another Thanksgiving come up so quickly?  And how has so much of the year gone by without me remembering to be thankful for something everyday?  Do I really take that much for granted?  I don’t know, but let me list just a few of the things I’m thankful for this year…

I am tickled to death that I became an “auntie” in the last year, so I must say I’m thankful for my nephew, James.  I unfortunately didn’t get to meet him until he was 5 months old (in spite of the best laid plans of mice and men), so I’m thankful that I was able to change that this year and be there to celebrate his 1st birthday last month.  I just love him to bits and can’t wait to Skype with him on Saturday.  He’s getting old enough to have the “stranger danger” reaction, and that just won’t do…

I’m thankful  for my family, my relative health and for my job that just might drive me to drink yet.   I say that, but I keep going, so it must not be all bad.   :D  I’m thankful for the things that job has taught me about myself and about my faith in God.

thanks 10

And I am thankful for all of you!  I am thankful for Marie who keeps things going when I drop off the grid for days at a time.  I’m thankful for all of our contributors who eagerly answered our call for help and have stepped up to the task so well.  You have no idea how many concerns that you have waylaid for us. 

And how could I not be thankful for 3 handsome Italians who I really don’t think have any idea how much joy they bring the world just by doing what they love and loving every minute?  I’m so thankful that more than 3 members of they same group, they are truly brothers of the heart. Family is whoever you decide it is, and love is made to be multiplied.  I can’t think of any young entertainers today that exemplify that more than Il Volo.  God Bless you, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, and your families too!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!

~ Kelly

Now you!


An Italian Thanksgiving? ~ Gina

Many cultures have been celebrating harvests for centuries.

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 Thesmophria is an ancient Greek harvest festival. Southwest American Indians perform a Corn Dance, the Jewish people celebrate Sukkot, which marks the end of the agricultural year and coincides with the final harvest before the onset of winter, and many Asian cultures have celebrations in gratitude for their rich rice harvest.
The Romans also celebrated a harvest festival called Cerelia, which honored Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, grain, and fertility (and from which the word cereal comes).

The festival was held each year on October 4th and offerings of the first fruits of the harvest were offered to Ceres. Their celebration included music, parades, games and sports, and a feast.

thanks 4But Thanksgiving in Italy? How about celebrating the Celtic New Year in Japan, or El Carnaval in Russia? The distinctly American tradition, created by Pilgrims to commemorate a bountiful harvest in the New World, doesn’t translate well in another land where the Plymouth Rock would be just another stone in two–thousand–year–old Roman archaeological ruins. Even the transliteral phrase in Italian forThanksgiving, La Festa del Ringraziamento, refers to a variety of religious holidays held throughout the year for patron saints.
Variations on a Themethanksgiving- gina
In fact, expatriates from North America who do honor the Thanksgiving holiday in Italy find it difficult to replicate, since the ingredients necessary for a New England–style Thanksgiving dinner are not easy to find. Italian Thanksgiving, for most Italian Americans, then, means the inclusion of special Italian recipes to accompany the roast turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, Macy’s Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November.

Every family of Italian heritage has different culinary traditions to celebrate the holiday.
An Italian Thanksgiving dinner might include ravioli con la zucca (pumpkin ravioli), tacchinella alla melagrana (roast turkey basted with pomegranate sauce and served with a pomegranate-and-giblet gravy), sweet Italian turkey sausage and mozzarella stuffing, baked sweet potatoes with lime and ginger, and evenItalian cakes and pastries.thanks 3
What matters most, though, during La Festa del Ringraziamento isn’t what ingredients are used, or who won the football game, but the opportunity for families and communities to come together and celebrate the season in a tradition that’s timeless.

italian.about.com › … › Festivals / Holiday

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Music Notes Global

Nice words from our friends at…

Musical notes Global

Albums We Love: Grande Amore (International Version) (2015)-Il Volo

Our favorite trio is back!

After a long wait and a one-week postponement, Il Volo is ending an already amazing year with the launch of their new studio album Grande Amore.

Available in three editions, the International and Spanish versions find their title from the career-defining, Sanremo-winning Eurovision entry “Grande amore,” while the Italian release shares its title with its first single, “L’amore si muove.”

Il Volo Grande Amore album cover

Here, we chose to review the International Version, which includes tracks in English, Spanish, and Italian. We knew even before we heard this album that it was going to be an Album We Love.

Whether they’re Sanremo winners or international classics, many of the songs included on Grande Amore have a storied history. But it’s the Il Volo originals on this album, perhaps, that are to be especially taken note of, as they are on the way to becoming classics themselves and give us a peek into what the future will bring from the trio.

Our Thoughts on Grande Amore:

1. “Grande amore”

We cannot declare our love any more than we have already for this vocal knockout. “Grande amore” took the world by storm, becoming both an anthem and a motto, and confirming that Il Volo just keeps getting better with age.

2. “La vita”

From the lyrics to the melody, “La vita” is an ode to the beauty of life. Did you notice that beat in the background that sounds like a heartbeat? The track is absolutely stunning and provides an ideal stage for tenor Piero Barone to shine.

3. “Nel blu, dipinto di blu (Volare)”

Originally recorded and co-written by Domenico Modugno, it was only a matter of time before Il Volo interpreted this timeless treasure, infusing it with their own charming style.

4. “Quando l’amore diventa poesia”

We love that Il Volo is giving so many fantastic Italian pop songs the chance to move a new audience. Massimo Ranieri’s 1969 enchanting Sanremo entry is an overwhelmingly perfect fit for them.

5. “Per te ci sarò”

Laced with the flavor of U2, “Per te ci sarò” is inspirational fuel and is already a fan favorite. Don’t forget to check out its Spanish counterpart, “El Centro del Sol”—the lyrics are captivating.

6. “Aspetterò”

Ignazio Boschetto’s soul-piercing vocals are absolutely brilliant on this track, which sounds equally incredible in Italian as it does in Spanish. Gently revealing pure, genuine emotion and tender vulnerability is his specialty, and we are so thrilled that he has the chance to share this gift with us here.

7. “L’amore si muove”

“L’amore si muove” is a bold and commanding hit that follows the splendid grandeur of “Grande amore.” Breathtaking and compelling with a dash of pop, it is an Il Volo original that is modern and radio-friendly while precisely capturing their essence as a vocal group.

See it featured on August’s list of our Top 5 Italian Songs of the Moment.

See the Spanish version, “El Amor Verdadero,” featured on September’s list of our Top 5 Latin Songs of the Moment.

8. “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me (Io che non vivo senza te)

This song, in both English and Italian, is one of our long-time personal favorites; and we are ecstatic that they have recorded both in studio. There’s no denying that their English version is absolutely perfect—and we love it. We must add, however, that their take on the Italian version “Io che non vivo senza te” (only available on L’amore si muove) is pretty much the best cover of the song that exists.

9. “Eternally”

Let us never forget the beauty that exists in simplicity. Backed by a crisp and classical arrangement, Il Volo proves that their voices have the power to fascinate their audience no matter what they are singing.

10. “Si Me Falta Tu Mirada”

As the only Spanish language track on the album, “Si Me Falta Tu Mirada” is filled with longing emotion. We can totally hear it being played on the radio.

11. “Delilah”

A dark tale of deception and scandal, Tom Jones’s “Delilah” has maintained its haunting allure through the years. Il Volo brings a wise youth to the track, renewing the 1968 hit it for a younger audience.

12. “L’immensità”

We love the rock edge of “L’immensità,” and it is an impressive demonstration of how versatile the dynamic voices of Il Volo truly are.

13. “Caruso”

We know of a “few” others out there who are jumping for joy that “Caruso” is on Grande Amore, and we need to take a moment to appreciate the fact that it has finally been included on one of Il Volo’s studio albums. Their rendition of Lucio Dalla’s legendary song is extraordinary, capturing all of the anguish and emotion present in the original and then some. It is important to note that as a live performance it will take your breath away.

14. “The Best Day of My Life”

“The Best Day of My Life” is a good old fashioned, sweet love song that makes the heart flutter. We adore the live performance from their Rai special Un’avventura straordinaria featuring Lorenzo Fragola.

15. “Beautiful That Way (La vita è bella)

Inspired by the original score from the award-winning Benigni film La vita è bella (Life Is Beautiful), the first vocal version of “Beautiful That Way” was performed by Israeli singer Noa, who also wrote the lyrics. The song and its ethereal, dreamlike arrangement fits in well with the rest of Il Volo’s repertoire.

16. “Piove (Ciao, ciao bambina)”

Ciao, ciao bambina…What an absolute beauty this song is. Its swinging style ironically lifts our spirits even though it recounts a relationship coming to an end.

These 16 perfectly crafted tracks combine to form a repeat-worthy modern classic. With their soaring vocals bringing more power and intensity than ever, Grande Amore unquestionably serves as a historical milestone for the trio. It is on this album that we have the pleasure of witnessing Il Volo and its members settle into their own, solidifying their identity as well-rounded, unique, original artists who are constructing a legendary career. This is a group we’ll be looking back on, saying: Remember Grande Amore? That was magic.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or Tweet us @MNGBlog

For more on Il Volo from Musical Notes Global, check out our review of their 2015 EP Sanremo Grande Amore, as well as our Best Of list and our special feature “The Power of Music and Il Volo.” Or search our site for the tag “Il Volo.”


~Thanks Music Notes Global!

Il Volo Art From Around The World ~ Gina

 Il Volo Mundial (Oficial)'s photo.


By @pocherkushki We are waiting for IL VOLO in Russia

Il Volo Mundial (Oficial)'s photo.

@giada_carboni ‪#‎art‬

Il Volo Mundial (Oficial)'s photo.

Il Volo Mundial (Oficial)
By @IlVoloMoscow @ignazioboschetto save our world by @valen_vayner Wow!! Amazing‪#‎FanArt‬

Il Volo Mundial (Oficial)'s photo.


Rock me Il Volo's photo.

Rock me Il Volo
By Lavina Kueker

Rock me Il Volo's photo.

@ilvolomoscow by @valen_vayner.

Il Volo Mundial (Oficial)'s photo.


Bellissimo Arte!! By @giadina_art So cosa avevo detto

Il Volo Mundial (Oficial)'s photo.


Il Volo Mundial (Oficial)'s photo.
Il Volo Mundial (Oficial)'s photo.


Il Volo Mundial (Oficial)'s photo.

valen_vayner Nice Art!

Il Volo Mundial (Oficial)'s photo.


Ignazio Boschettobis as Genie Lamp loved it!
thank you Diane Foucault who shared this on ‪#‎facebook‬ love the edit! brilliant image! ‪#‎IlVolo‬‪#‎rockmeilvolo‬
Rock me Il Volo's photo.


By @pocherkushki
Rock me Il Volo's photo.
By @pocherkushki Rock me Il Volo's photo.
By @pocherkushki
Rock me Il Volo's photo.


By @carpeculum
Rock me Il Volo's photo.



Amazing ‪#‎art‬ By @evelvasil
Rock me Il Volo's photo.
Great ‪#‎art‬ by @pocherkushki
Rock me Il Volo's photo.

y @pocherkushki Miss me?))))

Rock me Il Volo's photo.





Il Volo Mundial (Oficial)'s photo.


Lisa Brickett's photo.



Myron and Jeannette meet with Il Volo and Barbara Vitali to discuss details of plans for the March Il Volo Fan Faire.

myron, jeannette and gian

(hint: the most important news is toward the end of this article)

Report on meeting of officers of “Il Volo to Las Vegas” and “ Il Volo Fan Faire” with

Il Volo guys and manager in Las Vegas Nov. 15 – 20, 2015.

For Jeannette and me the goal was to sit down and share the various ideas for the Fan Faire with the guys and with Barbara Vitali, one of the managers (road manager) and to get their input and ideas.

Il Volo arrived in Las Vegas at 6:00pm Sunday, November 15 and went to the hotel – a portion of the MGM Grand Hotel called the Signature Towers. We had our first of many communications in the next few days that same night by email and text. We knew that they would have to “squeeze “ us into a very busy schedule. On Monday, this meant being a bystander in the background while all of these performers (including Il Volo) went about the business of interviews, wardrobe try-ons, photo shoots, more interviews, some meetings with producers and American representatives and more interviews. Oh, by the way, did I say they did interviews ? I felt sorry for the guys since they were going from one to another of these things and in different hotels – not just the MGM – around the strip. They would start at about 9:00am and go until 10:00pm – whew ! This went on Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday until rehearsals started.

The main Latin Grammy show was in two parts: lessor parts on Wednesday afternoon and the main event Thursday, November 19 with red carpet starting at about 3:00pm Pacific time.

Each day Jeannette and I were communicating with Barbara via email or text as she tried to find time to fit us in. We all knew that we did not want the usual “fly-by” talk while on the way to doing something else. We all agreed that we wanted a nice, quiet sit-down and chat time. After various “maybes” and “how about this?” that did not work out because their schedule was almost always about 20 to 40 minutes behind, Barbara finally gave up on trying to fit it in during these days and decided to do it after the sessions. She was lucky when she found out that I live only 15min. away from the the MGM so it is easy to get there for me. Jeannette is further away but we still made ourselves available for anytime she could do it. The end result was 4:00pm of the day after the Grammy show – Friday, November 20- just before they were to fly back to Italy. When we got there, Barbara was still running late with a meeting (even on that last day ! ) so to kill time we went into a coffee shop just off the lobby of their hotel to have something to drink until she was to give me a text that she was ready to meet.

As we walked in I went: “ hmmm ? That is someone familiar ahead of us at the counter ordering something to eat and drink with two friends.” Was luck with us? Yes. It was Gianluca and friends. We ordered our drinks and sat down deciding to wait until he was finished eating his salad. I noticed that he would look over at me once in a while as though he recognized me a bit but was not sure (after all it has been a year and half since we last saw each other up close). When he finished eating I walked over and introduced myself and asked if he could come over by our table (about 6 ft. away) for a few minutes. Then everything started to fit into place. We talked about our plans for the Fan Faire which he was anxious to know more about. We talked about his singing technique and other professional things (its my job, you know) . I asked him if he remembered the first time we ever talked and when he said Chicago at Barnes and Noble 2012 we were set. Jeannette and I came away with the same feeling people seem to get all the time: this is one wonderful gentleman- kind, caring and great to talk with and Not in a hurry to get it over with like some famous people are.

I asked if we could take a photo and he offered to take it for us. The result you see above. Just as we said goodbye (he had to go finish packing for departure was only three hours away) he gave us each a couple of nice, wonderful hugs . He seemed to be very happy that he saw us and that we were meeting with Barbara – and Lo! She sent a text just at that time. Off we went to meet with Barbara.

There are a lot of details to discuss but the main focus with Barbara and therefore all Il Volo management was one point: getting a commitment that on March 25, the boys will come to be with us at the Fan Faire sometime before their concert later that night. Well, I did not even have to start asking. (I cannot give an exact quote but an approximate one)

{ Barbara started by saying that she was determined that on that day (March 25) the boys WILL come and spend quality time at our Fan Faire – not just a little time but “quality”time. She really likes the idea of a relaxed and “laid-back” time with fans and wants to turn it over to us. Then the real clincher as she looked over and said: “ after all these years of support, you deserve it “ }.

That is exactly what we were looking for. Could not ask for something better !! What a relief and we did not even half to argue about it at all. Barbara was very much on our side and very gracious. But she has to work with a production company – CAA – and the company that does the meet & greet programs. It is a group called “ OMG-VIP “ out of L.A. Barbara has to wait until the schedule sets, sound-check time, rehearsal time, also where are they going to stay (I said they should stay in the Palms hotel where all their activities are – she agreed) or are they just going to get on the bus after the meet and greet and drive through the night to L.A. – the next stop. Once that has been figured then she will know where to plug us in.

Bottom line as stated above: she is determined to secure a nice “quality time” with us in the Fan Faire. So that is what we are planning. The Il Volo boys will visit but that the time slot may change as we get closer.

I write on behalf of Jeannette and myself when I say the visit with Gianluca and Barbara was absolutely wonderful. There are still challenges ahead that we will have to take on at that time but this was a wonderful way to end a very busy week.

refer to: http://www.ilvololasvegas.wordpress.com


Note:  If you haven’t Registered for the Il Volo Fan Faire now is a good time!  Ilvolo2LV@outlook.com
  ~Marie & Kelly

Il Volo Professional ~~ 2015 Latin Grammys: Grammy Night


Hey Everyone!

The Latin Grammys is always a big night for our guys whether they are nominated or only performing.   They always seem to have so much fun, and they always take us with them for the ride.  As promised, here is a look at the entire night.  A GINORMOUS thanks to our affiliates and all the IlVolover world for working overtime to find all the pictures and videos!










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Il Volo and Natalia Jimenez Latin Grammy Awards ~~ All About Il Volo




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Il Volo Latin Grammys Ceremony and Red Carpet Gallery ~~ All About Il Volo





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Latin Grammys Backstage Interviews and A Lot of Fun ~~ All About Il Volo






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Il Volo Brief Links/News ~ November 19, 2015 ~~ All About Il Volo


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UPDATED: Il Volo Professional ~~ Getting Ready For the Latin Grammys 2015; First Look At the Performance








Editor’s note: Please bear with me.  Another post about the night is in the works.  Please give us a chance to get the post out.  Thank you.  :) kya




Hey Everyone!

Tonight is Latin Grammy night!  Are you excited?  I am!  It’s been so long since I’ve seen The Guys perform/in person that I eat up every chance to see them at work — even if I can’t be there in person.  They’ve been in town for several days, so have a look at what they’ve been up to while you wait.

~~ Kelly


Il Volo in Las Vegas Soon; The Latin Gramys ~~ All About Il Volo


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Il Volo on the Latin Grammys Day Two ~~ All About Il Volo

Il Volo Latin Grammys Day Two ~~ Gallery ~~ All About Il Volo




Latin Grammys 2015 Photo Album ~~ All Things Il Volo


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Il Volo Interviews in Las Vegas; Latin Grammys ~~ All About Il Volo




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