Radio 2 Podcast for Il Volo’s Radio Appearance ~~ February 16th

It looks like Il Volo is making (or did make) a radio appearance today on Radio 2 Social.  Gianluca tweeted about it earlier today, and Il Volo Community posted the link in the tweet to us below. I hope it works.


@IlVoloCommunity: can find podcast @ilvolo @Radio2social 🙂
(Click here —>)
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12 thoughts on “Radio 2 Podcast for Il Volo’s Radio Appearance ~~ February 16th”

  1. This is the link to Part 1. Skip to 9:55 to hear The Boys. Skip to 15:27 to here them sing. They are also in the beginning of Part 2. It is always amazing to me to hear how soft spoken Piero can be when he is talking, but has such a big voice when he sings. Thanks for this, it’s always so good to hear them laugh!

  2. Click on the link, scroll down beneath the picture of the interviewers(I’m assuming that’s who they are) and there is bar that has the time. Just drag it until it reaches the time you want. There is a list below that which has the second part of the interview.

  3. Thanks so much, Isabel. I have no idea what they were saying, but I love the sound of their speaking voices. And you are right about Piero’s speaking voice. It is surprising how soft it is compared to his glorious sing voice. As ;you can probably tell, Isabel, Piero is my favorite of the three. But my heart is big enough to hold all three. I love them dearly.

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