When it Comes to Tickets…

Hi, Everyone.People Waiting In Line

OK.  Tickets.  Where do we get them?

Meet and Greets.  Which cities are conducting them?

Who has the information?  Why aren’t they releasing it?

I know.  It makes us crazy, and by the number of comments here and emails we are receiving, it’s making you guys crazy too.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information than you guys do.  Truly, we don’t.  You know what we know, and in some cases, we know what we know because you have told us.   Barb has been kind in answering some of our requests and emails as she has been able to, but we really don’t have an inside track to information about obtaining tickets or any summer plans.

We’re sorry; we are.  But trust us when we say that you all will be the first to know information as we know it.  As much as it is in our power, we will post information as soon as we get it.  And we welcome any information you come across.  If you find something you think that we don’t have, please use the “Contact Us” form to let us know.  Whenever possible, remember to include the link or the pertinent details needed to confirm the information.  Thank you in advance.  🙂

In that spirit, We have two press releases for a couple of shows.  If you are in the Milwaukee area or in Vienna, VA, pay attention…

Milwaukee Area Il Volovers:

There is currently a pre-sale going on until late evening on March 13th through Ticketmaster.  I have viewed the link, and I believe the entire tour is listed, but not all dates are on sale.

Use this link —> http://view.tmclient.ticketmaster.com/?j=fecf16747461067f&m=fe8f15707d650d787d&ls=fdee15787463037a741d7471&l=fefc1171746301&s=fe161376726c0d7e771c77&jb=ff961776&ju=fe5f157172600c787512&camefrom=EMCL_241522_11748506&r=0  to find out more.  Thanks to my friend, Denise, for forwarding the email she received (I told you she was one of my besties… 😉 ).

Vienna, VA Fans

Thanks to Michelle, we have a press release announcing the summer concert series on tap for the Wolf Trap.  At the bottom of the article, there is contact information for obtaining tickets.

Click here —> http://view.tmclient.ticketmaster.com/?j=fecf16747461067f&m=fe8f15707d650d787d&ls=fdee15787463037a741d7471&l=fefc1171746301&s=fe161376726c0d7e771c77&jb=ff961776&ju=fe5f157172600c787512&camefrom=EMCL_241522_11748506&r=0  if you are interested in the Vienna show.

To close, I would like to echo the warnings that have already been issued by Marie and Linda.  I know that we are all anxious to get the best seats and opportunities available to see the guys, but please, please be careful, and try to be patient.  Make sure that you are getting your tickets and information from reputable sources and try not to fall prey to scalpers who promise tickets on the probability/possibility of tickets being available at the appointed time.

~~ Kelly6595A-airplane-ticket

EDIT:  Just received notification that New Jersey area concert goers can start buying their concert tickets tomorrow, March 14, through Ticketmaster.

20 thoughts on “When it Comes to Tickets…”

  1. Thanks for the information, Kelly. I am anxiously awaiting 10am tomorrow when I can order tickets for the Newark concert. Unfortunately I am not one of the “fortunate” ones to be able to have pre-ordered today from Ticketmaster. Still don’t know for sure if there will be a Meet & Greet there either. But at least I get to see them twice again this year!

  2. Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA is just minutes from Washington, DC. See Il Volo on June 13th – and tour DC all in one trip!

    1. Sounds good Michele. Saratoga is another good choice. The venue is actually situated in a winery. So you can come see your beloved Il Volo on June 6, taste some wine, tour the high tech heaven – the Silicon Valley, and stroll in the beautiful and scenic streets of San Francisco. If this is not enough, you can follow our guys and move south to LA for their concert the next day and continue south to San Diego…endless possibilities!

  3. Maybe someone can help me. PBS has been selling tickets at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles for 2 weeks. After that, The Greek Theater has something called P.A.S.S. subscription which sells more tickets for Il Volo. When I call, they cannot tell me when the theater itself will be selling tickets for everyone else. It seems that PBS and the P.A.S.S subscription is getting first choice of tickets. Meet and Greet has been sold out since 3-4-14. I don’t understand that. Is that for PBS donors only? Can anyone answer my questions? Because the Greek Theater does not give me any answers that help me or make sense!! I WANT TO SEE OUR GUYS and get seats as close to the stage as possible. Thanks, Il Volo Lovers!!

    1. I cannot tell you exactly what their policy is since I have no inside information…What I do know is that PBS calls the purchasing of the tickets a donation… You have to purchase them two at a time… You cannot get three or five … It has to be two, four or six… The meet and greet was another $100 for two over the price of the two tickets purchased… So the total cost for two tickets with the meet and greet was $350,,,There was nothing on the web page about the meet and greet so I called the first day they went on sale and I am glad I did… When I asked about the meet and greet the agent said there was only four tickets left, I purchased two of those four that was left, and that was on the first day of sales… So they went fast for what PBS was holding… I do not know if the ticket outlets also sell meet and greet tickets… But I do know that some of the outlets just for one seat is more than what I paid for my two seats and the meet and greet,,, So be really careful… IF PBS still has tickets that may be your best value…I hope this was some help ….

      1. Thanks so much. From what my friend told me, the PBS tickets are sold out. I’ll just keep calling the Greek Theater or try Ticketmaster. I will be there come hell or high water! Lol

  4. This was just posted. Go to oshows.com and they have just listed tickets go on sale at noon March 21st. I have to check now with them to see what they will do for us. Ann

    In a message dated 3/14/2014 5:47:18 A.M. Central Daylight Time, Cruise805@aol.com writes:

    1. Rita, Roy Thomson is only selling to American Express customers until Sat March 15 morning. I think the offer code is Americanexpress, but I could not get it to work and had to phone for my tickets. Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Rita
      If you have an American Express card you can call today. Just call the box office 416-872-4255 and press 0 for a live person. If you don’t have an amex card, call tomorrow at noon.
      I’m glad to see we have another Flight Crew member at Roy Thomson! So far there are four of us–five if my sister comes in.
      We’re waiting for those badges Marie!

  5. Interesting…Just spoke to Margaret at Milwaukee PBS where we purchased our tickets from the other night. She mentioned they only had TEN, yes I said TEN Meet and Greet packages to sell!! They went instantly. Ya think?? They must really be limiting these this year and spreading them around to the different vendors selling their show.

  6. Today, as I believe on this site music and musicians are well loved, I really really would like to pay tribute to an outstanding musician and lovely man who just retired at age 91, he cancelled his concerts tour and decided to stop his long career. He played with the all greatest of all genres.

    Salut Monsieur Toots Thielemans, mercie pour toute la bonne musique !! You made us smile a lot through the years, thank you !

    Smile, Toots in 2012 All credits to Him/them

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