Il Volo Professional ~~ March 11, 2014

Hi, Everyone!

I’m back from my vacation, and it seems like it’s been forever since I’ve been here.  Mostly because I was rushing around on the evening that I left and walked away leaving my computer packed and ready by the front door…and not realizing it until I was on the plane ready to taxi down the runway.  *face palm*  Working from my phone didn’t work out so well with our spotty wi-fi either.

Anyway, I’m back and ready to catch up with my Il Volo family.  🙂


Il Volo Conquers New York…Again…

While I was gone, our guys made what must be the quickest trip ever to the US, the focal point being their performance as guests with Laura Pausini in New York at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.



By all reports, Il Volo was as amazing as always.  According a piece compiled from several resources to give us an impression of the concert (by the ladies at All About Il Volo), they got a very warm reception the minute they walked out on stage:

Click this link —> 

For those of us that like a simple play-by-play,
here is an article from i-Italy Magazine: <— Click this link


Bringing Their Music to the Young People

Of course, it’s no news to us that our guys are amazing and are gaining fans set on abjectly adoring them, but it just warms my heart when I read of it happening.  It seems like the powers that be at the Modesto Gallo Center are excited to be able to be a part of it as well.

logo  Use this link —>

to head over to our affiliate, Team Il Volo, to read about how they feel that Il Volo will help them appeal to a younger demographic–which we also know is one of Il Volo’s goals.


With a Song in…His…Heart

It has been said that another goal of Il Volo’s is to include some of their own original music on future albums, a goal I know I’m hoping will be accomplished very soon.  In the meantime, Ignazio has debuted an original composition as a songwriter and composer!  I know we’ve all see the video, but we can watch it a few more times, right?  Singing,  “Come in Paradiso”, Ms. Katya Pantaleo: <— Click this link

Again, thanks to the ladies at All About Il Volo, there are several translations available

here —>

If those lyrics don’t make you melt, nothing will.  swooning

Till next time.

~~ Kelly





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  1. Thank you so much Kelly for this article on your experience.
    I found Katya on you tube & copied the english version of Ignazio’s song. I so hope he sings it in the concerts whether english or Italian or whatever language as long as he sings it along or with the guys.
    Your trip sounded hectic but enjoyable, glad your back

  2. Thanks Kelly for your article. My husband and it went to the LAURA PAUSINI & FRIENDS. It was wonderful. The boys were great, but
    I wish they were on a little longer..

  3. Hi Kelly! First of all it’s great to have you back! It’s good to know that you have enjoyed your vacations!

    On behalf of All About Il Volo Team, we want to thank you for the reference to our site. We are glad that you have enjoyed and found useful our information.

    Also let me tell you that your site has always been an inspiration for us.


  4. Hi Kelly!

    On behalf of All About Il Volo Team, I want to thank you for refereing to our site. We are glad that you have found nice and useful our information.

    Also i want to tell you that this site has been always an example for us.


    1. Hi Crew Members, Does ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING about Meet and Greets for this season. Can’t seem to get any information on this, and would like to know if any of the concerts, particularly Elgin and Milwaukee are going to have one. Does anyone know who is handling the M&G this year….Live Nation????

      1. Hi MaryB,

        I don’t know about Elgin or Milwaukee and the M&G’s, but I was told that they do not know anything about M&G’s at the Schermerhorn. I personally do not know how they would do a M&G like last year when they have already sold the seats in the first 10 to 15 rows. My guess would be NO or there would be information out on it already, when the regular tickets go on sale. This is my opinion only. I got right in at 10:00a.m. on the phone with a customer service man and got a ticket in the third row center. Plus the Schermerhorn had already run maybe 4 days of allowing their Season Pass Ticket Holders to purchase tickets first before they were offered to the general public.

        Good Luck getting a decent ticket this year. Just be Johnny on the Spot and be ready when the Venue you want first opens, that is your only chance.

  5. The Minnesota delegation of the Flight Crew will be soaring over to Milwaukee to see our wonderful guys!! Yeah!!!

    1. Loretta,

      Go back to the last page and read DonnaMay’s post about Freedom Hill Concert. Looks like you are in luck with Meet and Greet tickets through PBS up there. I just did not want you to miss her post.

    2. Loretta,
      Laura was told the Milwaukee M&G tickets sold fast the first of two nights PBS ran their special and were selling pairs of tickets during the show. Not 100% sure on that, but am checking it out today.

    1. Loretta, you mean at the Freedom Hill concert?
      You are referring to the meet and greet tickets from PBS, right? Which probably means all the good seats up front are gone. That stage is a weird shape, I don’t think if you sit on the side you can see much.

      1. Yes Loretta I finally answered your email–I was out of the house for several hours after noon so I just got to it.

      2. Sorry Penina I feel deflated,Yes I was referriing to meet & greet. I don’t feel I want to bother fighting for tickets any more. Its not like it used to be when we got information freely. Last year we worried so much that the guys were pushed so hard & this year we got NO information except in bits & pieces & no meet & greets at the theatres except jjust a couple.
        Make sure you call early on Saturday for Roy Thomson Hall tickets actually its 12.00 oclock when the box office opens. Good luck

    1. Loretta, I used my niece’s American Express & phoned Roy Thomson at 10:00am this morning. They offered me 3rd row but I wanted aisle seats so got row G. I am delighted ! There can’t be any M & G if they are selling these seats up front ?

      1. Hi Sandra–I will be at Roy Thomson Hall too! We’ll all have to meet somehow!

    1. There IS a new album in the works. They have been recording in Rome. Hopefully they will release it before the concerts start!! Last time they released it a month or two before the concerts so I am hoping it will come out soon.

  6. Sandra, in reply to your question about a new album and if anybody knows what they are going to be singing, I was just looking at their interview on “Border Crossing” done on 4th December last year, and it was interesting that the interviewer asked the same question and Piero said all he would say is that their new album would contain lots of Italian songs because they wanted to promote their Italian heritage. the interviewer asked when they thought they would be putting it out, and Gianluca was nearly going to spill the beans when the two others butted in and just said they wouldn’t say that now, we will see when it comes out.

  7. This was just posted. Go to and they have just listed tickets go on sale at noon March 21st. I have to check now with them to see what they will do for us.

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