1. WELLLL, I guess this means they will be in the USA for the entire month of June. which is good. Just not in Oregon or Ohio. 🙁

    Do we have any idea/guesses when that new CD is coming out?

    I really do need to find my notes on pirate style kidnapping….just a thought. Joanie, you with me?

    1. Connie,
      Are you in Ohio? I would be trying for Sterling Heights, Michigan myself, if I was not going to be in Nashville at the same time as their concert there. It is not a bad drive in my opinion, at least to Detroit, last year. You have got to go to them if you want to see their Concerts.

    2. Oh, I forgot, NO, NO, NO kidnapping until after the June 17th Concert is over, or else we Nashville people will not be responsible for our actions. I promise you! lol

  2. Will they be having meet and greet at the Toronto concert on June 24,2014 at ,Roy Thomson Hall I can’t purchase any tickets unless I know this information. As we want the Meet and Greet .I need to know as soon as possible so we can purchased the tickets. Thanks

    1. Hi Rita: Are you in Canada also? Loretta and I are in the GTA.
      As far as I have been able to find out, there are no meet and greets anywhere.

    1. Could you please teach me your technic and so I can try it on Piero? Would be much appreciated!

      1. Again, NO, NO, NO kidnapping or special techniques until after June 17. We Nashville people mean it!

      1. And which Canadian was that addressed to?? Not that it matters, we both have our eyes on the same amazing hearthrob…

  3. Up to now they have doing venues that they did not do last year. Now they are back at Westbury – again ! ! !. I know it has a lot of history but it is also a bad venue and secretly the boys do not like working there. In fact a lot of performers don’t care for the place. I wonder why CAA is taking this on same as Live Nation did last year. If they are going to add any places how about cities in Texas, Denver, some other midwest cities and Las Vegas – (Barbara told me that this is to happen later but I am not holding my breath)

      1. So far there is only one, in Toronto, Roy Thomsom Hall, on June 24, which is a Tuesday. Tickets go on sale Saturday at noon. Unless you have an Amex card, in which case it is a few days earlier–Thursday? I don’t remember.

      1. For one thing, Loretta, the stage revolves. For another the orchestra or the musicians sit in the middle of the audience. I sure would not want to sit next to the amplifiers! And it doesn’t look very big either.

      2. Thanks Penina yes I remember seeing the videos of stages revolviing & the audience ends up seeing the back of their heads when they are singing. UGH. No I wouldn’t go there. I guess they don’t have a say in where they are being booked into.

        I phoned Roy thomson Hall & they don’t know anything about a meet & greet. That is what I have been told about a few places I have phoned..

        LindaP & Jeanie did you get meet & greet tickets at Nashville????

    1. I had the same surprise about Westbury, Myron. It seems like a structure that doesn’t support Our Boys’ style of interchange during their show.

      ~ Jeanine D.

    2. I watched all the videos taken at the Westbury concert. The audience missed all the interaction between the guys that we were able to see facing them. You either got to see the back of them or the front of them.

      1. Hi Jeanne,

        I agree, I have watched that particular concert, and it did appear to be a smaller theater, and not being able to see the boys together very much was a drawback, at least it would have been for me if I was there.

    3. Hello Myron,

      Many thanks for your detailed information you faithfully share with us. Do you think from what you have heard if the ‘boys’ would be visiting Chicago Theater again soon?? I was disabled last fall and was unable to attend the Sept. concert there. Planning to get to Milwaukee in June and very excited to finally experience seeing them perform live in front of me. ☺ Thank you so much all of the Flight Crew.

  4. Linda, you missed one. The one in Florida, right? OK – wishful thinking. But there are places they haven’t been to in Florida, either. I am glad they are choosing different places to go and know that one day they will appear in places so everyone can get to see them. I do agree that Westbury is a surprise. Of all the videos of all the places that they performed last year, I think I liked Westbury the least. However it was a sellout and I think they are happy to perform no matter where it is. Of course, I wish them the best no matter where or what they do.

      1. Oh LeeLee and Linda S.
        Find a way to drive or fly 2 states up to see the Nashville Concert. It looks like that might be the closest to Florida. You both know you would not regret it.

      2. You hear that, Linda??? Both Jeanie AND Carli want us up there. I told you it was a mere 14 hour drive. There are even some good seats still available last I checked. Think about it, Missy!

        Come on gang!!! Try and talk Linda into it!

      3. I agree Carli, LeeLee and LindaS should drive up to Nashville. That theater looks fabulous. I did some reading on their website. They even do tours for it.

        Come on LindaS, get in that car.

        I read that LindaP is driving for 13 hours because it is just too expensive to fly and it is too expensive to fly. I am 6 hours away in good traffic and no construction. Helen and her friend are flying in from Dallas for the Nashville Concert.

        Besides, we need all of the help we can have to keep Carli from kidnapping Piero until after the Nashville Concert. I for one want all three of the boys on the stage.

      4. LeeLee,

        I just wanted to let you know, in case you do not know, that the Schermerhorn’s Theater starts their front row seating at AA through KK and then starts off with A through Z Rows. I looked at their seating map and was confused as I had not seen that before, so I called to ask about it before the sale started. I was told that seats actually drop down under the floor to make a level floor for other uses, probably the Rows AA – KK would be my guess. I went back and looked at what seats are still available and it looked to me like they are not showing all of the seats that have been sold. The best available is showing Row G now. If you and Linda decide to come, you might seriously look at the Lodge Box Seats on each side, the first level. I did print out a copy of the whole seating chart before I ordered tickets and before I figured out how to work the other seating chart. It was confusing to me. You might have figured this out, but I did not at first.

        Hope to see you and Linda!

      5. Just think, LindaS and LeeLee, 14 hours of listening to Il Volo in the car, going to their concert, and 14 more hours of listening to them on the way back home! If that doesn’t sound like heaven, I don’t know what would! Plus we would get to meet you!

        Jeanie, don’t worry. All I’m after right now is his heart! I don’t think I could take him all at once and still survive the totally absolute wonderful self that he is!

      6. Carli,

        Good idea, LeeLee and Linda could put those CD’s in to listen to them all the way to Nashville and back.

        It’s good to hear Carli that you will not be kidnapping Piero in Nashville. Have at it after the Concert. Ha!Ha! Don’t the boys voices just drive you crazy. All three of them are my favorite, I just love, love, love listening to them. We were in Italy in 2007 and I fell in love with their country, the music that I heard and the scenery. Just beautiful!

        Go get Piero’s heart, but you will have to fight Elizabeth from Chicago for it. I would just love to see Piero agree to go to her Prom with her. Wouldn’t that be something and I think that it would be good Publicity for him also.

      7. Jeanie and Carli, you can’t convince me enough. It’s LindaS I’m having to convince. I so would love to meet all of you. I already know Anna B as we met in Orlando last September. It would great to meet you both, Helen, LindaP (I think) and whoever else is going to Nashville. I know I don’t have much time to think about this as tickets are flying, but if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’ll keep you posted if it happens.

        Thanks for the support.

  5. Count me in for the kidnap. Although with all of us surrounding them, don’t think we’ll have to try very hard! Just give them good food, comfortable bed, and soccer on TV, or DVD of their favorite movies! A mini vacation for them (or a longer one) and a real treat for us!

  6. To all of the Nashville Ladies,

    I talked with my husband tonight and he said it would be fine for us to meet with the Nashville group (whoever would be interested in doing so) for dinner, that is if you Ladies are willing to have a male around, who loves il Volo also. lol We are thinking that dinner before the concert would be better. We are actually there for a Wedding on Sunday, so I will try to find out where might be a decent, place to eat around that Concert Venue that would be within a short walk for us. Just a heads up on meeting, if this does not work out, it sure looks like we would not have any problems finding each other in the Schermerhorn. We are not sure if we will be driving to the Schermerhorn or taking a cab as of yet. I am still so excited to see our boys again.

    1. Jeanie, count me in! I think dinner before the show is a great idea! As for males, I’m going to try to convince my son to come along for the ride, and bring his camera. Don’t think he will go to the show, but I know he likes going to Nashville for other reasons!

      1. Great LindaP,
        If your son goes to Nashville, then he might also know what is around the Venue. I have not made it to AAA yet and the Tour Book would also tell me.
        I sure wish there was a PM set up here. Don’t like to give personal info out on open boards anywhere. Not sure if Marie could pass emails privately or not. Just a thought.

      2. Loretta, I am not LindaP, but I would say NO M&G’s at the Schumerhorn/Nashville.

        See my post to MaryB as she ask the same thing for Elgin and Milwaukee Concerts. I don’t know about your Venues though. I would think that they would be advertised already if they are.

      3. Where or where is that Edit Button.

        Schermerhorn not Schurmerhorn. lol I need sleep.

    2. Jeanie: Please count on Dolly and me for dinner with the group! We are staying at the Best Western on Music Row, and I was told that it is a short cab ride to the symphony center. It would be great if we could eat somewhere near the venue because I can’t walk very far.That’s being rather selfish of me, but I figure there must be a good restaurant close by…don’t you think?

      Can’t wait to meet all of you!!!
      Linda P., I do hope that your son will come with you. It’s so nice to have company on a long trip.
      Let’s all keep in touch!

      1. Great Helen,

        One of us will find a Restaurant close by the theater to meet for dinner.

        I did see that the Hilton has a restaurant that did not look too far to walk. Kind of across the street. I am just not sure where the front of that Theater is at. It sure looks big to me. There are other restaurants there also. Some looked really expensive to me and a little further distance. One of us will find a place. I still need to contact the Mom of the Bride who might know of a place and I have not been to AAA yet either. This darn weather. Cold and snowing again. We have plenty of time. We do need to make sure that we can all sit together and visit .

        Helen, I am so glad that you found a way to get to a Concert this year. You will enjoy it.

    3. I would love to! I’ll have to talk it over with my dad who is coming with me though. (He loves Il Volo too, which is such a plus for me!) Not sure what he’ll want to do.

      1. That would be great Carli. I know my husband would like another man or two to talk with also. LindaP is hoping to talk her son into coming along with her to Nashville and hopefully dinner also. I sure hope he does ride along with his Mom so she is not alone. I hope that LeeLee and LindaS decide to make the trip also. We have time yet even though it is 98/97 days like you said.

  7. I hate to say this, but I am sure hoping that our boys will not be going to Russia. I am afraid for them to go there and I am not sure that they know what they might be getting themselves involved in. I understand that David Cooperfield went there and had a time of it. Maybe their managers could look of David Cooperfield and have a talk with him about his experience.

  8. To all of the Pirates and Kidnappers here. Do you mind having a cabin boy tag along for the ride? 😀

      1. Thanks! Hehehe! Joanie said as long as we are not after GG we are welcome! And if I remember, Piero’s your guy too?

      2. lol Little do you know just how right you are Isabel.

        I would keep my eye on them. They mean business.

      3. Many thanks Elaine, I was able to purchase my tickets and M&G by following your direction! Only downside is that you don’t get your seat location until the tickets arrive in 3 to 6 weeks. But, I got the meet and greet which was the most important! thanks again. Donna

      4. “They want us to come along as bait” Oh Isabel, you are such a smartie, you have the makings of becoming a good pirate.

  9. I was just on the Team Il Volo site and it says, if I’m not mistaken, that they are adding two more concerts here in addition to the 15. Of course I would love it to be here in Florida !!!!!

  10. Ahoy Carli– We who love Our Boys –ALL– have young blood in our veins !!! So–as long as Piero is your guy and not GG you are officially recruited !!!! Can’t wait to kidnap them !! Right after their last concert in June might be our best bet -Will keep them from leaving us for far off places !!

    1. Just got the following information for June 19th at Freedom Hill, Mi concert from DPTV showing of Il Volo:
      Online Credit cards orders only. DPTV.org
      $250.00 pair
      $500.00 pair with M&G
      I went to the website and IlVolo is not listed yet. At the Freedom Hill web site tickets do not go on sale until 3/22 —
      Will check the DPTV website first thing in the morning and let you know.

      1. It is on DPTV.org. Just click on the “donate” button on the upper right hand corner, put “Il Volo we are love” on program title and hit go and it will direct you to the page to order tickets.

      2. Jeanie, something is WRONG. June 19 is a THURSDAY, not a SAturday!! How can they get that so wrong??

      3. You are correct. It looks like the Detroit PBS made a mistake. I went back to the link and clicked all the way through without placing an order and it showed Thursday, June 19. So it looks like they mistakenly put Saturday.

        To pledge by phone: (800) 859-9887.
        **Please Note: Individual seating is given on a first-pledged, first-served basis.

        You do get to choose a gift if you donate for these tickets.

        They will not tell you where you will be sitting though, at least that is the way it was when I talked with them last year. So you do not have a choice of where your seats are with PBS, but you will have a seat somewhere.

        Last year, I did not go through PBS and went straight through the Ticketmaster to get tickets for the FOx Theater. It was a dog eat dog situation. I had my laptop up and ready to place an order and was on the phone waiting also for a live person, plus, I had my husband’s laptop all set up and ready for the Concert in Pittsburg, which ever one I could get the best seats at. I got put on hold through TIcketmaster for the Detroit Concert and was watching the seats being sold so fast on their website that they immediately turned off the feature to let me choose my own seat. I did not want the seats against the wall, then a girl came on and did let me have a little better seats, still against the wall but closer. It was so stressful and I was not happy with the seats either. In the end I was able to get my seats changed to a closer spot, I think twice and I ended up with decent seats. I feel very lucky. I did have to pay more money, but that was okay. They hold so many seats back and one opened up or someone who had the seat could not go. Ticketmaster would NOT change my seats for me last year. The Venue did.

        This year for the Nashville Concert, I had no problems at all. We dealt with the Venue itself and I am happy with our seats. Nashville PBS did offer some seats for sale this year but they were sold out really fast. I have no idea where they were at, but I ended up with third row seats, center section through the Venue.

    2. “…as long as Piero is your guy” Love it! He’ll forever and always be! I’ll join y’all at the dock! See ya!

      1. Piero’s my guy too. Great minds think alike! We two will have to try and think of some way to foil their plans to leave us behind! We can train as pirates together.

  11. RE: Westbury, CT
    Have never been there, But by watching the videos from last year(2013), I would agree with some of the comments made. The boys though, made every effort to do whatever they could to make sure that they kept moving around so that everyone had equal viewing opportunites. That had to be very difficult, and distracting for them. On the other hand, the fact that they were on an elevated platform made it easier for the people to see them; and the video of Granada is probably my favorite because you could see all of the interaction between Ignazio, and Piero. Adorable. On a regular stage, that is difficult to see. Even Gianluca’s reactions, on the opposite side, could be seen. I thought they did a remarkable job. But they always do!
    Just my opinion.

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