How to Go to An Il Volo Concert and TICKET SALE INFORMATION

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Hey, Everyone!

Concert season is finally upon us—Yay!  I love seeing all the excitement and camaraderie as you make your plans to attend concerts in your areas.   It’s what this website is about: sharing the love of life, friends and Il Volo.  😀

But, this time has also brought up lots of questions for everyone, and going through e-mails and reading the comments here have brought out a few trends that we’ve decided to try to tackle for you—a “How To” of concert going if you will.  Hopefully, we can answer some of the most common questions in a way that is helpful for you.

Are there any exceptions to set rules/requirements re: buying tickets and Meet and Greet Passes?

Here, I have to refer you back to our post, “When it Comes to Tickets.”  We are flattered that you have so much faith and trust in us and the information that we can provide, but there are some things that we can’t figure out either.   What we can say is that from everything we’ve seen this year, it’s been a little bit haphazard in the way that things are handled.   It seems like each venue is doing something a little different than another, and information as to how that has been decided or even where to find it has not been forthcoming.

Our best advise: call the venue of your choice and try to find out the information directly.  If that doesn’t work well, public sales of tickets will be starting soon, and following Ticketmaster’s website will give you an idea when that is.  Also check  for requirements for Meet and Greet passes.   It is a guess that PBS seemed to get first dibs on those, and their requirements and pricing levels are different as they try to raise money for their respective stations.   Requirements tend to change for commercial buyers.

And continue to use each other for tips and information.  Word of mouth from someone that’s been here and done this is the best way to navigate the uncharted territory.

I would like to meet up with other members of the crew and maybe share travel expenses.   Is there a way that you can help facilitate that?

Honestly, we’ve gotten this suggestion more than once, and we can see the appeal of that.  It is very appealing to be able to share the experience of an Il Volo concert with fellow Il Volo lovers who “get it” and not just people who are tolerating us good-naturedly, and if they can help off-set the expense, that’s even better.  Oh yeah; we get it.

But in this online age, we have to consider the safety of such a proposition.  In addition, we live in a very litigious society, so we have to consider the legal ramifications for us as a website if we actively endorsed and facilitated such ventures and things didn’t work out.  When coupled together, we feel that the risk is too great for us as a website and individually as officers to set aside space here and to help facilitate partnerships between readers for this purpose.

If you still feel like this is a situation that you would like to try, that is a decision that you can certainly make for yourself.  We have a different group of readers here than the average website, I know, but there are a few things I would like to caution you regarding if you choose to meet up with an online friend.  This list is based solely on my personal experience and from hearing the experiences of friends who have met up with other online friends for trips, and is not meant to be exhaustive or to take the place of good sense and your own judgement regarding your safety.

1.) Get to know each other a little bit before meeting up.  I know it seems like we’re one big happy family while we’re here on the website, but we are functioning in an online capacity, and that person with whom you have good chats here might not make a good roommate.  Trust me; I found that out the hard way.   Whether it be email, phone calls or something like Skype, use the modality you feel most comfortable using  to take some time to get to know the other person outside of Il Volo.

Do they snore?  Do they like to get up early and turn on all the lights and disrupt your sleep early in the morning?  Maybe take 2 hours to get ready?  A 30 minute shower?  Do you have anything else in common?   I know some of those sound funny, but they were things it would’ve been good for me to know about my roommate ahead of time.   Basically, ask all the questions you need to ask of each other to feel safe and comfortable.

2.) Make all decisions together and get everything in writing.  Email is key for my friends and I when we make plans.  We discuss what the plan will be; who is responsible for which aspects of the trip; how it’s going to be paid for; when the deadlines for payments are;  if we all like the same hotel; if everyone is comfortable with the costs and prices being proposed—anything and everything related to making the needed arrangements.   Once all the plans are agreed upon, and the services are paid for and confirmed, everyone gets a copy of the confirmations as proof of the reservations and the final costs.  And we save all of those e-mails to protect ourselves and–in my case–for information for my mother as well.  It gives her great peace of mind to know where I’m going, who I’m going with, when I’m supposed to get there and how to get a hold of me if no one can get in touch with me on my cell phone.

3.) Be clear about money.  We all know how money can mess up a good thing, so as uncomfortable as it is too talk about, make sure there are no questions from anyone going in.  My friends and I like to pay for things up front versus waiting to exchange cash/checks/money orders later, but protecting banking information is very important online.  We like to use Paypal for monetary transactions, as they serve as a “middle man” so that no banking information has to be exchanged between parties.

4.) Listen to your gut.  Like I said, I know we have a very level-headed group of people here, so I’m sure this point is a given, but it bears saying anyway.  If at any point, something inside you says, “This isn’t safe,” or “I’m not comfortable with this,” run with it.


OK.  One more item…

We need a badge or a name tag so we know when we’re meeting another member of the crew.

Well, you guys are in luck!  We heard you, and Marie designed a badge that we are offering for free just in time for this year’s concerts.   Look for “Flight Crew Badge” on the left side of your screen.kids_stars_cartoon

Has this been helpful?  Let us know in the comments below.  🙂

~~ Kelly




 EDIT: JUST RECEIVED THIS EMAIL FROM ILVOLOMUSIC.COM!!  Thank you, Michelle, for sharing it!

Hello fans,

Il Volo will be touring the United States and Canada during the month of June! As an Il Volo subscriber, you have the opportunity to be the first to find out about pre-sale tickets and Meet & Greet Packages for Il Volo’s upcoming shows!


For the dates listed below VIP Meet & Greet Packages will be available to you before tickets go on sale to the public here:

6/6 Saratoga, CA –  The Mountain Winery Coming Soon

6/7 Los Angeles, CA –  Greek Theatre VIP sales begin 3/26 at 10am

6/9  San Diego, CA –  Humphrey’s VIP sales begin 4/1 at 10am

6/11 Buffalo, NY –  Kleinhans Music Hall VIP sales begin 4/2 at 10am

6/13 Vienna, VA –  Wolf Trap VIP Sales Begin 3/26 at 10am

6/14 Stamford, CT –  Stamford Center for the Arts Palace Theatre VIP on sale NOW

6/19 Detroit, MI –  Freedom Hill Amphitheater VIP sales begin 3/20 at 10am

6/20 Elgin, IL–  Festival Park VIP sales begin 3/20 at 10am

6/25 Westbury, NY – Theatre at Westbury VIP sales begin 3/24 at 10am


For the dates listed below tickets and Meet & Greet Packages are NOW available via the respective links below:

6/5 Modesto, CA –  Gallo Center for the Performing Arts TICKETS Meet & Greet

6/15 Newark, NJ –  New Jersey Performing Arts Center  TICKETS  Meet & Greet

6/17 Nashville, TN –  Schermerhorn Symphony Center TICKETS  Meet & Greet

6/21 Milwaukee, WI–   Milwaukee Theatre TICKETS Meet & Greet

6/24 Toronto, ON  – Roy Thomson Hall TICKETS Meet & Greet

6/26 Philadelphia, PA – Mann Center  TICKETS Meet & Greet


*** To buy VIP Meet& Greet Packages for Modesto, Newark, Nashville, Milwaukee, Toronto, and Philadelphia please click here now!

45 thoughts on “How to Go to An Il Volo Concert and TICKET SALE INFORMATION”

  1. Guess I am a little slow tonite. Is the badge to be the winking smiley face, or the 4 IlVolovers holding up stars? How do you get to have your picture taken with the boys? I want to be able to have a very graphic remembrance of Il Volo guys in case I don’t get to go again.
    Any other tips you can give to keep us not looking like idiots when we meet the boys?

    1. Hi Donna. Neither picture you mentioned is the badge. 🙂 On the left side of your computer screen, there is a link that says, “Flight Crew Badge.” It is located under the “Biographies” link.
      I’m not sure if you can get a picture with the guys unless you happen to catch them out and about. Last year, it was part of the Meet and Greet experience, but it isn’t mentioned as a perk this year. I guess we’ll see.
      How to not look like an idiot when meeting them? Probably shouldn’t ask me that one. lol

      1. Thanks Kelly for all the info you’ve posted for us. My question is–What’s the sense of paying so much money (which I did ) for a M&G if you don’t get to stand in front of them and meet them face to face? I hope that is not the case because if it is it’s a rip off !!!!! Do you think wearing the Flight Crew badges will help ??? What do you actually do at a M&G ?? Very confusing.

      2. You will get to see them for the meet and greet, the question is if they will allow pictures to be taken… :/

  2. Very helpful, Kelly! Thanks so much for your time!

    Marie, the badge is a beauty! Should we be able to print our badge from the badge link? Mine wants to make a full page rather than lanyard size.

    Thanks for any further insights. So sweet to do this for the Flight Crew!

    Have a great week,
    ~ Jeanine D.

    1. I saved the badge to my computer using the download button further down on the right side.
      Then I was able to print it using my photo program. I made it wallet size. I have a few of those plastic badge envelopes around and I cut around the edges–had to trim about an eighth of an inch off the bottom in order for it to fit in. It sticks out a bit past the enclosed part of the envelope, but not beyond the envelope itself.
      Can’t wait to wear it!!

  3. Another thing: Maybe we can write our names on the blank side of the badge. I found it hard to get the badge in the envelope–so if you want to write your name on the back, do it before your put it in! I am going to have to take mine out again unfortunately, because I didn’t think of it before I put them in. Too excited to think straight!!

  4. Hey, those badges look GREAT! Very professional. I will happily wear one of these. I’ll just make sure I have my Jolly Roger on the back side of my lanyard. Gotta keep up my pirate image doncha know!
    Connie aka Piratesorka

  5. If you do not have access to a color printer, go to Kinko’s or a similar type place. Have them download it and print it for you. I have no idea what it will cost. It is what I will do. I’ll let you know.

    Glad you like the badge. What’s not to like? It’s THEM!

  6. Great Info, Kelly and Marie, the badge is perfect! Thanks, for all your help about tkt info. Got my tkts for Newark and can’t wait for June 15th! Valerie D.

      1. I will be in NJ too! Maybe we can all meet. I’m sitting in Orchestra, Row A, Seats 103 & 104.

  7. Beautiful badge! Thank you!
    It took a little experimentation with my printer, but was finally able to print a “business card” size, which fits into a badge sleeve very well. In addition, I’m putting one on my suitcase instead of my name tag! So, so ready for this meeting and greeting!

  8. First, the il Volo Fight Crew Badge is very nice Marie, Thank You!

    OT: I am just wondering if anyone else has signed up for il Volo’s Mailing List on the Official il Volo Website. I have and have never received any information from the website. I have tried it several time with no response. I would think that you would receive the information/news of what is going on such as their Concert Dates/info ect. I just tried the link again and it did not seem to be working at all.

    I also signed up with Ticketmaster to receive notice of the il Volo Concert dates and did not receive any notice from them either. I don’t know what the purpose of this is, if they don’t let you know.

    If I had not checked into this website, I would not have known that they were starting another tour here in the States and where the Concerts were going to be. So I also want to thank the board of this website for keeping us up to date as to what is going on. I just don’t always have the time to check in each day. Guess I will have to make more of an effort to know what is going on.

    Guess I am just curious if anyone is receiving notices of the il Volo Concerts from The Official Website or say Ticketmaster.

    1. Jeanie, like you I have signed up for email notices as you did, and have received nothing! This site is far and away our best source of information. Our board does a great job and everyone shares whatever news they come upon. I start each day with a visit here to be sure I have the latest and best info. Thanks to everyone for sharing!

      1. LindaP,

        Thanks for responding. I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong.

        I should try to check in everyday because I also feel this site is the best out there for info.

        I really wish they were not going to Russia on April 1. It does scare me and I hope that they are aware of what what could possibly happen to them. My husband has an interest in “Magic” and from what he had read, well, David Copperfield did not have a good experience while over there. I hope they don’t run into the same thing. We will all have to pray for them that they have no trouble while they are over there.

    2. Hi Jeanie: I actually received the same e-mail that Kelly just posted about the tour. I have no recollection of signing up for their emails either! I must have though…

    3. Jeanie, I have been signed up on the Il Volo and Ticket Master web sites too but did not get a notice. I found out about the tour through The Flight Crew and through Face Book.

    4. Jeanie, I get both, However there are a few who, for no known reason, don’t receive them no matter what they do. Board member included. Glad you can find what you need here. We are trying to get you news and information as soon as we (and a lot of time you guys) find it.

    5. Thanks for all of your comments. I find it interesting that this system works for some and not others. Oh well! I have actually done the sign up on the il Volo Official Site several times and still receive nothing. Ticketmaster tells me that I am signed up when I asked about it and I can see that it shows that I am, but nothing.

      I receive emails about other concerts going on from Ticketmaster that I did not sign up for, just not il Volo.

      Just curious,

  9. Hi ladies and another BIG thank you for the info you provide! Please read Joanie’s note above as I thought the same thing – if we paid to “meet and greet” the Guys, shouldn’t that include a picture? Agree with others about no info from websites. If we had trusted those sites, we’d be very sad and very clueless. Especially disappointed in the Il Volo site. Maybe they need new folks to run it. At any rate, you ladies ROCK with all the info and love you give!! Excited for June!!!

  10. They are in my prayers every day, and will be even more so if they do indeed visit Russia. It just doesn’t seem to make good sense to go considering all the unrest in and around Russia. Hopefully they and their management will be persuaded to wait until the country settles down, and the safety of foreigners is of less concern.

  11. LOOK ABOVE AT THE ADDITION TO THIS BLOG. IL VOLO just released more info on M&Gs, and their info was added to the bottom of this Flight Crew blog. Thanks to Kelly, Michelle, and whomever contributed to this!

    BTW, the M&G tickets listed on the IL VOLO info are for 2 people, include two seats in the first 15 rows, the M&G, and a T-shirt. In looking at the packages currently available, they ranged from $240 to $375 for two people. Mostly on the higher end.

    Wish Connie and my family luck, as Saratoga is still on the “Coming Soon” list! The others have dates that sales will open.

    Ooooohhh! It’s getting close!!
    (; >) Jeanine D.

    1. Oh, shoot! I just got an email from a friend that clarified those numbers are PER PERSON, so like $375 EACH PERSON. (I shouldn’t have been surprised. Wishful thinking, I guess.)

      So, I’m just putting out prayers for some extra little bundles of money to come my way! (At least enough for the trip and the M&G.) Why not?!
      For you all, too!

      I like the thought that after it’s over, I’ll feel it was worth even more than I paid for it!

      Spring possibilities…
      ~ Jeanine D.

      1. Jeanine, I, too, was a bit taken aback by the cost of the M&G, and on my limited income it’s a real challenge to find out where the money will come from. That said, however, life is short! The joy that Il Volo brings to us is priceless!

      2. You’re so right, Linda! Totally priceless.

        And for any and all of us who might be feeling a financial stretch, here’s a great true story….

        The first year I knew of IL VOLO and wanted to go to the concert (Seattle Oct. 2012), I had this fleeting thought that if I received $500 from a totally unexpected source, I would buy the tickets. (I had only seen the scalper prices and didn’t know that was what they were. And for that matter, I never had thoughts like that!) Within a few days, I received notification that I was being given $500 as a thank-you for all I had done for an organization. The person who was giving the money to me had never before done such a thing, to my knowledge!
        As soon as the tickets went on sale (not scalper prices), I bought them, and this unexpected money payed for my entire trip and more!

        So, anyone out there feeling that attending a concert is financially impossible, maybe not! I would love to hear your stories as the money or opportunity makes itself available! And I look forward to having my own great 2014 story to tell. (; >)

        In gratitude for our Flight Crew Board’s loving assistance with encouragement, wisdom, and timely info!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  12. I printed mine out to a 4×6 size and will have it laminated at Office Max. They look great. You just have to be sure you have plenty of color ink in your printer. First ones came out pale as I needed to re-supply the colored ink cartridge.
    You have choices as to what size you want.
    Thank you FLIGHT CREW for doing such a great job! You ladies are awesome!

  13. Kelly – Thank you for putting this all together and Marie – great job on the badge! Details seem to change daily so we will just keep posting it as we get it! We are all figuring this out together!

  14. Kelly I must congratulate you on the wonderful memo that you put out. I think it applies to all situations when dealing with new friends on the internet. it is a wonderful thing, but also a fearful thing. I think everybody on this site feel very comfortable and safe with each other (some with pictures too) and feel that everyone here is honest and true, but we still have to take note of all you said. in the world today it is better to be informed than sorry

    1. Thanks, and you’re right. I think our readers are different, but I had someone tell me that they were nervous about trying it. 🙂

  15. Thank you everyone for your comments on this particular post and on how we are doing as a whole! It’s truly humbling for me, & I appreciate you all just as much!

  16. I got my VIP package for Nashville! I was ecstatic when I saw they gave me a front row seat! Though I was looking for the M&G w/o tickets but couldn’t find it, now I see that you have the link to it. Oh well, I wouldn’t have gotten a front row seat if I had done that. I’m so excited!

  17. FYI: If any of you have not gotten you’re VIP for Nashville (this includes tickets) and would like to, I advise you to go through the Nashville site, not Il Volo. You end up at the same site but through Nashville they give you better seating.

    1. Carli,

      I am confused. Where exactly did you get your VIP ticket from, especially a package that included a seat and a M&G Seat? Was it through PBS when they offered there tickets, 2 for $250, I think? They sold out really fast, but I don’t remember those tickets offering a Meet and Greet with them. Or are you saying that you just now purchased your ticket?

      I think that I am going to have to give Schermerhorn a call. I got right in immediately at 10:00a.m. on the first day of the sale through Schermerhorn and the closest seat was Row CC, 3rd Row, at that time, which was right up front, Row AA was the first Row, I was told. The other seats were already taken and they did not know anything about a Meet and Greet being held then. I can’t see how they can now give M&G tickets out for the first row. They had better not try to move my seats, that is all that I have to say. I do not have my tickets yet, because I chose to have them mailed to me, which I was told would be a couple of weeks before the Concert.

      I had already seen first row, Row AA dead center seats for sale on a reseller site for Ticketmaster before they even offered the sale to the general public, for close to $300 a ticket.The man helping me said that he was going to check that out because Schermerhorn frowns on their seats being sold by scalpers. They do have something on their website about this. I figured a scalper bought season pass tickets and was able to purchase those front row seats through the sale offered to the season pass ticket holders the four days in advance and then was able to put them up for sale before the sale to the public opens up.

      I am Happy for you Carli! Just trying to figure this out.

      1. Yes, this is confusing. I will try to explain and hope not to confuse you further. Yes, I just got my ticket this morning; and no, I have not gotten anything from PBS. To get to the M&G VIP tickets I first used the link from the Il Volo twitter account. When I saw the tickets, they were giving me seats (you can not pick a seat, they just assign you one) in either row GG or C. I then saw on the Nashville Schermerhorn Center website, where you would buy regular tickets, a link to buy M&G VIP tickets. I clicked on the link and it took me to the same page as did the link from Il Volo twitter BUT when it selected my seat, it gave me a seat in the AA section. I did this several times from both places (the link from Il Volo and from NSC) and the results were virtually the same. So I just used the link from NSC.

        All I can say about the seats is that I think sometimes they hold some seats back. So some of the AA seats must have been held back and now they are using them for the M&G seats. My ticket said It would be mailed one week before the concert.

        Since I got them from a link right on NSC I do not think that it is fake. My ticket was $252.

        I hope this clears things up some for you. If you already have your ticket and want to add M&G I suggest you call NSC first. Someone on twitter said that they called and NSC gave them a M&G ticket for $50, but it depends on your seat. If that doesn’t work try the link in the article above.

        I’ve just check and they still have some AA seats left.

      2. Carli,

        Thanks, I think that I understand it now. I told my husband that the M&G tickets for the Nashville Concert must have been sold out, a couple of days ago, because I did not see a link for them using the above link from Kelly anymore. I guess I was lied to from the person that helped me at the Schermerhorn the first day that the tickets went on sale. Yes, I do think that ALL places hold back tickets, which is wrong to me and makes me mad.

    2. Carli,
      I just followed your directions and I now see that the Schermerhorn’s website lists a link for the M&G VIP Package that takes you to the il Volo site with the whole package listed. I see that they still have listed Row AA Seats listed. I really do not understand this and NOW I am very concerned that they might try to push the seats back that were sold on March 7 when they first opened up. I don’t know what I would do if they try to do that. Probably MAKE them give my money back. Maybe that is why they won’t mail you your tickets until 2 – 4 weeks before the Concert. I sure hope they don’t try this.

      The man that helped me on March 7 did tell me that they do not hold seats back. That is what is upsetting to me about this. They totally showed the center section sold out back to Row G, Seats 13-14 right after I purchased our tickets.

      Thanks again for your information and I will be trying to get in touch with them to make sure my seats are secure.

  18. Jeanie & Carli:
    I don’t want to muddy the waters, but here is my experience. I called the Nashville Symphony Center the morning of March 7, and asked for the best tickets they had. I got Row EE (Orch. Right) seats 23 & 24 (Aisle seat) I asked that the tickets be mailed to me, and I got them in 3 days!! I have my tickets in my hot little hand! They cost $97.00 apiece.

    But then at a later date, I ordered my M&G tickets from the site posted here, and the confirmation email I received says,” All tickets must be picked up at the Venue. Please bring your confirmation number and a picture ID. Will Call ticket orders cannot be picked up before the doors open on the evening of the show.” These tickets cost $155.00 apiece.

    On Il Volo Mundial’s site I read that we will receive an email one week before the performance giving us more details about the M&G. If I do not receive an instructional email, I will call Concertmaps’s Customer Service and see what’s going on. Does this help?

    1. Hi Helen,
      I did call the Schermerhorn Sympony Center today and talked to a customer service man. He told me that my seats were secure. I do not have my tickets in my hand as of yet like you do. I was told they would be mailed to me between 2 to 4 weeks before the concert, that is one reason that I was concerned when these M&G Seats are now showing up when I was told at 10:00a.m. on March 7 that they did not have a M&G scheduled and that they knew nothing about it. The closest seats for me to purchase at that time was in Row CC. I was told Row AA and BB was already sold. Now they seem to have empty seats to sell for the M&G Package which now includes the Concert ticket and a ticket for the M&G with a tee shirt. The seats in that M&G Package is usually in the first 10 to 15 Rows, depending on what Venue is it. Plus, another option out there for Nashville is that you can still purchase just a ticket for the M&G, which does not include a Concert ticket because people had already purchased their Concert ticket first, like you and I did. It looks like our seats will stay the same, I hope.

      Carli is correct in saying that there are still seats in Row AA to be purchased in the M&G Package Deal that includes the Concert Ticket plus the M&G Ticket and tee shirt. This is confusing. Row AA and BB Seats were definitely held back to be sold now in a M&G Package Deal. I just think that this was not planned out very well and an afterthought. But, I was still worried about my seats getting pushed somewhere else to sell the full M&G Packages.

      Row AA and BB seats were still up for sale on a TicketsNow website earlier today. This is a Ticketmaster Reseller Site that people (scalpers) purchase tickets and put up for sale at twice the amount or just about twice the amount. Schermerhorn says that they frown on this and warn people that if they purchase their tickets from these Scalpers, that they could lose their money and seats. But they don’t seem to be doing anything about it. Oh well, I am happy with my seats as long as I keep my seats. lol

      1. Same here, Jeanie. I am going to leave things as they are! I don’t have the best seats in the world, but they are not that bad either!

        You are so right…Sounds like these people don’t know what they’re doing!!!

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