Il Volo – Taormina Concert July 20! Buy your tickets!



Most of you saw the tweets or received an email announcing Il Volo’s concert at the Greek Theatre in Taormina. So I thought we’d give you a preview of things to come in our next Italia.  You guessed it – we’re going to Taormina!  The pictures above and below are just a few that I took in Taormina, one of my most favorite places in Sicily!  The announcements are below, just in case you did not see them!   Michele (MFA)




The pictures above and below, from MN,  are of the ancient Greek Theater in Taormina

MN says, “I believe, Nowadays, for security reasons, the theater can hold up to 3000 people whilst in ancient times was up to 5000.”



Concert Announcements:

Piero Barone Il Volo ‏@piero_barone  Le vendite sono ufficialmente aperte.    Sales are officially open

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Gianluca Il Volo ‏@GianGinoble
20 Luglio al #TeatroAnticodiTaormina il nostro primo show in Italia.  Le vendite sono ufficialmente aperte!  Sales are officially open

The email announcement: Il Volo – Il trio vocale arriva in concerto a Taormina! Acquista subito i tuoi biglietti!
Per Google: Il Volo – The vocal trio arrives in concert in Taormina!  Buy your tickets!

Il Volo Recital TAORMINA – Biglietti   –  Il Volo Recital Taormina – Tickets

Sun, 20/07/14, 21:30 Teatro Antico in Taormina
via Greek Theatre, Taormina 48039

dom, 20/07/14, 21.30 Teatro Antico di Taormina
via Teatro Greco, 48039 TAORMINA


Additional Information

Taormina 2014 Events Calendar


14 thoughts on “Il Volo – Taormina Concert July 20! Buy your tickets!”

  1. thank you so much for putting this on the blog, it’s so hard to get information about their performances in Italy, this is home, it will be so interesting to track this concert. I hope there are lots of You Tube’s. Sicilia looks beautiful, I think I have to make it my next trip!

  2. I would very much like to attend this concert in Taormina. But I am not familiar with the area and would like to join with others who are going. I would love to talk with anyone interested in attending with me. I live in Northern California but we could meet anywhere that is convenient. Thanks for any assistance.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I never took any of the theatre even though I stayed in Taormina three times and three one day visits by Med cruise. Whenever I passed by the theatre, I wished there was a concert because the scenery is awesome. Little did I know that years later I would love to see our guys there. Hope there will be some glorious videos. Wish you would take them Michele!

  4. Thanks so much for all your information. It’s really great to see what the boys are up too in Italy and the pix are beautiful. I am going to Italy in Sept. So I will be able to scope these places out… Thanks again !💕💕

  5. My husband and I will be on a Sicily tour in May. We will visit Teatro Greco which was built in 3 BC by the Greeks and remodeled by the Romans. Wish IL Volo was performing on May 12. But, not all is lost, I will see them at Wolf Trap in VIenna, VA. Front row center in the Pit. Maybe Ignazio will fall off the stage and land in my lap. (>:

  6. As I keep saying over and over, I am soooo envious of all of you who have been to Italy and those of you who are going to Italy. But thanks to Michele and Mlla and all the rest of you that keep us informed about Italy and all its’ beautiful cities and others places that have survived from ancient times. I truly appreciate these posts and thank you again and again.

  7. What beautiful venue! But I can’t make it to the concert! Oh no, my depression is coming back…

    Thanks, Michele and Mlla for the beautiful pictures and information.

  8. I am glad you all are enjoying the pictures! Ann, maybe I just will take videos! We will see, I would love to go back to Taormina!

  9. Thanks for the mini-tour and the updates. Your photos look like paintings Ms. Azzara, almost to pretty to be real! I am so excited for the Our Guys that they are going to perform here. They have said before that it is one of their goals to become more well known in Italy. It’s especially exciting because it is in Sicily. One step at a time. Global domination is getting closer!

    1. Thank you Isabel! I think you are right – but seems to me they have been taking GIANT steps this year!

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