The Plan


I’ve Tickets To See,
A Concert Or Three,
I Can Hardly Wait Until June.

Then I’ll Bide My Time,
While Standing In Line
And They’ve Sung Their Very Last Tune.

They’ll Think I’m Just Mild,
But Oh What A Child
To Think I’d Be Leaving So Soon.

I’ll Hide In The Back
And Plan My Attack.
I’m Going To Reach For The Moon!

It May Not Be Neat,
But It’ll Be Sweet
When I Grab Him And Run From The Room.

Oh, He’ll Kick And He’ll Scream.
Hey, This Is My Dream.
If I Can Only Subdue My Groom.



67 thoughts on “The Plan”

  1. Okay, Marie, here’s MY plan. We’re going to slip him a Mickey, move to Utah, and become polygamists. We each get one dimple ’cause we’re definitely going to share him! My Minnesota niceness is slowly leaving my body ….

  2. Okay Laura and Marie, just as long as long as you keep your hands off my guy. I just love your poems, Marie! You should have them published in a book for all of us Il Volo lovers to have to keep forever.

    1. Loretta, you can join Marie and I in Utah. I’ll generously let you share Marie’s ONE dimple with her while I keep the other one all to myself. I’ll find a way to make Plan B work! Oh, yeah, security will definitely be needed at these concerts . . .

  3. Thank You, Allene. I would publish them, but if Il Volo Management ever read a whole book of my stuff, I’d be banned from Il Volo Concerts ….Forever!

    1. Marie, if they ban you, it means I have first crack at BOTH dimples. So, when do you plan to publish and distribute? Hee Hee Hee!!

  4. So Marie– This is a great solution !! Hide, Grab and Run !!! My biggest fear is not having enough time with them at my first ever M&G. I am beyond excited in anticipation of meeting them but I’m also so nervous that it will be such a fast, fleeting moment that I will not be able to express how I feel, look closely at their beautiful faces or give each one of them a hug and kiss and savor the moment. After all we are only one of many faces in the crowd which is a bitter pill to swallow when they are such a huge part of my life, and all our lives, everyday. Hopefully the Flight Crew Badges will allow us more time with them !! Fingers crossed !!

    1. Joanie, You put my feelings down exactly….I so hope to have more than a second or two at the M&G in Milwaukee, with Jeanne Thomas (we have our badges all ready). ☺ This is my first concert, I will be nervous too, they mean so much to all of us. Somehow, we have feelings as if we know them, personally, because we have been enjoying them and watching their videos and DVD’s, let alone the CD’s. It’s a blessing and I hope they, in their youth, can feel our respect and love . My best to you, Joanie.

  5. Joanie, First of all, every face in the crowd is important to them. You know that. Second of all, It will be your time! Take it! “Savor the moment”! Then tell us about it.

    1. I got a little over emotional this morning so thanks for the pep talk Marie. Of course I know how much each and every fan means to our boys. They show how much they care about us everyday in so many ways. It is one of many,many reasons that we love them so much. I’m going to relax and enjoy the experience and when I’m finally able to pull myself back to earth I’ll tell you all about it !!

    2. Oh Marie, you put it so well….Love your poems! I will do my best to savor the moment when I go to the M&G in Milwaukee. I will be very happy and excited to finally meet them and see a concert. ☺

  6. Your poems just get funnier and funnier each time! I think you know who should have extra security on this tour! Actually Marie, this is good. Just get security focused on your guy so I can steal my guy without too much hullabaloo! πŸ™‚

      1. I just have to laugh at “If I Can Only Subdue My Groom”!

  7. All of you ladies are so wonderful and make me smile! Gosh, it’s fun to joke like this with all of you and feel young again. (Still gonna make Plan B work, though)!

    1. Not I, Loretta. I’m heading to Milwaukee on a Meet and Greet Dimple Mission!!!!!!!

  8. Okay Marie, you carry out your plan to cart off “L’ uomo con le fossette” which will be a GREAT diversion for me while I make off like a pirate with “L’uomo con gli occhiali rossi” Bwahahahahaaa!

  9. I’m with Piratesorka and Carli! You all can fight over The Dimpled One while we pirates sneak a pair of red glasses out the back. I’ll chip in for bail when Ms. Crider refuses share! Anyone else, because, come on, you all know it’s going to happen?

    1. Spoken like a good pirate lass to be Isabel! You will graduate from bait to cabin girl really fast this way!

      1. I have all the time in the world. June is NEVER GOING TO GET HERE!!!! πŸ™

  10. I love your poem, Marie. I wish I had that talent, but looking at my user name, “he” and “I” have a very “strong” and “secret” connection (including his dimples), but I will give you one dimple. Okay? (lol)

    1. I have a strong and secret connection with Ignazio, too. He and I both have dimples in our cheeks (not necessarily the same cheeks). Don’t mean to brag, but I even have some on the backs of my thighs! I’m certain this gives me first dibs at him! LOLOLOL!!!

      1. Well, I also have dimples on the back of my thighs, and on the sides and on the front. (wow! try not to get a mental picture ) Soooo, I think your “first dibs” just came back to me. (Can you imagine what “dimples” would think if he read all our comments? lol)

      2. Well, I think “Dimples” now knows it’s not the young chicks he’s gonna have to bring security for! We might be “mature”, but that only means we have the brains and experience to carry out our plans. Those poor boys will not have a chance!!!!

      3. You are so right! And with our “maturity” and “experience”, we will carry out our plans right under the youngsters’ noses. And as a famous comedic duo said many years ago, “No one will be any the wiser”.

  11. You ladies are too funny. I love how you guys fight over “I” and “P”. Me? I will take the youngest one. All are adorable and so sweet. They are even better in the flesh. Gian is very shy but I bet he can hold his own. My only gripe with the M&G is that, it was too fast and not to their liking not being able to spend more time with their fans. I hope during this concert it will be different. No matter, got a nice picture with them which I will treasure forever. I may not ever get to meet them again so, this will have to hold me till FOREVER. Good luck you pirates. Bring lots of rope.

    1. They are ALL adorable and sweet but I will be taking the youngest one too !!!! Gian does seem to be much more out going and relaxed these days (and gorgeous !!!). I guess I’ll find out on June 14th and let you know !!!

    2. Gian seems a little shy yet, but the Ilvolovers says that he has the best hug of the three, and when he is talking to you, he look directly in your eyes. So enjoy it will be unforgetable.

  12. You think you feel like a kid now. Wait until you’re in Their face! It’s hard to drool and giggle at the same time. Not too pretty either.

    1. In their face, Marie? Are you planning to drool directly into Ignazio’s dimple?? Notice the word “dimple” is singular cause I’m still claiming the other one!! Plan B is still in effect !

  13. You ladies are just a MESS! These poor boys, you are going to run them off. Like Marian P. above, I am ROTFL. You finish the rest of it. lol

    1. Well, Jeanie, you won’t think we’re such a mess when you see us with our tongues stuck in those gorgeous dimples! Enough said there!!

      1. OMG! I am going to wake my husband up laughing at all of you. Ignazio is going to read this plan and run for the hills or just be too sick after the concert to go to the M&G!

        I WANT pictures of all of this, lots of pictures.

        Still ROTFL….!

  14. LOL! I think I need to go scrub my eyeballs out after that visual! πŸ™‚ This must be why they are having so few concerts in the U.S. this year. One of them MUST have found this blog. I’m doomed……………………….and after all the work that went into those badges and everything…………………………*sigh*

  15. Oh Isabel, I’m always apologizing to you. This time it really was Laura’s fault! Sorry about the eyeballs, Honey!
    They’re young. They’re brave. They’ll come here with guards.

    1. LOTS of guards!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, at least that means the security will be distracted. The more concentrated they are on the boys means the better chances I have of sneaking onto the bus! πŸ˜‰

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