Il Volo 2014 North America Tour opener – 6/5 at Gallo Center, Modesto, CA


I am so lucky this year that I got to see our beloved Il Volo at their concert opener AND with 1st row seats!  Yes I was able to see everything.  I had the best and most memorable time. I am not going to spoil it for those of you who won’t be seeing them until later.  So here are just some highlights from last night and my favorite moments.

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They started the show with Un Amore Cosi Grande – a favorite for many Il Volovers.  They sang for two hours without an intermission.  I think they sang about 24 songs with 2 solos from each of them, except Gianluca due to some mishaps with the music with Night and Day.  I hope it will be fixed so he can perform it without any incidents tonight at Saratoga.  There are some surprises – Gianluca singing Can’t Help Falling In Love and a new arrangement of Caruso –  I love it!

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Now below are the most memorable moments for ME!!!

This year they didn’t invite any Maria to the stage for the song.  Instead, Piero and Ignazio sat down and sang on the edge of the stage.  And lucky me Ignazio was right in front of me.  He was so adorable and making funny faces to all the ladies in front of him while he is not singing.  At the end of the song he took my hand and kissed it.  As he was letting go of my hand I grab on his hand and said “not so fast”.  My husband who was sitting next to me handed him a present that we have prepared.  It is a 2014 World Cup jersey for team Italia.  He saw it and turned his head to tell Gianluca and Piero – “Wait” (imagine him saying it with his cute accent) and asked them to come over.  I then gave Gianluca and Piero their jerseys.  I recall Gianluca said “so I get #10” and he sure sounded excited!  Of course I will not let these moments go without some serious touching!  I hug and kiss Gianluca and Ignazio with the biggest and tightest to you know who.  However, maybe because of that I ran out of time to hug Piero.  Oh well, I still have my 2nd and 3rd chances later this month.

He’s singing “Maria” right in front of me!

The show ended with their signature song – O Sole Mio and they rocked and brought down the house.  The audience was all fired up and we gave a long standing ovation and tons of applause. Being so close to the stage I can see clearly that my dear Gianluca has tears in his eyes!  I so want to go up and hug him big at that moment.  What a sweet guy, he always is so passionate and emotional!

#8- midfield commander, #9- striker, #10- forward & MVP of the team; however, you guys are all MVPs!

The theater is nice enough to allow for photos(for sure) and video (I think!).  So here are a little treat for our Flight Crew.  Enjoy!

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! It gave me chills! I can not wait to see them in only 11 days! I am also so excited to hear that Ignazio and Piero sat at the edge and sang, I hope they do that in Nashville! From the clips I’ve heard, they sounded awesome!

  3. Elaine, Elaine!!! Thank you so much. What a wonderful thing you did by giving our Boys those shirts. I wish I could see their faces. My goodness, when you see them here in Elgin, they will sure know you!!! Can’t wait.

    1. Ann, Ann, you’re welcome! Oh I wish I can see their faces again too. It all happened so quick! I can’t wait for Elgin either to meet you and my 3 MVP!

      1. Elaine, I told Ron we all would be taking pictures too and he said
        “ok Annie”. Such a nice guy. Looking forward to your next show with our Gorgeous Guys!!!! They’ll probably want you to go on the tour with them! lol Can’t wait to me you girls.

      2. Thanks Ann. My camera will be ready. I am dying to go on tour with them! Guys – please, please, please!!!

  4. Elaine, your post is already a big hit, lots of photos and experiences, everybody will love it!! Now they know what they have to look foward to. For those of us not going to a concert this year, it’s a sight for sore eyes!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Linda. You know it’s not too late. There are 13 concerts left that you can still go to. Go hurry, there are too many regrets in life so you don’t want another one.

  5. Oh Elaine! This was thrilling to read! Now I really can’t wait to see them and hug them myself. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

  6. Elaine, this is wonderful!! What a night you/ they had! The shirts are totally awesome. I’ll bet they are one of the neatest gifts the guys have ever received! Truly a night to remember!! Thank you!!!!

  7. They are so handsome – they take my breath away. Thanks, Elaine. I will return again and again because Nashville is the closest to Athens, Ga. I will be with you all in spirit.

  8. Thankyou Elaine!! It’s all so wonderful! I’m glad they are singing the songs we know! The Greek is my nite & I am ready to go! Will go to my son’s in Corona in the AM with IlVolover friend, Marlene & my son & wife will go with us to the concert! I don’t drive in LA anymore!! Sounds like your nite was magical! Our guys ensure that each nite will be the best!❤️😋

  9. What a great gift you gave to those of us going to a later concert, Elaine. A hint of what we have to look forward to. Thank you so very much. Listening to those beautiful voices for two hours sounds like heaven to me! Can’t wait.

  10. Thank you Elaine for sharing your magical night – just the first I am sure – can’t wait to hear about tonight and can’t wait to sit next to you in Detroit and Chicago! Have fun tonight! Gorgeous pictures – gorgeous guys! OH, I am sure the voices were magnificent too! Michele (mfa)

    1. Well tonight is over and it was MAGICAL! I will see you soon Michele, yay, can’t wait.

  11. Thank you so much for letting us share in your evening. I see them June 19 and I’m so excited. But my husband, dear man, would not agree to $200 seats, so I won’t be able to hug or touch them like you did. OMG what a thrill that would be.

  12. Dear The Flight Crew,
    My sincere apologies for my uncontrolled fangirling. I had an unexpected day off from school and so had the ENTIRE DAY to check and re-check, refresh and re-refresh this page, hoping for any hint of significant news. I promise that this was a one-time occurrence and I will not fangirl anymore. I am giving us a bad reputation.
    Ms. Tse, thank you SO much for the above story, photos, and videos. Those jerseys are amazing and I bet The Boys love them! That is amazing, that you got a chance to talk to them right in the middle of the concert! Your sharing your experience is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca all sound FANTASTIC! Next tour, I am going to a concert, no matter what. I need to hear them for myself. I need to personally hug them and thank them for sharing their incredible gift with the world. I need to watch them perform. I need to hear that note from O Sole Mio because I know it will make me cry.
    Once again, allow me to apologize for my rabid reaction. That is not normal for me and it will not happen again. Thank you for reading.

    1. Isabel—– You react in any way you want, sweetie! It’s so great to have a young lady on this site. I love your perspective on Il Volo and am so happy that you enjoy them so much. You are a girl after my own heart—Obviously very intelligent, enthusiastic, and with a wonderful sense of humor. Wish I could tuck you under my arm and sneak you into a concert.
      Keep the blogs coming!!!

      1. I wish you could too! 😉 As things are though, I can’t wait to hear about YOUR concert! I’m so excited for you that you get to hear them and meet them!

    2. Well there you go Isabel. You have Linda and Helen’s approval. It ‘s OK with me too as long as the fangirling doesn’t interfere with your school. Did I tell you I also named my little daughter Isabel? She is in college and she loves all kind of music. And tonight we attended the Saratoga concert together. I hope you will get to see their concert soon.

      I wasn’t sure when or how to give them the jersey during the concert. I was lucky Ignazio gave me the perfect moment! Thank you Ignazio.

      1. Congratulations to your daughter for getting into college! I am wondering if I’ll ever make it there! That’s great that you two got to share a concert together! It’s neat that you both like the same music.You know what they say. “Great minds think alike.”

    3. I loved meeting you, Isabel! It is great that you and your mom share your enthusiasm for The Guys. Elaine, by the way, is a real kick !
      Lauren and I totally enjoyed the Saratoga concert–it was so laid back in comparison to the Fresno Opera House performance. I don’t Actually, I can’t say which concert I preferred– they were both dynamic.
      What was your favorite part of the Saratoga concert? I think the guys loved the scenery.

      1. Of course I’m jealous! Lol But you already knew that. 😉 I can hardly wait until June 20th…can’t wait to hear “Fools rush in”….and meet the guys, but you knew that too. 😃 Sorry…I was too exhausted to respond appropriately before.

      2. Of course you know I was just kidding Kelly. 6/20 will arrive soon…

  13. Elaine how wonderful. I won’t see them until the 19th in Freedom Hill but I am so psyched right now I can hardly sit still. What a wonder full thoughtful gift you gave them. I know next to nothing about soccer, by as my grandson is now playing it I will have to get him to tell me what those positions are! Can’t believe the Elvis song GG will be singing. Saw a short video the other day of it and I just couldn’t believe how good he was…just like the original, but maybe a little better I think.

    Enjoy the other concerts! Donna May

    1. I don’t know much about soccer either. It was actually my hubby’s idea and he is a huge fan. I hope our guys like it and will wear it. World Cup will start soon. I hope they can manage to have time to watch the game despite the concerts.

      I’ll see you on the 19th. I didn’t have front row seat but that will be my first M&G.

  14. Dear Elaine, Thank you, thank you for your videos and photos of your night with the boys. I enjoyed so much the description of your seat location, the kissing of your hand by Ignazio…what a dream. Then, what a thoughtful gift of the shirts, I know the boys must have been very touched..very special indeed. I was wondering if you were wearing the Flight Crew Badge???? If so, was it recognized by anyone? How was the M&G? xxoo

    1. Thank you. Yes it was like a dream and I don’t want to wake up (sounds like…G…G…)!!!

      I have the badge in my hand but I didn’t meet anyone from Flight Crew. However, I met several Flight Crews tonight at Saratoga and two of them are from Guatemala. Yes they came all the way here just to see our guys – true Il Volovers!

  15. Elaine, thank you, thank you, thank you a million times for this wonderful sharing. I felt I was there with you, a little jealous at times. old feeling came back just hearing them live in concert again. will we ever get over these boys???? each time I see and hear them it is like the first time I saw and heard them. I was so happy for you, and these video’s are wonderful. thank you again.( PS: don’t keep drilling in that you have two more concerts, it hurts because I have none this round!!!)

    1. Thank you and Oops! Sorry, please don’t read any of my previous responses. But it’s hard not to mention it. It’s so exciting! Oops, sorry again…

      1. Elaine, thank you so much for sharing your experience with OUR GUYS. I am very JEALOUS of course but this year too many things are happening in my life. I will not be able to see them. I will have to hold the one concert (Concord, Ca) which I saw in August last year, in my heart and mind for awhile. I got to meet them and came away loving them more than before. Now, they seem to have become more HANDSOME than ever. Gianluca and Piero singing Caruso with Ignazio was beautiful. Their voices complement each other. Thanks again. Have fun everyone. Share those precious pictures and videos please.

  16. someone mentioned that they saw Barbara and Gianluca’s Mom in Modesto last night. I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that parents are still traveling with them. I hope the other parents will come too from time to time. in this age, when drugs etc. are so prevalent amongst the young stars (every other one seems to be in rehab or needing rehab or having a baby) I am glad to see that their parents are aware of the dangers their sons are exposed to and are doing something to protect them. Justin does have his father or mother with him at times, but coming from a broken home, there is a lot of conflict there and they don’t seem to be able to control him. I do not want our boys to get involved with those people at all, and it is all around them, so parents, keep close to your boys. I admire so much that you care enough about them to give up your life to protect them, it is not pampering them, in this present world it is common sense because the temptations in Hollywood are very bad

    1. Yes, I saw Mrs. Ginoble tonight. She and Barbara sat at the back for the first half of the show.

  17. Elaine, thank you for sharing your exciting time with us. I got weak in the knees just hearing of your adventure. I am so excited to see them, but I have some sad feeling cause we will be going to the Mann center in Philly, and that means they will be leaving the USA. Question, how do you get seats so close to the stage and what goes on at a M&G? Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Nana, I didn’t go to the M&G. Modesto was one of the first venue to start selling the tickets. I was anxious to get good seats so I called Gallo Center a few weeks before the tickets goes on sales. I was told Gallo Center is a non-profit organization and with a donation I can have priority in purchasing tickets. And that’s how I have 1st row seats. It’s well worth the money and I always support music and art.

      You are lucky to see their last show. I heard it’s always the best one.

  18. Sweet Elaine—-The pictures and the videos were just SUPERB! What a fantastic treat they were…And didn’t Our Boys look marvelous? Loved the shirts you gave them…What a terrific idea!!!
    Be sure to write more and tell us all about your Meet & Greet experience. I just can’t thank you enough for sharing the joy and incredible talent of Il Volo!!!

    1. Thank you Helen. I won’t meet our guys until later. Actually you will meet them at Nashville before me. So make sure to tell us about your experience. Have a great time!

  19. Elaine! My friend, Joanie, is the one who took the pics of you giving the jerseys to them! That was a great moment! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Elaine for the precious videos. Caruso with all three singing. What a special gift! Can’t get enough just knowing their are finally here is unvelievable. Love them so much! God bless you.

      1. Thanks Stephanie. Glad you enjoy the video. I love the new Caruso and couldn’t get enough of it too.

    2. Oh, thank you so much Sweet Caroline. I am waiting anxiously for Joanie to send me those photos. I can’t thank her enough. They will be the most precious memories of my life.

      It’s nice meeting you both. I hope I will meet you again soon at one of their future concert.

  20. Thanks for allowing those of us who can’t go to a concert this year to live it through you. You are loved very much. Il Volovers make a wonderful family.

    1. Wow, thank you for your kind words. Il Volovers is one big happy family! Can you feel the love tonight and every night! I can. I just close my eyes and think of our dear Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio…

  21. Elaine—Thanks a million for this wonderful preview of what’s to come for all of us who are attending the concerts and all who are not able to go this year. We are all attending every concert through this wonderful blog. I love you Flight Crew !! And Elaine the way the boys got so excited when you gave them those fabulous jerseys shows that they are not only the most talented singers in the world but also the kindest and most precious. No wonder we love them so much !!! Next Saturday I’ll be seeing and meeting them in Stamford and I’m excited beyond belief !!! Can’t wait to give them all a big huge and kiss (especially you know who !! ) Do you share ?

  22. Hi Elaine just read your fantastic experience meeting the guys at the concert, you are so lucky. To have Ignazio singing to you now I am jealous but so happy for you. The more I hear about the concert I am getting more excited. Now I bet you can’t sleep soundly anymore from an experience like that. The video of them singing Caruso was outstanding. The BEST singers in the world. Hope to meet you at a concert sometime.

  23. Elaine, it’s all been said. I just finally got over my jealousy enough to say, “GOOD JOB”! You made us look good this round! What a night to remember!
    Can’t believe we’re actually going to meet, in person, face to face, very soon!

    1. Marie, glad that you are over the jealousy. Your silent worried me a little earlier, lol. Yup, see you soon!

  24. Hi Elaine! Hope you and Isabelle got home safely last night. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Il volo PR people steal your photo of Gianluca at the piano for their publications! So professional looking!! Lauren and I really enjoyed meeting you, your daughter, Jeanine, Connie, and the other members of the Flight Crew. The Mountain Winery concert was really fun–love those guys!
    Vicki Voitier

    1. Nice meeting you and Lauren too. We should do this again soon – I hope. Yes that was my favorite photo. My dear Gian sure know how to pose! Have a safe trip home.

    2. P. S. My favorite part of the Saratoga concert was being able to hear Piero’s unamplified voice as he sang, sitting in a girl’s lap just in front of us. They were also very sweet at the M&G.

      1. Last night was AMAZING!!! I love the whole concert. They were simply at their best! I’ll tell you my favorite moments on the next post which will be coming up shortly.

    3. I agree with Vicki, Elaine… The photo of Gian leaning on the piano looked like a professional portrait. Love it! (and all the photos and videos!)

      Great to meet you, Vicki, Lauren, Elaine, and everyone there!

      I am *finally* getting a chance to start reading the posts since Connie and I started on our road trip on June 2!

      WOWWWW! ELAINE! I LOVE the jersey story. I can’t think of a more awesome experience for the guys and you! What a great idea of your husband! You had serious self-control not to tell me when I wanted to be surprised with my experience!

      So much appreciation! Loved our times in S.F. and Saratoga!

      Great week to you all!

    1. It is 7:33 pm. Your concert has begun, probably. Heavenly! I’m jealous! How greedy of me; I just adored them in concert last night!!

  25. Wow Elaine, what an experience you had with Il Volo in Modesto! I’m glad your husband was on board for it. In August, Fresno added three rows of raised orchestra pit seats last minute for the concert, and they actually allowed me to exchange our balcony tickets for Row AA seats (NOT an even exchange, of course!!), but I think that experience felt more personal even than Saratoga’s M&G. We made eye contact so many times ( probably because of the lime lights in their eyes, they could see us better than anyone else). When they smiled at you alone, you knew it, and so did everyone else around you. It felt so personal. Lauren asked me what I was doing to get the attention of all 3 Guys. The answer was, “nothing really–I was just appreciating their talent, and they could tell. Enjoy the rest of IL VOLO’s 2014 America Tour–you ARE on tour with them, aren’t you?!! Fondly, Vicki V

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Oh yes they saw me for sure. I waved at Piero and Gianluca – just a small gesture my hands were on my lap. They both saw it and waved their hands too. Oh and smiles at me too. How can I forget these moments! Too sweet!

  26. Elaine, of course they know you now! How fabulous. Can’t wait for your next report on the show. Were you sitting with Mrs. Ginoble this time? lol

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