Wolf Trap ~~ By “An Il Volo Fan”

Hey, Everyone!

This review of the Wolf Trap show was submitted to us by a shy young lady who wanted to share her story but remain anonymous….maybe we can encourage her to post more.   🙂


The following is my Il Volo story. I felt compelled to share it for some reason. I hope you all enjoy! 
Sometime in March when the Il Volo tour dates were released I saw, remarkably, that after a few years of waiting, they had at last come near the Virginia area.

On my 16th birthday, no less!
Needless to say, I was borderline ecstatic.

My reaction… almost.

I’m not exactly the sort of person that goes into rhapsodies over things like this, but this was almost a miracle. I was expecting the usual ceremony of cake for my birthday… but this, never! It also completely removed my superstition of Friday the 13th. Did I mention there was a “Strawberry Moon” for the 13th? Not to mention the astrologists were simply all over that day… I prefer solid facts, though. But I digress.

On the way there, the weather was downright awful, unfortunately. Terribly heavy rain, but it cleared soon enough.

We finally arrived at Wolf Trap (lovely place, may I add) an hour early, but the place was already packed. When they say arrive an hour early, they mean it.

It was rather humid there (or maybe I just hate heat!) but by the time we got there, it calmed down nicely. The weather was acting up for just a moment and the wind even moved the curtain a bit before showtime, humorously. By the way, they were about 3 minutes or so late. Unforgivable!  😉

Fortunately the crowd was mostly older ladies and gentlemen so my sensitive hearing was not irritated (I’ve had to forego concerts and baseball games because people screaming in my ear is a no-no.)


The backdrop was not a video like past seasons, it was simply a red, green, etc. etc. background that I much preferred.

Unbelievable as it may seem, I could have chosen closer seats, but the prospect of somebody possibly serenading me for a few seconds before thousands of people terrifies me beyond measure. No offense, of course.

My adolescent joy had probably reached its zenith when the show finally started. I actually had only listened to a handful of their songs before the concert because I wanted to keep them fresh, but don’t ask me how I managed to do that!

I will never forget the way I felt when the concert finally started. A billion Ennio Morricone death/love themes couldn’t of properly conveyed how I felt. When I eventually reach senility (if I’m lucky, that is) I’ll remember this moment (or not remember) and smile like a cornball. I know there are all those quotes people post on Twitter about how to trust actions, not words. I detect anti-poeticism here. What do I have to do to prove myself: jump out of a plane screaming “IL VOLO FOREVER!” in a green, white and red jumpsuit? You get my point, trust me folks.

When they started my, ‘phone (well, not my phone) could not capture the stark vividness of the red background and their figures, but let me tell you, it was intense.

I adjusted it just a smidge to make it seem more like it was in person.

My personal favorite.
Ignazio was the usual joker with his arm around Piero whose face looked comically deadpanned. He went on about the singers they were in love with, and he said that Gianluca was in love with Frank Sinatra (it’ll never work out, I’m afraid), and that Piero was in love with… him! Aha!

Surprisingly, it was also Barbara Vitalli’s birthday that day, so they sang “Happy Birthday” to her! Some coincidence!  I must say that was a little unexpected!!

During the “Maria” number in place of bringing girls onto the stage they instead went by the first few rows and sang to some lovely ladies.

My favorite moment was probably when the selfie (in my own world that is not an accepted word in the Oxford dictionary) prince came out and sang his “Night and Day” number. Not because he reminds me of Elvis but because I think that he executed (in a good way) it so very well.

I have listened to countless old (excuse me… vintage) videos on YouTube thinking there was no reason to ever go to see a concert in person because I thought that I would never hear or see anything that good in this life and era. Michael Buble, Josh Groban, etc, etc… may be good in their own way but I’m afraid they are not a very satisfying substitute. Well, I guess I was completely mistaken. I still I can’t believe I heard something so lovely in person.  Although, I do do a little convulsive knee jerk every time they say they sing it in a “fresh” way, it was never stale!!  (Use of that word is marketing, I suppose and I guess I’m just a overly sensitive music purist. 😮

I think these days people feel a little obligated to give a standing ovation, perhaps out of pressure or politeness. But I can tell you, there was no pressure here. They all deserved each one!

Well, I think I am done waxing lyrical about the concert. It was good. They sounded good. More than good. Fantastic! I liked/loved/enjoyed it. Oh yes!


I especially thank God, thank my dog, thank my parents, thank the universe but most all of thank Il Volo for existing. (I’m sure somebody is going to steal that for an Oscar speech, just you wait).

With utmost bliss,

A Very, Very Overzealous Teenage Fan-girl

P.S. I have no idea what possessed me to write this! I must be off my rocker!
P.P.S. The piece my piano teacher gave me to study the day before I went was called “The Flight”. Really! 

34 thoughts on “Wolf Trap ~~ By “An Il Volo Fan””

  1. Teenage-fan girl, Keep posting my dear. Your writings are very enjoyable to read!!! 🙂

  2. Young lady, you may just have a future as a writer! Excellent piece very well written. Thank you very much.

  3. Dear Very, Very Overzealous Teenage Fan-Girl,
    I think you and I understand each other very well! 😀 If it means anything, I think your writing is great, and if you ever have any more impulses to write something, I’d love to read it! I would also like to applaud your strength of will for not listening to their recordings. I don’t think I’d be able to do that! Hope to here from you more on the site. Thanks for the review!


    BEST PERFORMANCE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’M DYING OF LAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYBODY!!!!!!!

    1. Saw that Surrender performance earlier tonight, and you are right, Isabel!!! It is hilarious!!! AND at last! Gian loosened up and DANCED!!!!! They just get better every day!!!

  5. Thanks for writing, “FanGirl!” We understand your enthusiasm! Il Volo has moved many of us to engage in behaviors and feel things that we never thought possible!
    They are a phenomenon I can only describe as a wonderful blessing from God!

  6. Thank you, dear mystery teen Fan-Girl writer, for a wonderful sharing of your experience! My personal favorite was your choice of the kitty in utmost bliss thanking everyone. All of your chosen photos added extra fun and expression to your delightfully personalized writing.

    I love those “cosmic winks”, like your piano teacher giving you “The Flight” to study on the day before!
    Thank you, and I salute you for following your inner nudge.

    Happy birthday! And may your spirit soar each time you hear IL VOLO any time, any where, in any fashion!
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. Fan Girl….. What a beautifully composed narrative you wrote about your concert experience!!!! You have a God-given talent for writing and I hope you pursue it for the rest of your life. PLEASE post here often and don’t be shy. We are a bunch of kindhearted, compassionate women, and I know for a fact that every single one of us who has read the blog today admires you so much !! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings!

  8. Beautiful story, Fan Girl! Hope to read more of your journals here. You are a very good writer. So glad these wonderful young men have enlightened your life as they have ours!!

  9. Fan Girl, thank you for taking the courage to post your account & feelings. We all wait to read each new experience from all the Ilvolovers. You explained exactly how I felt last night in Philadelphia at my very first Il Volo concert. I was so overwhelmed to see them in person that I cried during the first number. And I’m a 68-year-old grandma. Age has no boundaries with these beautiful Italians! Nor does love. Please keep in touch. You have a gift for writing. 💞💜💞

  10. I guess I’ll jump into the fray here and post since so many seem to insist upon it! I’m glad so many people enjoyed my crazy little article! Thank you for the compliments on my writing, I do enjoy it. I’ll be sure to stop by every now and then and post. 🙂

    I’m still in the withdrawal phase from the concert, but I’m starting to heal somewhat, fortunately.

    Again, thank you all for your kind comments on my little post.

    (Yes, cats do enhance anything by 100%. Take Il Volo and then add cats and it makes a sublime combination, to be sure! :p)

    1. Hope you join us here more often! I’d love to read more articles by you, and, if you feel like it, there’s always plenty of rousing discussions held here in the comments! Welcome to the Crew! 😉

    2. Oh, dear randomilvolofan, thanks for commenting, and you would love my story about Arty the lost cat responding to love being sent on the wings of We Are Love!

      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway ~ All Creation Soars with IL VOLO

      1. No problem! Please tell me about Arty, that seems rather interesting, lol!

      2. Ah, I see now about Arty! Nice story. I have new found faith in Il Volo’s therapeutic qualities. Apparently they extend to the animal kingdom, too. =)!

      3. Yup! It’s true! (therapeutic effect of IL VOLO on animals : )

        And I encourage you to try little ways to expose your friends to IL VOLO.
        Giving a ride? which CD might be on?
        Finding that “perfect song” to fit each friend and sending an mp3 through iTunes or Amazon for 99 cents to $1.29 per song. Makes a great gift and could very well uplift their lives!
        I’m sure you’ve got many more ideas.

        Anyway, so glad you’re here, not-so-random IL VOLO fan! 🙂
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  11. I enjoyed your beautifully written account of the evening with Il Volo… It would be difficult not to enjoy their unique talent… Their ease of sharing themselves with the audience…And most of all their beautiful voices that blend together perfectly in ever song they sing… It was a perfect birthday present … I am glad that they went beyond your expectations… They seem to always do that especially when seeing them for the very first time…

    I hope to see you share more of your thoughts on this blog… Your writing skills are so well developed for a young lady of your age… You are truly creative and paint a beautiful picture with words…You are a very talented young lady…

    God bless you,
    Jeannette Giglio

  12. Hi Teen-age fan girl,
    It was great to hear your review from Wolf Trap. Thanks for taking the time to write that. It was a great help to those of us that were not there. Keep it up.

    1. I thought of some other ideas> just thrilled that we have some more teens on this site. I hope we can add more. If you know of some others – friends of yours, etc. – invite them to look in on this site. Also, judging by the comments above it looks like your review is going over very well. I hope that encourages you to write again for another concert or other Il Volo event.

      1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my review. Unfortunately, nobody I know is into Il Volo! Such a shame. If I ever have the chance to see them again I will certainly write!

      2. I don’t think I have ever mentioned that I’m a teenager so, now you know of another teen Ilvolover! (Just thought that I’d mention that since you wanted to know of some 🙂 )

  13. Wonderful! Your concert experience was so very similar to my experience!!! And yes, someone, someday is going to use that speech for their oscar acceptance.. We just have to listen really carefully 🙂

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