Il Volo Professional ~~ On to Mexico…Because Gianluca Said So…

Hi, Everyone!

So now that the tour in North America ends tonight (*ahhh*  strikes pain through my heart to write that.   🙁   ),  what’s next?

Well, Gianluca says,


Doesn’t seem like it will be right away though.  Piero is too excited to see his family and friends very soon–bless his heart!  <3


Ignazio seems a little torn…bless his heart, too!  <3


Anyway, All Things Il Volo has posted this on their Facebook feed, and the dates seem a little later in the summer:

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Rough translation, provided by Bing:

Grand opening of the Festival Internacional Chihuahua 2014
The Italian trio, Il Volo, will be commissioned to inaugurate the opening of massive events this August 1 at 8:00 pm at Diudad Juarez (step cultural center of the North), and on 2 August in the city of Chihuahua (Angel Plaze).
Free Events
I’m sure both days will be well attended, if past history of Latin American crowds repeats itself.  And I’m anxious to hear about this tour Gianluca is talking about.   That information seems to be a bit elusive.  I’ll have to think of a nice gift for the first person or persons that can provide us with confirmed information…
***This just in: Il Volo announced today that they will give a concert in Naples, Italy on September 12th at The Arena Flegrea at 9pm.
****Gianluca just tweeted at 2:30, going to Cannes, France.

17 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ On to Mexico…Because Gianluca Said So…”

      1. Tippy, I know. The tour has been booked solid for months. I wish I could change it. I did meet my gorgeous Boys in Elgin and they are just as sweet as they are talented!

  1. I can’t believe that the tour is already over. I’m so glad that they get to go home and be with their families, but I still miss them. I’ve spent all last night and most of today watching videos from all the concerts, especially that Surrender in Westbury! Can’t wait to hear what is next for them. New album maybe?

    1. Isabel, when Myron met with Barbara, Ignazio,& Piero, (Gian was practing Nite & Day & just waved to Myron) . This was at the Greek in the afternoon it was said the new album should be out after the Latin Tour. They also mentioned a Xmas show & yearly Vegas venue! None of this has been verified but one would think if they talked about it something should come to be! That is why I thought a CD signing would be at that time also! We met Myron then & told us about the meeting. He is as charming as his posts are! All this took place in late afternoon on 6/7 before the concert at the Greek in LA.

      1. Let’s hold the thought for Las Vegas!
        Myron has been working on this for a very long time, and IL VOLO’s management understands his dedication (from my understanding).

        From my observation of IL VOLO’s management team, it looks like they don’t like to talk about or announce anything until it is a done deal (which seems wise). That said, I’m guessing holding this in our hearts and our hopes is best, so it doesn’t reach the level of rumor.

        We can hope, dream, pray, envision all we like!
        And then celebrate when the time comes. Yes, Myron?!

        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  2. I can’t believe the tour is already over!!! It was so amazing but I miss them so much now!! I hope they do another US tour soon and include Detroit!!!

  3. It looks like our guys are going to have a busy summer! I hope we get videos of these performances! Including–and especially–Taormina!!

    1. Hi, everyone, I met Michelle from the flight crew briefly yesterday in Philadelphia, it was nice to meet her! The weather was so hot and humid there but the guys were such troopers they did not let it bother them in the least. I think the Philadelphia show was the best I’ve seen. Ignazio “borrowed” a woman’s Japanese type fan and fanned himself with it, those photos are available already on facebook. I cannot believe the tour is over. Please don’t think I am a drama queen to write this but I can’t help it. This trip to Juarez Mexico is kinda worrisome (to me anyway because I’ve always been a worrier). If you google that name (that city), you will see all the stories from “Newsweek” and the like about the great amount of violence there due to the drug cartels. All we can do is hope and pray. They are such jet setters! Now it’s on to Cannes France! Be safe IL VOLO! Love them!

      1. Love your sharing about meeting Michele and about the show, Christine!

        IL VOLO brings so much Love and Joy and Fun that I think they transform the energy where they go, including previous visits to Russia, Caracas, and more. Prayers for a safe and joyous trip, as well as for “God’s secret weapon” (my opinion) IL VOLO to bring uplifting spirits of Hope and Love everywhere they go.

        Curious about Cannes! The film festival was in May. Anyone know what’s up now?

        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  4. I am new at this but regarding their appearance schedule I saw on the internet that they might participate at the “New Wave 2014” Festival in Jarmala, Latvia. The event runs July 22 to 27. Ricki Martin and Lara Fabian will also perform. It is a competion for young singers. Not sure how correct the infromation regarding Il Volo is.

    1. I’ve seen this, too, Terese. I’m very curious to see how they interact / connect with Ricki Martin and Lara Fabian.

      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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