Marie’s Excellent Adventure ~ Piero ~ The Final Chapter

You know, the whole day before your life changes forever, it’s just an ordinary day.

Here is what started that next day (Grab a cup of tea. Pull up a chair. This is going to take a while.)

After seeing that hotel room view (Chap. 3) and thinking there was a possibility that The Boys really were just above me, I noticed the gym was merely 10 steps from my door. I took that as an omen. I know the Boys work out mornings. I got up at 6:30 a.m., threw on a t-shirt, sweat shorts and tennis shoes (no makeup – hair, well bad) and headed for the gym. No one there – Left.

7:00 – no one in the gym.
7:30 – no one in the gym.
8:00 – Two guys in the corner. Neither looked familiar.

I figured The Boys took off the night before if they were ever really there at all. I had been either sitting in a car or sitting at a concert for the better part of two weeks. At home I walk everyday. I was stiff and crampy so I hopped on a treadmill. Within five minutes someone jumped on the one beside mine. IT WAS PIERO!

Even writing that made my heart thump!

I took a deep breath and wondered why, since the place was almost empty and there were plenty of machines, he hopped on one less than six inches away. I vowed not to do a fan thing and just kept walking. He immediately said, “I see you.” I said, “Yeah? Well, I saw you too.” He laughed. I made Piero laugh! I will never forget that exchange! At this point I was walking to the pace of, “Oh Boy, Oh Boy, pause. Oh Boy, Oh Boy.”

Later, when I got back to my room I immediately wrote down everything I could remember. Michele made me run it all by her, word for word, in case I remembered more. Thanks Michele! I wrote a few more notes on a couple of envelopes in my purse in the car.

Here’s what I remember:

I told him I enjoyed the concert last night. He must have been in a chatty mood ’cause he kept talking. He asked what my favorite part of the concert was. I told him “everything” (my momma didn’t raise no fool!). I did say that I really liked the solo’s and the new Caruso arrangement. I asked him what his favorite part was. He said the big orchestra and the really nice indoor theater. He asked what I didn’t like. I told him the only thing I didn’t like was not being able to take pictures. He said that it was not their request, it was a rule of the theater. I asked him what he didn’t like. He honestly told me a few things. Think I’ll keep them to myself.

I had an easier time remaining sane then you might think. My nervous energy was lessened by the fact that I was on a treadmill the entire time. However, about this time I had a thought – “I can’t believe you’re walking beside me talking like a normal person when last night 4,000 people were screaming your name.” That made me pretty nervous and I tried not to think those thoughts again!

I asked him if there were sound problems last night. I said I thought I saw Ignazio giving hand signals to the sound guy. He agreed and said that it was only in the beginning of the show though.

I told him I thought I saw him drinking more water than usual during the performance. He said, “Not really. When I do this a lot. I need much water.” It’s hard to describe what he did, but he opened his mouth and made a hard whooshing sound out of his mouth and nose at the same time. I don’t think the average person could do this with such amazing force! He showed me this several times in a row. I said that I could see how it would make his mouth and throat dry. He said it did. He then told me that his solo “No Puede Ser” was the hardest song he ever sang.

Piero said he was glad they had two days off and could get some “good sleep.” I told him I thought his voice was sounding a little tired this morning. He said, “No, I always sound like Barry White in the morning.” Wouldn’t you love for me to say he serenaded me with a Barry White tune right then and there? He didn’t. Hey, a girl can only get so lucky and I was currently thanking my lucky stars, God, my parents, his parents, the treadmill manufacturer and everyone and everything within a hundred mile radius! All I said was, “that’s not a very bad thing, Piero.” He laughed again!

He asked how many concerts I had been to. I told him four. He asked which ones. I said Vienna, Virginia first. He said, “Oh yes, rain at first.” We talked a little about Sterling Heights and Elgin, but I don’t recall what was said. I know he talked about them being outdoors. I told him that last night was my last concert. He said he had 3 more concerts in the U.S. and Canada. I asked if he then would get to go home. He said no, they will leave the U.S. and go to… He has a heavy Italian accent you know and I had trouble understanding the word “Cannes.” At one point I said, “Canada?” He said, “No Cannes. Kah-inn-zzz.” I got it. I asked when he would get home. He said not until July 6th or 8th. I had another thought here. “I’m awake, right? No one is going to believe this. Not even me!”

He asked where I lived. I told him Ohio. He said, “I know Ohio,” but looked doubtful. I said, “You’ve been to Cleveland Ohio.” He said, “Oh Yes.” I could see the light go on in his eyes.

Keep in mind we were side by side this whole time. I’m still walking and he’s started some serious running. I wanted a brief full body view, so I slid back a little on the treadmill. My sneaker hit the side and made a squeaking noise. He grabbed my upper arm and said, “be very careful.” I said, “Thank you. I can’t believe you’re running so fast and still talking.” He said, “I run like this every morning.”

I noted the timer on my treadmill said 30.58 minutes.

Piero soon stopped running and talking (darn). He got on some leg machine behind me. I was still walking and trying hard to remember every word of our conversation. Pretty soon I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked around and it was Piero. He said, “Will you stop please? (WHAT?!!)  “Sure.” Of course, I couldn’t find the off switch and I pulled that plug people use to attach themselves to the machine (Michele is still laughing about that). He said,“Can I take a picture of your tattoo?” Ok, right then I thought I might get sick. He knew who I was! He could not have read the small tattoo on my ankle while I was walking on the treadmill! Now was my chance for proof of our meeting! I said, “Sure, if I can get my camera and take one of you.” He said, “sure”. He got down and took a couple of pictures. I flew to my room got my camera and called Michele.

When I returned he was back on the leg machine. He got up and asked me to join him in the picture. No make-up and dripping with sweat, I refused. He grabbed a barbel and posed for these:

DSCN0337 - marie

DSCN0338 marie


After I took those two pictures do you know what he said? “Is that enough?” What a man! Then I said, “Piero, I’m with the Flight Crew.” He said, “I know.” (Oh yes he did!) I said, “then you know I will probably write about this.” He said, “Yes, certainly.”

I got back on the treadmill. Pretty soon, tap-tap again! (Swear to God!) This time I was sure he was going to invite me aboard that big black bus headed for Italy. I know there’s water. I would paddle! I pulled the plug (stop it Michele) and got down. He took my right hand in both of his and said, “I’m happy you enjoyed the concerts. I hope I see you again next year.” I said, “Oh, you will!”

He put his towel around his neck, picked up his water bottle and went out the door. I don’t know how long I stood there staring at the door wearing a t-shirt that I hoped was wet from sweat and not drool or tears.

My Dear Piero,

If by chance you’re reading this and I now think there’s a good chance you are, I tried to tell this as accurately as I could. I hope you agree.

You are not only in possession of one of the three greatest voices alive, but you are one of the nicest people I’ve met anywhere. You have surely raised my expectations of you. Next year and the year after that and ten years after that, after you receive much more deserved notoriety, I expect you to be as honest and real with as much kindness and grace as you showed me on that most unforgettable morning.


Yeah, the day before was so ordinary.

83 thoughts on “Marie’s Excellent Adventure ~ Piero ~ The Final Chapter”

  1. That was the best story I have ever read of meeting with Piero. Private time with him is something I always dream of happening. When I met him in 2012 by the tour bus he sang Happy Birthday to me and helped my friend work her video camera as if we were lifelong friends with him and I admire that about him. You are the luckiest woman I know. Thanks for sharing your amazing story. Maybe next year you can ride the bus with them to dinner or somewhere better 🙂

  2. Well, that was worth waiting for. Thank you for sharing. I just knew he was that kind of guy, but your experience validates it. Like you said, it’s amazing that he (or they) can receive the adulation of thousands of fans and still stay so natural and sweet. I’m so glad that you got to know him that way…what a lucky girl! Now THAT’S a Meet and Greet to remember. Love it!!

  3. Even though I knew, seeing it in your writing with your writing skills, I felt that I could have been there. Piero is a wonderful, sweet, real guy and I’m so glad you had that amazing experience!!

  4. Wow, Marie! This made me smile so big. Thank you so much for sharing. I cannot imagine spending this much time with Piero. This confirms everything I ever believed about him – his sincerity, humility, kindness, and on and on. His sweet heart truly shows on his face and in his actions. Love, love him even more now!! Thanks again. So glad for your experience!

  5. Marie, that was a fabulous experience, one that I know you will cherish in your mind and heart forever! I was in tears just reading it. I don’t know if I could have been so calm and collected if I would be in such a setting with one of our beautiful young men. How beautiful that Piero got on the treadmill next to you instead of taking one where he would be isolated. How can anyone not love him/them!

  6. Marie, I am so happy for you!! (Only a teeny bit jealous!) You express yourself so well, lovely to read! I am so impressed that you didn’t have complete brain fade like I do. Piero is such a sweet, compassionate, charming young man! What beautiful memories you have of this special 2014 Summer!! Thankyou for sharing this marvelous experience! 💕 I love being a part of all you beautiful ladies & Myron who are the make up of Flight Crew!

  7. Thank you so much for this story. You have to be the luckiest lady alive. This was your reward for bringing us this wonderful site. I can only begin to imagine what a thrill this was for you to have this time with Sweet P.

  8. Marie,
    This is wonderful. It confirms the way I feel about Piero after my oh too brief encounter with him and the birthday cake. He was sweet, warm and natural. I was a babbling idiot in comparison! How you kept your cool I will never know! But you go, girl! Hope you have many more wonderful encounters!

  9. Wow marie, this certainly confirms what we all knew that PIERO and the other gorgeous two, are just as sweet and kind on and off stage. What a great experience you have had with our guys. I hope to one day meet them again. Once is never ENOUGH don’t you think? Love your stories. Thank you. I could almost see everything that happened in my minds eye.

  10. Marie, I am glad I was sitting down with my coffee when I read this because I might have ended up on the floor had I not been seated.!!
    This close encounter had to have been a dream come true and I’m so happy for you that you had this amazing, incredible experience and that you shared it with us, blow by blow, in your very expressive style. I probably would have been a babbling idiot if i had the opportunity to have an extended conversation with any one of them !!
    Piero knew who you were right off the bat and that’s why he sat next to you but did he have to-NO !!. It just goes to show you how kind,sweet and down to earth he is and how much he and all three of them love their Fans, The Flight Crew and people in general. It just makes you love them more and more as time goes by. I feel blessed that I found these three truly magnificent human beings and the Flight Crew !!. What a wonderful difference it has made in my life !!

  11. What a lucky gal! That is definitely something you will remember! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. It was a good way to start out my day 🙂

  12. Thank you all. It was amazing. He was amazing. Can’t say enough about any of them. Hard to believe they can command an audience of 25,000 and still be down to earth enough to just chat with a fan.

    1. Oh, dear Marie, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful, personal experience with Piero. I felt as if were a little mouse watching it all happen from your descriptions. So true, Piero is a down to earth sweet person, as are his ‘brothers’, they cherish their fans. I think I may have fallen off the treadmill, if I saw Piero next to me running along…wow. I was at the concert in Milwaukee (my 1st one) and had my Il Volo Flight Crew badge on, sorry I didn’t see you and Michele. Jeanne T., my son and I were there together, and for the Meet & Greet also. An absolutely mind blowing evening for us…I was in heaven. I so hope and pray I am able to attend another concert next year…saving my money. haha Thank you again!! Harriett

  13. Marie, Piero has touched my soul from the beginning. I only hope to meet him and get a small hug before I go from this world. Your experience only proves what we all know and that is that Piero will one day be very famous (even more than now) and he will still be the sweet and kind person he is now. Thanks for sharing the experience. Next year on their tour will be my first M and G.

  14. Marie, thanks for the post! What a lucky lady to have actually been so close to Ignazio and then Piero without a crowd! OMG , I am still in shock and SO envious of you!
    These are memories you will always carry in your mind , and, mostly, in your heart!!
    Good for you!!!!

  15. MARIE!!!! This is like the best story in the history of E-V-E-R!!! Can I just say I am jealous?! 😀 Your story just makes me fall in love with him even more. But really, I don’t know if I could have kept my composure as well as you did! I’m just ever so thankful right now that Piero is not the one you have your eyes on! I’ll just continue to hope that something like this will happen to me one day, I’d even be happy if I’m half as lucky as you! But you really deserve all of these wonderful Il Volo happenings because you, as well as the other board members, have worked so hard to make the Il Volo Flight Crew a possibility! Thank you again so much for all you do and for sharing your experiences with us and not keeping them all to yourself!

  16. Thanks Carli! You definitely crossed my mind while I was writing this. Your little avatar/picture always makes me smile. You’re hanging onto a really nice guy!

  17. All I can say is ” Marie, you are one lucky broad”LOL!!But we do have to give fate a little push sometimes, huh??? Keep up the good work!!!I love being a member of the Flight Crew!!Those of us who can’t be there in person rely on those of you who can!!!From Texas with love!!!

  18. Yes, sometimes you have to push fate a little.

    1st I’ve told you I have been involved in theater most of my life. So, I know before and after performance patterns. Then just use common sense (same hotel + gym = Il Volo) be a little bold and alot alert.

    My sister tried to convince me not to publish this chapter. She is afraid everyone will try to follow my lead. I assured Debbie that the people who read what I write have class and good manners. Right? They are our precious Boys who also need their privacy. That’s the reason I didn’t try to engage Ignazio in conversation in the gym. That’s also why Michele nor I bothered Barbara at the next table and why we didn’t approach them while loading the bus. I joke alot about Ignazio hiding under a table, but really, when They see me I want their smiles to be genuine.

  19. Marie!!! this is absolutely incredible!!! I would say one that can only happen once in a lifetime if at all. I have entered into your story as if I was there, and when I am not gasping for breath, I am laughing.
    It was interesting to find out that “No Puede Ser ” was the hardest song he ever sang. OK, as I continue reading, my heart is hurting… no aching, I have a very strong and healthy heart, but this is just too much for even a healthy heart. this is really an incredible story. I am going to try to print it, or if it won’t (my printer may want to print the whole web site) then I will write it out by hand, because I have to keep this and read it often. it couldn’t happen to a nicer couple??(I mean you and Piero) and I know I (many of us) will live of this dream for a long time until another bigger dream comes along. dreams do really come true, and with the ones we really want them to come true with, Il Volo. if these boys only know how much we all(young and old) love them.

  20. How wonderful, Marie! Your “adventure” is the stuff that dreams are made of. I’m sure you will never forget that morning with Piero, and the other special things that you have seen and done this summer. And thank you so much for sharing them all with us. All of your “chapters” were a joy to read. Thank you, thank you!

  21. Only Marie can out do Marie! Wonderful experience and wonderful story. It is amazing with all the fans they meet, these guys do remember who you are. You will always have a special place in their hearts and minds. Grazie mille!

  22. Marie, even tho I was GREEN with envy as I read your article, I have to say it made my day. Knowing that Piero is not only a magnificent singer with a voice that sends chills down my back, but also a warm, down-to-earth young man, confirms for me that he will be (along with Ignazio, and Gianluca) a super star.. BUT, Marie, Jane and Mary and I will be right on your heels when we attend the same concert again next year! Where ever you go, we will be right behind you!

    1. Marie I am going to be on your heels too. What a great article you wrote. You must have a special aura around you. 🙂 🙂

  23. Oh Marie, what a wonderful story and what an experience for you, I am so jealous, I only can dream about being able to talk to Piero, he does seem so nice and so real and I’m sure Gianluca and Ignazio are just as nice, I love them all so much, I just wished I could have bumped into them when they were in Toronto, because I know they were shopping on a street I’m on often, but timing is everything. I’m so happy that you were able to enjoy such a special experience and able to share it with us.

  24. Marie, This whole saga has been so wonderful to read. In my experiences, I find all three guys wonderful to visit with but it is usually Piero that starts the whole thing. He really is a dear. You were so lucky !!! Love this story.

  25. Oh Marie, I am just stunned from reading this report and a little teary about his kindness and your good fortune…. plus your savvy too! This was a really awesome and wonderful report to read It confirmed what I always suspected, that Piero is truly a kind and interesting young man. It was just perfect that he said ” I see you” in short, he made it perfectly clear he recognized you and acknowledged you Then you made him LAUGH. That moment would have been worth a million to me right then and there . You made Piero laugh, from that moment on it was all gold and sparkles to me as I read. I wish I could have heard/seen him make that weird whooshing noise. If you were standing here in front of me right now I am sure I would be hugging the stuffing out of you in sheer happiness for you.
    Thank you.

  26. Wonderful story, Marie, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer lady! A memory to cherish the rest of your life. Thanks for sharing it with us, and much love to you!

  27. Marie, although I know most of your story already, it’s still thrilling and wonderful to read and relive it again. I just wish I was there – so close and yet so far for me (so stupid too for skipping Milwaukee!). I blame my hubby…

  28. Marie, thanks for sharing. I don’t know if I could have carried on a conversation with him the way you did. Reading something like this about these young men makes me admire them more. The note you wrote for Piero, that is great too. Since they know the flight crew, they probably check this site every so often. I’m sure he’ll read that note.
    Now I’m eagerly waiting for a poem about this encounter.
    Again thank you very much

  29. Marie, this story is the icing on the cake!! Simply wonderful…and it could not have happened to a greater person than yourself! I am so truly happy for you. The whole story just warmed my heart.

  30. …and then you woke up. HAH just kidding. Great story! When you think you can’t admire them enough, along comes a story like this that makes you appreciate, admire, and love them more! Thank you for sharing.

  31. CAPTAIN CRIDER!!!!!!!!!!!! I am actually crying right now. I woke up at 4:45 this morning in order to get to work on time. I was half asleep and I wasn’t feeling so good. I also spilled an entire gallon of boiling soup on the floor. I ended up getting out work almost an hour late, and I knew that I have the same shift tomorrow. I worked on my afternoon exercise routines and I was planning on just falling straight asleep. But, I decided to check how The Crew was doing. AND CHAPTER FOUR IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Marie, that was spectacular! Kudos to you for keeping your head (I would never have been able to maintain composure like you did). Also your being able to keep up with him on a treadmill for 1/2 hour and :58 seconds! Oh hell, we’ll just round it up to 31 minutes! I used to think Piero was “standoffish” but from all I’ve seen of him lately, he is not. How nice that he was so interested in what you liked about the concert, what you didn’t like etc. And you are wise to keep some of the things he said to you in confidence! (but you can email me with them later, I am KIDDING). The encounter you had with him just proves what a very nice nice young man he is! What a great story Marie, and you are one lucky woman, I’m “hangin” with you next time around when they come back! Bravo, Marie!

    1. Marie is going to look like a kindergarten teacher taking her class for a walk the next time she goes to a concert, with all of us trailing behind her!

      1. This is such a funny visual and I can’t stop belly laughing every time I think about all of us marching behind Marie !! What a party !! Count me in !!

      2. Maybe a mother duck would have worked just as well! Or a mother goose…

  33. Marie How exciting and wonderful for you I don’t know if I could have been so calm. I call Piero my angel and the way he was with you just proves how much of an angel he is. He just seems so real and warm and fun. Congratulations on an unforgettable morning I only hope some day to be half as lucky as you, Great story.

  34. Marie, I always read The Flight Crew posts but rarely comment. This is one on which I felt compelled to comment…but I had to wait until I stopped crying…tears of joy for you, of course. What a wonderful experience you had! I was blessed to have had about a 15-minute encounter with Gianluca, whom a few of us happened upon on Broadway in Nashville the night before Il Volo’s concert there. There are still times I wonder if it really did happen. Thankfully, I had 2 other fans with me to assure me that it, indeed, did. The three gentlemen of Il Volo are truly the most handsome, talented, kind and loving people I’ve ever met. That they all three happened to be in the same place, at the same time back in 2009, in Italia, that they happened to be put together to sing “O Sole Mio”, and that Tony Renis happened to be flipping channels at his home in LA as they did so, is something that could only have been orchestrated by God, Himself. How blessed we are to be living during this time in history.

  35. Marie, I read this page alot, but it’s hard to keep up with all of them sometimes! AND it’s not always on facebook! I am SO happy for you. I was laughing so hard! I was in Vienna too! Row 1! Gave Nutella with Becky Darrow, to Gianluca and Ignazio! Then I went to Nashville! Met Gianluca on the corner! Hope to meet you next Tour. Thanks for the GREAT story! They ARE the three GREATEST voices alive! Looking forward to emptying my bank account for the next tour! LOL!

  36. This was such a great experience for you which you already know lol. Thank you for sharing it. Piero is such a kind and generous young man. They treat their fans so well and love all of us. I don’t know if I would have been able to speak. You did a great job lol. I would love to be able to talk with him, Gian and Ignazio like that. Just normal sit down conversation. Thank you again, <3

  37. Penina, I have to say that the picture you painted in my mind of Marie as a kindergarten teacher taking her class for a walk with all of us (as the kiddies) trailing behind, made me laugh so hard. I just loved it!! So be warned ahead of time, Marie, we WILL be right behind you, which ever concert you go to!

  38. I Love this …. i laughed so hard , you made it so real for us …. keep writing …… you are good !

  39. Marie, I don’t know what to say! 🙂 I mean, so glad you lived this wonderful workout day with Piero! That must be so wonderful, like a dream! I always get happy reading these stories and realizing even more how great, sweet, charming, polite,(…) Piero is!With all this talent&fame, others might change so much and no one would recgonize, but he, Gianluca& Ignazio keep their feet in the ground! Love them so much for this! And he always interacting with his fans! I read your story many times and I loved it! You’ll remember it forever! That’s a beautiful day!
    I read about your writing skills too,nicesee it’s true! 🙂 Keep writing your experiences, and sharing it with us! I’ll be seeing you by AAIV too, I read all their articles too!
    Well Marie, I wish you meet Piero again these year or next, and It’d just perfect as this one! Thanks for sharing this one!
    ps: the three points presents all Piero’s qualities I didn’t mentioned here 😉

  40. Marie, I would hate to be the board member who has to follow your story from yesterday. How can any other news be as exciting, unless somebody finds out when the next CD is coming out?

    But, come on now. You stalk the gym for an hour & a half, and you’re surprised to see one of our guys? That’s only partly LUCK! One of them, or at least a band member was almost bound to show up, especially since they had a couple of days to rest before the next concert. Make a note to yourself to bring your camera with you the next time you stalk the hotel gym, so you won’t have to leave to get it.

    For Piero to talk to you as long as he did, well, that was the surprising part. He may sound like Barry White in the morning, but he sure did look good. Maybe a little tired, but still great!

    When we love celebrities so much & worship them from afar, it so hard to remember that they are just people like us, only enormously talented. Marie, you really did keep your cool while interacting with Piero. If it had been me, he would have had to use his towel to wipe the drool from my face (LOL). Perhaps if we get to have a convention & a more relaxed meeting with Il Volo, we could all have more normal conversations with them. That would be a dream come true!

    Even though I was totally envious of your excellent adventures with Il Volo, I am truly happy for you, and very grateful that you shared them with all of us. I am going to print Part 4 for my Mom to read, because if I just tell her about it, I won’t be able to tell it as well as you did. AND she might not believe me!!

    Isabel, I hope you had a better day today. Maybe if you go back to read all of Marie’s adventures, it will make you feel better. You & I & any other Flight Crew member who haven’t been able to go to even one concert yet, well, we just HAVE to make one next time they are back in the USA. We should also be first in line behind Marie, the Pied Piper 

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