Il Volo Professional ~~ Some Work and Some Play Make Il Volo Happy Guys


The guys are still having wonderful vacations, but sneaking in a little work too—and apparently having a lot of fun in the process.  I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did when you see it.  And Piero is receiving an award tonight!  More on that to come.  🙂

~~ Kelly


Collaberation in Bologna

Bing Translation: On my drive #Agradecido have a collaboration [with] @ilvolo wonderful voices and people barbara! #MasAlla @SonyMusicLatin

Bing Translation: @GianGinoble: @montanertwiter was an honor working with you Ricardo! Totally grateful! 😉 #masalla @MRmusica a @SonyMusicLatin hug


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Ricardo Montaner

 The Guys have collaborated on a song with Ricardo Montaner.  Mr. Montaner is a singer/songwriter from South America with a career dating back to the 1970’s.  He has album sales to the tune of 22 million world wide as well as a recent Latin Grammy to his name.

Co-written with his son, Il Volo is featured on the song,  “Mas Alla”, and the album, “Llanto Agradecido” is set to release on November 4, 2014.

Click here —> to read more about Mr. Montaner and

Listen to some music here —>

Video Blog featuring Il Volo; Recording in Bologna;  via Ignazio Boschettobis Facebook; All Things Il Volo

You Tube video by MRcanaloficial

I love it when they are silly!    😀

Interview Discussing Album and Il Volo Contribution; Fans Club Enamorate con Il Volo Venezuela Oficial; shared by All Things Il Volo

Translations from All About Il Volo —>


Do We Get A Vote?

If we do, I vote that this makes it on the new album.  I don’t care if it is a solo or if it’s a group number, but our guys need to record this.  Who’s with me?    😉

28 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Some Work and Some Play Make Il Volo Happy Guys”

  1. I am with you I think they should make that recording, And I just love Ignazio singing “Unchained Melody”. I am going to listen to that over and over. Our Guys acting silly means they are relaxed and enjoying themselves, and that is wonderful to see and hear.

  2. Ignazio would do a great job. So yes include in the new album. They have such great music arrangers that it would be a beautiful recording.

  3. I too would like Ignazio to sing Unchained Melody! Didn’t he do it on one of the Keeks last year? Not sure if he sang the whole song tho. So glad our guys are having some vacation time! Seemed like Piero & Gianlucca spent last week at the beach! Ignazio didn’t share that much with us! Hmmmm? 💖 💖 💖


  5. Yes, I would like to have the song on the new album but I am also asking if anyone – besides me, that is – would like to hear Gianluca sing Al Di La? It is a beautiful song and I think he would make the best cover of it EVER! So if anyone has any pull with Michele or Tony, or the boys, or anyone else for that matter, please let’s get the word out. We now need to search out a song for Piero, although he, too, can sing most anything.

  6. Oh, Boy!!! Am I ever gonna rain on the parade! But here goes, anyway. THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION: I love the song, and I love Ignazio. BUT I love his singing it only if he sings it straight— No “cute” vocal frills…No singing phrases all over the scale…Know what I mean? I love his voice too much to put up with the vocal shenanigans that are so popular right now. One thing I loved so about The Boys’ rendition of The Star Spangled Banner was that they sang it the way it was originally written—Straight, not with the melody all over the map. An old fashioned attitude, I know, but at 87 I think I might be entitled!!! I’m sitting here debating whether to post this—- Oh, What the heck—- Here it comes! So sorry if I’m stepping on toes!

    1. Not at all! While some of their little additions I don’t mind, (such as Gian’s additional few notes at the end of Can’t Help Falling in Love with You at Taormina, I don’t even like that up and down business they added to the end of Il Canto. I liked it better when they stuck to one note at the end. But I did like Ignazio’s ending (2nd concert Maria Sereeva video) of Memory, also at Taormina. So with me I guess it depends on what it is! But they don’t need frills. And that Star Spangled Banner was out of this world.

      1. Thank you, Penina! I agree with you..One little flourish or two is fine…I just don’t like it when an artist makes a song almost unrecognizable, and I can’t imagine that will ever happen with Our Boys. They are too smart and too talented to have to resort to such vocal tricks!

  7. Our guys are the most talented singers in this world. So of course they will do no wrong in any song. I on the other hand would like to see more original songs on the new album. Thanks for a lovely write up, Kelly😊.

  8. I love Ignazio singing “Unchained Melody” soo beautiful! would love to see it on an album. I agree, their voices are pure enough and don’t need extra frills. Please, please a new album!!

  9. Maddie, I’d like to here Gianluca sing that song, too!I haven’t heard it in years, if its the one I’m thinking about!!,Of course I’d like to hear GG sing the I Italian dictionary!!!!!I do love it when they sing in Italian even when I have to google to know what it means!!!

  10. I, too, love Ignazio singing “Unchained Melody”. Hope it’s on their CD whenever it comes out. I do sincerely hope they each have a solo on the new album!

  11. Definitely a YES vote for including Unchained Melody in the new album. Would love to hear it by Ignazio, but a three part would be ok too.

  12. Just caught up with today’s comments!! Our beautiful guys can sing anything they want as far as I am concerned! A flourish here & there is ok too! I could sit & listen all the time & then my kids would be sure I have lost my mind! I do wish we would hear of some future plans so I could see them again before all of our darling little boys are gone!! Erased by drop dead handsome young men, who hold much of the whole world in the palm of their hands!!! Am I not head over heels in love??? Passionately Obsessed!!! Love all the reports & everyone’s comments!

  13. Piero was honored by fellow Sicilians but I’m not sure why. Maybe because he is bringing awareness to Agrigento? I’d love to know the details. It seemed casual.

  14. I do agree with several of you who want our guys to sing their songs straight. I agree that they don’t need all the vocal frills and cutesy behavior. Ignazio has a fabulous voice and I would just like him to sing a song straight without all his funny behavior. All the playing around has it’s place in their performances. I love Piero’s hip swivels in Surrender.

  15. I wrote a 3 paragraph reponse last night at around 11pm.  I was actually on Flight Crews page … I think.  Anyway, on break at work now so will try again tonight.  Just wanted to say HOW Happy I am to have found your site.  I, as SO many others, am in love with Il Volo.  Can’t wait to click in everynight to see new post, pics and comments.  Can’t go to sleep until I see and hear several of their videos.  Hope when they come back to US for “Winter” tour, I will be able to see them.  Just found you all a couple of weeks ago…Thanks for all you do to keep us happy and informed on What’s Happening with Il Volo. 

    1. Liz, welcome! We all love Il Volo and come here as a place of quiet and escape from the noise of the world. These young men have changed all of us, our lives, and our future. Glad to have you with us!

  16. I just hope I will get to see them on their next tour, and look forward to their new CD. It’s good to see they are enjoying their summer and having lots of time with family and friends, Hope they come back to Toronto, it seems so long since I’ve seen them, so thankful for this site.

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