Nashville and Before ~ By Paula Elkins

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share. I first heard of Il Volo in 2010. I love Andrea Bocelli and all things Italian. I was surfing the net and YouTube and stumbled onto a video of the competition that the boys were in-in Italy. Things went crazy from there. I loved them with all their boy-like sweetness-so humble. And what voices!! I could not believe my ears. I have followed and loved them ever since.

In October of 2012 I got to see them in concert in Louisville, Ky. What a concert!!! I could not afford a m&g ticket but I wanted to meet them soooo bad. I started asking questions of the security guards and anyone else I could find. I finally found out that if I would go down the alley behind the building, they would probably come out after a while. My husband and I did so (he is so patient and understanding). After a while they came out with sparklers in hand singing Happy Birthday to someone. They were so happy. I waited a little so as not to interrupt their fun. Then I told each one how marvelous they were and said I would like to ask them one question. They said “Thank you” and then asked, “What would you like to ask us, ma’am?” I asked, “May I be your American Grandma?” At first I don’t know if they understood, then finally they said “Sure!” !  Later I tried to say something in Italian, but was so excited I could not think straight. Someone called Barbara over and she said, “It’s ok ma’am. I can tell by your smile and eyes” She was so sweet. When we left my husband said he did not get a pic of me and Ignazio-the camera was full. I made him delete other photos from our trip and go back. Ignazio graciously let him take our pic. I said,“T’amo—no no “ Ignazio knew what I meant and asked with his sweet smile,“Ti voglio tanto bene?” I said,”Yes, that’s it.” He laughed. My husband thanked him and told them how special they were. Ignazio was so polite and said,“Thank you, sir.” Here are two of the pics.

s- paula elkins 1

s-paula elkins 2


 Then I got another opportunity to see them with my husband and lovely granddaughter in Nashville, Tn. in June of this year. I again could not afford a m&g for 3-so I finally got and older gentleman that worked for the Schemerhorn Symphony House to take a note and pictures to them back stage. I had a note for each one re-telling about my Kentucky experience with them and pics. I asked each one if they remembered. During the concert I got my granddaughter to go up to the stage when Gianluca walked over to our side. She did and said she will never forget.

s-paula elkins 3

He reached for her hand and said, “Hi there.” Then he kissed her on top of the head. I don’t guess she will ever wash her hair again! I could see stars in her eyes. On the last song I decided to make my way to the stage also (I couldn’t stand it any longer). Gianluca was there. He reached down and took my hand and said, “Oh! you are the lady that sent the note backstage.” I said,”Yes, did you remember me?” He said that he did. Then Piero came over and he recognized me from the pics also and said he remembered. I was on cloud nine. I could never get Ignazio to come over to that side of the stage. He was busy on the other side.

After the concert we waited by the gate for 2 hours along with other folks to see if they would come out. They eventually did and came up to talk. I told each one how exciting the concert was and what wonderful young men they are! I told each one that I loved them—not for their stardom or popularity but because of their spirit and kindness and humble attitudes. Gianluca said, “I love you too, ma’am.” I finally got to talk to Ignazio and said,”Listen, Ignazio.”I then started to sing “Summertime” by Porgy and Bess. He loves this song and started singing with me. Then it was all over –they had to go. I was high for weeks afterward—could not think straight for re-living it over and over. Thanks for letting my share my experience of a lifetime with you. Hope to meet some of you one day.

~~Paula Elkins

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  1. HI PAULA, thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with our guys. It is great just being on the same planet with them. I was very fortunate to have had the honor of meeting them in person in August of 2013 in Concord, Ca. They were hurried like us by VIP nation people but still very gracious. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to see/meet them again. In the one year since meeting them, they have gotten better, if that’s possible. I lOVE THESE HANDSOME YOUNG PEOPLE.

  2. Paula, what wonderful opportunities came to you, and good for you for grabbing them. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time, but being assertive enough to take advantage of them. Your story just reaffirms what we all know, they are such special young men; so caring and dear. And they continue to be so as their careers keep expanding and popularity grows. Truly amazing guys.

  3. Haven’t been able to visit this site as often as I would like, but I love coming here to read everyone’s stories and seeing what’s new. Thanks so much to everyone who contributes to this site!

  4. Hi Paula, what a story, I am so glad that you got to meet them, not just once but twice, it’s such a memorable experience, I think even better than M&G, because it’s less formal, I’d love to get to meet them that way, I live in Canada, but I’d love to meet more fans, but who knows, anything can happen, thanks for sharing your great story.

  5. Paula-Thank you for sharing your amazing experience. I got to see them in June at a M&G and it was incredible !!! It’s amazing how you managed to see and talk to them outside of a M&G. Lucky,lucky you !!! I hope I have the same good luck next year !! Our Boys are the best !! Love them,Love them Love them so much !!!!

  6. Hi Paula,

    I so enjoyed reading your wonderful experiences meeting the boys. Your patience paid off and how sweet for your granddaughter too, she must have been as thrilled as you were. You are so right, we love, love these young men for who they are; kind, humble and respectful, let alone, so talented and handsome. I attended the Milwaukee concert this past June with my Il Volo sister, Jeanne, and my son, who drove us. It was an evening I, too, relive over and over, Paula. We attended the M&G and met Barbara and Mrs. Ginoble, who were so gracious to us. It amazes me how these boys never appear to be impatient with greeting all their adoring fans following a long concert…they give it ‘their all’ during their concerts….just wonderful. Thank you, Paula again for your sharing your fantastic experiences. ☺

  7. Thankyou, Paula for your beautiful story of our wonderful guys!!! So amazing that you got to see them after M&G & show was over!!! They do love their fans & are so sweet & pleasant & funny! That is why we are all IlVolovers!!! Heard from All Things Il Volo last nite that the album will be released in 2015 & the 2015 will be another World Tour !!! Exciting!! Hard to wait to see them again! 💕 💕 💕

  8. Wonderful story, Paula! I am so happy for you and your daughter. Your husband sounds like a patient prince as well! 🙂

  9. What a wonderful story Paula. I’m so happy for you. They remember so many of their fans and are so patient even though they are so tired after a performance. I have met them twice and couldn’t love them more.

  10. I love your story, Paula! I share your love and appreciation for these sweet and talented guys! Thanks so much for sharing!

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