Il Volo Professional ~~ The Guys Go Home Part 3: Pescara

Hey Everyone!

I don’t think anything I could say would match what Gianluca has already said, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet today, simply saying, “Enjoy!”

~~ Kelly

Recognition Ceremony

The day before the concert, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were honored at a ceremony at Roseto degli Abruzzi.  The mayor and several other officials were in attendance as well as several of The Guys’ parents.  You can see them hiding out in a few of the photos…   😉      And as always, they never shy away from a moment with their fans…

Click here for video —>   Reconition in Prescara; Gianluca’s Speech; Paolo Di Vincenzo Facebook.

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What It Means to Sing At Home; Gianluca’s Words

All About Il Volo —>


Concert Day

Included sound check, a Meet and Greet and what appears to be an interview for one of the mammas….


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The Concert

Gianluca’s Facebook

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Massimo Fregnani Facebook


We Are Love

lo che non vivo ;Shared by Ercole Ginoble Facebook


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Il Volo ~~ Pescara 2014 Playlist

By Queen1700 and sabrina8d




All About Il Volo —>

Italian Article —>



A Proposal     <3



  Congratulations on another sold out concert, Guys!

31 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ The Guys Go Home Part 3: Pescara”

  1. Thanks again for your hard work in getting the concert information to us. When the boys sang in Taormina the pictures and videos started the minute their “first note” came out so I was disappointed that it took a while for things to be posted in Pescara.
    Hope someone did the full concert. Happy for Gianluca. At times he had a worried look checking to see if things are going well. Wonder what they are doing in Venice? It is not that far from Marostica so maybe they are working on that concert.

  2. Thank you Kelly for putting together all these glorious photos,videos and reviews of this magical night in Pescara. This was a truly amazing and emotional night. Especially for Gianluca. His out pouring of emotion in his thank you to all of the people who surround him with love and embrace and nurture his talent made me cry with happiness for him. He is a very special and caring young man and you can’t help falling in love with him more and more everyday.
    Congratulations Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio !! You certainly deserve all this incredible recognition that you are receiving in your beloved Italy. But hurry back to all of your adoring fans in the USA !! We miss you !!

  3. Congratulations to you wonderful Italian beauties. I am so happy the concert was a complete success & am looking forward to a 2 hour video that some kind soul will post.

    Thank you Kelly for putting all the videos & pictures together it was spectacular as usual.

  4. I find it very interesting that with Gianluca we know he reads a lot of poetry and he knows the great prose settings. Now he writes something more than the usual tweet and I find him to have a great command of the English Language. He starts by quoting another writer. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

  5. As much as I keep harping on getting Il Volo back to the USA (which I still feel needs to happen) please understand that I feel these concerts in Italy are a little over due. I am thrilled that they are getting this response in their motherland (I know a lot of people say “fatherland” but, Hey ! , this is Italy. Mama is most important – so Il Volo is singing in their motherland. Bravo ! guys. We are so proud of you doing all of these concerts.

    1. Myron, I agree with you, concerts in Italy should be a priority this year. When they announced the first and unique concert in Taormina, Gianluca tweeted that “tickets are available for our first concert in Italy”. I read between the lines, that he was very disappointed about this, and I reply to him ” It´s a pity, only one concert in Italy. Why Italians? What is the matter with you? Il Volo is the best in the world.” and he retweeted and followed me. I received many tweets and some from italians saying they loved Il Volo, and the problem about concerts were between the producers and management not from the italians. I hope their manager have settled the problems and they will have concerts in Roma and Arena di Verona too. The boys were very happy singing in their homeland, but I think they would like to sing not only in their regions but all over the country.

    1. Last night I too wanted to enjoy the Taormina concert and it was just GONE !! I certainly hope that Sony is planning to give us a DVD of this magnificent concert !!!

  6. QUESTION TO YOU LADIES THAT HAVE SUCH TALENT FINDING OUT INFORMATION? In the “Chestnut Hill” article by Michael Caruso he compliments the Il Volo management for the excellent arrangements and song choice as compared to the Josh Groban concert. Now that Il Volo is with Sony label are they still going to have the same people arranging and choosing their music?
    Looked up “Madelaine” pastry mentioned by Marcel Proust in “Remembrance of Things Past” and they are sea shell shaped sponge cakes. When I reached the serious ‘senior citizen’ age I retired from complicated baking but some of the IlVolo fans still baking could make some for Gianluca when he come back to US.

  7. Gianluca’s “thanks with all my heart” message got me all tear up. What an extraordinary, unique, talented young men! I am so happy to see you happy, dear Gianluca.

    Kelly, great summary for such a special event of our guys. Thanks a million ❤️

  8. Loretta & Joanie. the complete Taormina concert has been removed. but there are select songs (close-ups)I think from 2nd night on ytube.
    Il Volo Taormina 21.07.2014

    1. There are also close ups of songs from the first night, also by Maria Sergeeva. You can compare the renditions! All the solos are from both nights, except she only has one of Ignazio’s Quando L’amour Diventa Poesi. So you can look for either 20.07.14 Maria Sargeeva or 21.07.14 Maria Sargeeva.

  9. I just watched the playlist of Pescara posted here, and the full concert about 4 times on ytube. All the pride, tears, and emotion, swelled up inside of me as always, but I suddenly realized that any words I could use to describe the WHY of my feelings had already been used, not only by myself, but by anyone who is familiar with them. I could not think of any new ones. I don’t think there are any more, just as there is not any aspect pertaining to them that is lacking praise. Well deserved praise!

    I find the title of a post on All About Il Volo, August 23rd, “IL VOLO, Three Italian Artists, Who Have Made The World Fall In Love”, may just about say it all. The reasons for this is immediately apparent the moment you watch them, and hear their beautiful voices. They capture your heart in a moment, and you are never the same. Unexpected, and forever embraced. Don’t know what else to say!

    1. How/Where did you find the whole concert at Pescara? I have been looking for days, and the most I find is 12 videos. Please tell us how to get the whole concert!

  10. What I have been watching are playlist videos. Nearly all of the songs. But now! Check out Ercole Ginoble’s videos at very top of All Things Il Volo. New. Lots of Italian chatter between songs, Daniele Falasca’s proposal. Maria(in audience), Mama ( in audience w/family,friends.even Michele T. Be sure you don’t think it’s over after the 1st one, it continues to loop to the next. Have not watched it all yet, but according to a comment below it seemed to be complete, maybe. Going back to it, so we’ll see. Also beautiful new pictures of the guys.

  11. Peninahonig, don’t know how to send a link, sorry. Just go to All Things Il Volo, and scroll down to the 12th item, right under the picture of the sunrise! Has to be nearly complete because it is 11/2 to 2 hrs long. Only song I remember it missing is Ignazio’s new solo he did in Taormina. There was a mention somewhere, by someone, about Ignazio having a problem happening to his pants, think it might be in Surrender. Watch for it. Lots of smiles and glances exchanged between him and Piero, plus he doesn’t turn his back the rest of the song. Hope you can find it and enjoy. Don’t forget it will advance by it’s self.

    1. That’s the playlist posted by Queen something. I watched that last night. I thought there was something that Ercole Ginoble made himself.
      The list does not have Ignazio’s solo Quando Amore Diventa Poesa (might have spelled that wrong!) and it doesn’t have Piero’s second solo Non Tiscador de me (that I know I spelled wrong!) And I think Ignazio opened a seam when he jumped that spin around move he does at the beginning of Surrender. Hard to tell–she seems to like Gianluca most and she keeps the camera on him most of the time. NOT complaining! just stating a fact!

  12. Found 2nd night Taormina Concert—Ytube

    21-7-2014 Taormina Concert

    On top of picture on site it says in big letters:

    21 LUGLIO 2014 – TAORMINA
    “IL VOLO”
    (video Biapri)

    Away & close shots,different perspective, new things not in 1st,girl violinist w/braids around head not there,Ignazio talking from audience to Piero& Gian on stage, shows them outside leaving in SUV, much more casual.

  13. Anytime, I like to pass along things I find just in case. Wouldn’t want anyone to miss something they would enjoy. You know how much we all love them! Hope it is new to you also.

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