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Hi, Everyone!

We thought we’d do something different this time for our beloved Mr. Dimples. But for this project, time is the main challenge.   Our Board has come up with the idea that we will collect birthday cards and send them over to Sicily – to Ignazio’s family pizzeria.

This is how it works.  Please send your cards to me :

Elaine Tse

1601 Bayshore Hwy, #341, Burlingame, CA  94010, USA

by 9/30/2014

I will pack all the cards in one package and send it to Italy via Express Mail.

Please make sure to allow adequate time for your card to arrive at my office.

Isn’t this exciting…so go now…get the card and send it over to me 🙂

Notes:  Please don’t seal your card since I will have to check all contents/messages.  Those that are deemed inappropriate will not be forwarded.

Thank you.

70 thoughts on “Ignazio’s Birthday Project”

  1. Great idea and I will send one to you.  I’m assuming just a regular sized card.  Thank you. 

    1. Right, regular sized card is much appreciated. But if you must, please make it no larger than 8″x10″! Thanks Maria for the reminder.

      1. Oops !! More Brain Fog !! Spelled Michele’s name wrong !! Sorry !!
        By the way Elaine–Ignazio is really enjoying the jersey you gave him. I’ very seen him wearing it in more then one photo !!

      2. Yep, he wore it on several occassions now! He looks so handsome and adorable. Blue is really a good color. I hope to see it on Gianluca and Piero soon.

    2. One more thought, please make sure to put enough postage if you are sending over-sized or square shaped cards. Check with the post office if you are not sure.

      1. Elaine I’ m a little confused. If you are sending all of the cards in one package why would we put postage on the individual cards even if they are over-sized or square ? Wouldn’t they be a all together in one box to be sent ?? I would be more then happy to contribute to the shipping cost. I don’t believe the board should have to shell it all out. You’re doing more then your share already and we appreciate all the time and effort that goes into a project like this.

      2. Joanie, I mean to put enough postage for sending the card to my office. Sorry for the confusion.

      3. Oh boy Elaine !! Brain fog !! Realized what you were telling us immediately after I posted !!
        Thanks again to both you and Michelle. I will mail my card on Monday–with the correct postage !!

  2. I’m thinking, I’m thinking! This is MY BOY, so I have to do this right. Thank you for thinking about this birthday celebration. I’m still thinking!!!

  3. Well let me see. Since I don’t have a lick of talent, it’ll have to be a ready-made card. But not just any card will do. THE perfect card may take a while to find, so I’ll start my search tomorrow. By the way, will he be 21? An emergency in my family has turned my sleepy brain to mush. A great idea, Elaine.

    1. Hi Allene – “Nasty” will be 20! I’m working on this, too. After the convention and the “pin with the mustache on the Ignazio” game, it is hard to top this on a card. I’m thinking! I hope that your family is okay. Love you!

  4. Will go shopping for a card tomorrow!!! I was behind the door when creative genes were given out, so I will have to do with “store-bought”.
    Thanks a million, Elaine, for taking on this project. You Board girls come up with the BEST ideas!!!

  5. Elaine, No time for a fabric “quilted ” birthday wish for our Iggy. My neighbor makes hand made ones so I will get one in the mail as soon as possible. Joanie G

    1. No, it’s not necessary to send anything else beside your love and cards. Thank you so much for your thoughts, Donna!

  6. I think this is a great idea, if I can’t make one, I will have to buy one, I am not very artistic, maybe my Granddaughter can help me, anyway I will definitely send one, thanks for doing this.

  7. I am glad so many of you like the idea. We really have to thank mastermind Michele! I volunteer to execute the project since it is more convenience to use my business address then any of our board member’s home address. I am loving the idea and am more than happy to do it!

  8. You guys are awesome ! I thing this is a great idea! Thanks for keeping us updated on what our guys are doing ! I love Il Volo! Hope I get to see them in person , front row lol?

    1. Hi Elaine!
      I put my cards in the post office this morning. I used a padded envelope as there were several cards. I used Priority package and it should be there by Monday (or earlier). Could you let me know that you received it? Thank you for all of the work that you are doing. Mr. Dimples is going to have a great birthday!

      Thank you!
      Laura Lee Badtke

  9. Thank you, ladies! We’re having fun making/buying the cards, and Ignazio will have fun reading them all!
    I finally finished making mine last night and it is in the mail. I hope it gets there–I don’t know which post office is worse–yours or ours!

  10. Such a great idea. I was away from a computer for a few days just got home and want to mail a car and wondered if a card that has a song inside (push a button) would be OK?. Should not be a a problem in the mail.

  11. I don’t see the point of sending an unsealed card to you. Who decides what is appropriate to write in a card? This is my opinion.

    1. I agree, Geri. I am sure most of us will not write anything obscene or inappropriate. However, we have reader from all over and I can not exclude any possibility of such happening and risk damaging the Flight Crew’s reputation. Hope you can understand.

      1. Elaine and Michelle this is wonderful idea. I’m afraid there won’t be enough tissues around for Ignazio when he opens this package. He is going to be so touched. I’ll get my card out to you soon.

      2. I understand your point Elaine, and i’m glad you responded to me. However, a simple statement which would act as a disclaimer that the Flight Crew is not responsible for anything that might be offensive would do the trick. The recipient would understand. The Flight Crew is providing a service and should not be involved in censorship of any kind. That is my opinion.

  12. Thank you, ladies for such a great idea! My card is in the mail to you, and you can rest assured that it contains only love and joy for our boy!

  13. When you say don’t seal the cards, I need to seal them shut to send to you. Are you going to just send all the cards loose in one big envelope to him? I am a little confused. This is a great idea though.

  14. Ladies of the Board, this is a fabulous idea and thank you for executing it! My only question is: when will you mail the box to Ignazio? Do you have a set date? It may take me a while to find the perfect card!

  15. Is it ok to put my unsealed birthday card in another sealed envelope ? I just want to get it to you safe so you can send it on to Ignazio he is going to love receiving all of these birthday wishes

    1. Thanks Elaine ! I hope I get to see them in person next year, couldn’t this year because I shattered my radial head in left elbow 🙁 and still recuperating

  16. Elaine, please ignore my question about the deadline; I reread your instructions and there was the answer! Duh!

  17. Elaine. Is it okay if I put a letter inside the card? No room on my card to write. Will be sending everything loose in a separate envelope. Was going to attach it to my card, but then you can’t read it, but I don’t want it to get separated. Can you do that before sending it on?

  18. Elaine, just saw on All Things IlVolo that it looks like the guys will be in Russia on Ignazio’s birthday. Have you heard anything like, and would that change our plans at all?

    1. Yes, I just read the news. Boy, such short notice! Our guys must be in high demand in Russia. No, there will not be any changes because I don’t want to complicate things and Ignazio will get to read them eventually 😊

  19. How is Idnazio’s B.day project coming along? I sent my card (under name LIZ VINES) and forgot to put my email address – aotliz@yahoo.com. Hoping you can confirm rec’d. Looking forward to his reaction to receiving a whole big bunch of cards.

  20. Thanks for putting being the point person Elaine. 🙂
    Liz, the last time I heard from Elaine, she had between a dozen and 20-something cards. I’m sure the number has grown since then. There is still a little time to get your card in the mail, for anyone that hasn’t!

  21. Thank you so much, Michele for the great idea, Elaine for all the leg work!

    I’m guessing checking for appropriateness is going to turn out to be a time for Elaine’s tears rolling down her face at all the beautiful sentiments being sent to our beloved Ignazio! Get your hanky ready, Elaine! 😉

    My card went out mid day today, Elaine, and the Post Office assured me that where it’s being sent from and to, it will arrive on the 29th. Whew!

    Love and gratitude,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  22. Elaine you should of my birthday card for Ignazio already I can’t wait to hear about his reaction when he sees them all

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