What’s YOUR Favorite Italian Movie?


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Do you have a favorite Italian movie or really like a movie that has anything to do with Italia? I have a few, some are old and a few are even older. I found many of them after my first trip to Italia! Some of my favorites include the titles listed below.

Cinema Paradiso is my absolute favorite!  The scenery is beautiful and much of it is filmed in Sicilia, the island Piero and Ignazio call home!  Look for the shot of the limoni (lemons) on Salvatore’s mother’s table! They are beautiful and huge – just the way they grow in Sicilia!

Do you have a favorite movie that has anything to do with Italia?   Please let us know!    Thanks!  ~ Michele

MY FAVORITE!  Cinema Paradiso  1988

Cinema Paradiso film locations:

Roman Holiday 1953

Three Coins in the Fountain 1954

A Room with a View  1985

Stealing Beauty 1996

Under the Tuscan Sun 2003

Letters to Juliet 2010


Breaking Away 1979  (Many references to “things” relating to Italia and from Italia)

32 thoughts on “What’s YOUR Favorite Italian Movie?”

    1. I liked this movie as well. funny, family oriented, beautiful scenery and Gable’s second to last film. And of course SOPHIA

    1. I love moonstruck! Cher and young Nicholas Cage!

      Now I need to watch Moonstruck and all the other movies listed in the comments and on the website!

      Il Postino is another good one 🙂

  1. Oh! Do you remember on their 1st PBS Special (Take Flight), Ignazio was introducing Piero’s solo, and said he was from Naro. Piero then said to him, “be careful”. Then Ignazio said, “for those who don’t know, thats where the Godfather came from!” HA HA Now, 4 years or so later, that name (Godfather) surfaces again. Oh well, old movie having nothing to do with our beloved Piero, he is wonderful!!

  2. Another beautiful movie is called “The Seven Hills of Rome”, with Mario Lanza. He sings Arrivederci Rome and Come Prima, some of the great Italian songs. That movie also shows the splendid views of Rome and Naples.

  3. Three Coins in a Fountain. The song Gianluca sang, “Aneme e core,” is sung in this movie. Frank Sinatra sang the cover song for this movie. Beautiful scenery.

  4. Thank you all for sharing your favorite Italian movies! Some of them are very familiar like Moonstruck (so good) and The Godfather! I do remember Piero saying “be careful.” I can’t wait to see all the movies you love – especially those with beautiful scenery. Thank you!
    My list is growing…

    I also love Al Di La!

  5. I love any movie with Italy as the location. I was looking into a trip to Sicily and it was going to the location of the Godfather movie. Also I read a book about the invasion of Sicily during WW11 and it told about the part the Mafia played in it.

  6. Oh how I love the movies! On this list its so hard to come up with a favorite but I think mine would have to be “A Room with a View” followed by Moonstruck and Ciniema Paradisio!
    I could just sit and gobble up Italian movies….but Annacruise has now inspired me to go find ‘ It started in Naples” I loved Capri! Sophia Loren is my most admired actresss, she is sooo beautiful.

  7. Such a lot of good ideas for movies to find during our long winter. Personally I like many of the ones mentioned, and have to say that I enjoyed “A year in Tuscany” a lot. It’s missing the songs, but has beautiful scenery and a taste of the Tuscany country life style. The book is a good read, too.

  8. Haha, thanks Michele. Because of your post I searched YouTube and watched one of the funniest movie ever – Divorcio all italiana (Divorce Italian Style). I love it. It’s so clever and hilarious. Bravo!!!

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