What Is Your Dream Meet and Greet?

IlVoloWolfTrap13June2014                                                  Il Volo Wolf Trap Meet and Greet June 13, 2014

Hello Il Volo fans!  I think it is reasonable to say that many of us have been to a few Il Volo meet and greets. Since the “We Are Love” and “Summer 2014” Tours, I have been to 4 and each one of them was very different. Many of you have shared positive and negative experiences of your own and offered reasonable suggestions that you believe would make meet and greets better.  So please let us know what you think would constitute – a DREAM Meet and Greet with Il Volo!  Thanks!  Michele

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  1. I am saving up for my first M and G next year and I can only hope that they don’t herd us through like cattle as many of you have said. It’s expensive and we look forward to it so much. Give us some slack.

  2. I’ve never been to one but definitely plan to go next time I go to a concert. But from what I’ve heard definitely limiting the amount of people would be good. But we have to remember that our boys have just given an exhausting concert and when they do M&G they must be tired! We have to understand that.

    1. Part of being a performer is learning how to deal with jet lag, being overtired, along with giving a professional performance. This all is part of being Il Volo. I speak from experience as I am a former professional ballet dancer.

    1. Il Volo doesn’t have anything to do with how the M & Gs are run…they are run by independent companies hired by their management people, I assume.

      1. They can’t be that independent. I am sure Il Volo has some input! After all, you don’t hire someone to do a job for you and not tell them what they are supposed to be doing! And I am also sure if they were unhappy about something, they would say so.

  3. perhaps it could be handled like a CD autograph signing event (at least the ones that I have been to) which would not happen after the concert but (schedule permitting) day before or day after the concert . One of the signings in Chicago at the Barnes & Noble store had a much more relaxed feel and it was NOT run by the tour promotion company. They sang three songs, they sat and signed autographs and did pictures when asked – also time for a tiny bit of conversation.

    1. Excellent! I don’t know if they would have time though, for an extra day for every concert. Maybe a few hours in the Morning of, IF they were there early.

    2. Myron, it would have cost me a lot more money to have spent another day waiting to get a meeting with ll Volo. My meet and greet in Milwaukee this year was much better than it was in Chicago last year. With this said, many people in Milwaukee were rushed though. I was one of the lucky ones–I have no idea why. At least I got an autograph from all three of them before we had are picture taken. I had the opportunity to give all three of them a card telling them what they meant to me.

  4. I was only at one meet and greet. I came with a friend, and we waited with Loretta. When we got there they treated the three of us as a group. Loretta had the presence of mind to insist she talk to them on her own and have her own picture taken with them. They just assumed we were together and took a group picture. Since I did not have the experience Loretta had it never occurred to me to ask for a picture alone with them. I was rather tongue tied anyway! I had planned what to say to each one of them (in case I couldn’t think of anything at the time!) and the only one I actually told what I had planned was Gianluca. I have no idea what I said to the others! I would have liked to have a picture alone with them.
    So, the upshot is, I would like them not to assume you want a group picture if you come with someone else, and to ASK each person if they want a picture alone with the boys. That way, if anyone is too overwhelmed at least they can nod their head!

      1. We’ll make sure your at the M&G and get you on the bus too !! By the way I also live in Florida–Palm Beach Gardens on the east coast.

  5. I went to the M&G with my cousins. I ran up first and my cousin took many photos of me with them using my iPhone and then after my turn they went up.The M&G photographer also took some photos including a group one. It worked out well and was a memorable experience.
    The most important thing for next year is No Brain Fog !! I want to take it all in and remember every second that I’m with our sweet,wonderful Guys !!

  6. I have contacted Il Volo management to advise them that one of the problems with the concerts and meet and greets from this past summer is that each venue makes rules for their own place. There needs to be one set of rules made by Il Volo and their management and the venues (theatres) should be advised that the rules should be adhered to. I went to a wonderful concert and meet and greet but a lot of other fans had no photos allowed and were rushed through the meet and greet. A dream meet and greet would be one that is the same (uniform) in all venues.

  7. My meet and greet this year was wonderful. The boys each autographed my tee shirt and my daughter’s program. They talked and it was wonderful. The lady running the meet and greet gave us plenty of time and it was wonderful. I even had a chance to tease Ignazio about his cap and touch his hair under the cap…LOL

  8. I have been to several, but THE best one was the one in Vienna Va. At Wolftrap. It was kind of a small M&G anyway, but it was in a large room, we were given time to talk a few minutes, take pictures, AND also see Barbara and Gian’s mother for a few minutes. It was Awesome. It’s not This pic, it’s another one on my page! Karina Crespa Was taking the pics. She was really nice!

  9. I went to M&G, and I would like to be less rushed, because I took only two quick pictures with the three of them. Who was responsible for the M&G, should give me at least few more minutes to take a picture alone with the boys. I don’t mind to pay the expensive price, but they couldn’t rushed me like that, with no respect.
    I know our Boys are tired after a concert but they shouldn’t rush the fans through like that! But, I also understand a lot of other people need to meet them. So, who is responsible, should tell us how many minutes each fan will have to be with Il Volo.
    Thank you.

  10. I have never been to a M & G but I would love to one day. I got to meet them at their tour bus in 2012 so close enough, actually better from what I have read of certain experiences. My perfect M&G would be to have 5 minutes with each one alone, give them their gifts, and get a picture solo and one group. Since I am in a wheelchair I would like to have a body guard push me around with each one in my lap down the hallway and back and end it with a kiss on the lips from each one. This is my dream come true <3

  11. I attended my first M&G in Modesto, CA this past summer. It was a small venue, so the line wasn’t too long. My boyfriend and I were towards the end of the line. The guys were distracted, but when it was my turn, I headed towards Piero, to get a kiss on the cheek from him. I had all pictures to be autographed in my hands along with a pen and took them to each one of them to sign. My boyfriend got into an argument with whoever was taking pictures because the man tried to take our camera away, not realizing that my boyfriend had paid $150 too, just to take pictures. I got about four pictures which was good.
    My dream would have been to have a little more time to talk with them.

  12. I attended my first 2 M & G’s this June. The first I was totally star-struck and could not speak until I got to Ignazio and said I Love You. Which is true. However, I think if I had not been so rushed I may have done better. I got to hug the guys and I had my husband take photos so I got more than if the “official” had taken them. The second was in Philadelphia and was even more rushed. We were told right at the start of the M & G that there would be one photo and no autographs. They were really pushing people through but I got to kiss them all and again had my husband take photos so I got more than the one. And I had the nerve to speak to them as a group and they answered me but a man gently took my arm and escorted me away. It was extremely impersonal and let’s face it, we are all emotional about these guys. I know I would like to feel like more than part of a herd of cattle pushed through. I see photos of other M & G’s and wonder why were better than the two I went to. Very rushed and I think the guys were not that pleased either. All that said, I will attend any M & G again that I can. There has to be a better way though. Maybe somehow before the concert.

  13. I think more time is the running theme. For me, it’s expensive, but I expect it to be; I think that’s fairly standard. I just hated being rushed and the workers being rude and actually manhandling people. That was and is uncalled for.

  14. I went to Buffalo this year & there were a group of Italian people to the right of where I sat in the front row & one lady seemed to know Piero. She was throwing comments to him during the show & when at the meet & greet the whole group of Italian people were kibitzing with the guys & taking pictures & it was so relaxed & fun. I resent having my gifts taken from me before meeting the guys by security. I respect that the guys are tired after singing their hearts out for us at the concert. But to tell the truth I would love to be able to go for a coffee with them just to spend an hour with them by myself just to talk casually & not interview them but just to listen to Ignazio with his sense of humour & have some good laughs. Even better I wrote them a letter last concert I was at & told them I would like to take them out to dinner. Love if that would happen.

    Myron what you said as to how Barnes & Noble handled it where they signed autographs or CD’s & we could spend 10 minutes talking to them would be heaven if I didn’t get toungetied. I usually stand there like a dummy because I’ve forgotten what I want to say & I usually also forget to give them their gifts & I have to go back to leave the gifts with someone.

    This year when I was at Illinois Ignazio was in the lobby of my hotel after I came back from breakfast & I stood frozen like a dummy because I wasn’t sure if that was really him & I didn’t want to go up to that person & give a stranger a hug if I was wrong. Then when I discovered it was him because he was looking at me & not smiling I finally picked my jaw off the floor & went & gave him a hug. The other boys weren’t with him so I thought they had been taken to their separate rooms earlier. We didn’t speak long because the attendant came over to him & told him his room was ready so the conversation was short & sweet. I was only telling how good the restaurant I had gone to was. I learned later they had transferred to Holiday Inn so I guess they didn’t like the hotel. Also I don’t think it had an exercise room but there was a pool.

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