Il Volo Professional ~~ The Guys Go Home Part 4: Napoli

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The Guys completed the the 4th show in Italy, in Napoli, on September 12, and it seems like it was just as successful and they were as well received as they always are.  Shoot; they even got their own pizza this time!

Il Volo Pizza


Click here —>  Italian Article About the Il Volo Pizza  ~~ shared with LiJoy by Athina

Click here —> Gianluca and “That’s Amore” ~~ Paolo Pagnani; Shared by Athina

Maybe I’m sappy, but I love that wherever they go, people take whatever they have to make a special moment for them.  Love to see that–especially in their home country.   🙂


Media Rounds

As always, wherever they are, a little media work has to be done and appearances have to be made:

Click here —>  Summary of Agenda in Napoli ~~ All About Il Volo


Click here —> Il Volo on Radio Kiss Kiss ~~ All About Il Volo; includes podcast (look for the forward and backward radio buttons in the post)

Bing Images
TGR Campania Rai3; Bing Images

Click here —>  Il Volo on TGR Campania Rai3 ~~ All About Il Volo; includes videos


They Met with Children


On the day of the concert, Il Volo was invited to an event in the District of Sanità, a once thriving neighborhood that has fallen on hard times.  According to a piece written by our affiliates at AAIV, the Municipality of Napoli and many other social institutions are committed to reviving and supporting the community, and Il Volo was invited to help promote the culture of music.  Are there any better ambassadors for anything — especially for up and coming youth?  🙂


Click here —> Il Volo — A Meeting With the Children of Napoli ~~ All About Il Volo

TV Interviews

By Commune di Napoli

By Pupia Campania

Fun With the Kids; Ignazio ~~ @mariesophie94; @ilvolotherapy Instagram

Click here —> Fun With the Kids; Full Video  ~~Fans Club Enamorate con Il Volo Venezuela Oficial


Mixing It Up With the Family, Friends, Fans and The Band…

…as usual.  Need I say more?   😉


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The Concert





Un Amore Cosi Grande

By Dario Di Domenico


O Sole Mio

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lo che non vivo; Luana Bianchi

Click here —>  lo che non vivo; Erny’s Perspective ~~ @ernygino14

Click here —>  Can’t Help Falling in Love  ~~ Fans Club Enamorate con Il Volo Venezuela Oficial


By sabrina8d

Click here —> In Volo in Concert in Napoli — Review  ~~ All About Il Volo


OK.  It’s on to the final show…which is rumored to be sold out….!!!!   😉


 ~~ Kelly

14 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ The Guys Go Home Part 4: Napoli”

  1. Thanks for your time in providing us the up do date information. Waiting for a clear video of the Napoli concert. It is so hard to get the real feel of the event thru short clips. Appreciate those too. Looks like Piero might get some new clothes since he spend an evening with Carlo Pignatelli. He has a whole line of evening dress.
    Is it me or did Ignazio’s suite look too big for him? I know he tore his pants in Pescara. Did a great job covering it.

    1. If you find a video of Surrender fromthe concert in Pescara, you’ll see Ignazio turn around a try to look at his rear. And then he keeps fingering the hole. Whoever filmed the video had the camera more on Gianluca than anyone else, so you don’t actually see what happened–my theory is when he makes that leap in the air and turns around 360 degrees he split the seam.
      Unlike the concert in Toronto where he tore his pants at the knee after sliding across the stage on his knees! Nice little hole, visible to all! He tried getting sympathy from his “brothers” but they weren’t buying any!

  2. It was on one of the videos. I am having a ‘senior moment’ and can not remember which song. There were several comments from people on different postings.

  3. Il Volo is supposedly going to sing in support of the presentation of the new collection of Brioni. Supposedly very celebrated in menswear. I wonder if maybe our boys will model some during their performance. Barvikha Concert Hall is beautiful. It is connected to a hotel, restaurant and expensive stores.

  4. Kelly ~ Thanks to you and the entire board for all of your hard work. I am trying to keep up with all posts but find myself falling behind. Keep up the good work! Love to all and especially “our boys!”

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