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Successful-TeamHey Everyone!


The Flight Crew Board would like to formally announce that Myron Heaton has accepted our formal invitation to be a contributor to our website.  We all have enjoyed his Music Notes, and it was truly an oversight that we hadn’t made it official before.  So, please welcome him as our official Music Reviewer and Education Contributor!


TEAMWith Myron becoming official, we wanted to take this time point out a new feature we hope you will like.   We have the names of our board members and contributors on our “About Us” page, but we have made that information easier to find with a link on the right side of your screen: “Authors & Contributors”.  Under the heading is the icon picture of each person.  If you click on their icon, it will take you to a Biography page about them.  We hope you enjoy them!

~ Kelly

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  1. Your site is great. I enjoy reading all the info and comments from the fans.As far as Marvin joining in official capacity I’m thrilled!! His concert evaluations and comments are EXCELLENT!! Thanks for signing on Marvin! Looking forward to reading your comments.

    1. I am in total and enthusiastic agreement with Maryanne!!! Great news to start my day!!! I crave everything IL VOLO and love to read what Myron writes about them! Thanks so much for the Flight Crew and this great site!!! <3

  2. Welcome, Myron! Can’t wait to read more from you. Keep up the good work together with the other wonderful ‘authors’ of this site.

    1. Welcome Myron !! I have always enjoyed reading your very informative contributions and I am looking forward to more of your input on this incredible website.

  3. This is great news! Welcome Myron! Thank you to the Board members as well, who have made this the greatest Il Volo site! Looking forward to hearing more and more about our fabulous trio, the best singers and entertainers in the world who have ever uttered a note!

  4. Welcome. We fans always need musical interpretations to better understand why some things are done this way or that way. My first question to you Myron is why Ignazio is constantly adjusting his hearing “aides” and his devise in the back. Piero and Gianluka do not seem to have any problems. Thanks.

    1. Terese, re: adjusting his ear-buds. We like to think that our guys don’t get nervous but that is not realistic. In fact, if they really did not get a little nervous on stage they would be sloppy and lazy and you could tell they don’t care. Now you don’t want it to be butterflies so bad that it cripples the singer, you want just enough to give your energy flow the good boost. There are always tell-tale signs. for Piero – in close up you can see the eyes show it and he gets to a point very early in the concert where he cannot stand the tight shirt and tie so it usually comes off early. for Gianluca – once again you can see (in close-ups ) that his eyes show it and he usually looks very serious a lot of the time and he always is adjusting his tie or his tux jacket. With Ignazio it is those ear buds (actually all three hate those things) but part of his routine is adjusting them because they never fit right. Now please understand this little nervousness is good because it gives a singer a sharp edge. Barbra Streisand still – after 50 years – gets nervous before going on stage. For Ignazio he has gotten a lot better about those things.

      The ear buds are like a monitor speaker that gives them an acurate idea of how the orchestra and they sound mixed together. Other performers use monitor speakers on the edge of the stage.

      1. Thank you for this information. My son, a musician, also said that it keeps the sound from the audience to acceptable levels without interfering with their singing. I did not know that.

      2. Thaks for the information Myron I was always wondering why they have to wear them especially Ignazio if the ear pieces bothered him so much. It seems other performers don’t seem to wear them. Do they prefer these ear pieces other than the stage monitors?

  5. This is terrific! I love reading what Myron writes–it is always interesting to get the professional side of things. Thanks Myron for all your past articles and in advance for the future ones!

  6. Welcome Myron! I really appreciate your professional reviews and analysis. You add so much to this world of Il Volo Love !

  7. Thanks Myron for answering my question. I have to confess that my “heart belongs” to Ignazio since 2009 and like a grandmother I worry about everything he does. I have great affection for Piero and Gianluca and admire each of their special talents.

    1. Terese nice to see we are on the same page & behave like grandmothers. I love these boys as well but Ignazio is my special guy he use to resemble my grandson when he was 75 lbs heavier. He was a hunk then & now a super hunk

  8. Congrats and welcome Myron! I have always found your remarks to be interesting, especially since I don’t know much about the buisness of music, I just know what I like and its IL VOLO! Your answer to Terese’s question was an excellent example of this. I know for myself I have always wondered why Piero seems to rid himself of the top buttons of his shirt and loses his ties, now I know!

    1. I always thought he just felt more comfortable using his neck muscles in belting out those high notes without his neck being confined by a shirt and tie around it. Live and learn!

      1. If you look at the video of the Taormina concert first night – the view that is center and rather close – watch when Piero sings his signature song “No Puede Ser” . This powerful song demands a lot of energy. You watch him closely and you can see that he is just a little nervous (which, as I said, is a good thing) and that is what gives him his vocal power. This “kid” is not a very large person – he looks bigger on video and stage than in real life standing next to you. This small kid can blow the roof off the place without shouting. Then watch him after that last note is done during the applause – he is absolutely out of breath ! ! ! He drains his heart and soul for that song.

      2. Piero has wonderful breath control and as you say he drains every bit of it for that song. Of course he is out of breath every time he sings it-! I have noticed that and when Marie reported that he told her it was the hardest thing he has tried so far, I said to myself you can see that every time he sings it. He is just amazing. Whenever I watch a video of someone singing some aria it flashes through my mind that I would love to hear Piero sing whatever it is–and most of the time I think he would do it better!

  9. Myron, hope my last post to you didn’t promote this official announcement, but then again not really. Told you we wanted to know you better because we always love your comments and look forward to them, now we all know from whence your expertise comes. Congrats!

    By the way, what are your thoughts on their (what seems to be) last minute jaunt to Russia for an exclusive Brioni showing, in light of resent events, safety and etc? Also, Brioni is an Itaian line, so why do you think it is taking place in Russia?

    Just curious.

    1. I feel confident that they will be safe but frankly, I would have skipped the event. There are plenty of places around Europe and here that they need to pay more attention to. They have not been to London or Paris or Berlin or Vienna in ages etc. etc.

  10. that is a great addition! welcome Myron. so glad you finally got roped in. your input is priceless, so now we can see a lot more of your music knowledge. you will educate us. funny how we never wanted to know so many details of singers who went before, but all of a sudden Il Volo comes along and we all want to climb into their back pockets and stay there all the time. I wonder why????

      1. Yeah I think Ignazio’s back pocket is getting crowded.

        Myron so glad your are here to give the news on music & entertainment & Il Volo. How about being promoter this year for the Il Volo boys. You will look after them better than any of the other promoters.

    1. I think it is because they are one-of-a kind. Teens that have formal training on voice (instead of just being “beggers”) , sing in 5 languages, choose wonderful literature, and after all is said and done are wonderful, charming and down to earth guys. I really don’t know any other group like them. They came along and raised the bar for other singers AND THEY raised the bar for us – the fans. Now we expect more, much more from other singers.

      Have you found recently, after listening to Il Volo for a year or two that other singing acts just seem worse than they seemed before ? The bar has been raised ! You will never want less quality again.

      1. Myron, I absolutely agree! I tried to listen to Arrowsmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing and lasted about two minutes before I hit STOP!!!!
        Tried to listen to U2’s version of Beautiful Day— same reaction!
        Il Volo has me spoiled!!!! Theirs is amazing music, and, you are right– they set the bar and no others can compare to them!!!

      2. Myron, thank you for speaking what was in my heart. I have no interest in other singers at all! Which is strange as I have always loved all types of music. I not only love the songs they choose to sing, but I love, admire and respect them as individual human beings. From the moment I first heard them (only this April 2014) and watched their videos on utube (countless times) it has been a wonderful journey for me. God bless them and keep them safe.

  11. SO HAPPY YOU’RE ON BOARD MYRON. I have, some time now, valued your input about our boys. How you thought IGNACIO had a voice that comes once in a lifetime. How gianluca sings, pronouncing every vowel perfectly and that Piero’s would be the one to pursue a career in opera. Your knowledge of music is so appreciated by people who are not versed in these things. Thank again and welcome. Thank you also for all the great things you have done for our guys on our behalf. It’s an honor to have you on board.

  12. Myron— I have always thought of you as part of the Team, and now I’m so glad that it is official!!! I simply LOVE your posts and comments about Our Boys, and, like everyone else, I look forward with great anticipation, to everything you write because you are so knowledgeable. I always learn something from you. What a pleasure you are!! THANK YOU for taking the time to share your expertise with us!

  13. This is great news! I have very much enjoyed your reviews, Myron.. You give the reasons why we love these guys in a thoughtful, professional and informative way. Welcome Aboard!

  14. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you for your very kind comments. I was writing comments on the so-called official website for Il Volo for a year before Flight Crew got started and got replies from some of you even back then. That experience got me connected with Il Volo management which did not like a few of my comments about the way things were running on that site. It also kept me connected with our officers and just after they started up this site they invited me to write. Since Il Volo stopped doing comments at about this time, I was thrilled to take up the task.

    There was another benefit: When I first met the boys and Barbara Vitali, I found that they actually had read some of my comments and knew who I was. Frankly, I thought they might want to throw me out, but they actually liked some of the suggestions I made for improvement. I am happy that they dropped Interscope in favor of Sony. Good change. They also are taking better care of their voices on tour than they used to ( however, I don’t think that I was the cause of that – just the same timing).

    I found out in June that the guys do read the Flight Crew site every now and then.

    Anyway, Once again – THANK YOU.

    1. Hi, Myron ~ So I am slooooowly moving backwards in time, reading blogs I missed when my life commitments diminished my IL VOLO blog time!

      I am so glad you’re part of the Team officially. I always appreciate your expertise, your insights, your respect, and Your big heart. We are blessed!

      Thanks, also, to the Board for adding your profiles link. And, Marie, little did I know you were heavily into education (of a different sort) before retiring. So glad you’ve transitioned your expertise to educating and uplifting US, whether it be poetry or humor or excitement. (Still haven’t gotten back to reading your summer adventures. That will be such a treat!)

      Love and gratitude to all,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  15. Myron, you are absolutely welcome! So nice also, to be able to put a face to the name. Enjoy you so much.

    Also, thanks so much for letting us know that they do give us a look now and then. Sometimes we will make a comment directed at them, a now we know there’s hope that they may actually see it. Can’t ask for more. YEA!

  16. I want to thank everyone that puts time and effort into providing this wonderful site for us Il Volo fans. Personally, it means more than just a site, it is now a part of my day. A most pleasurable part! Thank you to all that work so hard in providing all this wonderful information for us. Sometimes people forget to give compliments but I am sending MOLTI COMPLIMENTI to each and every one. Grazie tanto!

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