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MN (mlla) highlights various well-known musicians, directors, poets and even Nobel prize winners from Sicily in her last section on the Italian island that is home to Ignazio and Piero.

Per MN,  “Some Sicilian famous personalities :

– Mathematician: Archimede da Siracusa
– Painters: Antonello da Messina, Renato Guttuso
– Writers: Tomasi di Lampedusa, Luigi Pirandello (Nobel prize), Giovanni Verga, Salvatore Quasimodo (Poet and Nobel Prize), Elio Vittorini, Vitaliano Brancati, Gesualdo Bufalino, Dacia Maraini,Leonardo Sciascia and Andrea Camilleri
– Musicians/composers: Alessandro Scarlatti, Vincenzo Bellini, Fraancesco Paolo Frontini
– Film Directors: Giuseppe Tornatore (Oscar winner) and Emanuele Crialese.”

Thank you MN, we have enjoyed your contributions!

Additional Information

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Best of Sicily  Antonello da Messina

Luigi Pirandello

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Alessandro Scarlatti


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  1. Thank you for researching and giving us this interesting information. One thing my Il Volo fascination did is wake me up to the joy of knowledge. I have enjoyed searching for things about Italy and all the places the boys have traveled to as well as the people that have crossed their lives.

  2. Kittykam & Penina Just got my computer back from so-called repair & am having trouble getting into blog.
    Thank you both for information on previous videos & what I can look for I have missed over a weeks worth of blogs & the repair shop changed everything & cancelled a lot of what I had

    1. Oh boy, that is bad news! I hate when computers screw up everything. Lately my email has gone haywire. I have to keep closing it and sign in again around 4 or 5 times before it decides to work!
      I hope you still have your pictures! The videos you can probably still find.

      1. Its the pits Penina its bad enough when the computer dies but when the repair people don’t bother to listen to what you want saved that sucks. Anyway life goes on to I am trying to do with what I have to get used to. The main thing I am now caught up with the blog & emails finally & back on track finding out what I missed with our guys. I have an operation coming up in the future whether near or who knows so I told the doctors secretary I want to be available for next year late summer into the fall which I presume will be about the time Il Volo will be here. So still praying my wishes come true.

        How are you doing?

        Mn thanks for the great research you have done on the Italian heritage of painters etc. This calls for some serious reading. I love being educated on Italy so now I have lots of reading to catch up on. My son & his friend keep asking me if I want to go to Italy & I sure would like to but I would like to go when the guys are there for sure so maybe I could meet them on the street & take them for a cup of coffee. wouldn’t that be a dream come true.

  3. Archimedes was born in Sicily but he is Greek not Italian. His father was Greek. I remind you that back then Siracusa was a Greek colony, part of Magna Grecia.

    Kisses to all 🙂

    1. Loretta, ref yr above post, it was a pleasure to cooperate with Michele, few things I remembered, some I recently saw, others I had to refresh my mental database. Anyway, I enjoyed and I am glad you, and may be others, did as well. My hope was effectively, with these tidbits, to rise the interests in what are the background culture and traditions.
      Wishing you all the best for yr upcoming operation.

  4. I might add to this format by saying that not only did Italy produce their own great artists – (my interest musicians) – but musicians from other countries came to Italy to learn from the masters. Example: Mozart of Austira went to Italy for years to study. Handel (the Messiah) from Germany went to Italy to study, Many other musicians from other countries study there for at least a short time in their lives – including me (30 yrs. ago)

  5. Are you gonna do the same with Abruzzo? There are some of famous american singers that their parents were from Abruzzo, like Dean Martin, Perry Como, Mario Lanza, Madona, Henry Mancini …..

    1. I remember Linda wrote about Dean Martin, Perry Como, and Mario Lanza on “Did you Know” and may have mentioned that they hail from Abruzzo. But I have no idea that include Madonna also. So I google it and find out her grandparents (father side) were from Pacentro of the Abruzzo region. Very interesting indeed. So many famous people have tie in Italy. Thanks, Josie for your idea and we will take that into consideration for our future posts.

      1. Thank you Elaine for answering me. You are very kind. I hope you people talk about Abruzzo too. They are 2 sicilians, but there are one Abruzense that could not be forgotten.

  6. Josie – this topic is about Sicily rather than Piero and Ignazio. I am so sorry you got the impression we were leaving Gianluca out by not touching on Abruzzo at this time. The Italia section has focused on Sicily. I am sure we will cover Abruzzo when we finish with Sicilia. I am fairly busy at work and may not always get to answer – and I am truly so sorry about that.

    1. For Abruzzo let me give two hints right now, famous composer Francesco Paolo Tosti born in Ortona, Abruzzo in 1846, among his many compostions is Marechiare, famous Neapolitan song you may know of.
      Here by tenor Giuseppe di Stefano (born 1921 in Catania Sicily). Abruzzo and Sicily appears to be a winning team..

      and “L’alba separa dalla luce l’ombra” this one with words by famous Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, born in Pescara, Abruzzo in 1863. On you tube you can many versions, this below is by Caruso, born 1873 in Naples I like Jussi Bjorling version as well

      1. Ops forgot…video credits respectively to Natalia Cernega channel and Addiobelpassato Channel

    2. Michelle, All about Sicily here leads us immediately to Ignazio and Piero, even if they are not mentioned. It is somehow a tribute to them, which is very well deserved, but I had this impression because it was not mentioned that it would be done a number of sessions about italian regions. Now all cleared up. Thank you for your attention.

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