Happy 20th Birthday ~ Ignazio



The star is created by our own Marie and is just perfect to use as a cover statement for the birthday package.  Thank you Marie!

Now I want to share a card that I found to be the cutest and the most creative.




The messages are so well thought of so how can one not smile BIG specially with “the worrrrrld” – remember?  Thank you Penina for sharing!

Ignazio has been specially nice to me this year…he wore my #9 jersey several times now in public.  So here is a collage with a picture of him wearing the shirt and the card I sent.




Michele also has a special message to Ignazio:

Ignazio,  Talking with you at the fence after the concert in Elgin, Illinois was the highlight of the five concerts and meet and greets I  attended!   Opening the gym door in the Milwaukee hotel and finding you behind it on your way in was pretty cool too!  I was holding my cell phone but didn’t want to bother you for a picture, so I just said “good morning, how are you, did you get some rest?”   The best I can do to “jog” your memory of that morning in the gym is to post Marie’s picture again, of you a few minutes later – on the very same treadmill I had just been on!   Happy Birthday!  Michele

Ignazio's20thBirthday Above: Ignazio after the Elgin concert

Below: Ignazio on my treadmill!  I was coming back – I was just going to Marie’s room to tell her I was in the gym!


22 thoughts on “Happy 20th Birthday ~ Ignazio”

    1. That’s exactly how I feel, Jane. I could have written my post with”!!!” only and everyone would understand and share my feelings.

  1. I love it!!! So much love went into this. Thank you for sharing. We all love our dimpled boy!!!

  2. Wonderful! Love the picture in Elgin, wish I had stayed. So glad you did. Our handsome dimpled guy is not a teenager anymore. Hope he liked my funny birthday card but I guess he won’t see them til he comes back from Russia!

    1. Ann, I wish you had stayed too – we were already driving away and saw people by the fence, so glad we decided to join them!

  3. These are GREAT! I really truly LOVE the card you made Elaine. Such a clever one you are. Love the picture of him behind the fence, what a sweetie!

  4. Thanks for sharing this terrific creativity and your amazing experiences !! I love it all !! So much love and affection being sent to our precious Ignazio !! Wow !! Time flies !! I can’t believe he is already “20” years old !!

  5. I am just tickled to death with all the adorable birthday wishes being sent to our SPECIAL young man. I hope his Birthday is special too & our card “shower” one of reasons.

  6. Penina’s card is so cute, he will get a kick out of it! Some people can be so creative! Thanks to Elaine Tse for taking on the expense of mailing all of our cards to Marsala via express mail! I know that wasn’t cheap!

  7. Happy Birthday you handsome talented young man!

    What cute pictures of him! Elaine, did you hug that shirt good and hard before you gave it to him? I hope so.

    Michele, I remember that “hanging out” moment at the fence. Charming shot you took!

    Penina, that card is sooo cute! Too bad it’s sooo wrong. No other man really has (“deep delicious”) dimples! They only have small unimpressive divots in their cheeks!

    1. Marie, I don’t think we will forget Ignazio’s arm on the fence, “hanging out” with us – will we???

    2. Hey Marie
      I know the writing is small on those pictures of the card, but if you look closely you can see on the page with the dimples that it says Ignazio has deep, delicious dimples
      while other men merely have dimples!
      JUST to set the record straight here!

  8. Oh gosh I really wish I had gotten on the ball and got a card off to the one and only Mr.Dimples. Who doesn’t love this marvelous man?

    1. These are awesome, folks! Thank you so much for sharing!

      It looks like it may be winter when I get to enjoy the Flight Crew blogs from the U.S. concert tour. Might be perfect timing to get me through the winter!

      I just realized I could make a video from my card (which I had taken a photo of to remember it). So I made a PowerPoint and then recorded it and uploaded to YouTube. Don’t know if you have the time or inclination, Connie, but it could get to Ignazio the day after. (Mine made it by 11:59pm my time.)

      Sweet dreams to our Ignazio star!
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IGNAZIO hope you have a fun time opening your present from all of us & a good laugh.
    Waiting patiently for your new CD & coming next concert in US & Canada. Whatever your dreams are hope they all come true. All my love

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