Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo and Brioni in Moscow

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 Hey Everyone!

The Guys were in Russia for a day or two before the show and gave us a pretty good idea of what they were doing, so I’m going to shut up now and let you enjoy!

~~ Kelly

 Media Stuff

Interview with Il Volo (Интервью с группой Il Volo) ~~ Athina via  LiJoy

By Alexandra Glotova


Click here —> Popular opera IL VOLO trio waits for a meeting with the Moscow audience  ~~ Athina via LiJoy; Russian interview


Click here —> Il Volo in Russia Interviews  ~~ All About Il Volo


I think it’s safe to say that it is a bit chilly in Moscow right now…






 Around Town and Random Musical Performances

Click here —> Impromptu performance of Un amore cosi grande

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Click here —> Piero’s Perfection

~~ barvikha_hotel Instagram; All Things Il Volo


Ignazio ~~ “River Flows in You” into “Summertime”

By ZenaRU


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Click here —> Ummm…Got Nothing! LOL! <3  ~~ @IBoschetto; LiJoy


Birthday cupcake on silver paper, with one candle, and sprinkles.Oh Yeah…I think It Was Ignazio’s Birthday, Too …    😉    Happy 20th Birthday!!




The Audience Sings Happy Birthday

By ZenaRU

Time For the Show!

@ilvolo_russia5If you didn’t know they were in town, I don’t think you were paying attention…




The  Brioni FW 14-15 Collection


Click here —> Presentation of the Collection ~~ @rockme_ilvolo; @margo_bagdasaryan 



The Music

Click here —> Caruso ~~ @barvikhaconcerthall

Click here —> Granada ~~ @rockme_ilvolo; @pashadandy

Click here —> Piero in O Sole Mio ~~ @ilvoloversboston; @anishenko 

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Moscow YouTube Playlist

By ZenaRU


Bye Bye!


18 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo and Brioni in Moscow”

  1. Just Great Kelly !! It’s amazing how we get all the photos,interviews and videos so quickly !! What a small world we live in now !! I was wondering if this was a sold out concert ?? Looked like many empty seats in one of the videos. The videos are just wonderful — they all look and sound magnificent !!

  2. wish you would put the pic of il volo at hard rock moscow playing drum and guitar emjoy your site a lot keep up the good work john kraus palm springs, ca

    1. It’s here! It’s in the slideshow of photos under, “Around Town…”. We didn’t have it as the header photo, because we are honoring Ignazio on his birthday week, but don’t worry. I imagine that it will appear as a header or background someday. 😉

  3. Thanks Kelly for that great collection of IL Volo. I am always so thankful that I found this website/group. You brought us some vids and information I had not seen before. I had no idea that Ignazio played the piano as well as he does, his piece there in the video was lovely. Now I want to know what song is it that PIero was singing at the piano, anyone know? It so suited him. Also under Bye Bye! I have to say that photo of Piero sure made me see what a strong resemblance that his sister Mariagrazia and he have together as siblings. Wow!

      1. “L’amore è…Amare L’amore” (Love is…to love, love) Gorgeous song…Hoping it shows up on the new CD. 🙂

  4. Girls you did a fantastic job of putting together the video & other information of the concert. I was so surprised to see Il Divo who I haven’t seen for a long time. But you know who my favourites are.

    Penina I so loved your card, it was right on you pointed out all the right points. My opinion is Ignazio’s smile lights up the wwwoooorrrlld & brightens our days. When he gets home he will have a fun time opening all the fantastic & original cards that we all sent.

    Marie hope you had a fun holiday, glad your back.

  5. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were fantastic in the concert in Moscow.
    Just when I think they can get no better, they surprise me and outdo themselves once again! Thank you, Kelly, for posting the playlist from the Moscow concert. I am going to go back and enjoy it all over again.

  6. Thanks for your work in helping us find all the information about the latest events.
    I know it takes a lot of your time to do the research. I hope we get some great reviews in English and maybe a video of the Brioni showing.
    Since, this, week, there were so many pictures of Ignazio I spend some time wondering if I was the only one that felt this way: “God created three molds and Gianluca and Piero came out perfect and the mold set. Then came Ignazio and his mold keeps changing shape. A haircut, a color of clothing, a movement makes his face and appearance take different shapes.” They all looked so handsome in their Brioni suits.

  7. I agree with you Teresa. Ignazio has many faces & many funny hats which he looks good in even if it is a tin pie plate which blows me away every time I see it & he has the right face for every hat & then comes that killer smile where every part of his face smiles. LLOOVVEE that young man

  8. Kelly, this is just great! You do such an awesome job of including so much in your posts! Seeing the videos makes me miss them so much. Sitting on the edge of my seat awaiting the next bit of news as to when and where they will travel next!! Thank you!!!

  9. Mlla still catching up on backlog of emails. Just saw your post from last September. That is one thing I would love to be able to walk down the street with the guys, so handsome. Listening to them bantering back & forth & laughing along with them & hanging on to Ignazio’s arm. Would I be in heaven, YES.

  10. Wow, the video of the interview in Russia is so clear and the guys look great. It’s so sad we can’t understand what they are saying even though they are speaking English.

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